Children’s Valentine’s Day Treat

5th Grade Valentine Exchange
Hey friend''s almost Valentine's Day and I'm a little sad this year. I recently realized this will be the last year I will have a child who exchanges Valentine's at school. Enter sad, big lip here. I'm sure some of you are thinking...who cares, but seriously it's just another reminder my kids are growing up. It's going too fast.

I have had fun over the years making Valentine's for them and it bums me out we can no longer bring homemade treats to school. On Valentine's Day, the usual array of lollipops and chocolates come home. Quite honestly, most of the lollipops get thrown out. They might eat a couple, but that's it. The chocolates, unless they are Hershey's, Kit-Kat or M&M get pushed aside and left for me to gobble up during some desperate late-night chocolate frenzy. 

If you are into Pinterest, I hope you're following my Valentine's Pinterest board, it's full of food, decor and fun for Valentine's Day. So many festive things going on over there.

5th Grade Valentine tops
Anyway, the big cereal debate. There are so many bulk packs of little cereal boxes out there. My son told me I could not get the packs that had plain Cheerios because kids would be mad if they got a plain cereal while someone else got Fruit Loops. He's right. It is Valentine's Day and we want to make sure they get as many sweets as possible! Sheesh. 

Anyway, this was a great way to use up many half-used rolls of ribbon I have had sitting around. Tied with a little bowl, an attached spoon and a gift tag, it's an easy, small treat. And maybe everyone will get a serving of milk when they get home from school.

5th Grade Valentine 1
Anyway, thank you for letting me share these with all of you, I hope it inspires someone...somewhere to make something cute.

The perfect Valentine's Day treat for school age children

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  1. Beth 1

    Addicted to Pinterest you say? Whoa boy! If there’s a 12 step program sign me up–or maybe not. It is the first thing I do every single day. My husband is baffled. “What are you so engrossed in on your iPad?” I never read a blog before in my life before Pinterest. Now I subscribe to about a dozen–yours being one of the first, and favorites! I almost emailed you when I found your blog. I spent nearly an entire day trying to read all of your posts from the beginning so I could know your whole story. I was captivated from the moment I read your “about me” page. That was it. I went down the rabbit hole and didn’t stop until I knew your whole journey. Blessings to you, the hooligans and the Wild Boar!

  2. debbie 2

    Pinterest???? I ADORE PINTEREST!!!!! I will check out your Valentine board!

  3. Susan 3

    So freakin’ cute! What a terrific Valentine idea!

  4. Oh…these are cute little gifts for the youngsters.

  5. Fun! My boys get those every year Easter morning, and they are hidden just like the eggs. They have to hunt for their breakfast. ;)

  6. well, Hello, I’m back… I just spent quite a long time over on your Valentine board – in the middle of reading this ;)

    I LOVE VALENTINES DAY! sorry for yelling, it has always been my favorite, from exchanging fun treats like this in grade school to now, finding small “first 14 days” gifts for Jason (we both love this day!) and my friends. the cereal is a fun idea!

  7. Katie 7

    This is adorable! I am a DIEHARD Pinterest fan and wholeheartedly agree with you– what did I do before Pinterest?! How did I organize and prioritize? I’ve planned future weddings, decorate future homes, and purchased the wardrobes of unborn children… it is crazy. Yet addictive. And I love it as well :)

  8. Thanks for this cute Valentines Day idea. I volunteer in my friend’s kindergarten class and this treat fits the bill. Heading over to your Pinterest posts to find more treasures.

  9. NancyC 9

    Those Valentine cereal boxes are a great idea! I love Pinterest, too, and am following you there! :)

  10. I’m with you Cathy – my youngest is in 5th grade too and everything she does this year, I’m reminded that’s it! Last Holiday sing, last valentines, etc… (tear)

    I LOVE this idea, I’m going to ask my daughter if she wants to do the same thing – we can’t bring home made treats in either :(

  11. Noelle 11

    HI Cathy:
    thanks for this post, what an adorable idea, I love it. Yes this is my first year of no Valentine’s for school and yes it is sad, enjoy your last year of all of those things, they were so much fun! And oh yes I am quite addicted to PInterest, I love it. Thanks for you fun recipes, they are awesome!

  12. Sara in NY 12

    These are so adorable…I am totally doing this. So much more unique than a lollipop and very affordable.

    Thank you for constantly sharing your life, your ideas and your inspirations with the world.

  13. katie 13

    This is so adorable and unique! I love going the non-traditional route!

  14. these are such a fun idea!! I wouldn’t mind receiving one of these!

  15. Wow love the idea of cereal boxes.Thanx for sharing the idea.

  16. June 16

    LOVE Pinterest! I might do this idea for my 4th grader! I found a cute idea on Pinterest using Mad Libs, but alas, I’m having no luck finding any!! I’ve still got a couple of days (hee, hee)! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Linda 17

    I work at a senior apartment complex and am going to make these for the diners…


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