Goat Cheese with Cranberries & Pistachios

The festiveness of the holidays is upon us and it’s time to make a plan of attack. What to serve? How to serve it? What I am bringing where? And how the heck am I going to feed all these people?

Anyway, I’m hardly the first one who thought of this but it’s a staple around here during the holiday season. This is one of those great, quick appetizers you make in a moments notice. Stock your fridge with a few logs of goat cheese (it lasts a long time), some dried cranberries and shelled pistachios.  

The sweet cranberries, salty nuts and earthy taste of the goat cheese are a great combination.

If you have unexpected guests, or have to work late before a party and don’t want to show up empty handed…this is perfect. Also, if you have to travel a long way and need something to hold up in the car….this works well. Even if you have planned every detail down to the millisecond, this is still the perfect appetizer to put out for your guests.

I always think you should offer cold and hot apps for a party and the cold ones need to be easy so you can concentrate on cooking the others.

Now, you can roll goat cheese in anything you like but this is by far very attractive looking on a platter. Your guests will love it.

Enjoy friends!

Coarsely chop your pistachios and cranberries and combine them together on a plate.

Roll the goat cheese in the nut mixture, you will also have to press them in with your fingers.

Serve with your favorite crackers.

Goat Cheese with Pistachios & Cranberries

4 Tablespoons dried cranberries, chopped
4 Tablespoons shelled pistachios, chopped
Any size log of fresh goat cheese

Coarsely chop your pistachios and cranberries and combine them together on a plate. Roll the goat cheese in the nut mixture, you will also have to press the mixture in with your fingers.

Serve with your favorite crackers.

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  1. Larry 1

    Three of my favorites!

  2. caroliny 2

    olá!!parabéns!!pelo maravilhoso blog..da para sentir o amor e carinho,,obrigada!!!por partilhar!!sua fã do brasil!!

  3. Leslie 3

    Your right So pretty and festive

  4. WOW, looks so pretty and yummy! I LOVE getting your newsletters! thanks for all of your hard work(and fantastic pics!!)

    I just sent this to my Aunt lol

  5. Biz 5

    Holy yum, that looks amazing! Pretty sure I could eat that all by myself – I heart goat cheese! :D

  6. Lena in VT 6

    And this will be on my holiday table!

  7. Oh, how pretty, Cathy! I love goat’s cheese, plus pistachios and cranberries. Yum!


  8. Kari Moore 8

    This looks so lovely and delicious, but I cannot stand the taste of goat cheese. I’ve tried many, many kinds and have never found one I could even pretend to like. But it is lovely!

  9. Darryl in Austin 9

    This is a splendid idea. I work in a grocery store and always work on Thanksgicing but want to bring something so this is perfect!

  10. laura 10

    yay, this will be my appetizer contribution to thanksgiving! delicious.

  11. Tasty and easy. Perfect!

  12. Oh my goodness, Heaven on a cracker!

  13. nina 13

    This snack has all the right descriptive words…easy, stunning, delicious and perfect for holiday!!!
    Mind is I try it?

  14. natalie 14

    this looks great! I created a similar recipe but turned it into bruschetta: link to thesweetslife.com
    it’s a favorite of ours now!

  15. jamie 15

    great idea! Fresh Market sells the cranberries and pistachios already combined. soooo easy :)

  16. Zandria 16

    going to make this as an app for my dinner party tomorrow. thanks for posting!

  17. Penny Wolf 17

    You share so many wonderful recipes that I have found one for you. It will go wonderfully with your recent post.

    link to grouprecipes.com
    I used feta and almond…OH MY GOSH!

  18. Tom 18

    I love cranberries and pistachios together, but I go the sweeter route and fold them into cookie batter, especially around this time of the year

  19. Emily 19

    This looks absolutely delicious!! I can’t wait to try it!

  20. Caroline C 20


  21. Charles 21

    This looks wonderful and I just know it will taste great too. Such a nice collection of colors too.

  22. Susan 22

    Gorgeous! Great crunch factor and two tangy flavors to push onto a cracker… truly easy and terrific!

  23. I cannot wait to make this on Christmas Eve for the peoples! They are going to love this!! So festive!

  24. Wow nice information you have shared here.Actually Google made searching of information easy on any topic. Well keep it up and post more interesting blogs.

  25. Jancd 25

    I make this for my Bible Study Christmas party last night and was a little hesitant to take it because I thought it might be just a little “much” for this group. When I went to help clean up and gather my dish, my plate was completely empty. I thought it was great and apparently, everyone else did also. It was so festive and pretty. Thanks for the idea.


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