Green Goddess Spinach Dip

Life has become insanely busy.  I know you feel it too.  Who doesn't.  At the moment I must have a million projects swirling around me.  It will not let up soon.  But busy is good, it keeps my hands out of the potato chip bags (wink, wink).

However, between kid's school projects, book reports, mobiles to construct, rainforest projects, historical fiction novels to read and then putting finishing touches on vampire and Jango Fett (from Star Wars) costumes I can easily lose my whole day.  Oh, and the phone doesn't stop ringing nor do the emails stop.

But that's not all, there's the vineyard.  I dream at night about row and vine spacing.  I'm deadlocked at 7 feet or 7.6 feet.  Those six inches can make a big difference in farming practices. And then the vines, the rootstocks and the Pinot Noir clones.  Do I want 114 on a 3309 rootstock or do I want 115 on a 101-14 rootstock.  However, I'm in love with the flavor profile of the 777's and then there's Pommard.  I won't even tell you about the pressure we are under to get our winter cover crop planted; the seed spreader we had ordered went on backorder.  Now we are scrambling for a replacement.  Let's not even mention the hours whittled away discussing irrigation issues, pumps, hoses and underground reservoirs.  Putting in a vineyard takes nothing less than everything and since we are doing it ourselves, well, I won't even go into the stress.

Funny though, there is always time for dip which includes the dip series we seem to have going over here.  This is another recipe from the last page of the last issue of
Gourmet Magazine.

The verdict is in, we loved it.  Let me preface this with saying I have always loved Green Goddess salad dressing so it doesn't surprise me I have a taste for this warm dip.  Don't be afraid of anchovy paste if you are not an anchovy fan, the paste is a mild alternative.  Also, don't skip the fresh tarragon in this one, it really adds to the flavor.

The dip continues....

Cook scallions in butter in a heavy medium saucepan over medium heat, stirring, until softened, about three minutes.  Add spinach and anchovy paste and cook, stirring, until heated through.

Add cream cheese and cook, stirring, until melted and warm, then stir in sour cream, lemon juice, tarragon, salt and pepper.

Serve warm with crackers or crudités.

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Green Goddess Spinach Dip

Recipe from: Adapted from Gourmet | Serves: 1-1/4 cup


  • 4 scallions chopped
  • 2 Tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 10 oz thawed frozen chopped spinach, drained and squeezed dry
  • 1 Tablespoon anchovy paste
  • 8 oz cream cheese, cut in cubes
  • 3/4 cup sour cream
  • 2 teasponns fresh lemon juice
  • 2 teaspoons chopped tarragon


  • Cook scallions in butter in a heavy medium saucepan over medium heat, stirring, until softened, about three minutes. Add spinach and anchovy paste and cook, stirring, until heated through.
  • Add cream cheese and cook, stirring, until melted and warm, then stir in sour cream, lemon juice, tarragon, salt and pepper.
  • Serve warm with crackers, pita chips or crudités.

However, we liked this with pita chips.

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  1. From the last page of the last Gourmet magazine this recipe is a fitting tribute. Glad you could enjoy it with all that life brings you…a few stolen moments.

  2. I love Green Goddess dressing … Green Goddess dip is genius. This would be great with some fresh corn tortilla chips!


  3. I’ve never heard of Green Goddess dressing, but this dip looks really good. Another recipe to save and make the next time I have people over!

  4. I am so making this, maybe for Halloween night. It looks delicious and right up my alley!

  5. Let’s just say you ARE the goddess! Another great recipe. I like that addition of the anchovy, they do give such a nice depth of flavor.

  6. Julia 6

    I love green goddess too! I usually have all the ingredients in my summer garden… now I would have to go to the market for the tarragon…

    And for all those anchovy haters — let me add to your words of encouragement … You won’t taste the anchovies… they just add that “je ne sais quoi” like fish sauce to Thai or Viet cooking.

  7. Love all the flavors in this dip. GG is one of my favorite salad dressings. Life sure can be hectic at times. I’m sorry to see Gourmet go by the wayside. I’ve subscribed for years.

  8. I know what you mean about crazy busy! That dip looks soooo good!!

  9. Julie 9

    Mmm…I just love warm and creamy dips and this looks fabulous! Hope you can find some downtime in that crazy life :)

  10. dawn 10

    Wow, I love Green Goddess, love it. These photographs are beautiful!

  11. imom 11

    And I thought I was busy and stressed! You deserve some down time with that dip and a glass of wine, maybe I’ll join you!

  12. grace 12

    anchovy paste, eh? sneaky. looks like a pretty pleasing dip, suitable for veggies and crackers and heaven knows what else.

  13. Lea Ann 13

    I really like this recipe. I think the addition of tarragon sounds very interesting. As always, love your site and all the great recipes you share.

  14. Lori 14

    Nice way to jazz up Spinach Dip. How the heck did you make spinach dip look so incredibly gorgeous??

  15. I don’t care for spinach but almost everyone else in the house does. This is something I’m putting on the dip rotation for the holidays! It’s absolutely gorgeous and I know my spinach-eaters will LOVE it!

