Dill Pickle Dip

Dill Pickle Dip for all the Dill Pickle lovers 
Thank you all for continuing to join me on my crazy and delicious dill pickle adventure. You know, the journey where I make dill pickle stuff, like this Dill Pickle Dip and we eat and talk about it like old friends. Yes, our relationship is so complicated. See this recipe made on video here.

Dill pickles are truly an obsession of mine and I love that I have been able to take you all on this mouth-puckering, sour ride. Some of you have come along easily, skipping and smiling with me the whole way. Others (you know who you are) have done a little kicking and screaming and bad behavior kind of stuff, but were willing to try and found yourselves deliciously surprised. I'm so proud of you!

Obviously, those of who do not enjoy dill pickles, will not be fans of this recipe. It is for pickle lovers!! An exclusive really. Dill pickle lovers unite!! Are you with me??

Dill Pickle Dip one bite is not enough
Do you see all the little bits of pickle in there? It makes my mouth water just looking at it. We love dipping into this dip with thin pretzels and shoving the dip into our mouths. Yes shoving. Sorry for the visual, but it's true, we like to shove it. Oh, carrots are good for dipping too. But pretzels...yay! 

And you know what else? Serve this as a relish or maybe as a tartar sauce next to salmon. Oh my gosh, you will be so happy you did.

Dill Pickle Dip more sliced pickles
Chop your pickles into little bits like you see here.

Dill Pickle Dip pretzels are the perfect dippers
Enjoy every bite. Every. Single. One.

Dill Pickle Dip its over the top delicious
Don't wait for game day or some silly occasion to make this...just do it....soon!

Dill Pickle Dip impossible to eat just one bite

Dill Pickle Dip
This will be your new, favorite, go-to appetizer.....pinkie swear.

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Dill Pickle Dip

Recipe from: Created by Cathy Pollak for NoblePig.com. | Serves: 3 cups


  • 1 (8 oz) package cream cheese, softened
  • 1/3 cup diced red onion
  • 1/4 cup pickle juice
  • 2 teaspoons finely chopped garlic
  • 1 teaspoon Old Bay seasoning
  • 1 teaspoon coarse ground pepper
  • 2 cups diced pickles


  • In a large bowl add cream cheese, red onion, pickle juice, garlic, Old Bay seasoning and pepper. Combine with a hand mixer. Add pickles and continue mixing until fully combined. Refrigerate at least 3 hours and up to three days before serving.

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46 Comments and 37 Replies

  1. Flea 1

    You are my new best friend.

  2. Nanci Simmons 2

    Ohhh I so love dill pickles also Love them cannot wait to try the dip.
    So what is your favorite brand of Dill Pickles to just eat out of the jar!!!
    We love all your receipes!!

  3. Rebeca 5

    What is Old Bay seasoning? I am in Ontario and have not heard of it. Is there some sort of substitute?

    • Cathy 6

      Old Bay is a very common seasoning found in the U.S. I would Amazon for some and then search Google for some possible copycat recipes. I can’t say the recipes will be as good as the original. And this seasoning gives the dip a unique taste so there is not a substitute.

    • Elizabeth 10

      Wal mart Canada has Old Bay in the spice section

    • Diana Mansell 11

      You can purchase Old Bay Seasoning at Thrifty’s grocery store, in the spice isle. It is in a yellow can. I am not sure if you have Thrifty’s in Ontario it may be called Sobeys in your province. You can also find the ingredients on line to make a mix of it but it is less expensive to buy it pre done.

    • alexandra strickland 12

      Merivale fish market-restaurant has it

  4. Jule 13

    This dip looks amazing! also, where did you get the green dip bowl??

  5. Karen L. 15

    Made this last night and brought to a work function. Rave reviews by all. Easy and delish!

  6. Forrest 17

    I am also dill pickle crazy . I love your dill pickle recipes. Have tried a few. Eating it with pretzel thins is genius!! Going to try this for sure. Love your blog, Big fan!!

  7. Cindy Thornlow 18

    I use 16 oz sour cream, 1 pkg Ranch dip and 1/2 jar of dill pickle relish and mix it all together and let it sit for a few hours or over night. We love it!

  8. I’m so making this tonight for our party tomorrow night.

  9. I found this recipe via Pinterest and just made this for our party tonight. You are a genius!

  10. Dill Pickle Dip has been a staple in my diet since I was a kid… my absolute favorite dip!

  11. Jenn 23

    Wow, just made this for a super bowl party tonight. I hope the dip makes it to the party. I keep “test tasting”. Wanted to make something a little different so I decided to give your recipe a try. So easy and delicious! Thank you.

