My New Coffee Table

My Coffee Table 4
I know, you thought this was a food blog..well, it is for the most part. But sometimes I drizzle parts of my life, my travels, and today my furniture into the mix. I seriously love new furniture…who is with me on that?

My husband laughed at me while I was taking these pictures, he said, “Who wants to read about a coffee table?” OMG I do! I love looking at furniture, peeking into people’s homes and anything to do with decorating. I love seeing how a room comes together piece by piece. It’s definitely something I have an interest in but don’t have enough time or the raw talent to do something with it.

Lucky for me I have a very close friend who is a designer with her own design business here in town, Kari de Lavenne Design. I love working with Kari because I can say, “Hey, come over and style this bookcase, this corner or this shelf or find me a coffee table or a mirror or whatever!”

She does not require each job to be a huge blown out project, taking months and thousands and thousands of dollars to finish. I love this! I pay her for my stuff and her time and BOOM…she makes things pretty. How cool is that? Do you know a designer who works like that? Honestly it’s the best. Plus she does a lot of DIY stuff which saves so much money. 

My Coffee Table 1
Anyway, back to the coffee table. We have been looking for the perfect one for my Great Room for about 16 months now. Kari has shown me so many options…but each one I wanted to change just a little bit; different legs, different finish, different style. It has also been really challenging to find a coffee table large enough to balance the size of the room. Most coffee tables are small and just didn’t work with the girth of the overall space.

With really high ceilings (14-18 ft) and a large stone fireplace, almost everything we previously owned was dwarfed by the scale of this house. It all looked like dollhouse furniture when we brought it in, which means it didn’t work, so out it went. We have not rushed into buying any furniture, wanting to live with the space for a while to see what we would prefer and need.

 My Coffee Table 2
I originally fell in love with the Hastings Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table from Pottery Barn, but it was too small (about 56″ in length). I loved the rustic look of the metal rivets and latches, the thickness of the table and its legs. But the length didn’t work with the size of my sectional couch.

My Coffee Table 3
However, after months of searching and turning down table after table, Kari found the Pottery Barn table I loved, but in a larger size, 67″ x 35″. The table was at a design house in Los Angeles. You have no idea how happy I was. The table was shipped and now it’s mine!

I know, I’s furniture…but seriously…somewhere to put our drinks, our snacks, our Super Bowl food!! We have missed this. The table is much darker than the one shown at Pottery Barn and I have no idea if it’s made by the same maker. It looks like a different finish to me. However, the darker color actually worked better for us.

 My Coffee Table 7
The metal on the table incorporates nicely with the metal on the stair railing that heads downstairs and sits right across from the Great Room area.

My Coffee Table 8
This large sideboard made by Stanley from their European Farmhouse collection also sits directly across the room. I love the bead-front doors, rounded corners and metal knobs and feet. All components working together with details found in the coffee table.

My Coffee Table 6
In this picture you can see the reflection of the table in the mirror above the sideboard. What I really love is the Provencal style of this sideboard, especially the rustic-corner details and how it works with the more casual table, playing nicely together in the same room.

 My Coffee Table 5
One of my coffee table requirements was the table needed to be heavy in weight and in style. I got my wish. You cannot move this piece unless you bend over and give it a good push. Made from reclaimed elm, the finish is very smooth, not splintery as reclaimed wood can often be. The table’s thick legs also make a presence in the room.

Thank you for taking a peek into my world and humoring me in my furniture obsession. I have a few other remodeling projects going on as we speak. I will share those as things come together.

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  1. Jennifer (savor) 1

    I want it – gorgeous!!

  2. I love that dang coffee table. I have a big heavy duty reclaimed wood table that I bought years ago at Drexel. It’s one of my favorite pieces. I too am getting new furniture. Pottery Barn extended farmhouse dining table set and side board. I’m sure it will end up in a photo here and there. So much fun to spruce up the digs.

    • Cathy 4

      Lea Ann I know exactly what table you are talking about, I love it. There are some new dining chairs from Pottery Barn I really want, the leather ones with the rivets. They are pretty pricey though if you need twelve. I wish they would go on sale already!

  3. semra kulin 5

    Beautiful table,use it in good health as we say in turkish.

  4. pam 7

    i love seeing inside people’s homes! AND I love your coffee table!

  5. Meg 8

    Warm wood….nothing speaks to me more than that warm comfort of home.

  6. leslie 10

    Ohhh Cathy…your home looks so warm and inviting!

  7. Karen Walczak 12

    Beautiful room.! I really like the coffee table as well as your other furniture. The stair spindles are unusual – are they one solid piece or is there a different colored bead or ball on them?

  8. Kay B 14

    LUV IT!!

  9. Robin McCue 16

    sooo….I totally love your blog. Tell your husband we do care about your new coffee table. It’s fabulous. It’s a room I want to hang out in :)

  10. I too love to see people’s rooms and houses (I hope to do a few of these posts myself when our place is ready).

    I love this table – it is beautiful! and what I really love? That mirror above your sideboard – I have been looking for something just like that for a while, I love the window pane look.

    happy Friday Cathy – enjoy Superbowl Sunday!

  11. Joan 22

    Your new coffee table is fantastic. But, for my house, it would not only dominate the room, it would own the room and nothing else would be allowed in. I am jealous of your space.

