The Best Dill Pickle Sandwich + Video

I know you've think you've had The Best Dill Pickle Sandwich before, but really you haven't until you've tried this version. The simple, but specific ingredients make this a winner. See this recipe MADE ON VIDEO HERE.

 The Best Dill Pickle Sandwich
I'm here to tell you that this simple, simple Dill Pickle Sandwich, will be just about one of the best things you've ever eaten. I know that's a big statement, but I'm willing to stand behind it. However, if you don't like dill pickles, then no, you won't like it. Sorry. I can't help you. Wait, is there anyone who doesn't like dill pickles?

I didn't realize how many people were obsessed with dill pickles (besides myself) until I posted my Dill Pickle Soup recipe. The Dill Pickle Soup is an insanely viral recipe that sometimes gets one million pageviews per day. ONE MILLION. That is a crazy amount of web traffic and its popularity has taken my site down on several occasions. And it seems there is never a moment a handful of people are not searching for Noble Pig Dill Pickle Soup...according to the almighty Google. If you really want to get crazy, serve this Dill Pickle Sandwich with my Dill Pickle Bacon Bloody Mary and have yourself a party! 

The inspiration for that recipe and my love of dill pickles came from this dill pickle sandwich. It's the sandwich my dad and I used to eat together with ripe, summer tomatoes from the garden. The juice from those tomatoes would run down my arms to my elbows and the tomato seeds would dry and stick to the sides of my face. It's the sandwich he made me after I would help him with yard work on Saturday mornings. It's the sandwich he made to cheer me up. It's the sandwich I dream about and crave above any other sandwich I have ever tasted. In fact, when I take a bite, I can still see him asking me...."It's good right?" Yes, yes it's good. It's so good, I cannot even tell you. And yet it's so simple, how is that even possible?

The dill pickle soup recipe brought up a lot of discussion in the comment section about peanut butter and pickle sandwiches and peanut butter, pickle and mayonnaise sandwiches. I did try those versions because so many of you said it was the best, but I'm here to tell you, this is better. This Dill Pickle Sandwich has so much more much more. You must trust me, however I know there will be some naysayers.

The Best Dill Pickle Sandwich pickles
Now, in order for you to taste the BEST sandwich, you absolutely have to use the best ingredients. And believe me when I tell you, I have tried just about everything to see if I could make this sandwich better. I'm telling you I can't.

I know there will be some of you who say you make the best pickles or this little shop down the street makes the best pickles and, well....those are pickles no one else can really find. And I am going to encourage those of you who feel that way to try your special pickles against the pickles I'm showing you here. I guarantee these will give them a run for their money.

Because it's not just the taste of these Claussen Kosher Dill Pickles, it's also their texture...the way they are sliced, the snap, the ridges, the pieces of garlic that are floating around in the juice. Combined it is a big part of what makes this sandwich so special. You must trust and try them for yourself. You can use another pickle, but you won't be tasting this sandwich.

These pickles are found in the refrigerated deli section of your grocery store and most of you should be able to locate them without issue. 

The Best Dill Pickle Sandwich tomatoes
Tomatoes. This is important. You cannot use an unripe tomato. You can not use a large, mealy, white tomato, which are most of the tomatoes you find this time of the year. What you see above are the only tomatoes I buy, NatureSweet Cherubs. I buy 2-3 (32 oz) containers every single week. We eat them like candy around here. They are delicious at any time of the year. It's one of our favorite snacks. 

I keep them in a large bowl on the kitchen counter and every time we walk by, we eat a handful. Do not bother making this sandwich with an unripe tomato, it would be a total waste. In fact with so few ingredients, every ingredient needs to be perfect.

The Best Dill Pickle Sandwich English muffins
I have made this sandwich with just about every variety of bread. My dad always made it with white sandwich bread, that's what we had. And it's good that way, but not anywhere near as tasty with a really yummy, toasted English Muffin.

There are lots of brands of English Muffins out there, and they are not created equal. My absolute favorite brand is Bays. They come in a box of 6 and are found in the refrigerated dairy case of your grocery store, which is why you might not have seen them before. Look for them. I buy packages and packages at a time and keep them in the freezer. They are so good and thaw out perfectly.

One ingredient I did not mention here was mayonnaise. It's a must. If you don't like mayo, then this sandwich is probably not for you. And please don't tell me you used a lowfat just will not be the same. There are only four ingredients to this sandwich, every single one is important. Anything else and it won't be this sandwich. 

The Best Dill Pickle Sandwich English muffins
The English muffins must be well toasted with a nice brown color.

