How to Make a Cranberry Ice Luminaria

If you are looking for something special to line your walkway to greet your arriving guests or something unique to place on the table for your holiday celebration…look no further.  This glowing parfait is made by alternating layers of cranberries and ice.

Lucky you if you live somewhere where it is frozen outside, you won’t need any extra-space in your freezer to make these up.  Obviously if you live where it’s below freezing, these will last much longer outside.

If you want to place them on your table inside, set in a bowl that will catch the melting water.  Put out right before guests arrive or right before you sit down to dinner.

These are so beautiful in person, the picture does not do them justice.

Cranberry Ice Luminaria
Adapted from BHG

One empty 2-liter flexible plastic bottle, cut in half
One empty 1-liter flexible plastic bottle, cut in half
Fresh cranberries
Votive candle with insert

Use your 2-liter bottle for the outside of the mold and create a hollow place for the candle with the 1-liter bottle.  Fill the 1-liter bottle with rocks to weigh it down.  Add  a few inches of water and drop a line of cranberries into the gap between the two bottles.  If your cranberries are too big, slice them in half.  Freeze one layer solid, then add more water and berries in the gap and freeze again, then add a final layer and freeze one last time.  Thaw slightly before unmolding…it will take a little pulling but will unmold perfectly.  Place votive candle with insert inside hollow center.  Distilled water will give you the clearest ice.

Happy Holidays!!

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  1. Allison 1

    This is being saved for next year, how cool!

  2. Lena in VT 2

    This is beautiful, what a great idea!

  3. Fab idea! Looks beautiful…Theresa

  4. Lorna 4

    Add thinly sliced citrus for a fun polka dot effect

  5. Bliss 5

    A teacher of mine does this with leaves in the fall. She said that if you boil the water prior to freezing it, it will come out crystal clear rather than white (although the white is really pretty with the cranberries, but it would occlude your view of leaves). Also, an empty canister works well in place of the lager soda bottle to get a flat, cylindrical bottom. Looks beautiful!

  6. LOOOOOOOOOVE this idea!

  7. laura 7

    that is so beautiful! i’ve never seen anything like it. love it.

  8. Flea 8

    That is SO COOL!!!

  9. Steve 9

    Very clever! Great idea!


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