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I think there are only one genre of television commercials worse than the High Fructose Corn Syrup ads we have been graced with lately.  You’ve seen those right?  They are so absurd I can’t help but laugh out loud when they are on.

However, if you ever have the tube on during the daytime hours or late at night, I’m sure you’ve noticed the plethora of advertising for ambulance chasing personal injury attorneys or attorney’s who promise to help you get rid of your tax bills.  Then there are the lawyers who will help you collect your disability money and others who will help you fight your wrongful termination case.

I love when testimonials are given from individuals praising a particular lawyer who helped them win a $2.3 million dollar settlement.  However, you never see those people from the head down.  Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

As the economy worsens, I swear these commercials are increasing in frequency and length.

Has anyone ever called one of these attorneys for assistance?  Do they really help you get what you deserve without stealing every penny of your claim?

Someone must be calling, why would they advertise so much?

I feel as if they are vultures, preying on those desperate for justice.  I can’t even imagine the percentages they take as their fee.

It kills me.

I know there are many attorney’s out there who help individuals get vindication but for some reason the ones who advertise on TV leave me feeling a bit leary of their motives.  It must annoy the attorneys who really try to help people in a

OMG, one of those commercials just came on right now!  Grrrrrrrr…Don’t call!

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  1. Laura 1

    Yea. The creep-0-meter registers a pretty strong signal during those commercials.
    I concur.

  2. To all of my family members who are lawyers, [please don’t read this] Lawyers are scumbags at least those kinds

  3. I so completely agree with you!!! I have been seeing signs around for, “fix your credit” and such. I would never call an attorney that has to advertise on a television, radio, internet pop-ups, mail solicitation, or a bus sign. They are just wrong.

  4. ladywalker 4

    Those are just plain sleezy. Worse are the ones that tell you you don’t have to pay back all that money you just spent on your credit cards, you can pay back just half! Way to make people take responsibility for their actions.

  5. Marcy 5

    HAHAHA Cathy, Jim Adler is the worst – he is annoying as %^&&!!!!
    The corn syrup commercials dont bug me near as much. But case in point, I got a ticket about 2 wks ago and within days Igot about 3 different letters from lawyers looking to help me with my ticket, /sigh.

  6. You mentioned attorneys who really want to help people must be irked…are there REALLY such beings in Lawyer Land ? Attorneys who actually have a decent motive, who might, just might know the intended meaning of the word ‘justice’ ? I think maybe that lonely attorney must reside with Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. Gee, do I sound a tad cynical ? I think lining their pockets and purses with cash earned by desperate and hopeful clients is really the purpose of attorneys and I would really like to see that I am wrong !KathyB.

  7. Becky 7

    I’m with you on the commercials.
    And also believe there are lawyers out there who really have a desire to help, to make a difference. Atleast they started out thinking that way.
    Greed is an evil thing.

  8. Laura 8

    is there any way to make the number thingy bigger they are so hard to see??

    My favorite part of the corn syrup comercials is the line that its good in moderation! HA anything is good in moderation but when it is in EVERYTHING that tastes good where is the line of moderation and over the line BLAH…. I get ill at the comercials on tv. ALL of them! I do however crack up every singel time i see the scrubbing bubbles comercial where the bubbles all go EWWWWWW at the hanging thingy in the toilet it just makes me laugh!!!

  9. ntsc 9

    Those lawyers are pretty bad, but I can one up you.

    In New York City we have subways and the subways sell advertising space in the cars. [To be fair, they also put up real public service and poetry posters.]

    A frequent advertiser is one Dr. Zitsmore MD. He is a dermatologist.

  10. OMG I HATE those high fructose ads! They’re awful! And those lawer ones are ridiculous–I can’t imagine who’s calling!

  11. Erin 11

    I hate those commercials. I recently worked for a PI attorney and I know that his fee, if it was settled was 33% of the settlement. I think it is crazy how much he charged. It was over 50% if it was heard before a jury. Most Lawyers are rip offs.

  12. I HATE THOSE COMMERCIALS. Yes, I am screaming.

  13. jules 13

    I was involved in a severe car accident. We (my 12 year old) were rearended by a UHaul truck, not a rental truck but a service truck driven by an employee. Anyway, we were stationary and he barrelled into us. Said I just came out of nowhere. Anyway, I used one of those law firms that chase ambulances. It was an okay experience, but I wish that they had fought harder for me. I got a settlement, but they got some of it too. 40%

  14. Bunny 14

    Ok this is the one i hate…..It’s you’re money and you need it NOW!!! For structured settlements, I wonder how much of you’re settlement he takes for giving it to you NOW.