The Best Dill Pickle Sandwich
I slice my little tomatoes in half and place as many as I can on top of my pickle slices.

The Best Dill Pickle Sandwich
My mouth is watering just looking at the pictures. In fact it's hard for me not to dig in while I take these photos. Even my husband is circling the kitchen like a vulture because he knows this will soon be his lunch. They are that addicting.

The Best Dill Pickle Sandwich
My hubby is one of those guys who claims it's not a meal unless meat is involved. He pretty much changed his feeling on that when it comes to this sandwich. He will happily turn down any meat dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner if I offer up these sandwiches as an alternative. It sounds crazy but I'm telling you, they are the best.

You will not be able to just eat one or two....I know. And if you have a crowd staying at your house over the holidays, this is an absolute perfect lunch idea. It's simple and will knock their socks off. Just make sure you have enough available for second and thirds. 

And you better believe, this is the pickle juice I use to make my Dill Pickle Soup.
The Best Dill Pickle Sandwich youll just have to trust

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51 Comments and 10 Replies

  1. Meghan 1

    My son’s g/f loves dill pickles. I now know what I am making her for lunch!

  2. Starla 2

    i don’t like dill pickles, but wouldn’t this cute little sandwich be just so much better with sweet pickles? OK, OK, I’ll try it for my resident dill pickle fan, but stick to sweets for myself.

  3. Gayle 4

    You are right Kathy…about Klassen pickles. When my supply of homemade pickles, which are amazing as well, is finally depleted I always turn to Klassen. They are the best and taste more like my homemade dill pickles than any other pickle I’ve tried…and I have tried them all. Can’t wait to try your sandwich. I know I can trust your taste. Thanks for sharing. I’ve always got a supply of Cherubs in my fridge but I’ll need to pick up some english muffins.

  4. Becky 5

    I only buy Claussen dill pickles and Nature Sweet cherub tomatoes. Will be adding Bays English muffins to my shopping list this week. I cannot wait to try this sandwich!

  5. chris 6

    I can imagine the crunch of the muffin as well as the pickle… what a combo.. will have to try it.. Claussen is about the best sandwich pickle ever!

  6. I’d love these for lunch today! We are huge fans of pickles here! :) Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Cathy!

  7. Beverly 8

    Maybe it’s just my browser, but I literally cannot read anything on your site anymore because of the background! :(

  8. I am soooo with you on this one. Dill pickles for president!!

  9. Marni Sandberg 11

    Holy cow, this is tasty! I had the ingredients, tried it yesterday and loved it. Now I find I’ve craved it constantly since then. My own childhood favorite of toast with peanut butter and tomatoes now has a rival. Thanks for the recipe.

  10. OMG these were amazing. I love pickles and when I saw this recipe I knew I had to try it.
    I see what you mean by using the ingredients listed. No other English Muffin would get this crisp or taste as good as Bay English Muffins. Claussen Kosher Dill Pickles are a must as well as REAL Mayonnaise and the sweetness of the NauturSweet Grape Tomatoes are a must.
    I made for my husband who was skeptical of these but he loves them.
    These are my go to sandwich when I don’t know what to make for lunch.
    Thank you so much for the recipe. I have shared and pinned etc.

  11. Joan in VA 13

    “Wait, is there anyone who doesn’t like dill pickles?”
    ME, and my husband. Neither one of us like Dill pickles. But, I belong to a group and they love dill pickles. We have a pot-luck luncheon coming up soon. I think I will bring these.

  12. Pamela 14

    OMG This is so weirdly delicious I cannot even begin to explain. I made it EXACTLY and I will be making this ALL THE TIME!! Even if you’re not a big dill pickle fan you will like this as the tomatoes and the mayo just sort of tame the pickle taste to a whole new and different yumminess!!! My husband and both loved this!!!

    Thank you for this recipe!!!

  13. Susan 15

    This sandwich sounds delicious. My two favorite pickle sandwiches start the same, peanut butter on toast or muffin. Then add either sweet or dill pickle slices. Simple and satisfying.

  14. Kay Kiser 16

    My brother would make these in the 60’s when I was little. He called them the “No Roast Beef Sandwich”. This was always one of my favorites!!!

  15. Linda Banfill 17

    VERY best sandwich is toasted peanut butter and dill pickle

    • Eleanor Goodgame 18

      Yes, yes, yes! Thought I was the only person who liked punt butter & dill pickles!

  16. Connie Vande Beek 19

    I only eat my amazing homemade dill pickles. When I run out of my pickles , Claussen Kosher Dill Pickles would be my ONLY choice.

