Feta Pepper Dip

Salty feta cheese and peperoncini give this Feta Pepper Dip a pop. It will wow your friends and family on game day or any day you choose to serve it.

Wow, I was exhausted yesterday. Somehow the kid's first day at school wore me out. I'm not sure how that happened since all I did was sit around and wait for them to come home while I talked a bunch of jibber-jabber on Facebook.

By mid-afternoon I was tired. Doing nothing can suck the life out of you. I decided I only had enough energy to make dip for dinner. So I whipped up this Feta Pepper Dip

However, as the dinner hour quickly approached, the responsibility of being a mother and a wife extinguished my extreme lack of motivation. I am happy to report the best grilled chicken and gorgonzola salad made it to the table along with this awesome dip.

Here's what I love about it...the salty feta, with the slight heat of the peperoncini and the tang of the lemon zest make a tasty little treat. The end all is to scoop it up with barbecue chips. The barbecue chips are really a must here, the sweetness of them adding another layer of flavor.

But I'm also thinking this would be some kind of heaven slathered on a grilled lamb burger. That just might be lunch for us today.

Oh yeah, this dip comes together in a snap so no reason to not make it right up.

Blend feta cheese, mayonnaise, and cream cheese in a food processor until smooth, scraping down sides of bowl periodically.

Fold in sliced peperoncini's, green onions, lemon zest and black pepper. Transfer to a serving dish and chill dip for at least one hour before serving.

Drizzle dip with extra-virgin olive oil.

Make sure to serve with a sturdy, barbecue chip and our crisp and delicious Noble Pig Pinot Gris for the perfect wine pairing.

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Feta Pepper Dip

Recipe from: NoblePig.com | Serves: 2 cups


  • 8 oz feta cheese, crumbled
  • 8 oz cream cheese, softened
  • 1/2 cup mayonnaise
  • 1/2 cup peperoncini, sliced
  • 1/4 cup green onion, sliced
  • 1/2 teaspoon lemon zest
  • black pepper to taste
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • barbecue chips (thick sliced with ridges are the best)


  • Blend feta cheese, mayonnaise, and cream cheese in a food processor until smooth, scraping down sides of bowl periodically.
  • Fold in sliced peperoncinis', green onions, lemon zest and black pepper. Transfer to a serving dish and chill dip for at least one hour before serving.
  • Drizzle dip with extra-virgin olive oil. Make sure to serve with a sturdy, barbecue chip.

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  1. You are sure right about the “doing nothing can suck the life out of you” ! Boy oh boy is that true. Waiting for your two precious sons to come home from the first day of school can do that to a Mom!

    Your recipe is just what I need for tomorrow. I have everything in the recipe and since a big part of my day will be spent babysitting precious grandchildren, I think an easy and tasty recipe for dinner , THIS recipe, is perfect!

  2. Now THAT’S a dip looks tasty. Not bad for a lazy woman. Love the pics.

  3. I hear you, dear. Somehow we always pull ourselves together and put a good meal on the table. I resorted to a rotisserie chicken last night myself. But, that dip–yummy … love that third photo. Will have to use a different chip as most barbecue chips have wheat.


  4. You are too funny. I can’t imagine you without energy…ever. I think this might be a first that I can remember!!

    You will get use to it in no time!

  5. That looks delicious! And I’ve never eaten feta cheese. But it looks soooo good.

  6. I love feta!! I bet that dip is delicious.

  7. Barbie with a T 7

    I must go out and buy some barbecue chips today! That made my taste buds tingle even as I was just having my first cup of coffee of the morning. I think that is a very interesting dip. I always have those ingredients on hand, also. My hubby will love it for happy hour. Thanks.

  8. lol…this dip is great for a lazy day =P

  9. deeba 9

    This is just my kind of dip…yum yum yum! Fab flavours Cathy!

  10. Oooo you did it! This looks so good. I’m so making this soon!

  11. Katrina 11

    FB can cause issues! ;)
    Makes me lazy.
    Yummy dip. Ooh, I haven’t had a BBQ chip in a LONG time–once I start eating them, there’s no stopping!

  12. Lea Ann 12

    Fabulous pictures. Looks delicious. I have created a little folder named “Pig” in my inbox and have saved almost all of your recipes there. I really like your selections. I think I’ll prepare this recipe for our first Bronco game. Thanks Cathy

  13. Julie 13

    Looks great…I’ve never had a feta dip before. I’d say it’s time!

  14. Trisha 14

    Hopefully the second day of school won’t be quite so exhausting.