  15. OMG…My daughter and I just had a discussion about those high fructose corn syrup ads yesterday! One of them came on and she said “Have you seen these? I don’t get why they need their own ad campaign.” I laughed and said “Exactly! I wonder if there’s been a backlash against high fructose corn syrup that we’re unaware of…”


  16. Egghead 16

    Those lawyer adds and the occasional local dentist add I see really make me crazy. Not that it takes much. Money grubbing.

  17. Those ads are one of the things that give lawyers a bad rep.

    The worst to me are the male enhancement drugs. We watch a lot of baseball so we see them constantly. My question is if this is supposed to be helping you get closer to your partner, what are you doing in separate tubs in the middle of nowhere? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the pills?

  18. You have hit on one of the top 10 reasons why we don’t watch TV. (at all)

    I’m curious about the High Fructose Corn Syrup ads. Are they for it or against it? We try to avoid it, but not vigilantly.

  19. You know that a lot not most, want something for nothing. I happen to live in one of the most sue happy states there are.

  20. I must not watch enough TV… I haven’t seen the corn syrup ads.
    I have used a personal injury lawyer when my insurance tried to refuse my disability pay. I’d been rear-ended on the 405 when I was 7 months pregnant. The person that hit me had the same insurance company. The medical bills were high and there wasn’t another agency for my insurance to recover from. It did take 3 years and almost weekly contact from my lawyer to get my disability pay and all the medical bills paid. The settlement wasn’t huge and the lawyer took 30% off the top… but he earned it, because my insurance company would have stiffed me if they could have. I don’t know about the creepy ones on TV… they seem a little desperate. But the guy I used seemed concerned with my case and seemed not to be a jerk…
    I’m betting you will see an increase in the commercials though…as the economy changes.

  21. Harmony 21

    I agree…commercial seem to have increased in frequency and length…Thank god for the DVR or else I just couldn’t handle watching television. And the lawyers *shuddder*..I’ll keep away.

  22. Never. Yeah, never.

  23. Ruth 23

    i notice that alot of them say they take their fee from the other side you don’t pay them anything… however doesnt that mean the compensation your getting is less, so technically your paying them anyway?

  24. dlyn 24

    The corn syrup ads are just ridiculous – they all mumble that last line about “in moderation” too. Sheeeesh

    I concur also about the lawyers and fix your credit/fix your IRS problems – leeches, every one.

  25. Teri 25


  26. krysta 26

    hi, i’m roni deutch and I can help you resolve all your tax problems!

  27. Candy 27

    Yeah, I don’t get those either. And the corn syrup commercials just have me puzzled. I mean, ethanol is made of corn too and I don’t particularly want to eat that! Strange.

  28. Yeah, what is UP with those new fructose corn syrup commercials? I hate them.

  29. ELRA 29

    I don’t like those advertisement, it just give bad reputation to lawyer! There are many kind hearted lawyer out there.

  30. sharon 30

    Gives lawyers a bad name. If they’re going to have those terrible commercials, you’d think they could at least hire a consultant that would help them de-sleaze the ad a little!

  31. Whitney 31

    As a third-year law student I feel that I have to comment. Yes the lawyers that advertise are looking to help their bottom line and yes they do take a huge % of the top of a settlement but they are also providing the legal work on a contingency. I.E. they cover the expenses and don’t get paid unless they get you something. Some of these lawyers are scum but most lawyers do care about their clients and aren’t just “greedy.” I don’t plan to go into personal injury work but I do know that if the contingent-fee type lawyers didn’t exist, then a lot of people that get injured wouldn’t be able to get the money they deserve because they can’t afford the legal fees up front. Just food for thought. *step off from my soap box*

  32. I think it’s a sign of the times. People who are desperate will do “anything” for money and of course there are attorneys out there who will prey on that.

    I worked in the legal field for WAY too many years. I did family law, personal injury and evictions. Of all of them, the personal injury was my least favorite. Only because you never knew if you were going to get paid on a case or not. It can be a very tough job where you have to do a ton of follow up every single day until that settlement can come through.

    I will agree with you on the ads though. The one I hate the most is the guy on the back of buses in LA that is in Spanish – all I can read are the numbers – haha. That guy creeps me the hell out because he looks super greedy in the ad and seems to be excited about the greed he’s portraying. Ugh!!

  33. Cassie 33

    I did this exact same blog post a few weeks ago. It is so ridiculous and it pisses me off they are doing this!

  34. Tanya 34

    Ever since I lost my job, I get to see these commercials about 50 times a day. I have never heard one good thing about these lawyers and their ability to actually help people. There are a lot of websites where people who have actually used these lawyers talk about their experience and I have yet to find one who was successful. Mostly, they steal your money.

    These commercials are pretty entertaining though. My husband and I love to make fun of them. Especially Roni Deutsch (or however you spell it).

    One of the lawyers, Peter Francis Geraci actually has an office in my town, which I found shocking. For some reason I always felt these guys worked out of a basement somewhere.

