My Easter Table Setting

 Easter Table Setting
Yes, my Easter table is already set! I will be traveling so everything needs to be fixed-up early. And setting the table adds to the festiveness of your home. It’s a small reminder that a special meal is on the horizon. Get it done early if you can. Then you can show me a picture too.

This year I decided to decorate the table in greens and blues. I wanted color but not all Easter pastels. At the very least I wanted to showcase some deeper tones with a few traditional theme colors. I think I did it.

I even pulled out my dark royal blue tableware, which I don’t use often. I’ve had it forever and can’t even remember where I purchased it. (I know I will receive emails asking where I got it but I really can’t sorry.) It could have been World Market, but it was eons ago.

As you can see, layering worked well here. I used two table runners, one on top of the other. Both have different floral patterns and are different colors. They still look great together. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors or patterns to a certain extent. It makes your design more interesting.

Each place setting has a square, green woven placemat on the bottom, with a green ruffled placemat (Pier 1) on top. The two different textured materials go well together.

I used my large, white 11″ dinner plates with a decorative blue-green salad plate (Pier 1) on top. 

Easter Table Whole
The sea of blue and green makes a beautiful table setting. Splashes of Easter color are thrown in with candy and eggs. The cloth napkins are in the champagne flutes with a jeweled napkin ring holder around the top edge of the glass. The napkins in the flutes added needed height to the table decor.

Easter Table Setting  bunniesbut
This is really what inspired me to go green and blue this year. Pier 1 had way too many cute decorations, these bunnies included. They are seriously adorable. I placed them in a blue glass bubble vase with tall peacock plumes. It is a simple but beautiful centerpiece.

Easter Table Eggs
It’s just not Easter without dyed eggs on the table. I found this adorable wire basket at Goodwill for a $1.00. Perfect for the occasion.

Easter Table Setting  baby chick
My bunnies! These jade-colored milk glass bunnies are my absolute fave. I bought these back in the day when Martha Stewart had her amazing catalog store. Do you remember it? I miss it so much. Everything in that catalog was beautiful and high-quality. Bring it back Martha!!

In each of these bunnies I placed Easter grass and there will be a hard-boiled egg. Pink for the ladies and blue for the boys.

Separating the salad plate and the bunny a shimmery blue-green coaster (Pier 1). Otherwise the bunny and the plate kind of blended together.

See the little chickie in the back? Goodwill..$.49.

Here is an overhead shot.of the table.

Easter Table Setting  Mumm Sparkling Wine Demi Sec
We will be celebrating with Mumm! This is one of my favorite sparkling wines for brunch, the Mumm Napa Demi-Sec. It’s a little bit sweet and just tastes amazing. I keep it around all year long. You can only get it from the winery. It’s worth trying.

Easter Table Setting Pier 1 Bird Candle and holder
Look at these distressed candle holders and glittery bird candles, found on clearance (Pier 1). Are they gorgeous or what? So spring-like!

Easter Table Setting  Glassware
Each place setting has three glasses; champagne flute, water glass and juice glass. The champagne flutes are my good Reidel crystal stemware. The water glass is a thin-lipped pearlized beauty (vintage World Market) and the juice glasses are mouth-blown thick tumblers with a dark blue edge. Mixing three different patterns is also a way to make the table visually stimulating.

Easter Table Setting  side view
I always have candy on my Easter table, do you? The potted topiary trees are from around my house.

Easter Table Jellybean Box
Make sure to send each guest home with something sweet. These little jellybean boxes are the perfect parting gift. A sweet treat for the ride home filled with an assortment of fun jellybeans and malted Robin eggs.

Easter Table Setting for eight
I hope you enjoyed the peek!

If you are looking to decorate your table, look around your house first. Add in details with clearance items.

I decorated this whole table with mismatched vintage china from the thrift store…it was so beautiful.

Easter Table Setting  basket
Have a wonderful day!! 

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  1. Carolyn 1

    YOU should show the entire table since the small part looks so gorgeous!!Thanks for sharing the photo with your fans.

  2. Mel 3

    Oh wow, it’s so beautiful I don’t even know what to say. I bet your home is gorgeous especially from what I’ve seen!

  3. Stacy Eaton 5

    Good gorgeous gracious that is a beautiful table setting. I do remember the Martha catalog…absolutely loved it and miss it too.

    I would love to be celebrating at your house!

  4. Jenna in CT 6

    Wow, wow….so beautiful! I love those candles, going to try and find them at Pier 1!

  5. The thought of the Martha Stewart catalog makes my eyes get misty. It needs to come back ASAP!

  6. Sandy 9

    That is one beautiful table!!!

  7. To repeat other commenters – Oh, wow! It’s impressive that you’re ready so early and the design, itself, is fantastic!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous, Cathy!

  9. It’s all so very purrrr-deee. You’re really putting me on the spot here. Now I’m gonna have to go beyond fancy flowered paper plates. Gotta step up my game for the holiday.

    • Cathy 13

      Oh Josie you know you are like mother and wife of the year. I know you will pull off something more than fabulous!! How’s life in Delaware treating you?

  10. Shannon W. from NC 14

    Hi, Your Easter table is gorgeous! Please share the source for the cute yellow favor boxes.
    Thank you.

  11. Kb 16

    Looks beautiful, but…. Ummm…. Wouldn’t it be a little dusty by Easter?

  12. Connor Harley 18

    This is one lovely setting. I love the little bunnies you got.


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