  12. Debbie Pulley 24

    I just discovered your dill pickle page. I, too, love dill pickles. I must say I am surprised to see you use store bought pickles when home made are so far superior. I grow my own pickling cucumbers, dill, and jalapeno peppers and make over 100 quarts of dilly deliciousness every year. They are not hard to do at all. I have made dill pickle soup which is so amazing!

    • Lynn Steele 25

      Got to ask…what’s in dill pickle soup?

    • Vivian Parramore 27

      Oh yes, dill pickle soup is so good. Two members of my family loves dill pickles; the other two are sweet pickle people. I love anything that has dill in it.

  13. Janet 28

    Delicious…what a wonderful change from all other dips. Great on crackers, also used as a spread for a sandwich, yummy. I used dill pickles that I did not like, and it was wonderful, good way to get rid of yucky pickles.

  14. Becki 29

    I disagree that pickle fans will not like this dip. I am not a pickle person at all, but I recently made dill pickle soup and loved it. I am very much looking forward to trying this – just have to do it on a “salty craving” day.

  15. Kat 30

    I just made some of this for a pot luck. This stuff is like CRACK!! Everyone raved that this is amazing. I added a couple of dashes of cayenne pepper to spice it up a little more, but besides that, I stuck to the recipe. Also used Best Maid pickles (my favorite). Thanks for the recipe!

  16. Jean Anne 32

    Where did you get your serving dish? I love it!

  17. Childer 34

    I make a dilly dip but it calls for the spice ” Dill Weed “. It is really good !! I am going to make this for my Granddaughter…She loves Dill and Kosher Dill pickles. Thank you!!!

  18. Allyson 35

    What kind of dill pickles do you use? I have a batch of sour kosher dills fermenting on my counter as I write this. Will they work? Or will they be too sour? Because I really need to make this dip. Now.

  19. Sherry 39

    Sounds good but I’m not a fan of Old Bay seasoning. Any suggestions for a suitable substitute?

  20. Linda M Forsyth 42

    Can’t wait to try this dip!
    I love dill pickles! Thank you for sharing!

  21. Bobbie 43

    Can this be modified using yogurt rather than cream cheese?

    • Cathy 44

      You are welcome to try anything you want. It won’t be as good with yogurt though and might be too runny.

  22. Megan 45

    Looks amazing! For some reason, I see the pictures and want to add tiny shrimp to it. You think that would ruin it?

  23. Mike 47

    Made this today. The garlic seemed to overpower everything else so we’re going to try it again with no more than half the garlic. Can’t wait to try it then! ?

  24. Cyndi 48

    I have family members with chewing difficulties (not babies), and we all love dill. I wonder if this would work with dill relish, just as easliy? Thoughts?

  25. Lisa Goldsmith 50

    A friend sent me a recipe of yours because she knows how much I love dill pickles! I LOVE your site and will start trying all of your recipes! However, A peanut butter and dill pickle sandwich on toasted bread is going to be hard to beat, but I will try your version also! Good Luck!

  26. Patty 52

    Original recipe posted: curious if you used real dill pickles or Kosher?

  27. Barbara Harwart 53

    I will be making this for the weekend…I LOVE dill pickles! My favorite sandwich ever, involves dill pickles…..:) YUM!!!

  28. Mike 54

    The trick to this is chop the pickles up as much as possible. Not relish size but small. Makes it easier to dip and eat.

  29. marj 55

    what would you use in lace of old bay seasoning….. i have never heard of that.

    • Cathy 56

      Old Bay is available everywhere, Spice aisle of your grocery store and often in the meat/seafood section of the market too. It has a very distinct flavor which it adds to this dip.

  30. Teri 57

    Accidently bought sour cream instead of cream cheese so I made it anyway and just didn’t add the pickle juice ….just put it in refrigerator to develop overnight…I sampled it and know it is going to be scrumptious when served tomorrow…

  31. MrsC 58

    How important is the red onion? I hate them. I don’t much care for yellow or white onions either but can use the in dips and stews if cooked enough. Can I 86 the onions and still get a good dip?

  32. Brenda 60

    I’ve never heard of a pickle dip before and I love pickles. I made this and took it to work and it was a hit! Best of all I love it too! Great recipe!! Thank you so much for posting this recipe. I’ll be making it to serve with fish dishes too.

