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The Best Dill Pickle Sandwich

  I’m here to tell you that this simple, simple sandwich, will be just about one of the best things you’ve ever eaten. I know that’s a big statement, but I’m willing to stand behind it. However, if you don’t like dill pickles, then no, you won’t like it. Sorry. I can’t help you. Wait, … Read More »»

Challah Bread and Kielbasa Stuffing

  It’s Thanksgiving week…I’m already hungry for everything coming my way in terms of food. Just the thought of the turkey, potatoes, stuffing, potatoes, pie, potatoes…there’s a theme here. What are you looking forward to the most?  Every year I try to dream up a new stuffing combination. In fact, I love having a different … Read More »»

8 Awesome Pear Recipes & a Harry & David Pear Giveaway

I have one of my favorite giveaways of the year to offer! Just like many of you, I have loved Harry & David Royal Riviera Pears since I was a kid. They always arrived boxed, wrapped and in perfect condition. They are one of the nicest gifts to receive during the holiday season or any … Read More »»

Visiting Pike Place Market and IFBC

  Last September I took a little trip to Seattle to go to one of my favorite food blogging conferences. I look forward to attending IFBC (International Food Blogging Conference) every year. It has been fun watching this conference evolve and I have to say, this was the best one yet. The conference organizers really … Read More »»

Lemon-White Chocolate Chip Soft-Baked Cookies

  I have finally accepted the fact that not everyone likes semi-sweet, milk or dark chocolate. The first few times I had someone tell me they didn’t like “brown” chocolate, it was almost as if they weren’t speaking a language I could understand. I thought they must be allergic to it, but no….some people don’t … Read More »»

Favorites From The Past

Slow Cooker Chile Colorado Style Beef

  So wow, it has been quiet around here! In my defense, I have been insanely busy. As in insanely-crazy busy. That happens when you leave everything until the last minute and then it piles up on you. Yeah, that’s me, and it’s a habit I want to break. How do you break a procrastination … Read More »»


Mexican Bowtie Pasta Bake

I seem to have a pantry full of bowtie pasta. It seems to have accumulated and multiplied beyond a reasonable amount. It has been time to use it up and move on. My kids don’t like bowtie pasta with red sauce, which is mostly how pasta is served around here. It’s just not their favorite, … Read More »»

Reduced Calorie Pumpkin Bread

Who thought reduced calorie pumpkin bread could be so good?  Well, I’m hear to tell you it is.  Aren’t you lucky?  Anyway, my bestie’s mama, Sharon (Hi Sharon!) tweaked up a recipe and came up with this little gem (I tweaked it a tad bit more as well).  Anyway, it’s moist, it’s pumpkin-ee and a … Read More »»

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