Perfect Brunch Eggs

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Making eggs for a crowd has never been easier with these Perfect Brunch Eggs. Baked in the oven, using a shallow pan, it couldn't be easier for them to be PERFECT every time. See this recipe MADE ON VIDEO HERE.

Making eggs for a crowd can be slightly intimidating. One of the many challenges is to get them to the table warm, while taking care to not overcook them. It would be nice to do eggs to order, but that's a lot of work.

Using a Whoopie Pie pan is my go-to method for preparing eggs for a group of people. They come out perfect, every, single time. You can't ask for more than that. And they're pretty too.

After they are baked the eggs are so versatile. They can be used in a sandwich or eaten plain with a side of veggies or bacon.

Perfect Brunch Eggs Noble Pig 1
The Whoopie Pie pan creates the perfect cooking environment for these eggs. They don't run all over the place and the best part, they are all ready at the same time, in about 8-10 minutes.  Removing them from the pan takes very little effort..

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Just toasting some English muffins, adding cheese and bacon makes the perfect little breakfast sandwiches. They look fancy, but really it's so simple to make this beautiful breakfast. 

The yolks can be be left runny or can be cooked all the way through, it's your choice.

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As you can imagine, these disappear really quick on the brunch buffet line. 

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Another option is to scramble the yolks slightly with a fork before baking.

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Then add sprinkles of sliced grape tomatoes, chunks of cheese and lots of fresh herbs. You can make every one different or keep them all the same. Sun-dried tomatoes would have been very nice in these eggs time.

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Perfect brunch eggs....every time. Now, go forth and get a Whoopie Pie pan. You can also use the Whoopie Pie Pan to make these amazing Corn Lime Cookies, or these gorgeous Strawberry Shortcake Cookies and don't miss out on these Soft Baked Monster Cookies either.

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Perfect Brunch Eggs

Recipe from: Created by Cathy Pollak for | Serves: 12


  • cooking spray
  • 12 large eggs
  • salt & pepper
  • various herbs and cheese, optional


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  • Spray Whoopie Pie Pan with cooking spray. Carefully break each egg into a small bowl first, then pour into the well from the bowl. This will allow you to remove any egg shell if some should fall into the liquid.
  • Carefully place in the oven, taking care not to spill the eggs over the wells.
  • Bake for 8-12 minutes, depending on how runny you prefer the yolks. Open the oven door and press on yolk to verify level of doneness.
  • Serve immediately. If you want to add herbs, cheese or tomatoes, please know cooking time may increase slightly.

There are so many options when it comes to making eggs that are perfect for brunching! I would love to feed a small group with this egg based Tortilla Espanola. Egg filled casseroles are also a great option like this Cheesy Overnight Bacon and Egg Breakfast Casserole or this Bacon, Tomato and Cheddar Breakfast Casserole with Eggs. These adorable Nest Eggs would also be egg-cellent for a brunch crowd. Or you could totally change it up with these Twice Baked Potatoes with Spinach, Bacon and Eggs.

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  1. chris 1

    u always come up w/great ideas.. at first i thought u used a muffin pan..

  2. Veronica Lamb 2

    Oh my goodness! Absolutely brilliant! I need to try this so I can make and freeze a batch of breakfast sandwiches. Now I just have to get a whoopie pie pan. Thanks for sharing this great tip. Love your blog! I’m in the Willamette Valley as well–Eugene.

  3. TERRY 3

    Thank you for sharing this ~ I’ve not seen a Whoopie Pie pan but I’m now on the look out for one!! I’m always looking for Brunch ideas for my family of 11….. Great idea!

  4. Beverly 5

    I have done this before! Genius! Where did you get your whoopie pie pan?! Mine only has 6 wells per sheet. :(

  5. Ok, what is a whoopee pie pan?

    • Cathy 8

      It’s the pan you see in the story, there is a link to it. It’s a pan used to make whoopie pies.

  6. Tracey Struthers 9

    Is a whoopee pie pan the same as a muffin top pan???

  7. Andre 11

    I can’t wait to try this.

  8. Sues 12

    Whoa! I have NEVER thought of this, but it’s basically the best idea ever. New fabulous use for a whoopie pie pan!

  9. nancy geragi 13

    WOW!! what a great idea….i’ve wanted an excuse for these pans, but lets face they are kinda of limited in use…for me whoopee pies come into their own in the fall at halloween. but all those times at church brunches when i need individual servings…WOW again. bet they would make good eggs benedict….thank you noble pig!!

    • Cathy 14

      Nancy, I use mine for cookie baking once a week. In the post I linked to a few of my cookie recipes I make with these pans. I rarely use them to make whoopie pies. They actually have many, many uses. Have fun.

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  11. Amy 16

    These look yummy. Any reason not to just use a muffin pan? I kind of can’t bear the thought of buying another pan.

    • Cathy 17

      You could, eggs will be thicker and different shape, it just depends on how you want your presentation. Cooking times will change too. A whoopie pie pan is very thin and easy to store and cheap!