  33. Diane Packer 61

    I saw this dill pickle dip recipe and wanted to try it. My first attempt is sitting in the fridge ‘maturing’. Allow that in Australia we can’t get, or I haven’t been able to find, Old Bay Seasoning, so I looked for an on-line recipe for a home made version. Grinding up the bay leaves took a bit of time. My initial reaction is that next time I would use less celery salt as I found everything a bit salty. However, as I was mixing I thought a pinch of fennel seed would be a good addition and so it proved.

    My initial taste reaction was that this was yummy.

    Do you have a recipe for your pretzels? I’ve made some at home, but yours looked good.


    • Cathy 62

      They are store bought, sorry.

      • Diane Packer 63

        Next day verdict is that this recipe is rather good, though I would prefer less saltiness. I had some on toast for breakfast. My husband tasted and thought they would go well with just about anything. I used bought dill pickles as I didn’t have home made. I look forward to trying it again with my own pickles. I also make a zucchini bread and butter pickle which is rather nice and think that this would lend itself well.

        Thanks for sharing the recipe.

        Re the pretzels – I’ll just play around with the way I made them before.

  34. Sondra Hall 64

    Cathy, we love pickles in this house. My oldest daughter started eating pickles and cheddar cheese at age two, we all like to cut a good size dill in half lengthwise and cut a slab of a good cheddar, make a sandwich with the two and chow down. Think you will love it!

  35. Shari 65

    What kind of onion would you suggestive I don’t have purple onion. I just bought white & yellow onion….Which one should I use in place of the purple?

  36. Mary Lynne Madzy 67

    Oh my gosh! My friend made this dip for our annual knitting party last night. It was SO good I just had to get online this morning to see if I could find the recipe from what she indicated was in it. I will be having New Year’s Day dinner for my family and this will most certainly be my appetizer.

  37. marj 68

    I have looked everywhere and I cannot find the Old Bay Seasoning. What can I use in place of it.

  38. Diane Packer 69

    You can’t get it here in Australia, but I found a couple of ‘copycat’ recipes on line, so you might want to look for those. As I have never tasted the original I can only go by how this turned out. The first time, it seemed way too salty – too much celery salt for me. So second time around I just added used what was left of the mix in the jar and added the same quantities of mustard, pepper, paprika nutmeg all spice, cardamom, cloves and ginger. I had added a pinch of fennel (my touch) and liked it, so repeated this. I liked this second batch much better. A more mellow, rounded flavour, so that’s what I will do for repeats in the future. By the way, I couldn’t get ground bay leaves. Trying to chop them I the blender didn’t work, so I put them in the mortar and pounded with the pestle to break them up as much as possible, then pushed the result through a sieve. That worked quite nicely.

  39. Marty 70

    This sounds delicious can hardly wait to try it.
    Love love love dill pickles

  40. Mary 71

    A coworker made this for pot luck lunch and I’m hooked! Delish! However, she used one cup of pickles.

    • Diane Packer 72

      I’ve always made it with the two cups of pickles and I think it needs that amount. However, last time, I omitted the juice and that was rather nice. I’ve found that the taste in different brands of dill pickles varies. Worth checking out.

  41. Lydia 74

    I had this recipe already and the person I got it from had Seasoning Salt as a substitute for Old Bay so that is what I have been using. Also, just a tip for people who don’t like onions…..Just get out your grater and grate them on the finest grate ..That way you will get the juice , almost a paste, for your dip but no pieces of onion…just the flavour and in my opinion, you really do need it in this dip. It makes such a difference. Just give it a try……This is such a great dip recipe.. Thank you for sharing all the other pickle recipes to…

  42. G 76

    I’m making it tonight. For our Daytona race day potluck. Couldn’t find the seasoning at my Lucky store tho. So going to wing it.

  43. What is old bay seasoning? We love dill pickles and I want to make this.

    • Cathy 78

      A seasoning made originally for seafood and available in almost every grocery store. If not in the spice aisle check the meat and seafood department by the counter. Ask a store employee…

  44. Rose 79

    How far in advance can this be made? How long does it keep?

  45. Vicky 81

    The pickles you show on this page for the dill pickle recipe look really small, like gerkins. As long as I use a good dill pickle(and is there such a thing as a bad one?)will my recipe come out great???

  46. Amanda J. 83

    I made this yesterday! It was delicious.


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