Two-Ingredient Pumpkin Cake with Apple Cider Glaze

If you are an elitist foodie, I don't know what to tell you other than to check your 'tude at the door.  We're going simpleton today...but nothing less than excellent.

Save your hate mail for some other food blogger; I really don't care that you would never subject yourself to a boxed cake mix.   I am not super-human and sometimes need something amazing but quick and convenient.

I've found it.

I saw this recipe for Two-Ingredient Pumpkin Cake with Apple Cider Glaze on Robin Sue's blog, Big Red Kitchen, I knew I had to give it a shot.  It sounded wonderful, but cake mix and a can of pumpkin?  A cake without eggs and oil and less fat?  I was leery but because I trust Robin Sue's opinions my gut feeling was it's going to be fabulous.

I baked the cake, made the glaze, took some pictures and had my first bite.  The cake was still warm and let me just say I was blown away.  It was amazing.  It tasted as if it were made with eight sticks of butter.  I could not believe it lacked oil.

After that bite I immediately threw down my fork (I can be very dramatic) and called my friend Tarri.  I told her I was bringing over a cake, AND not just any cake...but a crazy-amazing cake. 

I knew I could not be left alone with this cake, I would eat it all.  I wouldn't sleep unless this cake was gone.  Tarri and her family graciously accepted my offer and finished the cake immediately.  Thank goodness.

Trust me here, this is good enough to serve at Thanksgiving.

Let's make it together shall we...

Here's what you will need for the cake: Yellow cake mix and a can of pumpkin puree.

Empty the contents of the boxed cake mix and pumpkin puree into a large bowl.  Using a hand-mixer or stand mixer beat until well incorporated.  The batter will be very thick, but will come together nicely.

Pour batter into a greased  7 x 11 X 2 pan.  This is the small, rectangular-sized pan from your Pyrex set.  You know, the set you had to have when you got married and rarely ever used all the pieces.  Finally, you have a use for it.

Bake at 350 degrees for 28 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.  Do not over bake.

Here it is right out the oven.  It looks like a regular cake, but it's really not, it's better.  Let cool for 5-10 minutes in the pan, then flip onto a platter.

Make the glaze while you're waiting.

Here's what you'll need:  Apple cider, powdered sugar and pumpkin pie spice.

Combine 1-1/2 cups powdered sugar, 3 Tablespoons apple cider and 3/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice.  Glaze should be thick but pourable. Add more sugar or cider if needed.  Pour over the cake while still warm.  Reserve some to pour over each slice when served.

See the glaze?  I would have licked this dish clean.

Sinful looking isn't it?

They like it.  You will too.

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Two-Ingredient Pumpkin Cake with Apple Cider Glaze

Recipe from: | Serves: 4-6


For the Cake:

  • 1 Yellow Cake Mix
  • 1 can (15 oz) pumpkin puree

For the Glaze:

  • 1-1/2 cups powdered sugar
  • 3 Tablespoons apple cider
  • 3/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice


  • Empty the contents of the boxed cake mix and pumpkin puree into a large bowl. Using a hand-mixer or stand mixer beat until well incorporated. The batter will be very thick, but will come together nicely.
  • Pour batter into a greased 7 x 11 X 2 pan. This is the small, rectangular-sized pan from your Pyrex set. You know, the set you had to have when you got married and rarely ever used all the pieces. Finally, you have a use for it.
  • Bake at 350 degrees for 28 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Do not overbake.
  • Let cool for 5-10 minutes in the pan, then flip onto a platter.
  • Make the glaze while you're waiting.
  • Combine powdered sugar, apple cider and pumpkin pie spice. Glaze should be thick but pourable. Add more sugar or cider if needed. Pour over the cake while still warm. Reserve some to pour over each slice when served.
  • Serve warm or room temperature.

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  1. Oh that glaze looks like I could slather it on a lot of tasty treats!

  2. Do you have as many Thanksgiving decorations as you do for Halloween ? I like your pilgrims. ( that word, pilgrim, always reminds me of John Wayne, but I do digress ) Anyway, we have several gatherings before Thanksgiving and I think I will make this cake. There are quite a few pumpkin dessert lovers in our circle of friends and family .

    Looking forward to more Thanksgiving type decorating, and is your Christmas as lavish as your Halloween ? Can’t wait !

  3. Laura 3

    Another recipe meant for me!!!

  4. Diane 4

    Now that looks very tasty – and of course once you’ve opened the cider you’ve got to drink the rest!

    • Ruth Cobb 5

      Of course, after the cake was glazed, you would have to make mulled cider to serve with it. We had an office party one Christmas and decided to serve mulled cider when the guests came in the door. It was such a warm, soothing drink to warm everyone up. We have some nasty cold weather in Elkins, WV. We used to be on the weather channel as the coldest place in the nation, so this tasted wonderful. I can’t wait to try the cake as there are a lot of pumpkin lovers in our family.

    • Kim 6

      I believe that is just apple cider, not “hard cider” which has been fermented and contains alcohol.

      The pilgrims are adorable!

  5. Deeba 7

    This works BIG for me…never seen anything so luscious with just 2 ingredients…simple pleasures. Love the glaze & the little pilgrims! You’re setting the scene for Christmas…can hear your mind ticking Cathy! YAY!!

  6. HoneyB 9

    I saw this too and thought it looked absolutely amazing with all that sauce! Glad you tried it and liked it! Love recipes like this for when you are too tired or don’t have time!

  7. Don’t worry. I won’t disparage anyone from using a cake mix. They can be the basis for some cool recipes. I think this recipe is very clever.

    It’s the pumpkin I have a problem with. ;-P

    Even though I don’t like pumpkin, I found that to be a lovely photo that made me want to like pumpkin.

    • Ruth Cobb 11

      If you don’t like pumpkin, what about apple butter, pear butter? Would that work? My brother and sister don’t like pumpkin either. What about butternut squash? We just made a Better than Pumpkin pie with butternut squash. It tastes remarkably like pumpkin. We use to make “pumpkin” bread with the butternut

    • Rachel, I loathe pumpkin pie, but LOVE sweet potato pie. Wonder if an equal amount of mashed yam would work?

      • Bandana, here in North Carolina you can buy Sweet Potato puree in the can just like pumpkin. I also prefer sweet potato pie to pumpkin, although for this cake I like both!

      • Erma P. 16

        If you can get ahold of some garnet yams, they are dense and sweet. I think they would work very well. When I want a treat, I bake one or two in the toaster oven, peel the skin off, mash it up use a bit of butter and maple syrup. yum. If you use these for the recipe, mash the yam through a strainer after baking. the end are a little stringy. good luck.

  8. bunny 17

    This looks so good I can almost taste it! That sauce over top of it makes it absolutely sinful!

  9. bethieofva 18

    I saw the recipe as well. I make muffins using the same ingredients with a 1/3 cup of water added, once done, iced with Cool Whip. They too are wonderful. It is an old Weight Watchers trick. LOL! I am going to make the cake with the luscious glaze. It looks amazing!

  10. Heck I think it shows more imagination to use a boxed cake mix in a new way than following some 20 step recipe. My favorite cake is on my grandma would make using a box mix and Jello. This cake may very well go into the Family Recipe Box.

  11. Katie 21

    I have heard that cake or brownie mix + a can of pumpkin makes a delicious fudgy dessert but I was always too scared to try, I mean it sounds crazy. But it looks like it turned out great! And not too unhealthy!

  12. annie d 23

    You can also take a spice cake mix, can of pumpkin, 1/2 cup of applesauce (I use cinnamon flavored) and 3/4 cups cinnamon chips, mix together, and put into muffin tins. Bake for 17-20 mintues at 350, Yumm

  13. If. Only! I would totally make this, alas, there are no cake mixes to be found, nor are there cans of pumpkin. :P It sounds fantastic, though, so I may just have to give it a go on a wing and prayer and hope it turns out right! :)

  14. SnugBug 27

    That cake looks really yummy and I love the two-ingredient factor! Yet another inspiration from Noble Pig to get me into the kitchen! My kids will love it.

  15. giz 28

    2 ingredients – whaaa??? You really are a maven.

  16. I love its simplcity!! Another one to add to my To Do list!!

  17. I’m so glad the Pilgrims loved it – looks great – lol.


  18. Since yesterday’s recipe was such a big hit (oh, my lord, that chicken is so good!), I will trust you on this one as well. I think I just found dessert for Thanksgiving, especially if it’s that easy!

  19. As a mom who tries to have a real life, and really works out of her home, the less time in the kitchen the better!
    As long as it is tasty, wholesome and healthy… I am ‘so’ there!
    Perhaps I should take a picture of my cake mix collection and post it…along with my store bought crackers, croutons, and bread… staples baby, all staples…

  20. megan 34

    I’ve made this with a spice cake mix and love it. But I need to try that glaze. It looks good enough to drink by it’s self.

  21. Jessy 35

    That looks awesome!
    ps. you have been tagged : )

  22. Oh My! Perfect Fall Dessert! I wonder if I can substitute sweet potato for the pumpkin? I may try and let you know how it turns out. Thanks – this looks wonderful.

  23. I am a “tudeless” ingredient snob. No tude here…only goodtimes


  24. Lordy Lordy Cathy this looks so good…my daughter loves anything with pumpkin in it so this will be perfect (and very easy) to make on Thanksgiving!

