Spike Mendelsohn’s Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake

Last night I made one of the most requested meals at my house, Sliders.  However, I was in the mood for the whole burger and a milkshake experience.

I recently saw this recipe for Toasted Marshmallow Milkshakes and I knew I had to try it.  Let’s not mention there was a bag of marshmallows burning a hole in my pantry. 

And honestly, I think this was the best milkshake I’ve ever had.  It’s very sweet but the flavor is incredible and authentically toasted marshmallow.  The family could not believe I was serving dessert with dinner.  Hey, it was one of those kind of nights.

This shake is not very thick, easily rectified by adding more ice cream, however, I left mine thin.  It’s easier for the kids to slurp down.

You must try this next time you are craving a milkshake, it’s incredible.

Preheat the broiler.  On a foil-lined baking sheet, place the marshmallows in a single layer; broil until charred.  Do not leave the broiler as marshmallows catch fire.  Transfer to a plate to cool.

In a blender, mix the milk, ice cream, sour cream and charred marshmallows (save a few to garnish the milkshake).  Serve immediately.

These will disappear.  Fast.

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Spike Mendelsohn's Toasted Marshmallow Milkshakes

Recipe from: Every Day | Serves:


  • 8 ounces Jumbo Marshmallows
  • 2 cups Milk
  • 2 cups Vanilla ice cream
  • 1 Tablespoon Sour cream


  • Preheat the broiler. On a foil-lined baking sheet, place the marshmallows in a single layer; broil until charred. Do not leave the broiler as marshmallows catch fire. Transfer to a plate to cool.
  • In a blender, mix the milk, ice cream, sour cream and charred marshmallows (save a few to garnish the milkshake). Serve immediately.

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  1. If it wasn’t right before bed, I’d make this right now…

    something to look forward to over the weekend! The boyfriend will be pleased.

  2. HoneyB 2

    I’ve never seen anything like this one! Looks awesome. Who could resist a toasted marshmallow??

  3. I could go for this for dinner also Cathy.

  4. This looks crazy! Something I definitely need to try.

  5. Laura 5

    My mother is a freak for marshmallows.
    I will pass this on to her!

  6. Kate 6

    Crazy good looking.

  7. I saw these on Top Chef a couple years ago. The guy, Richard Blaze, has a restaurant here in ATL that we went to and guess what they serve…Toasted Marshmallow Milkshakes! It was soooooo good. Thanks for the recipe.

  8. Tammy 8

    Oh man! I wish I could drink milk, those look incredible!

  9. June 9

    Oh no – I think I’m in love! Same old story – why do we always want what we can’t have?

  10. I am making these tonight I think!

  11. We VERY rarely have dessert either, and I completely understand the craving. I’d make an exception for this one too!-LeslieMichele

  12. Katrina 12

    How totally yum and fun! Can I come to your house for dinner?

  13. Trisha 13

    Who knew you could do that? These sound terrific!

  14. Lord. Have. Mercy.

  15. Barbie with a T 15

    Even though hubby and I are under the weather, however we are still enjoying your recipes. Something warm and soothing like this drink is just what we need!

  16. Janine 16

    OMG!!! These sound heavenly!!!

  17. Sour cream? Wow, that is interesting. I might just have to give these a whirl this weekend for the youngin’s.

  18. Julie 18

    I think I’d have a hard time getting those marshmallows from the pan to the shakes without jumping into my mouth! I really had no idea you could toast marshmallows under the broiler. This could be life changing!

  19. Biz 19

    Holy cow! Um, pretty sure that is insulin worthy!!

    Happy Friday Cathy! Hope you have a great weekend.

  20. These look great… I am thinking Fall haul the blender out to the firpit and everyone has one… topped with their own toasted marshmallow

  21. Krista 21

    I recently watch “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” on the Food Network and saw this milkshake. I thought it sounded oh so good, but wasn’t feeling motivated to try and figure it out. Thanks for doing it for me! My kids thank you too!

  22. Bob 22

    Oh dear. Those sound wicked fricking good. Hm, a sprinkle of crushed graham cracker and some chocolate syrup and you’d have a s’more shake…

  23. elra 23

    Beautiful spiky marshmallow!

  24. Barbara 24

    Well, I sure copied that one in a hurry!
    Sour cream is an interesting ingredient!
    Will try it very soon.

