How to Fold a Dinner Napkin ~ The Pyramid Fold

 Fancy Napkin Folding The Pyramid Fold
I will admit I love a cloth napkin. When company comes calling, I’m all about pulling out the fancy napkins. I have tons and tons of patterns and have a hard time resisting a new set when they are on sale.

Yes, I am one those nerds who have taken napkin folding classes on cruise ships. Those guys fold thousands and thousands of napkins daily…they know what they are doing.

So when I’m not rolling my napkins into cute napkin ring holders, or rolling them with silverware, I prefer a fancy fold that sits right on top of the plate. Who doesn’t love a nicely starched napkin waiting for you at your place setting?

This particular fold is called the Pyramid Fold, it’s so easy and is one of the classiest and most simplistic folds to learn.

Napkin Folding 1st Step
Start with a freshly pressed and starched napkin. You’ll want to lay the napkin face down. In other words, top side down.

Napkin Folding 2ndt Step
Fold the napkin in half diagonally or bring the top left corner towards you to meet the bottom right corner.

Napkin Folding 3rd Step
Turn the napkin so the open end is facing away from you.

Napkin Folding 4th Step
Take the right end and fold it up to meet the far corner. Make sure the edge of the fold remains in the center as shown.

Napkin Folding 5th Step
Repeat the fold with the left side, ending with the diamond shape you see here.

Napkin Folding 6th Step
Turn over and you’ll want the open end facing away from you.

Napkin Folding 7th Step
Fold in half by bringing the farthest point of the diamond up and back to the nearest point. Turn over and keep the open end facing you

Napkin Folding The Pyramid Fold
Fold the napkin along the center and here is your pyramid, it’s so easy! Everyone will be impressed.

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4 Comments and 2 Replies

  1. Joan 1

    Yes! Can you show us some other folds, too? I love the look of a nicely folded cloth napkin.

  2. chris 3

    Years ago my MIL gave me a book on napkin folding… Have u tried the fleur de leis fold? Its an added few steps to your pyramid one…

  3. Terry Covington 5

    It’s great to know how to do this, and fun as you said. And, you can make great paper airplanes with some of these folds!

  4. joanne beesley 6

    i would love to learn other folds. it just makes the settings look so nice.


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