Honeydew Rita-Margarita

Say hello to summer!

I couldn’t wait any longer.  The honeydew melons in the market have been calling me with their sweet siren songs. 

I usually wait until the month of June when honeydew is really at its peak.  That’s when these melons arrive at the store from local farms, perfectly fresh and sweet.  Right now the available honeydew makes it way here from Mexico and you know what?  It’s really sweet too!

I couldn’t hold off any longer.  The weather has been in the 100’s over the past week and that is always the perfect reason to pull out the blender.  Somehow the sound of crushing ice cools me off.

These Honeydew Rita’s are the perfect addition to any summertime heatwave. 

With all the melon in this drink, I think it counts towards your five servings a day.  Wait….I know it does.  Really.  Just get the tequila and let’s get started.

Here’s what you need:  Honeydew melon, tequila, honey, fresh lime juice and mint for garnish.

Add 3 cups honeydew melon, 3/4 cup tequila, 1/2 cup honey, 1/4 cup fresh lime juice and 4 cups of ice cubes to the blender.

Whirl it up and your lovely green concoction will look like this. 

If you really want a popping green color, 1 drop of green food coloring will do the trick.

This recipe makes a full blender.  Taste it and add more tequila if you’re crazy like that!

And here is your virtual cocktail napkin.  Don’t forget to wipe your mouth!  Enjoy.

Honeydew Rita
adapted from Cuisine at Home

Rub Glasses With; Coat In:
Lime Wedges
Kosher salt or sugar
4 cups ice cubes
3 cups honeydew melon, peeled, seeded, cut into chunks
3/4 cup tequila
1/2 cup honey
1/4 cup fresh lime juice
1 drop of green food coloring (optional)
Garnish Margaritas With:
Honeydew spears
Sprigs of fresh mint

Rub the rims of 4-6 cocktail glasses with limes, then coat in salt or sugar (depending on your taste preference).  I like sugar, the Wild Boar likes salt.  Go figure.
Blend ice, melon, tequila, honey and lime juice in a blender until smooth.  Divide between prepared glasses.
Garnish with melon and mint sprigs.

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  1. Jules 1

    Sounds refreshing…we may have to try this at cocktail corner;)

  2. Lore 2

    It’s been 28 degrees Celsius around here this weekend and that’s a clear sign of hot summer heading to us. Just reading the ingredients gave me the refreshing I needed :).

  3. Kim 3

    Cute site, and your children are precious. Will be back.

  4. This sounds great…and looks great too. Will I ever come here, and not be completely impressed with you?! Yeah…I thought not!

  5. Nina 5

    Are you the new liquid chef. I do not drink, but this drink looks very tempting.

  6. I’ve never heard of a honeydew melon margarita but dang, that looks awesome! I’ll have to try that one out. My husband loves honeydew so it would be perfect for him!

  7. Greta 7

    You’re doing it again. You do this sh&* just to make me lick the monitor every monday morning. Mission accomplished. ;)

  8. Susan 8

    Wow! We had your peach margaritas Saturday for my husband’s birthday party, and they were incredible! Now I have another recipe we have to try! Thanks for the recipes.

  9. sharon 9

    Our house is ridiculously hot right now. This just cooled me down..thanks! :)

  10. Your drinks always look sooo good! Now I want to crack open the tequila – not a great idea for 10am. ;)

  11. Alisa 11

    I just so happen to have all those ingredients in my messy house right now! How many of those will make my house not so messy, and will not make me forget to pick the kids up from school today?

  12. ooommmggg that looks so, yeah I need to try that this coming weekend when the Mother-in-law is visiting…wonderful :)

  13. Stacy 13

    Mmmm more margaritas! I made some this weekend and stopped at the liquor store Saturday for tequila. I was all set to get some Patron for the first time ever, but they didn’t have it so I just got 1800. On the way out I saw the Patron stashed away behind the counter . . . apparently you have to ask for it at my liquor store. Oh well.