  16. I’ve never had green goddess anything… but that dip looks soooo good!!

    Unfortunately I think the only way to keep my hands out of the potato chip bag is to cut them off! (but they’d probably land in the bag anyway!!)

  17. Liz C. 17

    I will eat almost anything with spinach in it. Yum! Must be something about growing up watching Popeye cartoons. We always ate our spinach so we could wins in the finish…

  18. I’ve just been thinking of a dip to make for all the crackers that I have in a house and this is perfect! And I’ve got all the ingredients!

  19. Mary 19

    This looks wonderful! I guess it tome to put the Knorr spinach dip to rest.

  20. Lindi 20


    Thanks so much for your blog. I envy your dedication! I too love to cook and am starting my own chronicle of sorts… can you please tell me what kind of camera you use? Or are you just a photography whiz too? Your photos are amazing, and while I think some of mine turn out pretty well…. I think they don’t quite measure up! Thanks!!! (Your food rules!)

  21. Donalyn 21

    I love anything Green Goddess flavored – I’ll be trying this one for sure Cathy. YUM!

  22. June 22

    Tarragon is so wonderful – I wonder why we don’t use it more often. Boy, wouldn’t leftovers be great on a turkey burger?

  23. Lauren 23

    Yum! This looks delicious =D. Love the flavours in this dip!

  24. YIKES I’ve been gone a looooong time. Where did all these posts come from?!?!?!?!?!

    I haven’t had a good salivating session while reading blogs in FAR TOO LOOOOONG.

    I’ve missed you, sweet Noble One.

    I’m off to have breakfast (my stomach refuses to quiet and allow the reading of anything further on these delectable pages until sustenance has been administered) and then I shall return for a “catch-up” session.

    Now I’m off to saute some scallion and spinach and harvest a bit of tarragon from the gardens . . . [

    “GROWL” says the tummy. “It’s good to be back,” says Debbie in CA.)


  25. The anchovy paste is an unexpected addition. Must add a nice underlying salty flavor!

  26. This looks yummy! Awesome photo…the bokeh is as delish as the dip looks!

  27. Mmmm, I have all these things in the fridge and sure will be making this soon!

  28. Bob 28

    Sounds like a killer dip. I do love me some tarragon!

  29. I can eat this for dinner and not feel guilty, because it’s spinach. HUZZAH!

  30. I love spinach dip. OK I have got one for you. You like yukky Halloween foods, but i think this one will get ya. You will either love it or gag like I did. Go over to paint splashes and it’s the 2nd post down from the top. Meatloaf…shaped like—–oh gah!!

  31. Marjie 31

    It looks delish. I found a recipe for Green Goddess dressing, and one of these days I will try it.

    I’ve been surprised to not see Halloween preparations appearing here, knowing how you love the holiday! Have fun with the goblins!

  32. Lena in VT 32

    I love it, just love it. Hope your business slows down, I am sure enjoying all this dip!

  33. Alysha 33

    Good luck with all the vineyard installation decisions. I am currently trying to pick out bottles and working with graphic designer on labels…. There needed to be a seminar on decision making in school. Maybe a dart board with some post its on it will make my decisions for me.

  34. Well, I can finish off this whole bowl myself so I hope you have another ready!

    I hope everything comes together for you and that you are able to get everything done in time! :D I so look forward to visiting your vineyard when the time comes or at least enjoying a bottle of your lovely wine when it is finally here!

  35. Rylan 35

    Those are mouth watering. If I open my mouth right now, there would be a dam overflow. This is great! Thanks for sharing.

  36. LilSis 36

    I love spinach dip, but I have never used the Green Goddess Dressing. I’m curious now so I will be making this soon. It looks fabulous! And, pita chips are my favorite with spinach dip, too!

  37. KathyB. 37

    I am already drooling at the picture of this dip.No matter how busy one is , dip is always there to be made and enjoyed..amidst the stress and busy-ness of planning and working a vineyard, hustling and bustling the kids, re-organizing a household or computer…dip is there! It comforts, delights, fills you and satisfies you…ahhhhhhhhhhh dip!I think ‘who needs a meal when dip is there to save the day?’

  38. Amanda 38

    That looks fabulous. I have fond memories of my boss making spinach dip for all the office parties years ago. Yum!

  39. Barbara 39

    If I love Green Goddess dressing…..then I’m going to love this!!! Glad I am reading this in the morning rather than 3 PM!

  40. Scott 40

    This sounds delicious! I too love Green Goddess dressing. However my wife is not able to eat dairy from a cow, unless it is cultured like yogurt. So if I’m going to make this, which I may because it sounds awesome, I would use soft goat cheese instead of cream cheese, and Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, I bet it would be just as awesome, if not more!

  41. vanessa 41

    Life IS busy… I have been so crazed that I have 20 Noble Pig posts to catch up on!! Looking forward to reading them all/salivating at the food porn, etc… I was never a Gourmet reader but bought the last issue for obvious reasons.. Maybe I’ll get to try this one out. Good luck with everything vineyard!!

  42. I would like this with a Noble Pig pinot noir;)

  43. I know wthat all this can be overwhelming, but in the end it will all be worth it. Hang in there!!!

  44. Tracey 44

    my mouth is watering over this and I’m not a big spinach person! Thanks for sharing this!


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