New Year’s Eve Table Setting

New Years Eve Table Setting Noble Pig Blog hats
We haven’t cracked the champagne but the table is set and we are ready to celebrate! 2012 was such a great year and it deserves a celebration in style. I have to admit I enjoy a New Year’s Eve filled with pomp and circumstance. My kids are finally old enough where I can get back to the New Year’s Eve parties we enjoyed so many years ago. 

When the boys were little, we celebrated New Year’s Eve “East Coast Time”. We’d watch the ball drop at 9 PM here, blow some horns and off to bed they went. My husband and I would vow to stay up and crack the bubbly at midnight, but when you have little ones, you are just tired. We would usually fall asleep on the couch and wake up at about 1:30 AM…New Year’s long gone.

One of the best New Year’s Eve celebrations we’ve had was when we were in the Carribean on a cruise during the New Year’s holiday. What a party. Everyone was dressed formal, the champagne was flowing freely, bands were playing on every deck, club and bar and dinner was formal and amazing. There was no worry about driving or getting home. We had a babysitter on the ship and my kids were fast asleep while we enjoyed the night. I highly recommend taking a cruise during this time, it was lovely. And warm.

New Years Eve Table Setting Noble Pig Blog 2013
But the kids are older now and can stay up or put themselves to bed. They can bang their pots and pans together outside if they want or do whatever. And the adults can get together and enjoy the evening too. 

My party for eight starts at 8:30 PM with appetizers and cocktails. Prime Rib is served promptly at Midnight. Festive, holiday clothing is a must!

New Years Eve Table Setting Noble Pig Blog 2013 cloche
This is my beautiful cloche, part of a set of three, all different sizes. The base is galvanized and the top is glass. I filled it with Christmas ornaments and flipped it over. It makes a beautiful centerpiece.

New Years Eve Table Setting Noble Pig Blog 2013 funny
Party hats are a must for a New Year’s Eve celebration. Everyone loves getting a little silly so make sure you have a variety of head gear for the party goers. Party wear is available right now at your local dollar store or Walmart. It sells out quickly so don’t wait.

New Years Eve Table Setting Noble Pig Blog 2013 top
I first covered my table in a regular beige tablecloth. Then I layed a piece of sparkly see-through fabric from Joann’s Fabrics, over the tablecloth. It’s Champagne Organza with Transparent Beads from the Casa Collection. I did not sew the edges or get crazy with it. I simply placed it over the beige tablecloth for a fun look.

Then I purchased a few yards of Gold Row Sequin Mesh from the All That Glitters Collection also at Joann’s Fabrics. I made a 14″ runner for the center of the table. Again, no sewing, just cutting. Plus, all these glittery fabrics are 60-70% off right now and will be the perfect addition to your table.

New Years Eve Table Setting Noble Pig Blog 2013 Place setting
Formal parties deserve place cards. I wish I could remember where I purchased these little chair place card holders. I just love them. 

I’ve also covered the table in chocolate gold coins and Ferrero Rocher candies to symbolize a “sweet year” for everyone. These candies are also on sale everywhere right now, grab as many as you can.

New Years Eve Table Setting Noble Pig Blog 2013 Dom
We always pull out a little of the good stuff every year. It’s nice to treat your guests and enjoy some yourselves. I buy a few bottles of Dom Perignon during the holiday season and cellar it away. It is priced best at Costco and this year we will be indulging in the 1996 vintage. I believe the current release is 2002 or 2003.

It’s always nice to have something like this stashed away. I have also purchased and will hold some Dom Perignon from my kids birth years. They will have to celebrate with us on their 21st if they want a sip! 

Here you can also see glimpses of my diamond table confetti…I love these sparkly pieces and use them for many occasions.

New Years Eve Table Setting Noble Pig Blog 2013 cloche2
Here’s another shot of the cloche…because I love it so much!!

New Years Eve Table Setting Noble Pig Blog 2013 china pattern
I used my very large (11″ diameter) white dinner plates as chargers. I placed my china on top for a more formal look. I love the look of ivory on white with a golden edge. My china is made by Noritake and is the “Halls of Ivy” pattern, which is now discontinued. I’ve always loved the raised leaves on this otherwise simple place setting.