  25. Marjie 39

    I buy cases of 5 pound boxes of yellow and devils food cake mix. When the whole horde is home, a big sheet cake is gone in, oh, say, 30 minutes. I simply need “help” on some of those busy, “OMG! I didn’t plan ahead!” days. No food snobbery going on in my little corner of the world, either.

  26. Trisha 40

    Okay – I think I might have to make this for my Thanksgiving “feast” this year. I love, love, love pumpkin and this is so easy that I am almost certain I can do it!

  27. Louise 41

    The pumpkin smell is seeping right through the photo. Yummy!

  28. This is one of those things a person just needs to try.I love cake mixes they never fail:D

  29. Diane in Cincinnati 43

    I use Pumpkin to make lowfat muffins all the time. My favorite is Spice cake mix and 1 can of real pumpkin (not the pie filling). Spoon into a sprayed muffin tin and cook for about 30 minutes. This is a Weight Watchers trick that is so yummy! Your glaze looks fantastic (yeah, like I’d lick the bowl clean too!). I will have to give it a try!

  30. Katrina 44

    YUM-O!!! I have heard you can do the same thing with a spice cake mix and pumpkin puree. Also 1 box of brownie mix and 1 cup pumpkin. Low fat, still really good brownies. I’ve made the brownies and eaten the spice cake before. So yummy! It’s a revolution I tell you. Pumpkin in place of butter!
    Okay, maybe there just really are some things that are better with butter! ;)

  31. OMG! That looks amazing! I’m trying it today. I need to get the Thanksgiving menu figured out and I’ve, um, got to see if this makes the cut;o)

  32. That looks fantastic…and those Pilgrims are the best!

  33. ELRA 47

    Ahttp://www... that look so meltingly delicious! Off course the Pilgrims will approve!

  34. I am on such a pumpkin kick right now. I’m skeptical, but I’ve tried other concoctions with boxed cake mixes so I’m going to take your word for it. This looks like a good one for the kids to do.

  35. Teri 49

    Well call me Simon Simpleton and slap a bib on me! I am so making this one!

    Anything pumpkin… pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffin… pumpkin is good anyway you make it! This is so easy!

  36. Thanks. This is just what we need to make to take to my son’s house on Thanksgiving.

  37. I am all about the boxed cake mix! They always taste better than mine so what is the point?? :)

  38. Sandie 52

    I’ve been having problems getting comments to go through on your site, so I hope you are getting them. At any rate, Cathy, my goodness—this cake looks delicious. The ease factor here makes it all the more lovable.

  39. Becky 53

    Cathy, that looks absolutely delicious and easy, too.
    No super-human going on here. I need all the “easy” I can find.
    Love the little wooden pilgrims and turkey, too!

  40. Lo 54

    Not too snobby for boxed cake mix, though I don’t generally keep it around the house.

    This looks like a great concept.

  41. Cheryl 55

    Look at those happy pilgrims! I am a happy pilgrim as this seems JUST the type of recipe I can accomplish!

    Mmmmm…..pun’kin and sugar. I’m off to the store….

  42. Not only is pumpkin a great alternative to the “fats” in baking think of the veggie factor you can get in and still enjoy the yummy factor I too have heard of subbing this in brownies but always forget This is easy enough for my girls to make 2 ingredients is not confusing and no measuring. Love it keep em coming Cathy

  43. krysta 57

    who cares if it is made from a box… as long as it turns out good… no one cares.

  44. M Ayers 58

    OMG – That looks soooo good. I can’t believe you only add the cake mix and pumpkin – I am going to try it this week!

    My gosh, it looks really sinful.


  45. The pilgrims would approve and so would I! You gotta love a recipe with just 2 ingredients, don’t you?!

  46. Tanya 60

    I’m am definitely not opposed to cake mix, especially when the recipe only requires two ingredients. I saw this on Robin’s blog, too, and it’s definitely on my “to try” list!

  47. Weeeee! So happy you liked it. Crazy Good isn’t it? I didn’t believe it either until I made it! Thanks for the link!!

  48. Mike 63

    I definitely have a tendency towards the complex recipes, but the beautiful results are a reminder that it needn’t always be that way. It looks absolutely delicious…and best of all, something you could dig right into right away

  49. Alisa 65

    I will forgive you the box cake because you used organic pumpkin.
    I must use up all the pumpkin puree I made because of that darn Pioneer woman. Thanks for a good reason to do so.
    Can’t wait to try this one out!

    • Ruth Cobb 66

      My husband love to plant pumpkin in the garden when my girls were younger. Then they would set up a stand and sell the sugar pie pumpkins after school. People love them. Also Rachael Ray has a Gingerbread Waffles on her site. I would make the reiipe and keep it the fridge for busy school mornings. It lasted about a week. They are so good and so filling. I love the Pioneer Woman recipes although they are so large sometimes for smaller families.

  50. Lori 67

    Like everyone else I love this two ingredient cake recipe! I’m not one to be a slave in the kitchen. Just get me in and get me out! :)

  51. Rachel 68

    nom nom nom!! You know I’m so gonna have to link to this and make this! YUM

  52. Hey there! You got this food snob interested. I love the juxtaposition of a “conventional” cake mix and a can of “organic” pumpkin. Brilliantly funny . . .

    I gotta give this a try. (I could be gross and make a scratch cake “mix” from organics — naaaaaah! I’m gonna live dangerously an Pillsbury it!)

    I love your earthy, yummy, hilarious, seriously delicious blog! : )

  53. melissa 70

    All I can say is HOLY HANNAH

  54. tipper 71

    Yep I’m going to be trying this one!! Thanks for the recipe!

  55. Jamee 72

    That looks delicious! I think I might need to try it!

  56. Funny, for the first time in my life, I used a box cake mix for a ricotta cake. You use vanilla cake mix then mix your ricotta w/ eggs, vanilla, etc.
    I just posted it and was shocked at how many people do use mixes!
    Your cake looks lovely!
    Stacey Snacks

  57. maxine 74

    Hi, I happened to see this featured on foodgawker. I just got this recipe from weight watchers except it was made with a spice cake mix and was served with fat free whipped cream. The spice mix added a pumpkin pie taste to it! I love it!

  58. Looks just gorgeous..too pretty to be eaten..

  59. This looks so good! We’re having yesterday’s chicken recipe tonight! After I saw it, I loaded up the Tater Tot and we went right out and got all the stuff! Wish me luck! I’m about to start supper right now!

  60. Excellent! I love the simplicity, and I truly believe that apple cider is one of the most underrated cooking ingredients. Thanks for the recipe!

  61. pam 78

    This is my kind of recipe. And look at how happy it made the pilgrims!

  62. I thought it was pumkin bread pudding from the photo, love pumpkin. Love it!

  63. marcy 80

    oh YUMMO! I am going to have to add that to my Thanksgiving day feast list!

  64. Amber 81

    I saw this too but if it doesn’t have chocolate, nuts or custard it just doesn’t get my attention too often so I miss a lot of good stuff. Now I am convinced. I think everyone needs some throw together stuff. As long as I don’t read the ingredients I am happy. How big a snob can I be, I love jello?

  65. Maureen 82

    OMG this is perfect! The thing I really hate about baking is all the ingredients and measuring. I can do this – and best of all, it looks delish. Thanks for posting!!

  66. Jason 83

    Wonderful recipe, I will be saving this one.

  67. How could you not love this? Seriously!

  68. sommer 85

    Oh god, I rushed out to get ingredients as soon as I saw this. Made it right after dinner. Wonderful, easy. yummy!

  69. Randall 86

    Cake looks delicious but I have a problem with your math. Cake mix, pumpkin, sugar, cider, spice. The way we were taught to count down here in Texas that’s 5 ingredients. I’ll be baking my 5 ingredient cake soon.

  70. Linda 87

    When are you gonna get an aroma-enhanced blog and hand out free samples? I am going to give this recipe to my young son who asked if he could make a dessert for Thanksgiving. I think I can actually leave the kitchen on this one and let him do his thing. THANKS!

  71. sassy 88

    All i can say as i`m drooling, you are a woman after my own heart lol yum!

  72. Rayrena 89

    omg, my mouth actually watered when the picture loaded. It never does that…

  73. Pam 90

    Yum. I love quick recipes like this. It looks fantastic!

  74. Jake Risso 91

    Pure awesomeness…you rock. Thanks for sharing.

  75. grace 92

    i continue to be amazed by this. that glaze is the kicker–amazing. makes me glad i’m not a food snob. :)

    • Tami Whitmire-Williams 93

      I think it’s going to be great..taking longer to cook in the center..I uped the temperature. But the tastes like sugar and cider and nothing else. I’ve put lots of spice and still no real flavor. Otherwise looks good!

      God bless..Tami Jo

  76. Kori 94

    The timing was perfect on this. I was preparing a mini-celebration feast for our one month wedding anniversary, and was going to purchase (GASP) dessert. This was so easy, and it did taste fabulous. I am proud to say, we did not eat the entire thing! Just one note, mine took about 36 minutes to bake before the toothpick came out clean.

  77. Jim 95

    I wonder how it would be with chocolate cake mix? Maybe that would overwhelm the pumpkin, but I think it could be a good combo.

