Sweet Cherry Freezer Jam

Sweet Cherry Jam with FreshTECH 1

 I know I keep saying it but I'm really enjoying all the summer cherries. It seems I can't eat less than 50 in any one setting!! Hey, it's fruit, it's good for me right?

A while back I was gushing about making strawberry jam and pepper jelly with my new FreshTECH jam maker. And guys, I am not even kidding, I love-love this thing. It is so easy to use, to clean and to whip up fabulous jam...in essentially minutes! I love the fact I can make small batches with very minimal work and no heating up of the kitchen. It's going to be great at holiday time with all the cranberry-orange jelly I plan on making. 

FreshTech Jam Maker
The machine itself is sleek in appearance, but most importantly it's really functional. With the load of cherries I had around last week, I just had to make some sweet cherry jam and pie. How could I not?! And I wouldn't have done it had it not been so simple. This machine even impressed my mom, and we know how hard it is to impress our mom's with a new kitchen gadget. She loved the idea of no stirring, as her hands no longer work like they used to.

Sweet Cherry Jam with FreshTECH perfect on toast

Sweet Cherry Jam with FreshTECH with butter and toast

Anyway, the family and I are enjoying our cherry jam on toast, with roast pork, on ice cream and drizzled over cheesecake. I hope you can make some too. I just received another 10 pounds of cherries yesterday...back to the drawing board!

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Sweet Cherry Freezer Jam

Recipe from: FreshTECH | Serves: 4 (8 oz) half pints


  • 2-2/3 cups pitted, chopped and crushed sweet cherries (about 2 lbs) (use a potato masher)
  • 3 Tablespoons Ball "Real Fruit" Classic Pectin
  • 2 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon butter
  • 3 cups granulated sugar


  • Sprinkle pectin evenly over bottom of the Pot that is fitted with the stirrer. Add crushed cherries over pectin. Pour lemon juice on top of the cherries and add butter.
  • Press jam button (default cooking time of 21 minutes will show) and press enter.
  • In 4 minutes appliance will give a series of beeps telling you it is time to add the sugar. Add it gradually and place lid on top.
  • Ingredients will be stirred while it cooks. Appliance will beep when ready. Press cancel and unplug.
  • Remove stirrer and add jam to jars. Preserve jam immediately.

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10 Comments and 5 Replies

  1. Susan 1

    Unfortunately, kitchen equipment holds an irresistible allure for me. The minute I laid eyes on the photo of the Fresh Tech jam maker, just a mere 30 seconds ago, I knew that I must possess one. I turn 60 this month, so here is my present to myself. Do you think it would work for making risotto as well? Is there some speedy, high tech machine for processing the jars of jam? I never cared for the hot and steaming processing of jars in boiling water for 30 minutes.
    Thanks for alerting me to this wonderful contraption…I guess. I adore making jams and jellies.

  2. Nikki 3

    I’ve never made jam. I’m interested in seeing all of the different jam creations across the web using this fresh tec thing. I’m super into cherries and peaches right now, so who knows…

  3. I am crazy obsessed with cherries right now and this jam is calling my name. It looks so good!

  4. Damn, I’m supposed to be downsizing….but, what a handy gadget to have on the road with us. Sigh, I’m giving in.

  5. Sues 9

    You have a jam maker??? How did I not know something like that existed?? I mean, I could totally fit one more appliance in my pantry. Also? cherries are the best!

  6. such a burst of cherries in every bite…would love it spread and topped over almost everything but especially on brioche …will make it heavenly :-)

  7. Your Sweet Cherry Jam looks beautiful, Cathy! And, that gizmo of a jam maker? I may need one just so I can be doing other things while it is doing it’s thang! Thanks for sharing!

  8. kat solomon 13

    I came upon this advertisement for the jam maker….I am swamped with fresh ripened cherries from my tree this year. I would like to make some cherry preserves…I want to make freezer jam …Is there a recipe for freezer jam int he recipe book? I also have those air seal a meal things that i use when sorting out my meats from the meat market. I woudl appreciate any hurried response as i have to do something fast ….. and if there is a freezer jam recipe how fast can FreshTech Maker be delivered?

  9. I have seen this device before, and must admit to being quite intrigued. Having just spent about five hours making a new recipe for Strawberry Margarita Jam (that actually began last night with the tedious slicing of lime peel and soaking it in three cups of water), the thought of making a small batch by machine sounds pretty good right about now. My only hesitation would be if I had to stick closely to a recipe when using this. I tend to like to experiment a bit by adding liqueurs, and don’t like to be held too tightly to a recipe.

  10. Sue Miller 15

    Cathy, thx for the recipe. I have the jam maker and love it. I’ve exhausted the recipes in the book. Do you have any others I could try? Would love to try bacon jam, but am a little…no, a lot…intimated on how to use it in the jam maker. Would really appreciate any advice.


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