Super Bowl Recipes!!

I tend to think of the Super Bowl as the day everyone who has been dieting since the beginning of the year, falls off the wagon and eats back most of the calories they held back for the past month.  It’s not that hard to do with all the dips and chips and creamy this and that.

Well, I’m not going to make it easier, here are some recipes you might want to consider for your Super Bowl extravaganza (AKA Dastardly Diet Day).

Right above are my favorite chili dogs, Tantalizingly Tangy Chili-Cheese Dogs.

Jalapeno Popper Dip.

Chicken Meatballs with Chipotle-Honey Sauce.

The Reuben Dip.

Sweet Potato Wedges with Sesame-Soy Dipping Sauce.


Caesar Salad Club Sandwich.

Buffalo Chicken Dip.

Kahlua-Pecan-Brown Sugar Baked Brie.

Sticky Peanut Butter and Jelly Wings.

Feta Pepper Dip.

Smokey Beef Chili.

Pull Apart Bacon Bread.

Mexican Salad with a Creamy Avocado Dressing.

Blue Sky Potatoes.

Corn Chowder.

Cheesy Pepperoni Pizza Dip.

Warm and Creamy Bacon Dip.

Antipasto Squares.

Well, that should keep you busy.  Have fun blowing your diets, LOL.  Who are you rooting for in the big game?

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  1. I have already made a few of these recipes and they are well worth making again, but the bacon pull-apart bread looks like one I meant to make but did not get around to, and one I am sure I will make soon. Super bowl pig-out here i come!

  2. I knew you’d come through with a great roundup of your terrific recipes! So many of these are “calling my name.” ;-) Thanks for the permission to indulge!

    Enjoy yourself on Sunday!


  3. Where to start? When to start? Thanks for this incredible line-up. I’m leaning towards the antipasto squares and sliders for a warm-up…….and then the bacon dip or will it be the bacon bread? I’m so confused!

  4. Julia 4

    First of all, bacon pull-apart bread sounds amazing!! Second, I’m so impressed how you’ve transformed all the superbowl classics into tasty dips. So much easier to prepare and serve. I hope your party is grand and may your favorite team win! As long as it’s the Saints :)

  5. I stopped dead at the brie. At first I thought it was a cheesecake, but I like the idea of brie better. OMG.

    See this is why I avoid super bowl game parties. It would take me a month to lose the weight I would gain. :)

    Fantastic idea and what a spread.

  6. Great post. I was sure glad to see my favorite little slider burgers. I’d serve those this Sunday, but it’s the same crowd that I served them to last fall. Great ideas Cathy and thanks for sharing. I’ve got to try those chicken meatballs and soon!

  7. Great recipes!


    How do we get invited to one of your parties!:)


  9. Wow what a feast that would be Cathy..can you imagine.

  10. annbb 10

    I’ve gained 10 pounds just reading this! YUM!

  11. June 11

    The pictures are enough for me – I’m NOT stepping on the scale today. Everything looks fabulous but those chicken balls with Chipotle – oh my!

  12. dawn 12

    I am serving the corn chowder and chili dogs!!

  13. Shestamps 13

    My husband and I both love your blog. In fact, last night he told me he wanted to marry you! :) (Nothing creepy meant by it) Thank you for all these wonderful recipes for the SuperBowl.

  14. Your SB recipes just blew all my ideas out of the water. This is the most delicious post I think I’ve ever seen!

  15. dawn 15

    that chili cheese dog is so money! I so remember those.
    I will try the reuben dip, forgot about that one and the kahlua brie.

  16. Barbara 16

    Oh man…those meatballs and sweet potato fries! Am I invited?

  17. Oh, I just knew you’d come through with the Super Bowl recipes again, but had not idea of the breadth and depth of the offerings. Can’t wait to dig in to these recipes. Thanks!

  18. Chicken meatballs, feta pepper dip, this is what the super bowl is all about!

  19. leslie 19

    I am coming to your house for super bowl!!!

  20. Tammy 20

    Thank goodness I ate breakfast before reading this post, otherwise I’d be drooling all over the keyboard!

  21. Jenny 21

    I love antipasto squares…I serve them with this soup link to

  22. Fallon 22

    I’ve made your popper dip and pepperoni dip last year. They were SUCH a hit but unfortunately I’m probably working the superbowl this year :( Guess I’ll have to make them for another day ;)

  23. Beautiful photos… And I have GOT to try that Ceasar salad sandwich

  24. Mandy 24

    Oh my goodness, I am dying to try that brie!! I love you and also am mad at you a little for showing us all this calorie-crazy loveliness. :)

  25. Lisa Sipple 25

    Blue Sky Potatoes, the Brie & the PB & J sticky wings for me!!!