  78. Lisa 96

    I can’t believe I missed this recipe at Big Red Kitchen but I’m glad I saw it here. How simple and wonderful! And now I feel better about posting my cake mix recipes! :-)

    I love your Mayflower decorations! I think I have the same series in a Thanksgiving set. They are really precious!

  79. mindy 97

    yay!!! looks like a great one to throw together and share at the office.

    now, if only i had an oven…

  80. Jasmine 98

    Ok Ok I give in to the sin that is this cake. I made this cake in a moment of desperation for goodness! But as I did not have cider (That glaze looks fantastic!! I will try it I promise!) I did have Heath Toffee Chips (without the chocolate) and I sprinkled them on top before baking. I can tell you now, there is a god my friends. – thank you for the wonderful recipe.

  81. Egghead 99

    OK now my Emma and I will be making this baby next weekend. Oh I am going to weigh 3000 pounds if I keep trying all these. You are too much.

  82. Liz C. 100

    Cathy, you are just simply amazing and I just don’t know how you find the time to do all that you do, plus be Super Mom. Apparently, you have a couple of clones hiding behind the scenes. Otherwise, I can’t figure out how you do it all. You’re truly extraordinary. You also make me feel like a do-nothing loser. Heh…

  83. Jude 101

    Two ingredients? This pilgrim will have to give a thumbs up as well.

  84. Chris 102

    I made it yesterday and took it to my class. All my teachers flipped out, as well as everyone in my class. I recommend making the glaze in a larger quantity. This way, you make something really cool.

    Take the cake out about 3-4 minutes early. Turn on the broiler. Put glaze over the top of the cake spreading it evenly. Put it under the broiler for about 5 minutes. This will crystallize the glaze on the top of the cake. Then, put some more on top! You get three layers, the soft gooey glaze, the crystallized glaze, and then the soft pumpkin cake. Awesomeness.

  85. Riahnnon 103

    Perfect Recipe! My 2 yr old son has a little girl in his daycare class with severe allergies to peanuts and eggs. It really limits the “treats” that we can take in. I have been searching for something tasty to take to their Thanksgiving Feast that was both yummy and allergy proof. THIS IS IT! Thanks!

  86. Beth 104

    I’ve made this recipe before and it is as good as it sounds here. I’ve also made it with the low-sugar cake mix (if you are watching that sort of thing) and served it with whipped cream instead of a glaze – equally decadent. I now keep these two ingredients in my house at all times “just in case”. My best friend made muffins with this recipe and said it was phenom.

  87. Nina 105

    Did you miss an opportunity for using a piping bag? Seriously, looks wonderful.

  88. Mrs. L 106

    My mom saw this on your blog and immediately called me telling me I had to make it. You are such an enabler, having my mom call me to make stuff from your blog! :)

  89. dlyn 107

    I don’t use mixes as a rule, but I would make an exception for this – looks fabulous!

  90. Rachel 108

    Told You! :-) Thank you for being such an inspiration!!

    link to

  91. Lacie 109

    Oh my goodness! I made the mistake of looking at your delicious pictures on an empty stomach. Yummmmy! I want to try and make it now :-) Thank you for sharing.

  92. Deborah 111

    I’m never too good for a box mix! Especially when the final product looks this good!

  93. Kevin 112

    That cake looks great with the apple cider glaze runningall over it!

  94. gregory 113

    Well, I saw this, had the necessary 2 things on hand and made it. Only I cooked it longer (@28 minutes toothpick not clean) But at 35 minutes toothpick was clean. Alas when I turned it out it was pudding inside.
    Now I have not tested my oven for a while but usually never have a temp. problem. So I think the pumpkin and density may require a longer cooking Like 45 minutes. The edges were great. The taste is great but it ended in my trash can. I will try again.

  95. Jazzy 116

    I am actually getting off the couch to try this, it looks so good!

  96. Suzette 117

    I made this cake today and brought it still warm to work. It is amazing! I was out of pumpkin pie spice and threw in some cinnamon and ginger – maybe a little too much ginger. But, it wa quite tasty! I didn’t pour the glaze over – just instructed everyone to spoon some over their slice. I just KNEW it was going to be lacking since it didn’t have eggs or oil. Oh, me of little faith! It’s great! Thanks for sharing.

  97. Jeannette 118

    I made this yesterday…Fabulous! I’ve already shared the recipe with a number of folks. Thanks!

  98. jane 119

    StumbleUpon brings up another amazing recipe… cant wait to try this one! I am a celiac, do you know if you can use a gluten-free cake mix?

  99. Ginie 120

    Looks great. I’m thinking of adding raisins and chopped nuts…

  100. You know? I read about this originally but got all food snobby. Now that I know YOU approve, I’ll have to try it!!!

  101. Alexander 122

    My hubby being a pastry chef scoffed at this recipe till I made him make it.. he enjoyed it thoroughly and was quite shocked it was moist since it lacked eggs and oil.. good stuff, thank you!!!!

  102. David Romo 123

    Looks yummy and foolproof

  103. Allie 124

    Oh God, that was great reading and a wonderful method for your recipe. Wonderful chicah!

  104. Mitzi 125

    Great recipe for us college kids! Easy and super tasty! My roommates and I loved it! Thanks so much!

  105. KatManWHO? 126

    I made this cake and it was SO soft and moist. Next time I will make it so the frosting stays on because it all sort of melted into the softness of the cake. Still delicious though!

  106. Liz too 127

    I tried it and it utterly failed. Baked it for twice as long as it called for, and it still came out too gooey to eat.

    Am I really that bad a cook?

  107. ok ok
    as you might imagine, not my thing

    but i will bet you i’d have eaten every bite on my plate…

  108. Cessierose 129

    Your pictures are absolutely mouthwatering, but I have to say, when I actually baked the cake it was disappointing.

    The glaze, for starters, tasted entirely too much of powdered sugar, so to remedy it I added high amounts of cider. But when that didn’t work, I heated the glaze and then added some salted butter and cinnamon until it became palatable.

    The cake itself is bland as well; there is no discernible flavor other than yellow cake mix, which in itself tastes just like sugar. While I would suggest adding spices to liven the cake up, it’d likely be easier–and produce better results–to just create a pumpkin cake out of scratch.

    This is of course just my humble opinion, and though I found nothing remarkable about this cake there could certainly be others who loved it.


    • Lindsey Cameron 130

      I had the EXACT same experience! I wish I would have salvaged the somewhat palatable cake before adding the glaze (my mistake for adding it before tasting first). Powdered sugar took over this recipe.

  109. Danya 131

    I just made this cake tonight for my family and they could NOT believe I did it. It was absolutely, the best cake ever. The glaze is incredible and I was a star. Thank you, thank you for this!

  110. Michelle from NYC 132

    I made this last week fro a group of friends and they thought I turned into some kind of culinary genius, which I am not. I am now taking this to my book club this week as well as an after Thanksgiving day round up on Friday…I so appreciate a simple approach to a dessert that us regular folk can make.

  111. Christina 133

    Well it’s in the oven now. I’m very skeptical as to the lacking of eggs and oil, but from the looks of that pumpkin in the can, it appears to be heavy enough. also i’m not using a standard pyrex or metal tin to bake in. I picked up those heavy latex bendable pans that can withstand up too 500 degrees, apparently… i shall return and let you know how it goes.. hopefully the skepticism will fade.

  112. Styacza 134

    Wow, what a great recipe! I altered it a little bit however, to make it even pumpkinier after reading some people’s comments that it had only a faint pumpkin flavor. Into the batter I mixed about a teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice, and a half teaspoon of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger powder. The spices really brought out the pumpkin flavor and kicked it up a notch. Also I made a butter cream version of the glaze instead of the glaze in the recipe. I made the cake for a friend’s birthday, so I thought I’d go the extra mile and do something extra special (and yes quite fattening). I used an entire stick of softened butter (kills me to admit), an entire box of powdered sugar, a lot more pumpkin pie spice than the recipe called for and enough apple cider to get it to the right consistency- I don’t remember how much that ended up being. I also added about a half teaspoon of ground cinnamon. It was a luscious icing! I put it on the cake when it was still halfway between warm and cool so that it absorbed into the cake a little bit, but still set on the top like an icing should. DEVINE!
    Also, I baked the cake in a shallow 9X13 pan since that’s the only one I have here at university, and it was done after exactly 28 minutes!

    Thanks so much for the recipe!

  113. Stoner Dude 136

    I just finished eating this and OH MY GOD. If you’re stoned, go make this right now.

    This is the perfect recipe for stoners – so easy you can’t mess it up, so simple you can’t forget what you’re doing, and so freaking delicious you will melt into the One. That’s right, this cake can take you closer to God.

  114. quinnn 137

    I have made this cake for years (with slight difference, I add water to the mix. it creates the moistest cake you have ever eaten)… without the glaze and with a spice mix instead of yellow.

    it is a godsend to those of us allergic to eggs who would actually like to have a piece of birthday cake on our birthday once in a while. It works great with German chocolate cake mix also.

    for those who are worried about it being too pumpkin tasting, imo it just smells like pumpkin when mixing and cooking but doesn’t really taste like it.

