The Best (my favorite) Hot Sauce

 Valentina Hot Sauce 1
I can eat this with a spoon.

This is NOT a sponsored post. This is just me, telling you about my absolute favorite condiment. I thought it was time I shared it with you all. I’ve kept it under wraps for a long time now and it didn’t feel right anymore. I want you to taste and enjoy the food I make here. I want you to understand why something is the best….it’s often because I’ve smothered it with this hot sauce.

In a recipe, I’ll often say, “drizzle with your favorite hot sauce”. But honestly, if it’s not this one, we are not tasting remotely the same thing.

There is something about the citrus flavor of this sauce that just knocks it out of the park. It’s different than all the other brands. We eat it by the boatload over here. It goes on everything. Well, except ice cream…for now.

Anyway, this is real, authentic Mexican hot sauce…made in Mexico and imported to the United States.

Valentina Hot Sauce 3
The Salsa Valentina company has been making their Salsa Valentina in Guadalajara, Mexico for over 40 years. I believe it’s the number one selling hot sauce in Mexico. I can understand why.

This is available in all my regular grocery stores and hopefully yours too. They have two different sizes, 12 and 34 ounce. Can you believe they are only $0.98 and $1.88 for these BIG bottles. I can’t promise that’s going to be what you will pay at your store, but that is so cheap. I don’t even know how a retailer can sell it for that price.

Valentina Hot Sauce 2
I have included some Amazon affiliate links for the small and big bottle. It’s not as well-priced as what I pay in the grocery store, but if I couldn’t get it anywhere else, would I pay more and get it? YES. It’s addicting and I can’t live without it. I literally hoard it in my storage pantry so we never run out.

It is so good on this, this and this. And just about everything else I make. 

Try it on eggs, avocado and toast, rice, chips, mixed with sour cream as a dip…kind of just everything.

Valentina Hot Sauce 4
If you find it at your store, I would love to know what you paid for it and what state-area you were from. Just for curiosity sake. 

Add it to your grocery list and report back here…whenever!

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  1. susie 1

    Mmm, my mouth is watering – I wonder if you could approximate a recipe for this sauce for us, Cathy? I live in the UK and I’m sure it would be difficult to find/expensive.

  2. Lori 6

    Wow this sounds like a great sauce, is it as good as my favorite Franks? Hope I can find your favorite here in Canada, the search is on!!

    • Cathy 7

      I have always loved Franks and I use their Buffalo Sauce on everything when I want that taste. But for me it’s beats out their hot sauce.

  3. Kathy,

    I have to agree with you completely! I just found out about Valentina this past June where a bottle of it was on the table at Taqueria Cancun in Houston while I was eating out with my sister before she moved to San Cristóbal de las Casas. It was so good on their chips!

    A few week later when my husband and I were in town, I took him over and we ate more Valentinas on our Tacos al Pastor…then I told my daughters boyfriend and he says yes, it’s the most popular with everybody he know and then I found it so cheap in my local HEB store!

    Totally good! Kind of sweet, salty and spicy at the same time…what’s not to like about that?

  4. Tina 10

    We LOVE Valentina :) In California it is $1.39 at Safeway for 12.5 oz but I have seen it at Winco for less.

  5. Clay 12

    I feel the same way about Sriracha. Going to seek this on your recommendation alone.

    • Cathy 13

      And I love Sriracha too, it’s just a different taste and for me has a place with different foods than I would put this on, preferably Asian cuisine.

  6. Amanda 14

    Hi. I really enjoy your blog. I´m from Guadalajara, México, grew up on valentina. You should try ruffles (queso flavored) with lime juice and valentina – it´s the best thing in the world.

    • Cathy 15

      Thank you! And I’m sassuming you’re talking about Ruffles potato chips? Never heard of queso flavored but now I must have them!

  7. I wonder if they carry this in Canada. I need to check. Or cross the border. Or move.

  8. pam 18

    I am always on the look out for a good hot sauce!

  9. Kezz18 19

    Oh I so wanna try this sauce it was gonna cost $18 for 12 bottles, that’s great BUT $100+ to ship it!!! eek is there a cheaper way or is anyone coming to Australia in the near future??

  10. Karen V 20

    I absolutely LOVE Valentina!!!

    I discovered it when our friends from Mexico made us try it with some chips. Apparently a popular street food in Mexico is a bag with chips like fritos, Mexican sour cream, and Valentina that gets all mixed together. They will also eat it on plain chips and pretty much everything.

    Of course I loved it and I’m so glad I can buy it locally. We can buy it for 98 and 1.69. I don’t understand how they make much money either.

  11. susie 21

    Perfect! I searched around and found the cheapest way to buy was on a certain popular auction site. It cost £2.99 a bottle but after the first £1.99 for delivery, anything else on that particular order was free delivery, so I bought 4 bottles; 2 to keep and 2 to give away to my sons as gifts. Can’t wait to taste it now!