  35. Betty 35

    Yep I sure did call 1 of those vultures to see if they could help us get away from the IRS vultures. Small synopsis of why we were in such a state,,,My daughters husband decided that we had $$ & he was going to get it. His plan was for us to help him build a house, & Oh yes he was going to pay us back, “NOT!” I was soooo naive in thinking that I was going to be helping my daughter. Unbeknown to me at the time, she was in on his little plan. Well upshot of the deal was that when we finally realized what he was up to most of our retirement savings were gone. I say most but not all. I cashed in an annuity to buy a manufactured home & get away from them. However not being in my 70th year, I had to pay the IRS approx. 12,000.00 in taxes. We are almost out of that mess now. Praise God.However,in our panic & hour of need, I called 1 of those vultures. He said that they would help us but it would cost us $3500.00. Can you afford that? he asks..Well no if I has that kind of $$ laying around I’d pay it to the IRS to get out of this mess.He hung up on me. Those types of vultures don’t work cheap.They are very degrading to your soul in the process. We have (hopefully) learned our lesson & we are getting back on our feet. It’s sad that your own flesh & blood can treat you in that manner.

  36. There is a huge backlash going on re: HFCS. It is poison synonymous with cheap unhealthy food, and people are starting to wake up and demand better quality.

    The commercials are absurd and harmful. I have clients that struggle with their health and ads like that are a dis-service to society.

  37. misty 37

    i completely agree… vultures is a wonderful word to describe them.

  38. I tossed tv about 16 years ago. Don’t miss the commercials one bit!

    Can this be true? HFCS ads? You’ve got to be kidding — the stuff is poison not food. It’s outlawed in other countries. I do not buy anything that contains it. Organics use SUGAR and that’s all I buy. Buy WHOLE foods and avoid additives. Process it yourself at home (also known as cooking) and save money along with your health.

    Lawyers and HFCS — the worst of the dregs. Welcome to the world of TV. Shut it off, toss it out, live free!

  39. Melissa 39

    “you know what they say about corn syrup…” brought to you by the corn refinery association?? I dont even get it, but they’re hilarious.

  40. The ones down here are HILARIOUS. They’re either Big-Texas types with huge Stetsons and belt buckles on a horse or Mexican mafia types with greasy hair and gold chains and rings. Seriously, it’s funny.

  41. Cheryl 41

    Have yet to see a single HFCS ad, but the ones killing me now are the “Have you lost money on your investments with a major investment firm? Call us, you may have a case.”

    Yes, we’ve all lost money, but the market is exactly that…the MARKET.
    I don’t sue at the Black Jack table at the Sahara…I’m not suing Franklin Templeton. ;)

  42. Katie 42

    I love the HFCS ads. Does corn really need to close in on the sugar market are they hurting for some cash between all of the other ventures they have going. They crack me up.

  43. There was this lawyer in Oklahoma City who made himself famous with his wild ads. Then he freaked out, stabbed his wife nearly to death and killed himself.

  44. Raina 44

    The thing about these commercials that make me crazy is they come on during the day when most of us are at work or busy so they are aimed at a certain group of people. I was home yesterday early and heard the lawyer commercial come on and I was thinking why they do not come on at night?? They are so phoney and take advantage of people who might possibly be in a bad situation and only make it worse for them, they are predators.

    The sugar thing is too dumb to even discuss, how dumb do they think we consumers are!! It is insulting.

  45. Erin 45

    We’ve been TV less for five years. I don’t miss the commercials but I sure miss the news. We made your banana cake this week and loved it. I definitely loved the addition of nuts and chips on top.

  46. Liz C. 46

    Ohhhh, this is a biggie with me. I hate those commercials! I’ve never called one and don’t know anyone who has, but my bet’s with you. Surely they must bilk people to be able to afford the advertising.

    I will tell you that the ones shown here are mostly for firms located in big cities 500 miles away. That says something in itself. I’ve seen a couple of local ones that are usually Latino and they also have a bail bond service, lol.

    I can’t help but think these people would be charged with fraud if they didn’t come through with their advertised promise. But, there’s so much of that kind of thing going on out there. Who knows how many poor suckers take the bait each day. It’s unfortunate that most of the time it’s the elderly that fall for schemes, but also the illiterate.

  47. Mrs. L 47

    I’ve always been under the impression that if you are a good lawyer, you’ll get business by word of mouth, not spending the money on a commercial.

    As for the HFCS ads? Drives me crazy. I wasn’t a fan before, now I’ll avoid it even more.

  48. Move to Portugal. We don’t have those here. Adds, not laweyrs ;)!

  49. I agree- they are unbelievable!!!

  50. Tipper 50

    You’re right those commercials drive me crazy too!