  115. Dani C 138

    So I don’t really like to follow recipies, which can be a problem but turned out pretty good in this case, so when I decided to make this for our Pre-Thanksgiving celebration, I decided to make it more like spoon cake. Now I don’t know if spoon cake is a Midwest thing or not, but what it is is a really soft almost gooey cake that you have to eat with a spoon. Awesome right?
    So instead of making a glaze, I used 2.5 cups of apple cider, 1 cup of powdered sugar, 1 tablespoon or pumpkin pie spice, and a teaspoon of cinnamon (I really like cinnamon!!!) I put this on the stove and reduced it down to a deep brown sauce about the consistency of syrup, then I baked the cake (according to directions, which almost killed me!). After the cake had cooled, I stabbed it with a fork, alot, and poured the sauce I had made over it. Because of the cinnamon and the pumpkin it wasn’t too sweet, but it was gooey and amazing. My friends now think I’m the most amazing cake baker ever. Which kinda rocks. So thanks Noble Pig for inspiring me to greatness…or something like it anyway.


  116. unmuse 139

    I made this in batches today with loaf pans instead of the traditional cake pan with walnuts on top – 3 going to friends, one staying with me – and they came out heavenly and so easy!! Thanks for sharing this!

  117. TouchOfGrey 140

    I just tried this with a spice cake mix, a little bit of honey, and a handful each of raisins and dried cranberries, and it is already one of my family’s favorite cake recipes.

  118. Oh gowd…i canttt wait to try this. Whoever disapproved this must be nuts.

  119. Tony 142

    Well I don’t know what it tastes like, but if it tastes as good as the pictures, it ought to be pretty good :)

    Very nice blog, I am really pleased I stumbled across this.

  120. Christina 143

    This cake was a HIT with my family. Took it for Thanksgiving, but of course everyone ate too much, so it and all the other desserts were pushed back till the next day. But when they finally tasted it…they demand to know the recipe. Is it stange that the recipe is so easy I remember the whole thing after reading it once?

    My alterations: Spice cake mix instead of yellow. And more cider in the glaze to hide the powdered sugar. Not too fond of that dusty taste myself.

  121. PearlGirl 144

    This cake is good if you kick up the flavor with some pumpkin pie spice…reader suggestions to use a spice cake mix would be a good thought. My mom made this cake as is, and as a family of “foodies” we thought it was somewhat bland and not our favorite. With a few modifications, this could be killer, because the texture of this cake is incredible! Thanks!!

  122. I LOVED the texture of this cake. The flavor, however, was a bit bland. We added cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice the second time (to the dry mix) when we made it and it made a world of difference. Also, we tried the cake with some store-bought icing (Pillsbury cream cheese, and mixed in pumpkin pie spice to it as well) and it turned out more like a “Cake.” If you’re going to try the icing, we suggest warming it up a little before you eat it, as we all found it a dish best served warm. So yummy! Thanks for the tip!

  123. Laura 146

    I hope you get this message cause i finally got around to making this and I do believe as I come back and look at yours I f’d up in a big way on the glaze… You mix that cold??? I heated it and made concrete glaze LOL. OH dear the cake is delish however I sent most of it away because I know I would kill me with it!
    sigh one confuzzled Ga peach.

  124. jane 147

    That’s either a good troll or a real jerk.
    Good recipe, etc

  125. GrannyBeela 148

    will try this for Christmas for sure..

  126. Michelle 149

    I made this cake for a few of my friends for a Christmas party and they LOVED it. It was so easy to make! Thanks so much for the recipe!!

  127. Thanks so much for this recipe. We made it at Thanksgiving and everyone loved it!! This has become a family favorite.

  128. tiernan 151

    I made this today to get rid of some pumpkin that i couldn’t stand to have around. I had the same problem with the glaze tasting like powdered sugar, and had no apple cider. I used apple juice and whiskey, and then ended up heating it for a while so i could add enough booze/ apple to get rid of the powdered sugar.

  129. Thank you! This is the most beautiful recipe on my birthday!

  130. shelly 153

    made it! love it! I sent my college student son back to school with the two ingredients and he just called to find out how long to bake it! it was the bigget, easiest success ever!!!!
    by the way, it doesn’t need glaze!! the cake was gone before i could pull it together and make the glaze.

  131. I’ve made this recipe dozens of times now and it is AWESOME. SOOOOOO EASY and so rich, people can’t believe it has no eggs or butter. It’s like a big pumkin donut!

    This dish is now requested when I attend pot lucks.

  132. Donna 155

    One of the very best cooks at our church is 87 years old, and some of her most wonderful recipes for desserts only take two or three ingredients. This looks wonderful, can’t wait to try it.

  133. Stephanie 156

    Hello, I was so excited to try this recipe (because I love everything pumpkin) I just couldn’t wait until fall. So, the preparation was as easy at it sounds. However, I was not a big fan of the cake when it was warm but thought it was great cold. Overall I thought the cake itself was very bland, but it had a good, rich texture. I had added extra pumpkin spice to the cake batter as someone had recommended, but it still only had a very faint pumpkin taste. Also, I used a butter knife to stab the cake every 1-2 inches which really worked great to allow the glaze to ooze into the cake.

  134. Rosey 157

    Okay so this has been on my desk waiting for fall to get here. I finally made it today. I added brandy soaked raisins to the batter and it was FANTASTIC. Thank you for sharing.

  135. oceanlady1956 158

    just trying to subscribe, great blog!

  136. Matthew 159

    I actually made this recipe last year for Thanksgiving, and it was the best thing on the table…everybody raved about it. The consistency was really soft and moist, and it was even better the next day…it became like a sponge cake. OMG, I still have dreams about it.

    Thank you so much for this recipe!

  137. Geetha 160

    HMMMMM soooooooo sweet… I ill try this one…!!!

  138. Molly 161

    I made this cake and icing and was unfortunately less than impressed. It was moist, but not very tasty. I guess you really need more than 2 ingredients to get fabulous.

  139. dawn 162

    This was seriously the best cake ever. So simple!

  140. Jaime 163

    Oh my goodness, you crack ME UP, GIRL!!!

  141. Caryn 164

    Wow! I just made this recipe…except I forgot to get apple cider. But, undeterred, I decided to make a maple glaze. So good!!! I think I’ll add this to the Thanksgiving menu and try it with the cider glaze.

    Thanks for posting this!

  142. Erica 165


  143. I was looking for a great pumpkin dish for this time of year, this is a great choice, and I am certainly not one to mind a little help from the “Dough Boy!”

  144. Lyric 167

    I found this page via stumbleupon last night. Every now and then, I stumble onto a recipe and say “Okay, I have to make that.” I made it today and it’s just too good for words. I noticed your version calls for more glaze than Robin Sue’s. I definately agree.

  145. Shelley 168

    Not sure how I came to find this recipe (or your wonderful site), but I knew immediately after seeing this that I’d have to make it. I let my 6 year old whip everything together (using a spice cake mix and adding 1/2 c of applesauce as per a suggestion above) and omyword! What a yummy and super-quick dessert.

    BTW, my daughter wanted to add 3/4 C of mini chocolate chips – it was a great addition!

  146. Megan 169

    Sounds tasty – I also like to grab a box of spice cake mix, and a can of pumpkin, and use that to make muffins. Top with some cream cheese icing, and it’s delicious, and very very low fat (except the icing!!)

  147. Amanda 170

    This is a favorite recipe for those on Weight Watchers. If made ad above and then the whole thing topped with one small container of Cool Whip Free it’s only 3 points for 12th of the cake. The best part is you cant even tell. There are also many variations to this. Try stirring some pumkin pie spice and a dash of vanilla into your whipped topping before you spread it on. You can use the pumpkin with just about any cake mix and cant really tell that you’ve used pumkin and it eliminates many, many fat grams and calories between the eggs and oil. So you can have your cake AND eat it to! Happy Thanksgiving!

  148. Sarah 171

    I made this for my family for Thanksgiving … HUGE HIT! It was delicious and took no time to make. Thanks so much for the idea!! :)

  149. How could I have missed this? It looks intriguing and delicious – will have to try – but I love your entire top 10 of 2009 list.

  150. On my way to the kitchen! Too easy! thank you for the top 10. Happy New Year

  151. I’m back from the kitchen, the cake is done, the glaze is on and my family (especially my Dad) is OOOOOing and AAAAHHing over the moistness and and deliciousness (yes, deliciousness, is a word now) of this cake. This is a winner!!!-LeslieMichele

  152. Wow! It sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing this tasty recipe here. Really very easy to make.

  153. Albert 176

    Oh really awesome… expecting this one in real… not the virtual… now going to search this item all Chennai hotels.

  154. Hmm…This is looking delicious.Thanks for the recipe.I will try it soon.

  155. Maggie 178

    This looks delicious. Can I use apple juice for the glaze?

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  158. Kay 181

    Just made the two ingredient cake…fantastic……this is a keeper.

  159. Erin 182

    I LOVE this recipe. I even made it for Thanksgiving the year before last. To say it was a hit is a definite understatement!

    (of course, it was interesting giving the recipe for this “AMAZING” cake. >_> )

  160. Richard 183

    Have seen this site many times and enjoyed each time!

  161. I stumbled on this yesterday and was super excited to try and make until after visiting five major grocery stores, I discovered canned pumpkin is a seasonal item only. Hopefully I’ll remember this recipe once it comes back into season around October.

