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Double Ranch Chicken and Green Bean Bites

Family game nights are a big thing at my house. The four of us can be pretty competitive, which became more than obvious years ago when I did not let my then, three-year old son, win at the game of Sorry. Uh…let’s just say he was NOT having it. That was also the moment I … Read More »»


Pumpkin Brown Sugar Muffins

‘Tis the season and luckily these muffins will fit right in to your life. They are awesome for breakfast on the go or breakfast at home. However, they are so delicious and moist they work perfectly for dessert, your next office potluck, a basket of muffins for a friend or whatever else you can come … Read More »»


(Giveaway) Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven $499

You guys! I am so, so excited about this post. I have been keeping this special item under wraps for some time now, even though I have been enjoying the heck out of it in my home for some time now. As many of you know, in my own personal kitchen are Subzero-Wolf appliances. I … Read More »»


How to Package Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving leftovers are the best reminder of the wonderful meal we shared with family and friends. I often cook double the amount of food just so I have enough leftovers to divvy up and send home with everyone. Call me crazy, but I have no doubt everyone wants to wake up and enjoy a turkey-stuffing … Read More »»


Quick Skillet Kielbasa Meal

My kids have been kicking my butt lately when it comes to chauffeuring them around. How is it that two teenagers have so many places to go….like, every day? I hate to break it to you mom’s of toddlers and such…but it only gets busier! Be prepared and know how to make really quick meals … Read More »»

Favorites From The Past


Mini Apple Crumble Pies

  Pie skills are NOT necessary for these adorable little pies and are sized perfectly to enjoy after a big meal. I always crave a slice of every type of pie during the holidays (or any time there is more than one to choose from). There are so many delicious choices on the dessert table, … Read More »»


Cranberry-Orange Coffee Cake

Is there anything better a nice piece of coffee cake in the morning with your coffee or tea?  There isn’t for me.  This cake is such the perfect mix of sweet and crunch with the toasted pecans.  In fact, I liked it so much, I knew I had to get this cake out of the … Read More »»


Kahlua-Pecan-Brown Sugar Baked Brie

If the name of this recipe alone doesn’t make you want to jump up and get it in the oven, I don’t know what else could convince you.  I was lucky enough to get this recipe from my friend, who got it from her friend…you got that?  I knew when I heard about it at … Read More »»

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