    You had me with the dip until the peppers – can’t stand them. However, the dip looks yummy!

  15. Marjie 15

    I think it’s the change of routine, as in the first day of school, that wears us out. Don’t worry; you’ll all be fine in a couple of days!

  16. dawn 16

    I would have NO self-control on this dip Cath. Zero.

  17. I am scared. Very scared. And I think I just gained three pounds. Thanks.

  18. Pam 18

    It was strange not having my daughter around yesterday – she started first grade. I still have my little guy so he keeps me busy. This dip looks amazing, so do the chips. Mmmmm.

  19. Paula 19

    Ah, I, too, was exhausted yesterday … mentally and physically! Getting up early because we have to vs. we want to is the kicker for us! This dip would surely pick me up, though! Never had anything like it before … that will be remedied today! :-)

    PS: How did the boys first day at their new school go?

  20. Flea 20

    Man! That looks good. Only problem is I’d have it all eaten before the kids got home.

  21. dawn 21

    This is killer, seriously killer. Sounds great with lamb too.

  22. Ramona 22

    Sounds like one of our dinner’s. We eat dip for supper all the time.


  23. Nice! It would be good on a variety of things, including a sandwich as a spread.

  24. Misty 24

    YUMMY! This looks delicious Cathy!!!

  25. Biz 25

    You had me at pepperoncini!!

    Lord have mercy – I am going to have to make a lower fat version of this – I’ll let you know how it turns out!!

  26. Mary 26

    This does look delicious, Cathy. I agree that it would be wonderful with lamb. I can’t wait to try this.

  27. elra 27

    Delicious recipe, definitely a keeper!

  28. Lynda 28

    I’m going to have to make this; it just looks too tempting to let it pass! Thanks!

  29. Yum! I love peppercinis in just about anything, and feta too?! Forget about it! :0) This is just amazing!

    Your photos are fabulous too!

  30. Debbie 30

    The dip looks delicious. I will have to try this. I love Cuisine at Home magazine. They have never failed me yet!!!

  31. Yet another winner!! OH MY looks incredible – cannot wait to make this as I love giving you lots of credit because you make me look good to the peoples!

  32. That looks beyond yummy!

  33. Melynda 33

    Double yum, feta and Pepperoncini slices. Hard work like your day, does deserve hearty delicious food! It was first day for granddaughter also, she explained that she does indeed go back tomorrow.

  34. Laura 34

    Never mind the chips, I agree the lamb burgers sound perfect!

  35. LilSis 35

    As much as I love feta, I have never made a dip with it! This looks amazing! How the heck am I ever going to lose a few pounds? Sweets, I can resist, but chips and dip, never!

  36. Marni 36

    the dip looks tasty. Do you think it would be good with bacon or paprika chips? We recently moved to central Europe, and there seems to be no such thing as bbq chips.

  37. Al W 37

    I’m glad you specified BBQ chips, I think the flavor will be a nice base for the dip. Call me crazy, but I think Lay’s KC Masterpiece BBQ chips are the perfect match for Pinot Noir. Try it before you laugh. Thank you, Al W

  38. I have had dinners like this too. And you know what- they have been some of the best. Dip for dinner is a good thing!

  39. KAYOLA 39

    I can ALWAYS count on you to make my mouth water……YOU ARE AMAZING…I don’t know how you accomplish ALL you do……..

  40. Wow–I wish I had that for dinner tonight! I will add that to my Must Try list!

  41. Liz C. 41

    This is perfect! I just bought one of those big tubs of feta @ Sam’s Club & the mister has been asking me what I plan to do with it. Now I know… Thanks Cathy!

  42. Lisa 42

    Cute post. I quite agree. And the dip looks good. You had me right up until you said mayonnaise. :-)

  43. Mrs. L 43

    Gosh. My husband doesn’t like feta. Nor does he like BBQ chips. So I really shouldn’t make this. Cuz I would be the only one eating it. And we can’t let that happen now can we? Snicker.

  44. Leslie 44

    made this for a new year’s eve party tonight. divinity.

  45. Dave 45

    I just ran into this recipe over at Mangos, Chili, and Z. Wow that looks good! We’re lucky enough to have a couple of stores that sell fresh feta and just picked up a pound the other day. It is definitely going in this dip. Thanks for sharing!

  46. Sue Godey 46

    Yummy! Was thinking as I read this that some oven baked yam fries or sweet potato fries dusted with smoky paprika would be a great sub for the bbq chips
    ! Another great recipe Cathy, your palate and creativity is amazing!


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