Slow Cooker Mexican Beans

 Slow Cooker Mexican Beans are an amazing side dish or they are perfect on their own
These Slow Cooker Mexican Beans are rich, buttery, meaty and delicious tasting. Referred to as the "magic beans" at my house, this recipe is going to end up on your weekly menu. 

When my mom visits she brings a plethora of things...newspaper clippings of things going on back home, mementos of my father, memories of the past. However, what I look forward to the most are the recipes of my childhood we remake over and over again. This last visit we managed to make pierogis twice in one week, a task in itself even for the seasoned cook.

In our many conversations about food, my mom mentioned a bean recipe her neighbors recently shared with her ~ they are always trading food and recipes from their different cultural backgrounds. (One of the fringe benefits of good neighbors!) Anyway, these beans were not pinto beans, which has always been my go-to, but Peruano or Peruvian beans. This was something new for me.

Slow Cooker Mexican Beans are the perfect side dish to any meal
Peruano beans are similar in shape to pinto beans, but are golden or beige in color. They also have a thin skin and a creamy texture when cooked down. I think if cooked long enough they would simmer down into soup. They are now my absolute favorite bean. Where have they been my whole life?

Slow Cooker Mexican Beans are packed with flavor
I have yet to find these beans in the "bean aisle" section at the grocery store. At my regular market and the local Mexican grocery store, they are sold in bulk. I have come across varying information online that Peruano beans are the same as Mayocoba and Canary beans, but I am not really sure if they are or not. Maybe someone out there knows? Please tell us!

Slow Cooker Mexican Beans are the perfect side dish or are amazing on their own
As with any recipe, my mom relayed her neighbor's version and then we changed it to what we thought would be more flavorful. We even made it a couple of other different ways, but none were as good as our first run. Even my teenage son is requesting them for all of his end of the school year potluck gatherings.

In a few short weeks this recipe has become a staple at my home. I can almost guarantee the same will happen to you over at your place.

Slow Cooker Mexican Beans will have you begging for more

Slow Cooker Mexican Beans Herdez Salsa Verde
I snapped a picture of one of the very important ingredients found in the Hispanic section of the grocery store with all the salsa.

Slow Cooker Mexican Beans
Serve these beans with a few warm tortillas and you're in for a treat.

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Slow Cooker Mexican Beans

Recipe from: Created by Cathy Pollak for | Serves: A Slow Cooker full of Beans


  • 4 cups dry Peruano beans
  • 4 teaspoons chicken bouillon
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 2-(7 oz cans) Herdez salsa verde
  • cilantro for garnish, optional


  • Sort through dry beans to remove all stones and any other debris. Place beans in a large bowl and cover with water at least 2" above beans. Soak for 12 hours. Dump water and rinse beans in a colander.
  • Add beans to a 6-7 quart slow cooker. Sprinkle chicken bouillon on top of beans. Cover beans with water, at least 1" above beans. Add butter. Cook beans on high for 3 hours. Add salsa verde and cook one hour more. Garnish beans with cilantro if you like.
  • Serve a bowl with warm tortillas or enjoy by themselves.

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  1. Mary W 1

    When I searched at my favorite bean site, . this bean was listed – Mayocoba Bean from Peru. This is the description of the bean: “Creamy and versatile, Mayocoba has a pale yellow hue and super soft texture. This mild-flavored bean soaks up all the flavors of the cooking pot.”

    The photos look exactly like yours. It’s worth giving Rancho Gordo a try. They produce the most amazing beans I have ever eaten.

  2. Nanci 4

    These look so good as does everything you make! Your Chili Colarado is our house all time favorite I can see these a a side for that. Now my question could you use pintos for this as I have a bag in my pantry or should I seek out the bean you used?
    Thank You

  3. Barbara J Smith 7

    This is what I found at L.A. Hearne Co. — Peruano/Yellow Beans are considered health food.

    They are oval-shaped and taste and look like pinto beans.

    Peruano Beans can be cooked over the stove, or in a crook pot.

    After thoroughly cooking Peruano Beans, they have a soft texture and a buttery flavor.

    Peruano Beans make a yummy side dish or meal, and

    they are great added to salads, and soups.

    Peruvian beans derive from Mexico.

    Also called Mexican yellow beans, piruano beans, canary beans, or mayocoba beans.

  4. R Garcia 8

    You can use pink beans for this, too. My go to bean. We like them better than the Peruanos.

  5. Kim 9

    Looks like something I would enjoy eating, however it would help if you added the nutritional values.

    • Cathy 10

      You can figure out the nutritional value of any recipe by adding the ingredients into My Fitness Pal or Calorie King.

  6. Scargosun 11

    I have ‘Better than Bouillon’. Is the teaspoon still the same amount to use? I think Whole Foods bulk section has these beans.

  7. Becky M 14

    I found mayocoba beans in my local grocery store today. I cannot wait to try your recipe!

  8. Cindy Smith 15

    Usually Better than Boullion is the same amount equal to regular boullion.

  9. Sally 16

    Winco has these in bulk bin 1616:

    MAYO COBA BEANS: Dried peruano beans (also known as peruano beans)

  10. These are so good. Made the recipe exactly as written and was I happy. I will certainly make these again. Just the right amount of heat from the RO*TEL® diced tomatoes & green chilies. Thank you

  11. I absolutely love this recipe. There is so much comfort in those beans and flavor too.

  12. What a delicious discovery! I’ve never heard of Peruano beans before, either, and now I’m thinking I need to go find them so I can make this recipe ASAP. We love beans at our house, and changing up our normal routine of black beans sounds fun! Thanks for sharing.