  162. I rounded up some pumpkin via an internet/blog friend, and made this cake. OMG! Its so good and I don’t even really much for pumpkin. I’ll definitely make it again.

  163. Dana 186

    I know that this is an old post, but I just stumbled upon it today, and it sounds fantastic. Since it is almost fall again (as much as I hate to admit it) I will have an excuse to make this soon. Thanks for sharing!

  164. JeKaren 187

    This was the best pumpkin cake ever! I made it for coworkers a couple of years ago, and it was gone within an hour. I will be making it this year!

  165. Rosemary 188

    can you use the pumpkin with all the spices in it.

  166. Jackie 189

    Stumbled on and bookmarked this a while ago and just got around to making it today. My goodness, this is what heaven tastes like! I make cupcakes and used a homemade cinnamon cream cheese icing, but I never knew a cake could be so simple and so perfect! I think I might have a new favorite dessert!

  167. Anita 190

    I made this again today for a family dinner. My dad loves sweet potatoes so this time I made it with a spice cake mix and mashed sweet potatoes. Wonderful!

  168. Carolyn 191

    Another great combo is using spice cake mix instead of the yellow cake. And here’s a link to a list of other “2 ingredient cakes”! link to

  169. Lisa 192

    OMG THIS IS SO GOOD! Thank you for posting this recipe. I used the yellow cake mix at christmas and it was so good but now I tried it with a carrot cake mix and cream cheese frosting……..EVEN BETTER! Its so amazing that this works without eggs and oil…I love it.

  170. Lenoria 193

    This looks absolutely delicious! I am going to make this tomorrow for a “just because” dessert (always looking for one of those). Thank you and I may make it tonight!

  171. Linda Owens 194

    looks great!

  172. melissa 195

    I wonder if you can use the powder sugar substitute? both my husband and I have had gastric surgery. We may have to try this!!!!

  173. Caitlyn 196

    I made this last night and it turned out amazing. Thanks so much for putting this up! :D

  174. Carrie 197

    Could you maybe turn this into a poke cake with that yummy glaze poured over it and into the wholes? Omg I am making this tomorrow.

  175. Shelly 198

    I made this cake in a 9×13 and should have used the smaller pan. It was thin but very good. I didn’t see this glaze when I made the cake and I think it would make it even more fantastic. Thanks for sharing!!

  176. Deb 199

    I make this too, only I put a bag of cinnamon chips in it ( I think they are Nestles, or Hersheys) But instead of the frosting, I just sprinkle some cinnamon and sugar on top before baking, They are great!

  177. darcy 200

    So good as cupcakes, drizzle with glaze and serve a lil extra with it – so they don’t get overly soggy until ready to serve :)

  178. Vicky 201

    I make this all the time- with or without the glaze. I’ve also discovered that Chocolate cake mix and pumpkin is almost even BETTER

  179. Liz 202

    I made this today, but added a package of cream cheese to the cake mixture. I also added a little brown sugar and extra apple cider to the glaze. OH. MY. GOD. I haven’t tasted anything this delicious in a long time! Thank you for posting the recipe!!

  180. Renee 203

    I made this with spice cake because I was out of yellow, turned out fantastic. I will try some pecans next time, Super easy cake.

  181. Linda Komondy 204

    This sounds awesome! I have done something similar before using chocolate cake mix with canned cherry pie filling and spice cake with apple pie filling – both excellent served with whipped cream or ice cream! I have to try this one!

  182. Jean 205

    I made this cake for supper tonight and talk about super easy and DELICIOUS!!! Very moist and tasty. I didn’t make the cider frosting, because I didn’t have any apple cider, but I had 1/2 of a cream cheese ready to spread frosting in the fridge. I added 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon to the frosting and spread it on the warm cake. It was very good!!! I will be making this recipe again and again! Thank you for posting this recipe!!! :)

  183. jules 206

    super easy, super moist and super delicious. added pumpkin spice, cinnamon and vanilla to the batter. also vanilla, cinnamon and maple syrup instead of cider to the icing (didn’t have cider)…note- if your cake has a slight dome, be careful turning it out upside down onto platter. it will crack open. you might want to keep it right side up. mine didn’t look too spectacular, but it sure did taste good.

  184. Suzanne 207

    This sounds so good, and so simple. I’m wondering about the apple cider in the glaze – is the 3 tablespoons correct?? That doesn’t seem like enough to drizzle over the cake and have some in reserve for serving…

  185. Dawn 209

    I tried this and found it to taste a little like stale flour and was thinking of trying it with a spice cake mix instead of the plain white mix but other wise it was the easiest cake I have ever seen and actually got my 9 year old daughter to make it and she was as happy as a peach to be able to do it !

  186. Emily 211

    Can I make cupcakes, instead of a cake? If so how long and what temp. would I bake the cupcakes at?

  187. Betty Davis 213

    I haven’t tried this yet, just got the reciepe now, but please put me on your mailing list. This looks delicious. Betty Davis

  188. Betty Davis 215

    This looks delicious and I plan to bake it very soon.

  189. Raeme 216

    If I make this a day ahead of time would I store in fridge? Will the cake still me as tasty? Thank you

  190. Vicki 218

    Great recipe thanks! It was kinda hard to read with the background but I copied and pasted it to word and it came out fine! Thanks again.

  191. Barbara 219

    Sounds like my kinda of cook’n.

  192. Dawn Barnes 220

    I used an orange cake mix instead of the yellow, which I couldn’t find in my pantry, and it was excellent. I also added a little ground clove to the glaze. What a wonderful treat for Thanksgiving!

  193. Trish 221

    Hmm looks delicious I wonder what I can substitute here for the pumpkin – would fresh homemade pumpkin puree from the blender work just as well, I have never seen it on our shelves here in Australia??

    Will give it a go cause it looks yummy

  194. Teri 222

    Just made this. YUMMY. Didn’t have apple cider but did have drink boxes of apple juice
    for the g-kids in the fridge. Like the seasoned cool whip Idea also. Thanks

  195. Carol Ware 223

    I can’t wait to try this one……..

  196. Nichole 224

    I made this today and it is definitely moist! I was kind of afraid of the cake batter consistency so I did add a 1/4 of water. I used a spice cake which I know is NOT what this recipe called for but to attest for the pumpkin working in it, it was beautiful! Super moist and flavorful. I used the same size pan and temp. I had to cook mine for 35 minutes though. It might have been the extra water. As far as the glaze, mine tasted like straight up powdered sugar and was just too sweet. Using the spice cake instead of yellow I don’t think mine needed the glaze at all and I’d love to try the yellow sometime and maybe try to adjust the glaze to be less sugar tasting.

  197. David 225

    I had our baker at work make this recipe for over 8o seniors we provide care for. One lady was in tears she was so happy and wanted the recipe for herself. It makes me so proud to say that this recipe made somebody’s day! She had never heard of a pumpkin cake and really loves pumpkin pie so here you go! I will be using some of the other recipes I find to brighten their day! The apple cake was great too!

  198. Playwright Love M 226

    My goodness I feel like I need to pray. That cake looks so good it’s almost sinful to think about eating it. Just to verify…I’m not adding the eggs, milk/water or butter called for on the cake box. Just the pumking and cake mix. right?

  199. Angela 228

    Use spice cake mix instead of yellow and add a bag of cinnamon chips….heavenly!

  200. Sarah 229

    What other size pan can I use? I do not have the 7×11 pan does anyone have any suggestions on a different size pan I could use?

    • Cathy 230

      A smaller pan will make the cake too thick and will have a hard time baking. A bigger pan, it will be too thin.

      • Barbara Martinsen 231

        Sarah, when I saw this recipe I just had to try it but I did’nt have this size pan, so I took my chances with a 9×9 size. It was good… a little moist inside (not mushy). If I did it that way again I would leave it 1-2 min longer. No one complained….it was so outrageously good. I’m craving it again and I don’t even like pumpkin….pie that is. So I went to a thrift store and found the right size pan because I have to make this for Thanksgiving! : )

  201. Jean 232

    I have home canned pumpkin can I use that instead of store bought?

  202. Jean 235

    Can I use home canned pumpkin instead of store bought?

  203. Amy Lancaster 236

    Do you know if a Gluten Free cake mix will work for this as well? This looks amazing! Also, would it work with homemade pumpkin puree? Thanks!

  204. Ruth Cobb 238

    Hi Lisa: I don’t know why some people would fuss about a cake mix. It’s just all the ingredients together in one place. There is just no easier way to put something amazing together without a loss of time, something a lot of us don’t have much of. We used to make a dump cake with a yellow cake mix, can of cherries, but I’ve lost my recipe. It was so good too.

  205. carlyn Schaffner 241

    Soooo, I thought I’d make this with my grandkids. Cake bakes, looking good. We went to make the icing, I kept having to add more apple cider, and it started bubbling. Couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Oh, well, I poured it on the cake anyway. I served it to the grandkids, tasted it, and OMG. I had grabbed the baking POWDER instead of the POWDER sugar. AHHHHHHHH

  206. Dawn 242

    What did i do wrong? Cake was not very thick and it was to wet and rubbery! Didn’t even get to the glaze, because the cake was a flop.

