Work With Me

I have enjoyed many successful relationships when it comes to working with large brands and smaller individual companies. I am open to all opportunities assuming the content is relevant to my readers. I only endorse items I absolutely love and have used myself. These are also products I would recommend to friends, family and to all of my wonderful and loyal readers. Please see my Press page to see some of the brands I have worked with in the past.

  • Some of my best and most creative work has been done in the arena of recipe development and food writing assignments. I love coming up with unique, tasty, tried and true recipes for new or old products. Please know I work for compensation only  when it comes to recipe development and food writing, not for brand mentions, exposure or exchange for goods and services. Ongoing relationships are ones I prefer and will be most beneficial to your brand or product.
  • With contract freelance work I can provide original content for you with focused writing for your particular brand or product.
  • I have worked with many companies as their brand ambassador, usually through a series of blog posts and social media collaboration. I am available for travel with these types of relationships.
  • Social Media Marketing Management is something I really enjoy doing. I can give your brand its own unique voice, perspective and engaging content on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.
  • I am always excited to learn new things. If you are having a company or brand event invite me to attend and learn about you and your new product, contest or cause.
  • Sharing travel reviews and experiences with my readers is something I love to do. If you have a place you would like me to promote as a travel/food writer and photographer, let me know.
  • Blog, Food and Brand related conferences are a great place to promote your product. Let me know if are looking for someone to represent you at one of these events.
  • If you are interested in promoting content that is relevant to Noble Pig readers through a sponsored post, send me your idea.
  • I may host a giveaway for you if you have an outstanding appliance, product or cookbook that would be of great interest and value to Noble Pig readers.
  • Press trips are a fun way to promote your event. I am available for domestic and international travel to these destinations where I can expose Noble Pig readers to your cause through dedicated blog posts and social media exposure.

Please know these are just suggestions and examples of things I have done in the past. I am always open to other ideas you might have on how we can work together. Please contact me at [email protected] to discuss your ideas.

Disclosure: While I am often compensated by other companies I do not accept payment to write positively about a brand. All opinions are my own.