  12. Marlena 24

    I love furniture posts even more than recipe posts! This room has great style and a wonderfully warm feeling to it! The coffee table was worth the wait!

  13. Kristin 26

    As soon as I saw that coffee table I thought, “That looks like Pottery Barn.” Your pictures are so pretty Cathy! Your home is georgeous! I want to come hang out there. Ha ha. :-)

  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE the table!!! And your stone fireplace is gorgeous!

  15. Beverly 29

    Ooh – I am in love with these pictures and your new coffee table! Go ahead and tell your husband that I, too, couldn’t wait to read about your new coffee table. :) Personally, I don’t read a blog necessarily for what it is or isn’t (food/style/life), but because of the writer of the blog – their voice and words, sense of humor and openness. I love to read whatever you write!

    • Cathy 30

      Aw, you’re so sweet! I guess lots of men are just not into decorating. My husband would happy with stacking some bricks and a then slapping a piece of plywood on top…and hey it’s a coffee table! Not.

  16. Carolyn 31

    I am most likely your mom’s age. I hope she likes the table as much as I do. I found my perfect table at Red Collection consignment shop in Greensboro,NC. I too needed a large table for our large greatroom with a 20’ceiling. Being previously owned, it has lots of “character” as well as great style like yours. Tell your husband to tend to the vineyard!

  17. Beth 32

    Well it just goes to show you how much the Wild Boar knows. Of COURSE we love peeking into your home! I am always curious about the life behind the blog, and love snooping into other people’s homes. Hello open houses? Now you have made me longing for more of your lovely home. Maybe a virtual house tour in the future? Pretty please?

  18. I am so happy you love your table, I do too! You are a dream to work with and thank you for your patience while searching for the perfect table. Never settle for anything less than the right piece. It’s always
    out there, right? P.S..I have some goodies for your buffet table! And its not edible! Next we have to style the coffee table!

    • Cathy 34

      You have no idea how much it means to me when I say, “Hey Kari…come style this corner…and you do!” Love you friend.

  19. Amy at RoJ 35

    Yes!!! Whole house tour! I volunteer to do a guest post of “Amy’s favorite things/rooms/inherited decor in Cathy’s house.”

    You should check out My Favorite And My Best, if you don’t already read it. Her writing style is hilarious (especially if you’re not a delicate flower, language-wise or topic-wise). Her design style isn’t necessarily mine, but her posts make me think a lot about design and decor. I keep re-reading this recent one: link to Those colors!

  20. Kari Moore 37

    What a gorgeous house! I love furniture shopping, and that is some beautiful furniture.

  21. Sara in NY 38 I thought that first pic was from a magazine…but that’s your house…um wow. I want to move in to that gorgeous place.

  22. I not only love furniture but also peeking into houses. Gorgeous table and room!

  23. Meghan 40

    It’s gorgeous and fits the space fabulously! Your house looks so warm & inviting – beautiful!

  24. Cathy,
    I love how the table looks in your house and completely disagree with your husband! We love to look into other people’s homes and especially yours. Gorgeous and pretty table and home! It really complements and looks lovely with what you already have.

  25. Kathy 42

    I really love the end table next to your couch- it holds it’s own but is not too heavy. Would love a closer look- how lucky you are to have a wonderful designer for a friend!! Your new coffee table is absolutely perfect.

  26. Tracy Strohmetz 43

    Hi – Love the table. Could you please tell me where you found that fabulous black jar?


    • Cathy 44

      Oh man, that was a one of a kind find at a random home store…honestly I can’t even remember where. If I think of it, I will let you know but it wasn’t recent. So sorry.

  27. I LOVE anything that has to do with decorating and shhhh…more than food. Imagine. Nice picks, you. Looking good!

  28. Jody C 47

    Your family room and coffee table look great! Thank you for sharing the pictures, and i am GLAD you blogged about it! Home decoration is interesting, how we each surround ourselves with the things we love, and that in turn can inspire someone else to do a pretty idea:)

  29. Janet 48

    Please consider this an open invitation to share more of your gorgeous home and decorating style, Cathy. LOVED THIS POST!


  30. That room! That Coffee table! Beautiful!

  31. You have an absolutely gorgeous home, Cathy. And, it’s in wine country! What a dream!

  32. J.E. 52

    Can you please tell me which finish you have on your Stanley European Farmhouse Buffet? I love the tone of yours, but can’t tell if it is in the Blonde or the darker Terrain. Thanks for any help!
    Beautiful home, by the way!

  33. J.E. 53

    I’d also love to know where you purchased that mirror above the sideboard. Thanks for any help!

  34. shannon 55

    Can you tell me where you purchased your PB Hastings coffee table from? I actually bought the one from Pottery Barn and I love it!! They no longer have it and mine is spliting apart:( I want a replacement as I am in love with my table..However, PB no longer carries.

    Thank You!

    • Cathy 56

      It was purchased through a designer out of Los Angeles. It is much larger than the PB version. I wish I knew through the name of the place. Sorry.

  35. WOW beautiful and your blog is amazing. Saw your pic tonight on FB of when you started the grape planting 5 years ago. You have worked really hard at everything! So much style and accomplishments. Awesome.


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