  207. Vicki 244

    I have made a similar recipe–chocolate cake mix with can of pumpkin. Top with container of cool whip and then top with sliced strawberries. Not only is it pretty, it’s delicious! It is a weight watcher rece!

  208. val jackman Australia 245

    This looks sooooooo good … but don’t think we have the ingredients in Australia!! ):

  209. Rachel 247

    Just made this today for the first day of Fall and it is awesome and so easy!! The glaze truly makes it!

  210. Ariele 248

    this looks incredible. can’t wait to try it. where some might look down on a recipe that incorporates boxed cake mix…i think it’s briliant. thank you!

  211. That looks so delicious! In fact, it’s in my oven baking right now (I accidentally grabbed a can of pumpkin pie filling and am using a vanilla cake mix from the pantry, but gosh does it smell good!!) Many thanks for the recipe!

  212. Stacey 250

    Just finished my first piece. Yum-o!!

  213. TLow 251

    I made this for my husband tonight…AWESOME! Great way to start off the “fall recipes”.

  214. Stephanie 253

    I am making this right now and my house smell so good. I can’t wait to try it. The glaze is soo yummy. Thank you!

  215. Annette 254

    the cake was really good, but i had to throw it away, the glaze completely ruined it, it was like eating pure vinegar. My family did not like it at all. i guess you have to love apple cider vinegar to enjoy this cake.

  216. Diane Winterhoff 258

    Oh my gosh!!! Thank you so much for a great recipe!!! For us busy Mom’s,this recipe is a Godsend….I made this cake for my son’s 27 th birthday(We all love pumpkin(from Ohio)…Not only is the recipe easy but delicious!!!! What a great birthday cake for the fall…the pictures was a huge help…Thank you SO much!!!!! Yummmmmmmmm.

  217. I am going to make the pumpkin cake with the apple cider glaze. I have used the cake mix and pumpkin and it turns out really moist. It was a Hungry Girl recipe. But of course she didn’t add the glaze which I am sure will make it even better. By the way, I know what town you are refering to about the toad tunnel. I live in Sacramento area and I have the book that was written about the toads in Davis. I was born in Oregon and I know that your winery must be beautiful. Oregon is such a beautiful state as is California. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  218. Chanelle 260

    I made this cake today and i am not a fan of pumpkin but this cake was amazing!!!!! I added 2 tablespoons of apple cider to the cake mix to give it a little extra flavor. Thanks for this recipe will be added to my top 5 cakes :-)

  219. ROSE 261

    I Made the cake and it was good but sweet.. It was definitely sweet enough to eat without icing. although Sugar Free Cool Whip or Lightly Sweetened Cream Cheese Frosting would have been a nice touch for presentation and to level out the sweetness of the cake. Make sure to use as directed the 11x7x2 glass dish to cook thoroughly through. I did let mine cook a few extra minutes and it came out nice and fluffy in the middle. (I made sure that the batter was evenly spread with the outer sides slightly higher; since cakes normally puff up in the center when cooked) EASY RECIPE (WILL MAKE AGAIN)

  220. Gina 262

    Perfect recipe for an October day. Made your pumpkin cake today and really enjoyed it. Thanks so much!

  221. Ceci 263

    Made this recipe as cookies for a realtor open house (bite size cakes), did not make the glaze but will try next time. Drizzled warm leftover cream cheese frosting over the top, There were no leftovers.

  222. Shelly Perrot 264

    I’m so excited to have found this recipe! I can’t wait to try it! I love all things tried & true! Thanks for sharing!

  223. None 265

    We made it and it is really good. Don’t add the eggs or oil to the cake mix just the pumpkin. We had to use Duncan Hines Golden Yellow cake mix. Also use pure pumpkin and not pumpkin pie filling it is spiced and sweetened and you don’t want it.

  224. Debbie 266

    Made this today- another hit! Thanks for the delicious recipe. Going into permanent rotation. :)

  225. carmen 267

    graciasss berry good and easy

  226. Tara Wright 268

    I have two little ones that can not have sugar so i topped with sugar free cool whip and also used sugar free cake mix and it was wonderful and they really enjoyed it since it is so hard to find recipes that they can have too. Thank you for sharing this recipe!

  227. Vanessa Schlaegel 269

    My daughter found this recipe for me…..made her pull the site up for me just now, made the cake 20 minutes later and oh my YUMMMMM!!! So easy so good……just got a case of the pumpkin from Amazon and used my first can….already thinking I need more pumpkin now:)

  228. Joyce P. 270

    Sounds yummy, healthy. I am going to make it. Picked up the ingredients already. Sounds like a good healthy dessert alternative to pie, which is my favorite.

  229. sharon 271

    i want to take this to potluck at work. Is it ok to serve it cold, and just pour the sauce on as you serve it?

  230. Janie Burks 272

    Just in case you haven’t tried this cake yet, waste no more time before you bake it!
    It is AWESOME! I just poured all the glaze over the cake while in the glass dish, hot from the oven. It just doesn’t get any better than this!!!

  231. Nancy 273

    This makes 48 mini-muffins! Worked great for a brunch that I did. I’m a stickler for only commenting on posts that I made as is–but for the mini muffins I was a afraid the glaze would be too messy. I topped each one with turbinado sugar before baking. Got rave reviews! Thank YOU!

  232. Karen 274

    This is delicious! Great easy receipe. You can vary it, too.
    I spread applesauce mixed with outmeal on the top in the last 10 minutes of cooking, instead of the glaze and used it as a breakfast cake.
    Then, I made it with the addition of flaxseed meal and protein powder as a lacation enhancing cake for my daughter-in-law who had a baby last week.
    It also works with a gluten-free cake mix and sweet potato puree for my son with allergies! What a great receipe very versatile and delicious.

  233. Jessica 275

    Really yummy! Making it now! Also eatting it as I go! :P

  234. Chriseda 276

    I haven’t used a boxed cake mix in so many years…However, lately I have been feeling that I am leaving my Martha Stewart period. Digression or growth? Don’t know but in the mean time I’ll start here with this cake.

  235. Yelle 277

    Just found this. Looks amazing!

  236. carmen 278


  237. Jamie 279

    Any chance this will work as cupcakes?

  238. Erin 280

    Love the simplicity of this recipe! I tried it as cupcakes and it came out delicious! Just used regular vanilla frosting :)

  239. Allison 281

    This is delicious… Except the glaze is horribly sweet. For a fresher flavor, use more apple cider, use a tablespoon of brown sugar and a bit more spices. Then boil them together and add about a tablespoon of corn starch to thicken it up! Doesn’t affect the flavor at all and it’s much less sweet yet still sweet enough.

  240. Carol 282

    I added some cinnamon & vanilla to the batter. Delish! Sooooo moist. I used the cake in a trifle with coolwhip & cinnamon as one layer. Cool whip, pumpkin & vanilla pudding mix as another layer. It was AMAZING!

  241. karla 283

    Try it with lemon cake mix (1) and lemon pie filling (2). Finish with a dusting of pwd sugar. (Or icing) . ’nuff said.

  242. Lissa 284

    I made this last night for dessert. Rather than add a gooey glaze to the top, I mixed the spices into my batter. I think a touch of light whipped cream would have been the perfect finish; unfortunately, we hadn’t any in the house.

  243. Dee Wamble 285

    I made this with spice cake mix and it was GREAT!!!!!

  244. Tina 286

    After reading comments on how the cake ‘tasted bland’, I decided to use a yellow cake mix with 15oz. of Pumpkin Pie ‘MIX’ instead of the pumpkin puree. For the glaze, I used one cup of powdered sugar, 1/2 tsp. margarine, softened, 1/2 tsp. pumpkin pie spice, and 3 T. Apple Cider. It was “absolutely delicious” according to all that tried it!! Still baked the same way. Although, with this revised recipe, you can use two cake mixes with the whole (30 oz.) can of Pumpkin Pie ‘MIX’ and put it in a 9×13 pan….

  245. Andrea 288

    Any idea what someone allergic to apples might use instead of apple cider?

  246. Jewell 291

    We had this at book club last night, and it was AWESOME! I plan on making it very soon myself!

  247. Megan Smith 292

    So this looks FABULOUS! I was wondering how do you think cupcakes would workout?
    I could take the liners off before i put the glaze on and serve them my self individually. Just for a small family gathering…

  248. Margo 293

    WOW! WOW! WOW! I don’t usually feel the need to comment on recipes.. but my GOODNESS! This was amazing! My mind is racing ahead to all of the potlucks I can bring this to!

  249. Tay 294

    So I’m making this for my family tonight and I was wondering do I need to do all the steps on the box to make cake batter (eggs etc) and then put the pumpkin in? Or am I just using the dry mix? Thank you!

  250. Helen 296

    my 7×11 pan is only a little over 1″ deep. will that work?

  251. Jaloo 298

    I wonder if this would work with a spice cake mix?

  252. Drea 300

    I have made a Gluten Free version of this cake twice now. It’s delicious and the moistest GF Cake I’ve ever made. It’s wonderful! The first one I made with a box of Chocolate GF cake mix and the 2nd one I made using a Bob’s Red Mill vanilla cake mix. Both were exceptionaly delicious and so easy. I will be making this often, thank you SO much! <3 XOxo

  253. rhonda 301

    Ok!! I will get the cake mix!!! Have to try this one!!! That glaze makes it look divine. I love the pilgrims but what about the Indians?! :)

  254. Kathy from The Hill of Yams 302

    Cath, question….Just out of the oven, the third run on this wonderful dessert! I ‘reduced’ the apple juice on the stove this time to get a more intense flavor for the glaze. What do you think about OJ instead of AJ some time? Oh, and just into the oven is my first run on the sweet/salty bacon and nuts. Continuing thanks for your down-to-earth recipes.

