Smokey Bacon Jam

 Smokey Bacon Jam Noble Pig
BACON JAM!! Can you hear me, I just yelled that. Have you ever tried bacon jam? I'm sorry if you haven't, because it's amazing. And once you do get to taste it, you will have a hard time having breakfast without it. My mouth waters every time I think of it.

There are many different ways and ingredients you can use to prepare bacon jam, but I prefer a smokey version. I love melting cheese on top of an English muffin and spreading it right on top, while topping the other side with an egg. Sometimes I just dollop a spoonful right on top of my scrambled eggs, it's just as delicious either way. You must try this!!


Pork Bucket List
The National Pork Board has asked me to share my own, personal #PorkBucketList with all of you. What's a #PorkBucketList? It's a list of ways to enjoy pork, whether it's creating a new recipe or mastering an old one, experiencing pork in a new way or traveling to a pork-inspired restaurant in or out of your area. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating this dream list. Making and stocking my fridge with Smokey Bacon Jam was at the top of my #PorkBucketList. It feels so good to finally check something off.

The National Pork Board is inviting pork fans to share their #PorkBucketList on social media and open up a world of possibilities with pork … one dish at a time. Just for sharing, they will surprise a few lucky individuals by helping them check an item off their list. You will need to use #PorkBucketList and #Promo in your post online via Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram to be considered one of those lucky few. How amazing would that be to win?

By using the #PorkBucketList hashtag we can all check in and be inspired by everyone's pork adventures around the globe. It has been quite interesting to read about and see how others are celebrating eating pork. Everyone has such great ideas.

Smokey Bacon Jam from Noble Pig

Smokey Bacon Jam Noble Pig
I promise you will love the flavors of this Smokey Bacon Jam, we could barely stop eating it. It looks like I'll have to make another batch very soon. I'm not complaining.

Now, here is my very own #PorkBucketList, I do hope I get to make it all come true soon. Wish me luck!

Cathy's #PorkBucketList:

  • Make Bacon Jam {check!}
  • Purchase a whole pig from a local farmer to enjoy all year.
  • Attend a Pork Crawl.
  • Host a large scale pig roast at home for family and friends.
  • Perfect making pork belly.
  • Learn to make my own pork sausage.
  • Attend Grand Cochon in Aspen, CO as a VIP guest (with my family), where 10 chefs compete in a head-to-tail, winner-takes-all Pork culinary showdown – crowning the winner King or Queen of Porc!

    Now it's your turn, what's on your #PorkBucketList? I want to know! And remember to share it online with the #PorkBucketList and #Promo hashtags as mentioned above. You could be one step closer to checking off that item from your own list!
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Smokey Bacon Jam

Recipe from: Created by Cathy Pollak for | Serves: 1-1/2 cups


  • 1 lb sliced bacon, cut crosswise into 1" pieces
  • 1 large sweet onion, chopped
  • 3 small shallots, diced
  • 2 teaspoons smoked paprika
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/3 cup pure maple syrup
  • 1/2 cup golden brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar


  • Cook bacon in a large, heavy bottomed pot (I used my 7 quart Dutch oven) until brown and mostly crisp. Remove bacon and place on a paper towel lined plate and set aside. Remove all but 2 Tablespoons of bacon grease and saute onion and shallots over low to medium heat, stirring often. Cook onions until soft and translucent, about 8 minutes. Add smoked paprika and stir until fully incorporated. Add water and scrape any brown bits at the bottom of the pan. Add maple syrup, brown sugar, cooked bacon and vinegar. Bring to a boil and let cook until a bit of a glaze forms, about 10-15 minutes.
  • Add mixture to the bowl of a food processor and pulse several times until a chunky jam consistency is obtained.
  • Place in the refrigerator for at least one hour and up to one month.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by the National Pork Board. As always all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands I love as they continue make this site possible.

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  1. Sues 1

    I LOVE the idea of a #PorkBucketList! I made bacon jam a couple years ago and have no idea why I have not made it again!? This one looks delicious!

  2. Bacon jam is one of those things I keep saying to myself that I need to make. It looks delicious! Plus, bacon. Who doesn’t love bacon?

