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Fresh Peach and Cinnamon Ice Cream

   Reason 7,456,867.098 I love summer….homemade ice cream, infused with fresh summer fruit. It’s addicting. And when OXO challenges and inspires you to make ice cream with some of their really awesome ice cream gear (#IceCreamForOXO), it’s time to step up. No arm twisting necessary! Not too long ago, when I made my Cinnamon Peach Smoothies, … Read More »»

Melty Ham, Brie and Peach Grilled Cheese

  Nothing beats a melty grilled cheese sandwich. Even in the summertime I find myself craving this type of warm comfort food. The best part about grilled cheese is its versatility. The ingredient possibilities are endless. And let’s just say I was craving a more “grown up” grilled cheese version this time around; something complex, … Read More »»

Baked Deviled Crab Dip

  I will admit crab dip is kind of a weakness of mine. There is just something about this creamy, gooey dip! I never seem to get enough of it. In fact, I almost feel a little manic when it’s around, like I need to get to it before it’s all gone. I have problems, … Read More »»

Soft Baked Cashew Filled Sugar Cookies

  It’s raining today, I love a good summer rain. At least there is not thunder, which means the dog does not have to spend the day under a bed, hiding in fear of the loud sounds from the sky. And the vineyard, it really needed some water. Needless to say I am ecstatic about … Read More »»

The Best Mojito

The mint growing in my garden is prolific. I’m really bad about getting out there and thinning it so it pretty much takes over. I don’t mind though, I love sprinkling it over summer fruit and mixing it into iced tea and water in the summertime. As far as I’m concerned I could never really … Read More »»

Favorites From The Past

25 Fresh Cherry Recipes You Must Make Today

  There is nothing better than the fresh sweet cherries available this time of year. They are everywhere and recipes are plentiful! I was recently gifted a large sum of cherries. In my hops around the web, in search of cherry inspiration, I’ve come across many recipes I can’t live without.  I’m thinking you can’t … Read More »»

Zucchini-Shallot-Roasted Red Pepper Pie

I love zucchini. I always have. My mom used to saute it with butter, tomatoes and onions…it was my favorite side dish as a kid. I use it in everything now, from chocolate cake to pizza…it’s a welcome veggie around here. Now there’s this pie. There is no fancy crust to make, you are just … Read More »»

Basil Spaghetti with Cheesy Broiled Tomatoes

I am always amazed at how a few simple ingredients come together to make a flavorful meal.  Who needs red sauce when you have whole tomatoes covered in blistering cheese…yum. This meal is perfect for a simple Spring or Summer evening…you won’t be stuck in the kitchen. The garlic and the pepper round out the … Read More »»

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