New Years Eve Table Setting Noble Pig Blog 2013 other
I also have a few magnums of sparkling wine on the table. These are fun to open when you have a large group. You rarely see these in stores but I was lucky enough to pick them up at the wineries when I have visited them in the past.

New Years Eve Table Setting Noble Pig Blog 2013 happy
I’m thinking these are going to be quite popular on New Year’s Eve!

New Years Eve Table Setting Noble Pig Blog 2013 party hats
I wrapped 2013 beads around the party hats for a festive look. Guests can either wear the beads or leave them around the hat. Their choice!

New Years Eve Table Setting Noble Pig Blog 2013 vasejpg
I used quart size mason jars as vases for each side of the table. I filled the bottom with clear and white marbles and stuck sprigs of glittery gold and silver holiday decor inside. All of these glittery sprigs are also on sale everywhere if you don’t already have some leftover from Christmas. I finished off the vases with a Happy New Year Tiara and sparkly snowflake ribbon.

New Years Eve Table Setting Noble Pig Blog 2013 truffles
Good quality truffles are also a must. A variety of milk, dark and white chocolate ensures there is something for everyone. Place these on both ends of the table.

This serving plate is part of my china and I love the fancy handle. It makes whatever is on the plate seem more special than it already is. 

 New Years Eve Table Setting Noble Pig Blog 2013 sides
I placed party horns inside the champagne flutes for safe keeping. I’m sure everyone will be blowing them before the clock strikes twelve.

New Years Eve Table Setting Noble Pig Blog 2013 glasses
These glasses will be the hit of the party, especially once the bubbly takes over.

New Years
Make sure to have your skewers of grapes ready for the midnight toast. A fun New Year’s Eve tradition you don’t want to miss.

 New Years Eve Table Setting Noble Pig Blog 2013 BW
I hope you all have a wonderful celebration. I would love to hear about the table settings for your party or any other fun traditions you might have.

Also, follow our New Year’s Eve Pinterest Board for more New Year’s inspiration.

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  1. Pam 1

    Fabulous table….what a treat it will be for those enjoying your creativity both in decorating and cooking..

    Question: we received Black Lava Hawaiian traditional gourmet sea salt….yes, it’s black….shocking! and suggestions on how to use it?

    • Cathy 2

      I have some of that and I use it as a finishing salt only. It looks great on certain dishes and on the rim of Bloody Mary’s.

  2. Carole Resnick 3


  3. Kate 5

    Gorgeous!! Wishing you the best in 2013. Have a wonderful time tomorrow evening!!

  4. Joan 7

    Wow! That is a gorgeous table. Wish I were coming, it looks like it will be a fun party.

  5. So pretty! Happy New Year!

  6. Sabra 11

    A VERY Happy New Year to you and all your family. Looking forward to seeing more of you in 2013!!!

  7. gorgeous setting, Cathy – have a fabulous party to kick off a GREAT year – Cheers!

  8. Lisa 16

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  9. Sara in NY 18

    This is absolutely stunning! And you serve dinner at Midnight? What an amazing idea!!!

    I wish I could be here…doing something fancy. Happy New Year!

  10. Ashley 19

    Your table setting is absolutely gorgeous! Happy New Year!

  11. Pamela 20

    Your table setting is marvelous, so festive! Here’s wishing you and your family (& friends) the merriest of New Year’s. Looking forward to your recipes and blogging in 2013, Salud!!!

  12. leslie 21

    My invite must have gotten lost in the mail! :)
    What a beautiful table setting!

  13. That’s it, I’m coming to your house for NYE :) Everything is just GORGEOUS! That is a beautiful china pattern – simple and elegant. Happy New Year!

  14. bellini 23

    I hope that 2013 is rich in experiences, filled with love and happiness. Have a safe and happy New Year. Smile often and those around you will too.

  15. Gail H. 24

    Your setting is just fabulous! You obviously have a gift! Can’t wait to try the grape tradition tonight!! Happy New Year to all, and I look forward to more goodies from you in 2013!


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