  51. HoneyB 51

    LOL, man, I just saw one of those corn syrup commercials the other day. I was like “you gotta be kidding me!” Number one reason I rarely watch tv – I cannot stand commercials.

  52. shelly 52

    I have always felt that if the attorney is worth a damn then they don’t need to advertize. Word of mouth would be enough.

  53. To be honest I don’t understand those corn syrup commercials. Is corn syrup under attack.
    I’m bothered by those lawyer commercials as well.

  54. As someone who is an attorney, who works on the defense side, yes, creepy. On the other hand, the Plaintiff’s work is hard, and they are often overworked, and because of professional conduct rules, generally contingency fees are set by the state (or federal government). For example, if someone has a contingency fee to help you get your Social Security disability, it would be capped at 25% of whatever disability you were due in the past, with a cap somewhere over 5K. This means that an attorney who represents someone who has been disabled since 2000 and hasn’t been able to collect, will get 5 someodd dollars. But then if that person became disabled a year ago, he’d just get 25% and if he doesn’t win at all, despite all the work he’s put into it, he gets nothing.

    On the other hand, my old boss (a Social Security disability attorney, who only ran print ads) knew a solo practitioner who hired a couple of homeless guys, had them shower at a hotel, and rented them suits, to sit at desks in the background of his commercial. That always cracked me up.

  55. Tracy 55

    First, I am not an attorney and I am not married to one. I find it interesting that people think that it is wrong for attorneys to advertise. I know attorneys who do not advertise, take those same type of cases and take a nice healthy chunk of the money. Are they any better because they don’t advertise? How about all the companies that advertise all kinds of products that we just don’t need, like sugar laden cereals and beverages that have no nutritional value and actually erode our health? Shouldn’t we think the management of those companies are sleazy?

  56. Frank 56

    Tracy, for me at least it not that they advertise. Its the attitude. One of those commercials starts and I don’t what the actual words are all I hear is, “If you been injured in an accident, come to us and we’ll help you sue the s*@t out of someone”.
    The words “ambulance chaser” use to have bad meaning. Now it seems like the “status quo”.
    And HFCS. We know it’s bad, we know it’s everywhere. If you don’t want it, make the decision not to use it. There are foods out there that don’t have it.
    Is it just me or is HFCS becoming what cigarettes were in the past? A bad legal habit that everyone has about but can’t break.

  57. Commericals these days are so dumb!
    what about that commercial with the chick running around with her pits in the air just so people can smell them..gggeeeezzzz

  58. Shirley 58

    HFCS is bad stuff. I just shared an article about it with my gluten intolerance support group as part of our healthier eating discussion. HFCS is the number one source of calories in the U.S. diet! Even though dietary fat has many, many more calories than sugar (in any form), HFCS still is where we are getting most of our calories. HFCS blocks leptin which lets the body know when it’s full. HFCS does not metabolize the same way as sugar. It actually metabolizes to fat in your body more rapidly than other sugars. If you want a good reason for the obesity epidemic, there’s a good place to look. And, as bad as it is, it’s still not as bad as artificial sweeteners. All good incentives to eat real, unprocessed foods. That’s the easiest way to avoid HFCS.

    Hey, did you hear they are about to start irradiating spinach and iceberg lettuce? link to I am not for that either, despite all the claims about its safety.

    Oh, and ambulance chasers stink.

  59. You probably don’t remember the TV show “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” It was my favorite show and starred two guys that at the time I thought were total babes. One of them now lives in CT and is doing those horrid ads. He looks at the camera and makes his pronouncement along the lines of “we really get them” and I laugh. What did I possibly see in that character? Because a character he is!

  60. Lex the Mom 60

    The ones that get me are the ones that serve to help those who have children born with medical defects, mesothelioma or other medical related things. Those are the true vultures because they are preying upon peoples struggles & possibly grief.

    They are nothing more than irritating to me. I guess you gotta make a living somehow…

  61. Tammy 61

    I would never, ever trust getting an attorney thru a tv ad…..they must be really hard up for business!
    And that is exactly why I don’t turn my tv on during the day…it’s either attorney ads, car insurance, or getting your education…they are clearly targeting the low life, couch potatoes.

  62. Come on honey, HFCS is made from corn, and it’s fine in moderation …. love it! makes me laugh so hard.

  63. Dee 63

    I wish Malaysian commercials were have as annoying. At least, we’d have something to talk about. Here, it’s a major snooze fest.

  64. PookandHouse 64

    Those commercial ads are so none creative. I just dislike all of them. Never understand why people look to be rich by targeting others for law suits.

  65. Vultures, ambulance chasers…whatever you call them these are people who profit on the misfortune of others. Makes me sick.

    I’d like to see one of them who has made millions advertise that they are available to do pro-bono cases for all those in desperate need…


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