  25. sharon 25

    thank goodness for sugar and indulgence!

  26. Sook 26

    Wow look at those marshmallows. They look perfect! My hubby would love this recipe, I think. Yummy.

  27. Mrs. L 27

    I think I just swooned. No seriously. Swooned.

  28. David 28

    looks amazing… but what does the sour cream add ?

  29. These look incredible! I’m imagining the flavor and really just need to go and make one.

  30. Wow wow wow! This must be one of the coolest milkshakes I’ve seen! Can’t wait to try it!

  31. Lisa 31

    What fun! The best part is that your marshmallows look so perfectly toasted. I never could understand how people could char their marshmallows in the fire and then eat them. The flavor must bring back so many memories.

  32. Marjie 32

    Add a little chocolate ice cream, and you’ve got s’mores in a glass! Brilliant!

  33. UNBELIEVABLE! You have to be the best mom EVER! Must try that for sure. And, now I have a new way to roast marshmallows when I get the urge at home. Brilliant!


  34. Lea Ann 34

    I love your slider’s recipe. I’ve served it a couple of times and people always ask for the recipe. And now, let’s talk about this milkshake – YUM

    Thanks Cathy

  35. Velva 35

    Holy cow! The toasted marshmallow milkshake looks absolutely divine! I would have never thought of this flavor combination-Darn good. good. Served up with a good hamburger, over the top!

  36. Mary 36

    I now know for sure your intent is to kill me. This is such a temptation. This recipe was a great find, Cathy. I can almost taste it as I read the recipe.

  37. Nichole 37

    When I saw this I actually giggled. Spike’s Good Stuff eatery is only a couple of blocks from my home in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of DC. While I’m not a huge fan of his burgers, I stop in at least once a month for one of these.

    Glad that you’re bringing the deliciousness to folks not lucky enough to have one of these whenever they’d like!

  38. Lena in VT 38

    Brilliant roating the marshmallows under the broiler!! This sounds amazing, wow. I must make it.

  39. pam 39

    OMG! Roasted marshmallows is one of my favorite flavors! I have to try this!

  40. How fun! My kids would love this one!

  41. Lisa Sipple 41

    Wowzer, my kind of treat. This sounds amazingly, amazing.

  42. I like the toasted marshmallows! and sour cream? I have to try that.

  43. Melynda 43

    Sometimes a person just wants fun food! This fills the bill!

  44. The shake looks great! But what I really am glad that I found is the recipe for the sliders. These are too easy and look so good. Will be making these soon. Thanks!

  45. Penny Wolf 45

    I made these using homemade marshmallows
    OH my dear! I will make these again. I couldn’t believe how it really makes you want fries and a burger. Thank you!

  46. grace 46

    i heard about this delightful concoction some time ago but i haven’t brought myself to try it yet. i think i’m afraid i’ll become addicted and never look back. :)

  47. Wow, this looks incredible! Sour cream is definitely not an ingredient I would expect to see in a milkshake recipe…interesting…

  48. You’ve NO idea how tempted I am to create some of these RIGHT THIS MINUTE! I keep telling myself that I’m going to make Rice Krispie Treats with the bag of m’mallows in my pantry but now…now I’m not so sure about that!

  49. Yum! What a great idea!

  50. ingrid 50

    Oh my goodness those are even better looking than I imagined! Probably about a year ago I read an article about this milk shake but there wasn’t a photo that went along with it. I’ve been haunted of it ever since. I will be even more so now!

    I’m making homemade marshmallows for valentine’s and thought to give this a try. After seeing your photos I definitely will. Thanks! :)

  51. Jill 51

    OMG I made these tonight and they were dEEEvine!!! Thanks so much for a delicious new take on the ubiquitous vanilla shake.

  52. spondee 52

    Ok. Bear with me for a moment.

    Martini glass swirled inside with melted chocolate. Rimmed in crushed graham cracker. Absolut Vanilla vodka in the milkshake – in the martini glass. Garnished by a mini toasted marshmallow.


    I must have it.

  53. Hannah 53

    I am having one right now! They are DELICIOUS, but very fattening… I guess you have to spoil yourself sometimes =)

  54. Suzette 54

    I used to love a toasted marshmallow milkshake from a certain place in NYC. It’s closed now. I mourned its loss, not knowing where I would get another. Now I know how to make ’em! Thrilled to have these instructions!


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