3-Ingredient Tropical Fruit Colada Snack

 3 Ingredient Tropical Friut Colada Snack is ready to eat
Tracking Pixel This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of DOLE Jarred Fruit.

I am so excited to tell you about my newest, favorite snack. I have been eating this new-found love almost every day, since I put these few ingredients together. And I don't see myself stopping anytime soon! It's swoon-worthy for sure.

Looking at the pictures now, I see how festive these snacks are going to be for the upcoming Fall holidays (a little added bonus). If you want to serve up something healthier and less caloric, between all the candy and pies, this should be your go-to snack. It's also the ideal afternoon pick-me-up. Try it.

Here's a little history, like many of you,I have been eating Dole fruit since I was a kid. My mom introduced me to cottage cheese and fruit when I was very young. It has remained a staple snack in my life ever since. 

Until recently I had not had the pleasure of trying all five available varieties of DOLE Jarred Fruit. Lucky for all of us, they are available in our local grocery stores in the canned fruit aisle (only $2.99). All are really delicious, but the Tropical Fruit stood out for me. The flavor reminds me of vacation (think Hawaii) and that's always a good thing. 

3 Ingredient Tropical Friut Colada Snack sometimes deliciousness is easy
You know what I really love about this fruit...it's already peeled, chopped and ready to go. That's half the battle when it comes to making a quick, healthy snack. This makes it easy to indulge in high quality, ready-to-eat fruit that is naturally fat and cholesterol free.

I do strain the juice for this recipe, but make sure to reserve it as it's 100% fruit juice and makes a nice beverage. My kids love it.

3 Ingredient Tropical Friut Colada Snack coconut cream
Coconut cream (not coconut milk) is a canned, sweetened mixture found in the juice aisle or by the drink mixers. It's not homogenous and requires pouring it into a bowl and whisking until smooth. Keep the unused portion in the refrigerator for making more snacks.

3 Ingredient Tropical Friut Colada Snack three steps to deliciousness
It's easy to put several of these together at once when you keep your kitchen stocked with DOLE Jarred Fruit. Snacking becomes as easy as 1-2-3.

3 Ingredient Tropical Friut Colada Snack with Dole Tropical Fruit
The resealable lid makes it easy to scoop out what you need and save the rest for later. No wasting, and the leftover fruit is ready and waiting for your next snack craving. 

3 Ingredient Tropical Friut Colada Snack delicious and healthy
We are all concerned with getting the right amount of nutrition in our diet, one of these snacks has one full serving of fruit and each jar of DOLE Jarred Fruit has 5 whole servings. I'm so glad my family loves these as much as I do.

3 Ingredient Tropical Friut Colada Snack ready in 10 minutes
The coconut cream adds the right amount of balance to the tangy cottage cheese. It also adds another tropical layer of flavor. When you are using good ingredients, you only need a few to make something really delicious.

3 Ingredient Tropical Friut Colada Snack will get you through the afternoon

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3-Ingredient Tropical Fruit Colada Snack

Recipe from: Created by Cathy Pollak for NoblePig.com | Serves: 1


  • 1/2 cup cottage cheese ~ 4% milk fat preferred, divided
  • 2 Tablespoons coconut cream, divided*
  • 1/2 cup Dole Tropical Jarred Fruit, drained, divided


  • Scoop 1/4 cup cottage cheese on the bottom of an 8 oz mason jar. Pour 1 Tablespoon coconut cream on top of the cottage cheese. Add 1/4 cup Dole Tropical Jarred Fruit on top. Repeat with remaining cottage cheese, coconut cream and fruit. Serve immediately or refrigerate up to 24 hours.
  • *Coconut cream is not a homogenous mixture. Pour the contents of the can into a bowl and whisk until it comes together; about 30 seconds.
3 Ingredient Tropical Friut Colada Snack sometimes deliciosness is easy
Check out DOLE Jarred Fruit for more recipes and information.

Also check out DOLE Packaged Food’s “Three-Step Snack Ideas” Pinterest board.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of DOLE Jarred Fruit. As always, all opinions about this product are 100% my own. I only work with brands I truly believe in and use in my kitchen. I had the opportunity of visiting Dole a while back and got to see and learn first hand about their mission and products. Please support them in any way you can as they help make this site possible.

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  1. Dole jarred fruits were always my favorites as a kid! Love that you used coconut cream – I’m sure they taste super fresh!

  2. My mom and I would go crazy for these!

  3. What a great idea to add coconut cream to cut the tanginess of the yogurt! My kids would gobble these up in minutes.

  4. These would be so cute for a Halloween party — reminds me of candy corn!

  5. How cute are these? They would be perfect for afternoon snacks this fall for my boys!

  6. This is totally my kind of dessert. Easy and healthy!

  7. What a great quick snack!! I love these Dole fruit jars, they make it so much easier to snack better!

  8. This is adorable! What a great way to get fruit through the winter!

  9. I know for a fact my boys would DEVOUR these beauties!

  10. We love that jarred fruit!! And these are so pretty too!

  11. You and I enjoyed the same snack growing up. I wonder why I stopped eating it? I do love the addition of the coconut flavor, how perfect with that fruit.

  12. I love products that make it easier for a healthy snack!

  13. Anne 15

    This looks delicious and so “fancy”. I love cottage cheese and fruit….uh…not so much the coconut. Any idea for a low cal replacement coconut cream???

  14. katie 16

    Love this! I grew up eating Dole tropical fruit!


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