  255. Sheena 303

    I just made this and wow it got delicious! They did not have Apple Cider at the market I went to so I got Simply Apple instead. I also made my own pumpkin pie spice with equal parts cinnamon, ginger, allspice, and a little less nutmeg. YUMMY! It is only my husband and I here and we have already ate half the tray! Whoops :) Great recipe!

  256. Sue Broll 304

    Can this be baked in an 8 x 8 pan? If so, for how long? Thanks!

  257. Kay 306

    The times I’ve had apple cider (which is not very many), I remember it tasting pretty sweet. Does the cider make the glaze taste really sweet, too? I think I would prefer that the glaze taste more fruity than sweet- do you think using apple juice would work better for those purposes?

  258. jane 308

    making this now…this is the second time and its so good my grankids talked me into making it this morning…..yummmmmmy

  259. Traci 309

    Just made this … it’s good for a quick dessert but, we didn’t love it. I would not serve it for a Holiday or special occassion. Just ok …

  260. ginny 310

    This looks so yummy! Do you think it could be doubled to make a 13×9??

  261. Char 312

    This works well with chocolate cake mix too. You will have the ministers chocolate cake you’ve ever tasted! Add a little cream cheese frosting and yum! Makes great muffins too.

  262. Char 314

    Stupid auto correct! You will have the MOISTEST chocolate cake ever.

  263. Sue 315

    I’ve never done the glaze, usually go with a cream cheese type frosting, but that sounds like a nice addition…btw, works just as well with gluten-free cake mix also ;)

  264. Karol 316

    Has anyone tried this recipe using a boxed cake mix that is gluten free ?
    I think Betty Crocker makes a vanilla cake mix that could be used and I’d LOVE to try this recipe out, it looks SO GOOD !!

  265. Jeremy 319

    I’m going to make it tonight! Bet it would be good with a Spice Cake mix as well!

  266. Andrea 320

    Let me know how it comes out! I’m going to make it next time with a Hodgson Mill Gluten Free Yellow cake mix I found.

  267. Linda 321

    If I’m making this for a family of 13, I might have to double the recipe. What size pan would I use and how much longer would it have to bake?

  268. Andrea 322

    Where would I find that apple cider?

  269. Carolyn Lloyd 323

    I love anything pumpkin, and this turned out AWESOME!

  270. Vicki B 324

    Okay, I have to try this, BUT….I’m going to use the homemade yellow cake mix from Suzanne McMinn’s Chickens in the Road blog, cause I have taken an oath to not use prepared mixes- or any processed foods this year! I’ll post about it to see if it turns out! What a perfect autumn dessert!

  271. Patricia Davis 325

    I use spice cake mix and no icing since I am a WW member and it makes a great cookie, cup cake or cake.

  272. Jen 326

    I couldn’t wait to make this. I made it yesterday and I found it just ok. It’s too dense. It’s more of a dough consistency than a cake.


    Tried this with a twist or two. Used a 30 oz can of pumpkin pie mix, added a tsp each of cinnamon and cloves, mixed it with a box yellow cake then baked at 350 for 45-50 minutes. Turned out great, pie texture and it made a nice little crust to boot!

  274. Sarah 329

    This looks beyond delish! I love pumpkin and I love apples, so the combination of the 2 is great! It’s a wonderful autumn snack that you can have any time. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  275. Jennifer 330

    OMG found this on fb and made it today= FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  276. LCM 331

    Anyone know if this can be made ahead of time and frozen? I know, it’s only a few ingredients, but still.

  277. Margaret 332

    This was yummy! I didn’t have apple cider, so I pureed applesauce very fine (baby food consistency) and substituted it for the apple cider. Now that I tried it that way, I don’t think I would have it another way. I think the apple cider would be too sweet for my taste. This is a keeper!

  278. Gregg 333

    So which 3 ingredients do you leave out and which 2 do you keep….?

    1-Yellow Cake Mix
    2- 15 ounce can of pumpkin puree
    3- 1-1/2 cups powdered sugar
    4- 3 Tablespoons apple cider
    5- 3/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

  279. Amanda 335

    Does it keep till the next day? I need a good desert for Friday but would have to make it the night before.

  280. Brandy 336

    I’m wondering how this recipe would be with cream cheese icing! Anyone try that? If so, was it good?

  281. Becky 337

    I don’t gve the 7×11- do you think it would work in a 9×9?

  282. Jacquelyn 338

    You know what’s funny is I really did have to go out to our garage and get the box of unopened Pyrex from our wedding….great cake though

  283. Pam 339

    I just put this pumpkin/butter yellow cake mix in the oven!! couldn’t resist!! taking it to a workshop at church tomorrow…if it makes it through the night!! what if I sleepwalk and eat it? I wouldn’t know, right????? LOL!!!!

  284. Jen 340

    I just made this. I used a spice cake and added some slivered almonds to the pan before I poured the batter in to bake it. Oh My GOODNESS!! It is AMAZING. I did double the recipe for the glaze. Thanks so much for such a delicious and EASY fall treat!

  285. Penny Howell 341

    I made the cake tonight, and baked it 5 extra minutes because it ws not done in 28 mins. I couldn’t tell if it was a sad cake, or if the pumpkin made the texture different. It is a good cake and so is the glaze, although I think it would be just as good without the glaze.

  286. Lisa Wiley 342

    I just made this cake and everyone in my house could not wait until tomorrow to eat it. “lol” They all loved it. Thanks Lisa

  287. Dreshoes 343

    I just made this but instead used a box of chocolate cake mix and a cup and a half of mashed bananas. Deeeeeeeeeelicious!

  288. Erin Milum 344

    Ha! Love your ‘Check your attitude at the Door’ attitude!
    Haven’t made this yet…but, I am going to tonight and I must say I. CANT. WAIT!!!!!
    I’ll let you know what my family thinks! :)

  289. Ok, I know you already have a lot of comments, but I have to add my voice and say YUMMMMM!!!!! I just made it for the second time this week. I am seriously in love with this cake and I love how easy it is to make! It’s perfect for making with kids since the steps are simple. I find that their attention wanders with any recipe that is more involved!

  290. Joan 346

    The cake was delicious. I would like to make it ahead for Thanksgiving and wondered if you had ever frozen it and if so how it came out. If you get this, please let me know via email. I have shared this recipe with several people already. It truly is easy and delicious. Thanks for sharing it.

  291. Jamiegirl 348

    I wanted so badly to like this easy recipe, but really the reviews at my house were all the same. This cake and icing combo was over the top too sweet. I’m not sure if it was the yellow cake mix or the powdered sugar icing mix but without a very strong cup of joe I would have been unable to get this cake down. I am a cake lover so I was disappointed. Also, you have to know that the consistency of the cake is very, very moist and mine did not have the same texture as my regular cake. This is for the crowd who loves the extra sweet things in life.

  292. Mary Kay 349

    I’ve made this several times now and it’s always a great hit! I use a spice cake mix instead of the yellow and I bake in a bundt pan for about 30 min. Delicious!! Thanks for sharing it!

  293. Cathy 353

    Well since I have to go to the grocery store today, I may as well pick up a few ingredients to make this today too.
    I LOVE pumpkin and I don’t believe that it has to be “FALL” to enjoy it.

    Thanks so much for this recipe, as well as the Roasted Garlic Rosemary Bread. It looks very similar to the bread we buy at Whole Foods everytime we go there. In fact we have a bit left in the fridge right now!

  294. Cathy 355

    I had to buy a cake mix that was on sale. I bought a spice mix. I hope it will be as good. I <3 pumpkin and spice!

    • kristi 356

      I have made this before and I substituted the yellow cake mix for spice cake mix and it was incredible, I also used cream cheese frosting on top instead of the glaze. Ot was AMAZING!!!!

  295. Susan 357

    Awesome!! This is much like a weight watchers recipe I’ve used for years :) I use a spice cake rather than yellow cake. Thanks for sharing the glaze recipe too, I’m anxious to try it out!

  296. Jennifer 358

    I do have a question. Can you make them in a cupcake pan and freeze them so we could have individual cakes for anytime maybe as a small snack? If so what would the temp be and for how long?

  297. Martha 360

    Thanks for sharing this recipe! I made it tonight in a 9×9 Pyrex because it’s all I own besides 9×13. Evidently I didn’t get the same set you did! Anyway, I had to bake it a few minutes longer, but I think it came out great. I made a glaze with powdered sugar, vanilla soy milk, and cinnamon. I didn’t have cider or pie spice. My family gobbled it up. Even my husband says he cut too small a piece, not realizing how good it would be.
    Thanks again for sharing.

  298. This post is very popular on Pinterest, the Cakespinners have spun the pin.. We loved it, see our post here: link to

  299. Pam 362

    I’m so excited to try this. I bought a Spice Cake mix which I think will make it even better.