  26. Alais 26

    Hi! I’ve been accessing your blog for a few days now, I got lots of dinner ideas from you….all recipes are so inviting!

    I live in São Paulo/Brazil and I just love cooking.

    Thanks for putting such a great number of recipes and yamy pictures together!

  27. I don’t think I can choose! I want everything!

  28. I have gained 5 lbs. just looking at the photos! What a great group of recipes to choose from.

  29. Stevi 29

    Everything looks so amazing!! I want to make it all! I will have to choose only a couple or I could spend all my meager college student income on that food! :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  30. Lisa 30

    This is a fantastic spread! What a way to fall of the wagon.

  31. Liz C. 31

    Wowsers! If I can’t find something to make & take to the Super Bowl party from this list, then I won’t be able to find anything anywhere. Thanks for compiling it all for us!

  32. Memoria 32

    THAT’S IT! I’m moving in with you haha. These dishes look amazing! I especially want the hot dogs, sliders, and buffalo chicken dip. My goodness!

  33. Mrs. L 33

    I’ve had my eye on that Buffalo Chicken Dip since you first posted it. Made it the other day. To. Die. For. Seriously, it will never make it to any party, it’s all mine. I used ranch dressing instead of the bleu and it still came out great. Seriously loving the stuff. No really, it’s all I want to eat!

  34. Lea 34

    Wow – all looks tasty and delicious!!!!! Bacon dip with Bacon Bread!!! Why not? GOOOOO Saints!!!!

  35. Debbie 35

    I will take all of the above! It all looks delicious….

  36. Nancy 36

    Oh my gosh…..I’m making almost all of these delicious recipies for my son’s bday party this coming Saturday! Thanks. mmYum!

  37. Come. To. Mama.

  38. I am so happy 2 of my recipes made it in here! Woo hoo! I have to make those antipasto squares some day. Cathy everything here looks wonderful, great list as usual.

  39. Thanks for all the great ideas! Pull Apart Bacon Bread? I’m there!!

  40. Mary 40

    I think you’ve got all the bases covered :-). Everything sounds delicious.

  41. Melynda 41

    Wow, that all looks so good! And I don’t even like football :)

  42. clare 42

    ok – 2 questions where do you find the time and how are you not 300lbs???

  43. sharon 43

    I want the Superbowl to come early so I can eat all this great food! I’ve made the chicken meatballs for a party and they were a huge hit.

  44. Amber 44

    I am not a big football fan.
    I prefer swimmers, with their perfect, beautiful, pectoral muscles dripping with water, taut arms climbing out of the wet depths, eyes hidden behind mirrored goggles.
    But superbowl food? Love it. All of it. Can you just send me some leftovers because I will most likely be working?

  45. Ok, it’s decided! I’m going to your house to watch the game!

  46. Amanda 46

    What an incredible assortment of goodies!

  47. that girl down south 47

    I have made your buffalo dip a few times, with ranch though. It disappears! I swear the thing has legs. if you don’t get to it fast it is eaten up before your eyes. The bacon dip is equally excellent. I like to call it the all the way dip becaue it tastes like a potato all the way. We serve it with potato skins even.

    keep the delicious coming!

  48. Evelyn 48

    Oh – my – God. I just discovered your blog, and am now a huge fan. Your food photography makes me drool, and a Reuben DIP??? Wow!!! Keep up the good work! (And I’ll try to stick to my diet!)

  49. An awesome collection of recipes!

  50. These are the BEST super bowl foods I have ever seen!! *drools*


  51. Debbi 51

    These look absolutely amazing! I’m printing several to use for an upcoming appetixer party! Thanks!

  52. Suzette 52

    OK…that settles it! I’m coming to YOUR party!

  53. megan 53

    What a delicious buffet of food. Wish I was at a party with all of this food. I did make the Buffalo chicken dip last year after ssing it here.
    This much delicious looking food deserves a Stumble, dont you think? ;)

  54. OMG! I’m coming to your house to watch the game!

  55. Dawn 55

    OMG! You have the best recipes!! I made a fabulous choice when deciding to make the Sliders and Antipasto Squares for the game. They were both a HUGE fit and will for sure be made again and again around here! Thank you for this awesome site – I love opening your emails! Keep em coming!!


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