Melty Ham, Brie and Peach Grilled Cheese

 Melty Ham Brie and Peach Grilled Cheese from Noble Pig
Nothing beats a melty grilled cheese sandwich. Even in the summertime I find myself craving this type of warm comfort food. The best part about grilled cheese is its versatility. The ingredient possibilities are endless.

And let's just say I was craving a more "grown up" grilled cheese version this time around; something complex, delicious and satisfying during these last few days of summer rain storms. I definitely hit my mark becuase this sandwich was exactly what I had been imagining.

Melty Ham Brie and Peach Grilled Cheese from Noble Pig
I fried up a ham steak, those individually packed ones you find in the meat section of the grocery store. And then it was off to search the cheese drawer, where I found some brie and blue cheese slices. The peach jam was a no-brainer with these flavors.

Melty Ham Brie and Peach Grilled Cheese from Noble Pig
I covered one side of the bread with brie, the other with blue cheese and jam. I cannot even tell you how delicious this tasted. Promise me you'll try it.

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Melty Ham, Brie and Peach Grilled Cheese

Recipe from: Created by Cathy Pollak for | Serves:


  • sourdough bread
  • butter
  • brie cheese, sliced
  • blue cheese, crumbles or slices
  • peach preserves
  • ham steak, fried


  • Butter outside slices of sourdough bread. Line one side of the bread with sliced brie. Spread peach preserves on the other side and sprinkle blue cheese over the top. Place already prepared ham steak on top of the brie and place other side of the sandwich on top. Brown one side of sandwich over medium-low heat in a pan with some melted butter. Flip sandwich and do the same on other side. Slice in half and serve immediately.
  • ~ I did not list quantity of ingredients for this recipe since the amount will vary widely depending on the size of your bread and how many you want to make.

Melty Ham Brie and Peach Grilled Cheese from Noble Pig
Let me know how much you love this...

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  1. sheila 1

    OOOO no you didNT! This looks amazing I’ll take two with a bottle of your best;)!!

  2. I promise I will try this. Looks heavenly!

  3. Jenna 5

    This sounds like THE perfect sandwich :)

  4. Kezz18 6

    Italian Gorgonzola, Tasmanian Brie, a fresh baked Ciabatta loaf & my own quandong (wild peach)/ white peach & mango jam…I would never in a million years have thought of pairing the jam with ham & cheese toasties. The idea of using a ham steak is genius too….hmm back on my diet for the next month but it was OH SO worth it as it was sensational

  5. Grilled cheese sandwiches are one of my favorite, and this grown up variation could possibly end up being the top of my list!!

  6. I’m like you! I could have a grilled cheese all year!

  7. I’ve been craving a good grilled cheese ever since I saw the movie Chef, I didn’t love the movie but that sandwich-oh my goodness, you could hear the loud crunch and see the oozy cheese, its been on my mind ever since!

  8. Gosh darn it, I’m too hungry to be on your site! This sandwich is calling me! This is a great one for using up leftover holiday ham. Pinning :)

  9. This melty grilled cheese sandwich is amazing! I could savor various delicious flavors in my mouth with each bite.

  10. This has got to be one of the best sandwiches I’ve seen a long time. Ive got to give it a try for that combination of flavors.


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