  300. Denise 363

    I didn’t have apple cider to make the glaze, so I tried something different, and had to share:
    Followed the recipe for the two-ingredient pumpkin cake you gave (yum) but added some Pumpkin Spices.
    Then, instead of the glaze, I cored and thin-sliced four medium apples, put in a pan with butter (I know, I know…), sprinkled about two tablespoons of Splenda/Sugar mix and cooked them down until the edges were just caramelized.
    Spooned on top of a slice of the Pumpkin Cake and YUM!
    Hubby now wants a scoop of French Vanilla Ice Cream between the cake and apple topping…. LOL

  301. Jacqueline 365

    I don t get why people go crazy if a recipe isn t 20 ingredients or more. I cook from scratch every day at meals, and last thing I want to do is make a labor intensive cake or dessert. I appreciate the genius to a 2 ingredient recipe! Thanks for this, I will love it. Made a two ingredient angel food cake recipe two days ago and was delicious!

  302. Dana 366

    I’m going to make this cake this saturday but in my doughnut pan!

    tonight im making doughnuts and the recipe is very similar.
    It’s chocolate cake mix, pumpkin, pumpkin spice and one egg.

    when i make this cake on saturday should i add one egg?? whats the difference

  303. Kristie Miles 367

    Tried it! & LOVE IT!!! Thank you! My 14 yr old daughter made it & I loved it!!! :)

  304. Jean Andrews 369

    I make this with deviled food chocolate cake mix and the pumpkin. I make cupcakes it makes 12 and they are baked for about 20 mins. Delicious and not the least bit fattening. They are weight watchers approved.

    I might try your recipe tonight.

  305. Becca 370

    Just made this with variation…added 2 eggs 1/4 cup sugar and 3/4 teaspoon pumpkun pie spice….absolutely delicious!!!!!!

  306. Ron H 371

    OMG! I saw it, baked it, tried it, loved it. This mix is just plain sinful, and sorry I used fresh pureed pumpkin and a larger cake pan I wanted all I could get!

  307. Verlene 372

    Think I’ll try it with a spice cake mix.

  308. Denise Kelley 373

    Yes! This is an amazing cake.. I’ve made it in muffin for also.
    But I must say, I prefer the spice cake mix better! I’m gonna try
    The cider sauce. Now that looks yummy!

  309. Milly 374

    Great recipe:)! I also used it to make “Pumpkin Carrot Cake” by adding a couple of grated carrots, 1/2 cup raisins and walnut pieces each plus cinnamon (to taste). It took about 10 minutes longer to bake because of the moisture in the carrots. The cider glaze was awesome with it:)!!

  310. Art Araya 376

    I’d probably user spice cake mix to get some more pumpkin spice flavor into the cake…

  311. Debbie 377

    What if I don’t have a pan that size? What’s the next best size? Please and thank you! :)

  312. Poppie 378

    Just took this cake out of the oven and glazed it….was waiting to taste-test it but could not wait because me house smelled soooo good! This is fantastic! Light and moist with just the right amount of spice…Thank you so much. BTW I used a 9 3/4 by 9 3/4 pyrex baking dish and it turned out perfectly

  313. Kris Kennedy 379

    In what universe did you people make up this recipe? It is dreadful. Made it last night, threw it to the birds this morning. It’s just disgusting. I followed it to the letter – and trust me – I can cook and bake. This is just as terrible as the mock Wendy’s Frosty recipe that was going around Facebook. Tried that, too – just awful – but this one is even worse. Even my 2 year old niece – who will eat anything sweet spit this out. Did anyone REALLY try this before posting it. Definitely an hour of my life I won’t get back. YUCK.

  314. Theresa 382

    Could a glass pie plate work for baking this in?

  315. Lauri 384

    If you use aspice cake mix or a carrot cake mix it is even BETTER!!!

  316. Lauri 385

    Also make it in a bundt pan the glaze works better and is evenly spread….

  317. Kylie 386

    You know those packets of apple cider mix? The one’s you can buy at the grocery store and are supposed to add to 8 oz of hot water? How do you think that mix would taste in the glaze?

  318. Jessica 388

    I make this but use a spice cake instead! Gives it that extra flavor without adding any spices.

  319. Gaye Lee 389

    I make this wonderful cake frequently, but have not tried the glaze. Looks so yummy!
    We like it much better with a spice cake!

  320. janet 390

    I think this might work with gluten free mix. Im going to try it. Thanks for the idea.

  321. Cathy McClanahan 391

    Yum, can’t wait to try this.

  322. Leslie 392

    Kylie, I think it would be yummy….make the glaze, and add a little bit of the package, and taste….if more would be good, add more and taste. Just go a little at a time

  323. sue 393

    Since you first posted this in 2008, cake manufacturers have been downsizing the amount of products in the cake mixes. That totally messed up a rum cake I used to make. Could you please add the ozs of cake mix in your box.

  324. Marlene Sowek 396

    I use this same recipe to make muffins. They are yummy, so I imagine putting this glaze on them would be amazing. Gonna try as a cake next time I get the pumpkin craving. Thanks for sharing!

  325. Betty Johns 397

    can these ingredients be substituted, we can’t get canned pumpkin here in Australia.

  326. Linda Lopez 399

    You might even try it with a spice cake mix, it is even better!!

  327. Sue Mckenzie 400

    Quick,easy, and most of delicious.

  328. Debbie Meers 401

    I have used this recipe before for muffins and it was very good but I add about a half of cup of water which my friend said her recipe called for . This made the batter not so thick. Glad to see a glaze for the cake. Thanks for posting. I am always looking for easy and simple recipes.

  329. Marlene Sowek 402

    Another thought – Pillsbury just came out with a Pumpkin Spice cake mix. I used it and added an egg & 1/4 cup water(to clean out the pumpkin can), & made it in muffin tins. It’s in the oven now so can’t wait to taste it. Will keep u posted.

  330. Marlene Sowek 403

    Muffins done & sampled – yummy, perfect muffin texture too. I also added dried cranberries & walnuts as making them for a Birthday celebration.

  331. Jennifer Johnson 404

    Do you refrigerate the left over glaze?
    It’s in the oven now. Can’t wait!

  332. Dawn Barnes 406

    I have made this cake but used a spice cake mix. Tastes just like Autumn!!!

  333. shel 407

    This looks great! An older gentleman told me his grandkids’ favorite cookie was (box of spice cake + can of pumpkin) with lemon glaze- that’s excellent too! I usually sub half a can of pumpkin with 1/2 cup applesauce to make them easier to drop, and use the rest of the can for muffins, though

  334. I have made the 2 ingredient cake also, but instead of a yellow cake mix, I used one called Caramel Apple and it was wonderful! I just put a dollop of Cool Whip on each piece, no glaze. Since my hubby has a problem with gluten, I can make it with a gluten free cake mix also, so yummy.

  335. Adelle 409

    I found the batter a little dull tasting so added a teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice. This made the cake much richer. I didn’t have Apple Cider so I used 2 tbs. Alpine Apple Cider dry mix with 3 tbs water and increased the amount of powdered sugar. Also, I left the cake in my casserole dish and poured the glaze over the cake. Turned out great!

  336. Betty Adcock 410

    this looks really delicious.I will try this

  337. Rhiannon 411

    i want to make these into cupcakes. Anyone know the temp and time??

  338. NicNac13C 413

    I just made this, but instead of cider glaze I made a glaze with Jack-O-Traveler Pumpkin Shandy. Let’s see how that goes over at the potluck!

  339. Joanne Poole 414

    I don’t own that size pan. How Long would you cook in a 9×13 pan??

  340. VANESSA 416

    Is regular pure canned pumpkin the same as puree?

  341. Barb 421

    Sinfully Delicious

  342. Cheryl 422

    I’ve made this cake with spice cake mix instead of yellow cake mix. Delicious!!! But now I have to try the apple cider glaze!

  343. Lorie 423

    Best pumpkin cake ever. Love the 2 ingredient recipe. The glaze just made it even more heavenly. Definitely gonna be on my holiday menu from here in out.

  344. Jeannine 424

    Made this today with Spice cake mix (it was either that or Strawberry cake mix!) and it was great! I just used a spoon to beat the mix, and next time will use the beaters, cuz the cake mix needs to be broken down well. We loved it, and i think even my non-cooking sister can make this! Great easy dessert…..thanks!

  345. Sherry 425

    Housebound at the moment and have a carrot cake mix and a lemon cake mix. Can’t decide which would be yummier replacement for the yellow cake mix. Any ideas?

  346. Joanna 426

    I love this site and have made many wonderful recipes posted here, but this was a big flop. With only 2 ingredients, I couldn’t have made a mistake. We tried ladling more glaze on, sprinkling it with fleur de sel, and cinnamon but it was still bland. We did have some laughs coming up with names like ‘Savory Pumpkin Loaf’ and ‘Repugnant Pumpkin’, so that was good. The cake, however, was not.

  347. Jarrett 427

    Does this needs eggs, butter, or any of the ingredients the yellow cake mix asks for? Thanks

  348. Rashel 429

    The quickly became a family favorit. I’ve played around with the ingredients a little and I’ve found if you use a big can of pumpkin you’ll get twice as many mushing and won’t loose any of the flavor. I normally add cinnamon and pumpkin spiceasy to it. I have also found if you add eggs it makes them fluffier.

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