Quick & Easy Pickled Sandwich Onions

Sandwiches are a lunch time staple around here. There is always a plethora of bread, cold cuts and condiments hanging around the refrigerator. We love making toasted sandwiches with salami, ham, peperoncini slices, halved kalamata olives and these pickled onions. 

Honestly, it’s the best tasting sandwich. Like ever. I crave this sandwich daily. These onions make it over the top. 

But here’s the thing, this is hardly a recipe. I know I’ve talked about my crazy obsession with peperoncini’s over here. I do still love them, so much so, when I would pour out the juice of the empty peperoncini jar, I would try to think of something I could do with it. I didn’t want to see it go.

 One day it dawned at me, why not slice up all the leftover onion wedges living at the bottom of my crisper and add them to the peperoncini juice? So I tried it. And it was fabulous. And now all of my leftover onions are sliced and added to the peperoncini jar for the perfect sandwich onion.

 Whites onions are definitely my favorite. They have a nice flavor bite after 24 hours in the juice. These pickled onions also go nicely in salads. It really kicks them up!

I always have a refrigerator full of onion halves and wedges, now they have a place to go. So will yours.

How many of you tear up while you are slicing onions? It is almost impossible for me to get through one onion before my eyes are burning. If you have this problem, you HAVE to get these. You will not shed another tear during the cutting process. They are amazing. My biggest complaint is I now need some with prescription lenses. That probably won’t happen. They are a brilliant invention.

If you love a tasty sandwich with all kinds of crunch and texture, you will love these. They come out surprisingly mild but relay the perfect flavor. You’ll see. And cute jars also make these taste better.

I love finding a new use for something I used to throw away. What do you like on your sandwiches?

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  1. Stef 1

    I do the same, albeit a different recipe with the pickling, with fresh banana peppers. So, so much better than the store bought and the only cooking necessary is boiling the juice.

  2. Mary Beth Elderton 4

    Wow! Brilliant! I’d never have thought

  3. Barbie with a T 6

    Wonderful idea. I so dislike throwing out the liquid from the peperoncini jar too!! I will try this immediately. We use a lot of peperoncini in our salads around here and there is always an abundance of liquid to use this way. Thanks a million!

  4. I’m a pepperoncini fan, too. And I hate throwing out that juice as well! I have a nearly empty jar in the fridge right now so I’ll be trying this asap.

  5. kathy 10

    Where do you find the cute canning jars? And can you can them to use as gifts or just refridgerate them and use them in a timely manner?

    • Cathy 11

      The link is in the post under the last picture.

    • Julie Buckingham 12

      I found many jars exactly like these, cobalt blue lids and all at Homegoods, TJ Maxx and Marshalls…all sizes, much cheaper…it is a hit or miss at those places however. There beautiful choices on EBAY as well, some vintage.

  6. Brooke 13

    Could you just put the onions in the pepperoncini jar after the peppers are gone?

  7. Yes! My Hubs will love this idea! Thank you for the tip, Cathy!

  8. Baby carrots are also super awesome in pepperoncini juice.

  9. Benji 18

    Great idea! I usually save the brine and sip some to help an upset stomach or a hangover.
    I’ve also made some really good pickled eggs with the brine. Just run a toothpick through the boiled and peeled egg, place in brine and let the jar sit in the refrigerator for at least 4 days. Then eat and enjoy!

  10. David 19

    I like to clean out the bottom on the crisper too, and the partial head of red cabbage and carrots sliced thin, add some bell peppers and you have a great side item to go with BBQ Pork

  11. Linda 20

    Light a votive or tealight candle next to (or even on if it’s big enough) your cutting board when chopping onions. The flame seems to draw off the sulfuric fumes (which is what triggers the crying reaction) and burns them. I keep one with a lighter next to my knife block all the time.

  12. OMG this sounds amazing. I love banana peppers I am going to put them in the juice I have left from the jar that is almost done. What a awesome idea. I can’t wait until they marinate so I can try them.
    Thanks for the awesome idea.

  13. Lori Doo 22

    wonder if I could do this with dill pickle juice…think I’m going to try!!! Thoughts? (I’ve always been a pickle fan, but between the dill pickle soup and the pickle sandwich, your site has turned me into a rabid fan!!!)

  14. Bev Bartos 24

    I have never thought of any of these ideas. that is simply awesome

  15. Pat 25

    how long do they last in the frig? Sounds awesome :)

  16. Paula Morgan 27

    I like to take my leftover onion bits, slices of carrot, small chunks of Cauliflower, and cucumber slices and add them to an empty jar from Bread ‘n Butter Pickles. It makes for such a refreshing salad, after roughly 3 to 4 days in the fridge. About once every 12 hours, take the jar out of the fridge and shake it well, to redistribute the spices. You will be amazed at how much flavor this provides!!

  17. Rita 28

    I have never had pepperonici peppers. Hope to locate them in our local supermarket. Would they be where the pickles are? Thanks for a reply.!

  18. Jeff 30

    I am not familiar with the pepperoncini. What is it used for, with, etc. Your ideas herein are interesting. Thanks all!


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