  17. Jeanettr Wathen 20

    I make peanut butter and bread and butter pickle sandwiches all the time. I am looking

  18. Cheryl Jameson 21

    Oh MY!!!!!!! I tried this recipe for my husband and I for lunch yesterday., All I can say is WOW!!!!! It was amazing!!! We had to have another, Thank You for sharing this recipe. It is DELISH!!!!!!

  19. Alison 22

    I should have trusted you on this sandwich. I tried it and absolutely loved it but then questioned whether or not I should add cheese – I mean, what doesn’t taste better with cheese added? This sandwich doesn’t! It’s absolutely PERFECT with just the 4 ingredients!

  20. Joy 23

    I ferment my own pickles in a brine rather than a vinegar base, and they are really amazing pickles. Would they work? (and yes, they have “snap”).

  21. Juli 25

    Dill pickles and peanut butter with strawberry jam on toast. I promise it doesn’t disappoint!

  22. Carrie 26

    Just bought the ingredients this morning and made them as soon as I got home. You are absolutely right. These little gems are to die for!

  23. Sharon 27

    Oh YUM that sounds soooooooo good and I am off to the store to buy the ingredients. Can’t wait to try this. Thanks for sharing your story!!!!! :)

  24. Brenda Yancey 28

    Tried this and Currently in love with it – so delicious!

  25. Heather 29

    This sandwich is making my mouth water. I LOVE dill pickles. Have you ever tried a peanut butter pickle sandwich? When I was little they were my favorite sandwich I still eat them now.

  26. Nikki 31

    My family is away for the week so I decided to make these because I wanted some simpler fare. Sweet Lordy, I think this is all I’m going to eat! I’ve had like, five in the last day and a half! And those pickles! I’m never going to be able to go back to standard dills.

    Thank you!

  27. Judy Miracle 32

    now I know you are good! Anyone who writes about the brad still being warm is a true foodie!

  28. Lindsey 33

    I just made this today, YUM! Unfortunately I am not able to follow the recipe exactly, I had to sub in glutino brand gluten free English muffins. This is the best sandwich I have ever had! Will be making often.

  29. Catherine Noble 34

    Have you ever tried Bubbies Kosher dill pickles? They’re much more flavorful than Claussens — though I’ve never tried the sliced Claussens, just whole. They’re nice and crunchy as well.

  30. Lilly Sedrick 35

    Now this definitely looks like a perfect snack, or even lunch. I have definitely never thought of putting pickles on an English muffin before. That is something that I am going to have to try out soon. Pickles really are a great addition to any sandwich. I love the unique and different bold flavor that they have.

  31. Amie Vader 36

    This is the best sandwich I have ever ate. The flavor is unexplainable and so delicious. My husband and I cannot stop eating them!!

  32. Seanda 38

    Just wanted to say, that I came across your pickle sandwich recipe (about I think, a month or so ago), via FaceBook, through Noble Pig. I wasn’t sure how satisfying/ fulfilling these would be.. so, I made 2. I want to say that until I’d made this and tried it; I don’t think there’s ever been a more completely PERFECT sandwich I’ve ever had in my entire life!! These are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good, that I literally make this at least every other day; seriously.. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much for this simple, yet delicious recipe; there is NO other sandwich ever that can compare :) Thank you for sharing this Cathy; thank you.

  33. Bobbe Anderson 40

    I’m going to have to try these, but I’ll be changing the English muffins to something whole grain since I’m not a fan of eating no nutrition calories, and I’ll probably add in a slice of avocado. I will give you credit for them, promise!

  34. Rick 41

    I made the dill pickle sandwich over The New Years weekend. It was weird but quirkily good. I ended up making it for lunch twice. However, no one else would try it.

  35. Angelique 42

    I grew up eating both pickle/mayo sandwiches and tomato/mayo sandwiches. Tonight I made myself a pickle sandwich and decided to google the topic just to see if there was anyone else out there who ate them. I found your recipe and literally said “WHaaaatt? You can combine them?!!” Then I brought may half-eaten pickle sandwich out to the kitchen and covered it with cherub halves. Wonderful!!! Thank you!!

  36. Kate 43

    I decided to try this sandwich today when I realized it was 9:30 am and already 86 degrees (feeling like 89). It was everything you said it would be! Yum! This is going to be a staple here in Nashville this summer. Thank you for a quick no fuss lunch that doesn’t heat up my kitchen.

  37. linda 44

    I will definitely try these after my next trip to the grocery store. Though I prefer plain dill pickles to the Kosher ones. Also just wanted to ask if anyone else eats hamburger dill slices on chili burgers? Love them. I always ask for extra pickles on mine,.

  38. Dawn 45

    I heart you.

