Leftover Penne Pasta Soup

Yesterday I showed you how to make the awesome Chicken-Bacon-Sun-Dried Tomato Penne Pasta. It is actually the base for this soup. So dinner one night, translates into lunch or dinner the next night. It's also better to totally remake your leftovers instead of serving the same thing two nights in a row.
And folks, this is so easy to throw together. Amounts are going to depend on how much you want to make and how much leftover pasta you have left.

What I did was, I added as much pasta as I needed for a bowl or two of soup into a pan. I then added enough chicken broth to cover the pasta. (You could also use beef or vegetable broth or some kind of stock. Whatever you have will work.) I seasoned with pepper and brought it to a good simmer.

Then I added shredded, sturdy greens, kind of whatever was in the crisper. "Sturdy" is key here as they give the soup an amazing texture and taste. I used a handful of shredded Brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage and chicory. I simmered them about 7-10 minutes and served the soup.

I can't tell you how good this was. The perfect cold, rainy day lunch. The greens made it.

Love, love, love.

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Leftover Penne Pasta Soup

Recipe from: Created by Noble Pig | Serves: Depends on how much you make


  • Leftover Chicken-Bacon-Sun-Dried Tomato Soup (recipe link above)
  • chicken, beef or vegetable broth or stock
  • freshly ground black pepper
  • sturdy, shredded greens such as brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage, chicory or whatever you have


  • Add as much leftover penne pasta recipe to your soup pan and cover with broth. Season with freshly ground pepper and bring to a good simmer.
  • Add as many greens as you like and continue to simmer for 7-10 minutes. Serve immediately.

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  1. I love using my leftovers to make a whole new dish. You did a great job with this! I already thought the pasta sounded delicious and the soup definitely rivals it.

  2. Ashley 2

    I love this idea! I’ve never used leftover pasta to make soup – I really like that it’s a totally different meal, sometimes I get so sick of leftovers. Plus, I’m completely all about soup these days now that it’s finally a little cooler outside.

  3. Patty 3

    Oh this looks like a bowl of satisfying comfort food ..perfect for a cold December night;-)

  4. Perfect soup! I love taking whatever might be left over in the fridge and putting it together to make something totally different. And leftovers almost always make fantastic soup!

  5. Becca 5

    Totally agree with you to use the leftover to make new dishes. However sometimes it’s hard to find new recipes.

    Thanks for sharing this idea of making soups.

  6. Wow, this sounds absolutely delicious. I always have leftover pasta, but I’ve never once thought about turning it into a soup. I know what I’ll be making tomorrow!


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