  3. I can’t wait to try this. I always have it at restaurants and never made it myself but I am now sold!

  4. Ok seriously – I am dying for this with an egg!!

  5. Roasting a whole pig is on my #porkbucketlist! Love this bacon jam, I would be eating it on everything!

  6. I actually tried bacon jam on sushi of all things, and feel head over taste buds in love. This looks awesome! Pinned!

  7. Yes! This is a must try. Wow!! Looks delicious to me!

  8. Karly 15

    You can add this to my #porkbucketlist immediately please. Holy cow (pig?), that looks amazing!

  9. Deborah 17

    Bacon jam is one of my all-time favorite things. EVER. Now I’m having a huge craving!!

  10. Ohhh I love this!!! mmmm this sounds great!!

  11. The Pork Bucket List is such a great idea! And this jam…oh my…I’d be tempted to eat it with a spoon.

  12. Marion 23

    Do you add the set aside bacon back in when you put it in the food processor?

    • Cathy 24

      I’m sorry that was not clear. I updated the recipe to read that the bacon is added back to the pot with the brown sugar and vinegar.

  13. nancy geragi 25

    first on my list is a crown pork roast filled with a sausage and apple stuffing……then pulled pork and fresh tasty slaw on my homemade buns…fall is in the air!!!!

  14. Russel Brown 26

    ive been following your site for over 6six years now and honestly if i had the money i would fly over to the states and hug you for this recipe … outstanding!!!

  15. June 28

    This recipe is similar to the Onion Marmalde I made. Now why didn’t I think to add bacon!! Gotta make this! Thanks for sharing!

  16. carrian 29

    How have I never made this?!

  17. I love bacon jam and it looks like it’s time to make some! Great recipe!

  18. I have made your other bacon jam recipe and ADORE it! I saw this one and it reminded me of how good it is. So sharing your page on my group page and hoping to get more folks on board with all that is yummy here :)

  19. Genius bucket list item! I had not thought of bacon jam, and I love it. I had it Portland City Grill not too long ago with figs, and veal. It was to die for! Must make…

  20. Yaaassssss. Bacon Jam is seriously habit forming, isn’t it? My whole family loves it. I LOVE this smokey version!! And I love the #PorkBucketList!

  21. This is fantastic- oozy, sticky, salty-sweet bacon! What could be better!?

  22. cindy 35

    I swear if I wasnt worried about cutting off my tongue I would have licked the inside of my blender after making this awesome jam !!! It is actually the best jam I have ever ever had and the easiest to make. Thank you for this wonderful recipe. Do you know if this jam can be processed in a hot water bath for canning ? I would love to make some to send back home.

  23. Susan Bland 36

    Think I will make this for our dock party this weekend. I think I’ll serve it over cream cheese with some crackers or bread

  24. bacon jam = outstanding!! I will definitely be making this soon! and Pork Bucket List – oh yeah, we’re working on that one ourselves!!! Thanks for adding jam to it :)

  25. I <3 bacon jam

  26. Stormy Bacon 39

    Yes that’s my real name…hahaha. However could one can this???

  27. penny 41

    Can this be canned and put in a waterbath? I was thinking gifts

  28. Carolyn 43

    I work for a Texas based grocery chain that in some stores sells bacon jam. It is a hit and sell out quickly. Now to make some of my own.

  29. Alice Hansen 44

    I just made this recipe, and when I got to the point when it was time to put the mixture into a food processor, there was a LOT of liquid. I would end up with soup instead of jam if I tried to pulse it now. It smells wonderful, but it isn’t jam.

  30. Michele M 46

    Do you think it matters if you use regular or thick-cut bacon?

  31. Traci 47

    I think I am addicted to this site. Sooo many nummy recipes. This will be made but with one substitute, erythritol instead of sugar so I can keep the carbs down to a minimum. My bucket list only has one item. Real, home grown pork from a local source that has some fat on and in it. If I wanted dry, tasteless, white meat I would cook a turkey.

  32. bill 48

    Could you pressure can? This would keep jam good for 6 months

  33. Jackie Shirley 49

    It’s been about 60 yrs ago when I had my first bacon, jelly on white bread sandwich my friend’s Mother made . I have never had your recipe for bacon jam but you woke up a bacon monster in me!!! But really, I thank you.

  34. Seriously?! This is AMAZE. Totally making this and gifting for Christmas! Yup, I’m already Christmas gift thinking – gahhh!!!

  35. Becky Hering 51

    I made this yesterday to go with some Sliders, turned out great!! We really enjoyed it:)

  36. This gem sounds wonderful can it be preserved longer than a month in the fridge such as pressure canning or boiling water bath


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