  14. It must be fun to be spoiled rotten.
    You sure do have some good drinks up your sleeve. I beleive I would be having my Patron with lime juice on the rocks,….

  15. YUM! By the by, those are the coolest margarita glasses I have ever seen!

  16. Julena Jo 16

    What would happen if you froze the melon cubes before blending and skipped or cut back on the ice? I’m just wondering. It would boost the five-a-day content. ;)

  17. Elle 17

    Looks so refreshing! And I love the post title. hehehe! Brings back so many memories!

  18. It looks fabulous! And refreshing…

  19. grace 19

    mmm, yumtastic. when it’s the proper ripeness, honeydew is one of my favorite fruits. however, when it’s even just a little bit hard, i find it downright nasty…unless there’s tequila involved. then i’m sure i’d like it just fine. :)

  20. Shannon 20

    That looks so refreshing! I wish I could stomach the alcohol, but it looks like I’ll be going virgin! LOL! Have a terrific day!

  21. Yay summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Oh, oh. I feel a margarita moment coming on and it’s only Monday!

  23. ALF 23

    Ok, so I haven’t gotten totally into wine (yet) but now margaritas are something I can get behind. Looks delicious, thanks for sharing!

  24. Kevin 24

    What a refreshing drink. I like all on the fresh honeydew melon in it!

  25. annbb 25

    Looks just loverly!

    I love that last picture – second one I remember your using that technique on. You may have a second career here creating cocktail napkins (do save us some for Cocktail Corner) and/or really wonderful prints. They really are remarkable!

  26. 2 things

    the title of this post is HILARIOUS
    i am not a cocktail drinker but i would beg for this drink. yes i would. i would beg relentlessly and WITH feeling.

  27. HoneyB 27

    Looks yummy and refreshing Cathy!

  28. That’s an interesting use for a melon.

  29. 100 degree weather? It was in the 80s at my house and I thought I was going to wilt. Love the drink. We’ve been drinking traditional margaritas, but it’s time to shake it up.

  30. Cathy, as usual, your images are just stunning! Well done!

  31. Daziano 31

    It’s cocktail time and I’m loving it!!!

  32. claudia 32

    Can I have one in a bathtub size??

  33. Jen 33

    That really looks like something that could get me into some big trouble this holiday weekend. But it looks very cool and inviting. And I can hear it calling my name. So I will try making it and serve it to my friends. They will be hook for sure. You always have so many great things on here. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Oh I think I got my blog fixed see if it will let you comment now.

  34. melissa 34

    Those sounds awesome, Cathy. I want one but it’s 9:15 on a Tuesday. Damn. :)

  35. Tony 35

    yum!! Patron is definitely the way to go; what a great idea for a margarita!! Great touch with the virtual cocktail napkin, too!

  36. Now that looks absolutely lovely!

  37. It’s especially refreshing when it is hot and humid here!

    I just had a “brain freeze” drinking that…too excited and took many big gulps.. (pardon my bad drinking image)…woops!

  38. I’ll join you with the Margaritas…we can lift them up with both hands and squeeze, saying, “We must! We must! We must increase our bust!” lmfao

  39. giz 39

    I’ll pour for the 2nd hour – ok… and thank goodness you made the margueritas – I finished the last of the cosmos last night. Sheesh.

  40. vanessa 40

    first of all. LOVE the post title. hahahahahaha. ok done. i used to read dear god it’s me margaret obssessively.

    second… my bottle of patron is still waiting for action. and i may be having a little party soon… i think i will try the peach margaritas first but this look good too!

  41. Shirley 41

    The Subject Line is PERFECT!!! I’ve got the Lime Flies When You Are Having Margaritas cocktail napkins … I just need those margaritas to go with them. Definitely a good reason to buy some honeydews … makes the margaritas a health food/drink, right?

  42. I LOVE margaritas! This looks like a great twist on it!

  43. Kristen 43

    Oh you are cracking me up. I laughed out loud at your title!


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