  12. This is one of my favorites too, I have a huge bottle in my fridge both at home and at work haha! I live in VA and can find it just about anywhere :)

  13. Ann 25

    Last night I found it at my grocery store in Woodbury, MN (a suburb of St. Paul). The 12.5-ounce bottle was $1.29. A steal. My son was thrilled to see it in my grocery bag. Apparently he’s had it at his girlfriend’s house, and he loves it. Thanks for the tip!

  14. Pat 27

    I paid 88 cents at Winco and the price was the same at Walmart also. I’m not a hot sauce fan but my hubby loves it.

  15. chris 28

    Just found the 12.5 oz bottle at the Locust Grove, GA (south of Atlanta) Ingles’ supermarket for 98¢.
    Cuminy, zingy and hot enough to get your attention. Tasty.

  16. Amber F 30

    It’s my husband’s favorite too! It’s a little less than $2 for the big bottle at the Walmart near me in Maryland.

  17. I will have to look into this for my dad who absolutely loves hot sauce!

  18. Karly 33

    Oooh, I’m such a condiment freak! I HAVE to try this! I’m currently in the midst of a sordid love affair with Cholula. It’s my all time favorite for Mexican foods! I love Frank’s on everything else. I’ll have to test out this one ASAP.

  19. Debra Weisberg 34

    12.5 bottle is available at 99 cent store for 99 cents!

  20. Des 35

    I’ve seen this at the grocery store but have yet to pick one up. I am looking for a good hot sauce to go with my Mexican dishes. I just might have to give this one a try. Right now, and for as long as I can remember, sriracha is my go to hot sauce but it doesn’t work that great on mexican food :)

  21. Melanie Boone 36

    I have been to two different stores her in Tallahassee, Fl. and they have never heard of this hot sauce. Darn! I was hoping to get to taste this wonderful sauce…. Publix and Winn-Dixie were the stores that do not carry it….

  22. Leslie 38

    My favorite as well!

    It is also super cheap at my regular grocery store – Vons in San Diego.

    Mixed with sour cream, it is the ultimate dip for quesadillas and taquitos – must have some now…

  23. jancd 39

    I buy it at our HEB in Houston. Small bottle-84 cents.

  24. Kathy 40

    I remembered this post and had to try it. Thank You!

    It is now knocked out Cholula as my favorite for Mexican hot sauces. It has a great flavor, different from all the others.

    I found it at the Safeway in the Pearl District in Portland. I don’t remember the price but it was fairly inexpensive, I thought.

    Frank’s Buffalo Sauce is another of my favorites.

  25. Franks that s–t taste good on everything!

  26. matt 42

    It depends on what it’s going on. For cajun, Tabasco or Crystal For asian, sriracha or sriracha cut with soy. For hot dogs, sriracha mixed with yellow mustard. For central american dishes, Melinda’s XXX. For eggs, Mrs. Renfro’s ghost pepper salsa or Tabasco. I also have a homemade sauce that’s 1.5/# habanero peppers, seed & membranes, puree it with about 2 tablespoons salt, put it in mason jars and top it off with vinegar. Let that sit in the fridge for a week or so to the let heat get into the vinegar. A lot of habanero sauces are cut with carrot juice or sweetened, not this. I call it sunshine sauce because it is a bright clear heat. Definitely some high octane stuff.

  27. Shan 43

    its really cheap here in CA. And it’s everywhere. Even the ice cream truck has it for kids to put on Doritos etc. I like the black label- extra hot

  28. Gray Cochran 45

    My roommates are just enamored with your blogs and recipes. So I decided to check out “The Noble Pig” lady, as my roommate refers to you. Within the first five minutes of browsing through recipes I found myself fully involved with the computer screen and drooling over some of the pork recipes, which is the best meat on the planet by the way.
    Down to the meat, the hot sauce that is mentioned here is more than just the average hot sauce that one would put on a piece of fried chicken. It is not just hot peppers and vinegar; it has multiple layers of flavoring. It is great on, well, anything really! I picked up a 12.5 fl oz bottle here in Sarasota, FL at Wal-Mart for $0.88. Thank You. Until next time…

  29. Moriah 47

    This is absolutely THE best hot sauce to ever hit touch my tastebuds. I love the EXtra Hot black label Valentina. I like to toss my wings with and add a little Franks to throw people off! I also drench my chorizo with it as well!

  30. jerry 48

    I BUY IT AT Wal-Mart 32OZ FOR $2.08 I LIVE IN Mobile Alabama

  31. Martha 49

    We love Valentinas on nearly everything… one of our favorite ways to eat it is on fruit… cold slices of watermelon dipped in valentinas… so good… and fresh sliced pineapple brushed with valentinas and grilled… it is simply amazing… we always have it on our table.


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