  39. Dawn 46

    Also, I haven’t looked at all your recipes, but I constantly try to recreate a sandwich (that is no longer) on a menu at a small place in NH. It’s comprised of mustard (Dijon, possibly brown as well), a small splat of horseradish?, cheese, lots of cheese, cheddar, cream cheese, tomato and pickles— glorious pickles —toasted on bread. It is such a gooey delicious mess. But this looks fantastic too.

    Bays, Cherubs and Claussen are definitely the best in their categories. Bays are the best thing ever. Toasty and puffy.
    I love tomato and Mayo sandwiches. Never thought to add pickle.

    Also delicious– salami slathered in cream cheese, rolled around a claussen.

    I am obsessed with dill pickles myself. If you live near or ever get around to New England/NH (or if you can find this brand elsewhere, I have not in the Midwest)— best dill pickles chips– Humpty Dumpty. Perfectly dusted and pickle-y. So. Good.

  40. What a great post. I enjoyed reading it so much. I stumbled across your dill pickle sandwich recipe because I had just made the Dill Pickle Soup and wanted to send the recipe to my sisters to make. wow! The soup is pure heaven. The recipe inspired me to pull out my old Breadman machine and whip up a loaf of ‘pizza’ bread to go with it.Thanks so much for making my day!

  41. Tony Millsap 48

    I’ve never had a dill pickle sandwich before so when I stumbled across this recipe (after seeing the soup video) I had to try it. As in went to the store the same day & made them when I got home, try it. Awesome, just awesome! I’ve always been a fan of all things dill pickley. I have recently started on a healthy eating journey, and am looking for things like this. So, I did swap out the mayo (I know, you said it’s not going to be the same) for roasted red pepper hummus, and I don’t think I could have loved it more!! Also, a few twists from the pepper grinder on the top of the pickles & tomatoes really give it some punch. Thanks for posting this recipe, it’s in my forever file!

  42. This sandwich has CHANGED MY LIFE. Seriously, it’s now my favorite thing to eat. I couldn’t find Bays at my store so I used Thomas’s. And I found the sandwich a little salty on first try, so afterwards, I rinsed the pickles and patted them dry and found the salt level was perfect (I know this might be sacrilege and I’m sorry!). So thank you! This is amazing.

  43. Rhianon 52

    Wow, this looks great- you had me at pickles, haha! Definitely going to have to try this with Bubbies pickles!

  44. Albee 53

    Love it . Ha , I was the weird kid in elementary school who requested pickle and cheese sandwiches in my lunch box!

  45. Karen 54

    The only thing missing is a strip of cooked, crisp bacon, YUM.

  46. Gia 55

    I’m glad to see this recipe! I don’t know where mayonnaise and pickle sandwiches originate from but I first had one when I was a child – in the South. Charleston to be exact. My mother would toast bread and smear mayo and then put pickle chips or spears across it and it was YUM. Sometimes she’d add slices of tomato and if we had it, cheese too. Basically, when we were out of food and running low, Pickles and Mayonnaise toasted sandwiches were made. Might sound weird, but these and Banana and Mayonnaise sandwiches were normal for us to eat. The latter was made on soft bread, not toasted though it’s just as good toasted. The key to a good Ban-Mayo sandwich is to only coat the bread lightly with mayo, not slather it. Also, to add to your horror, when “miracle whip” gained in popularity, it pushed it up to the next level. I can seriously say, if you’ve lived in the South as a kid – these sandwiches weren’t that weird. Item of interest, I had a Southern mother and an Italian father from Brooklyn. I love the food of my childhood which were at both ends of the spectrum. :)

  47. Patty Stone 56

    Looks tasty! Now I know what to do with some of my homegrown tomatoes when I tire of eating them plain. Thanks!

  48. Alice J Carlan 57

    Never, ever thought about making tomato and mayo or pickle and mayo sandwiches. Tried ’em, really liked your combo. EVEN BETTER when I used Sunset brand (brand specific) Campari tomatoes, a brand that is as thin skinned and juicy as a home-grown, sun-ripened summer tomato. As in cherry tomatoes, pickles and mayo, not all brands are created. (I assume everyone has their favorite brand of mayo!)

  49. Jackie 58

    my favorite sandwich… peanut butter and dill pickle may be replaced. sounds yummy!

  50. Sue 59

    I made it 100% according to directions. I did enjoy it very much!

    But I liked it even better when I added a thin slice of ham and a slice of Kraft American cheese. I bet a few slices of bacon would be just as delish. Ain’t no shame in loving the protein!

  51. Kayiona 60

    Quick question hun, what kind of mayo do you use?


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