  12. I own one of these pans, and so I can make these! Brilliant! Thank you.

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  15. I bought a whoopie pie pan because of all the things you show us to do with it. Can’t wait to make these!! The pan would be perfect to make little polenta circles for appetizers too – this is going to be so much fun!! :-)

    • Cathy 22

      So glad to hear it! It it really versatile. My kids wish I would just make some whoopie pies though, they love them. Ha.

  16. Jodi 23

    I was wondering about freezing the eggs once they are cooked and how long you would be able to freeze them for?

  17. Anita 25

    Can I use a jam tart / Yorkshire pudding tray, they are smaller than a muffin tray ?

    • Cathy 26

      You can try anything but it will change cooking times and might night turn out as well as you like or how they look here.

      • Anita 27

        I have never seen a whoopsie tin here, Germany, my tart tin is from England, I will give it a go though

  18. anna 28

    Can I assume these will freeze well? and pop in microwave to reheat? Thinking of a quick breakfast idea for work days.

  19. Ronel Byliefeldt-Kleynhans 30

    Looks delicious!!!!

  20. Pat 31

    Thank you far the whoopie pie suggestion for the pan. My husband always complains when I use a muffin tin. The eggs aren’t big enough. This will solve my problem!

  21. Bernice l. grzybowski 32

    love this …need to get a pan.

  22. Alberto Ridolfi 33

    Idea molto simpatica!!

  23. Mariella Carnringht-Müller 34

    I am Hosting an easter Brunch. Can I prepare this idea and place the eggs in a chafing dish buffet style? Will they become too dry? Thanks

    • Cathy 35

      I am making them for Easter too. I have not held them before, but am going to do so in my warming drawer. The steam in the chafing dish should keep them, I just would make sure not to overcook them in the oven. And I wouldn’t make them hours ahead.

      • Mariella Carnringht-Müller 36

        Got it ! Thank you so much and Happy Easter from Switzerland!

  24. Lynne 37

    Will get that type pan and try it. I have tried this method in muffin tins and it did not work so well. I like a runny yolk and cooked white. The pan being thinner might do the trick.

  25. What is a woopie pan? .what difference is it from a regular muffin tin? Where can you buy one?

  26. Jan 40

    Little late here, but do you think a muffin top pan would work? I suspect it might be a little larger, but they are flat like whoopee pies. Hmm….

  27. Erin 42

    I just found this like today because I needed ideas for cooking scrambled eggs in the oven for English muffin sandwiches for a quick breakfast. I cooked up about a dozen eggs today, but all I have are two little egg rings that you put in the griddle – I just need something faster, and it looks like this might just be the ticket.

    I know I’m late to the party, but I have a feeling the eggs will freeze fine (at least, the scrambled eggs will), as you can buy frozen egg sandwiches at the store. I just want to save money! I put parchment paper between each egg, then put them in a zip top bag and removed the air. Hopefully the paper will keep them from sticking together to much.

  28. I love these types of dishes at any meal. Pure comfort.

  29. This is absolute genius! I need that pan! To make the corn lime cookies too!!!! Thanks for the link :)

  30. Mary S. 45

    I just came across your web page looking for a egg recipe for brunch we are having and this fits the bill. Always looking for new ways to use the whoopie pan I purchased when they first came on the market! However, I was wondering if there are left overs eggs can they be made into breakfast sandwiches and saved for a later date? if made into sandwiches what is the best way to reheat in microwave? if so how long? in oven what temp? and how long? My breakfast was egg muffin but now I am retired and I don’t want to go out all the time to get one if I can make these up and have them whenever I want that is GREAT!!

    • Cathy 46

      Yes, the eggs can be saved, frozen and microwaved. Times are dependent on your microwave, but usually less than one minute.

  31. Laura 47

    Oh my gosh! This way is so much better then pan frying in a little itty bitty pan to get the right size! Thank you so much for this idea. I went out last night and bought a whoopie pan from Joann fabrics with a 60% off coupon and did a dozen today. We style 4, im going to freeze the rest as a kit. That way all we have to do is pull out a package and we can have 2 sandwiches. Genius!

  32. Barbara 48

    Can I use a cupcake tin?

    • Cathy 49

      This is a very shallow pan so your eggs won’t look like this and the cooking times will be very different. It will work, but the pan is very different than a whoopie pie pan.

  33. Sue 50

    The baked scrambled eggs looked so good but being in the UK I didn’t have a whoopie pie pan, so I went forth to ebay and bought one. A bit of a disaster as the eggs overflowed the wells and made a mess both on the pan and cooker top. But we did end up with some very tasty eggs, and bits of eggs, albeit not quite as in the photos but nevertheless enjoyable. Maybe the eggs were too large for the wells, or maybe they should have been very fresh to avoid spreading all over the place. I don’t know, does anyone?


  34. Bridgette Riberdy 52

    Can you freeze these after the eggs are cooked?

  35. This is absolute genius – thanks so much!


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