  13. i never liked beans as a kid, but I love them now! These look so good!

  14. I have only cooked beans on the stovetop/oven – I need to try them in the slow cooker!

  15. How fun to share recipes like that! And totally jealous of pierogis twice in one week :) These beans look fabulous. I haven’t seen these before, but will definitely be on the lookout!

  16. All of your food looks so good!! LOVE these beans!!

  17. I love that brand of salsa is your secret sauce to these beans. It’s one of my faves.

  18. It looks delicious!

  19. These look so amazing!

  20. Amy 31

    Such a tasty summer side dish!

  21. Sue 32

    Love the look of these beans! I just placed my order. One question. Trying to eat healthier-any idea on substitution for the butter? Maybe Olive Oil?

    • Cathy 33

      Only if you want less flavor. I’ve done it. Not the same:).

      • Sue 34

        Making them tomorrow and I’m going to go 50/50 with olive oil and butter. I’ll let you know the outcome but I think it will be good.

  22. Kathleen 35

    Looks good. I will make this with vegetable boulliin rather than chicken though.

  23. Great Recipe. I made the beans and they are delicious. One question, is the photo of beans you made? Mine were a bit more soup than gravy.

    thanks you for sharing

    • Cathy 37

      Yes those were my beans. Since the measurement for water is random you likely just added more.

    • Cathy 38

      But you have to remember this is a photo so I had to show more beans than juice otherwise it would look like nothing.

  24. Sooooo easy … I love to make beans like this. Perfect side for summer grilling!

  25. Deborah 40

    I am definitely going to try these! I always struggle with side dishes, and these sound wonderful!

  26. I am obsessed with beans, I just wish I could get my husband on board with them. I love that these are made in the slow cooker – they’re going to be the perfect side dish for summer.

  27. Totally digging the simplicity of these beans, and I love that they’re made easy in the slow cooker!

  28. Lynsey 43

    These are amazing! I just made them (but I had to use white navy beans because that’s literally all I could find in my trip to three different stores) and they are SO good! So simple to make too. Thanks for the recipe, this one is a keeper :)

  29. These sound so good. I love being able to have things like this made and frozen to add to a meal when I’m feeling lazy. Thanks for sharing :)

  30. Jeanette 45

    Hi I live here in Texas where would I find them or substitute them for thank you

  31. Margaret Bringle 47

    Has anyone tried these that have added smoked sausage to them, after frying up the sausage? I bought the mayocoba beans at Aldi’s yesterday. I only have ROTEL diced tomatoes with green chilies. The beans are cooking in the slow cooker, now! I have added the smoked sausage, yet.

  32. Margaret Bringle 48

    Oops! I have not added the smoked sausage, yet?

  33. Lana Longoni 49

    I have never heard of that kind of bean. Is there another that works?

    • Cathy 50

      This recipe is special because of the taste and texture of these beans. They are widely available so you should not have a problem finding them.

  34. Susan GinIA 51

    What brand of chicken bouillon do you use?

  35. Where can we find the Perauno Bean’s?

  36. Bob 53

    The Walmart where I shop has this bean in the Mexican/Latino section — Valle Verde brand.

  37. Terry 54

    ohhhhh, they look soo delicious. Wanna eat them all right now

  38. Tonie 55

    Whole Foods also carries the beans.

  39. Dan Duesterbeck 56

    Great recipe! We added a chopped up jalapeno, and it was awesome.
    This definitely goes into the save recipe pile!

  40. M C J 57

    We cook the beans a little differently, but the results are the same. We serve the beans with finely chopped onion, chopped cilantro, oregano, and a squeez of lemon juice. Switched from Pinto, my favorate, to Peruanos because they are more like the beans my husband isused to. He is from Nayarit and their beans are a little smaller than the Peruanos.

  41. Annette 58

    I buy these at a local Mexican supermarket. I love them. Great for a white chicken chili. I always cook beans in a broth/water mixture. Not only does it deepen the flavor but they seem to cook quicker.

  42. Hugh 59

    Do a fast soak. Add a bit oil to the pressure cooker. cook 20minutes. Let cool. Meanwhile make a mirepoix. 2 fresh Mexican chorizo links. 2 anchos de-seed with the stems removed. Add to the cooker. Simmer until the veg’s are tender. Puree.

    Garnish with cilantro, cheese and onions that are rinsed under water.

    You are well on your way to some good eating

  43. You can actually buy these beans mayocoba at Walmart in one pound sacks.

  44. Sharon Williamson 61

    would it be okay to use cranberry bean?

  45. Marki 63

    CHeck Walmart. El Mexicano brand

  46. Cynthia Prewitt 64

    I love Peruano beans and this recipe adding salsa verde is great — I found that the beans do need salt with this recipe and also I added a quartered onion and smashed garlic. Delicious! Great over warm buttered cornbread and garnished with finely sliced scallions and cotija cheese or over rice with the same garnish.

  47. Leslie 65

    This is a great dish. Easy to find the Peruano beans in So Cal. Easy to make. My Mexican family ate this up!

  48. Deb 66

    Absolutely phenomenal!!!…I will be making these over and over. I used dried pinto beans and I cooked them at least an extra hour to soften them a bit more…I tasted them before I added the salsa verde…and they were wonderful, buttery then…and after I added the salsa verde…amazing amazing…this will be a forever keeper in my recipe book.

  49. I have tried this recipe and it’s awesome it is hard to find the beans though. Walmart carries the maya cons named beans in one pound bags. But you can order online in 10 pound sacks.


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