Graveyard Grub – Ghosts on a Stick

Tricky-treat-making during the month of October can be fun for the whole family, especially the kids. 

Yesterday afternoon we whipped these up in no time at all.  From start to finish they take only about ten minutes to put together. 

These Ghosts on a Stick are the perfect treat to bring to a Halloween Party.  With a delicious pear underneath the coating, everyone will appreciate this semi-healthy treat, especially parents.

So let’s make them up together, shall we…

Here’s what you will need:  Pears, Candiquik, almond bark or any white chocolate, mini chocolate chips and popsicle sticks.

First you’ll want to remove the stems from the pears and insert the popsicle sticks.

Prepare the Candiquik according to package directions or melt almond bark or white chocolate as you always do.  I like to use Candiquik because it hardens very quickly and is easy for the kids to pour over the pear.  Set each pear on waxpaper to dry.

Before the coating or chocolate completely drys, decorate with mini-chocolate chips for the eyes.  

Enjoy the ghosts, you will love them.

Ghosts On A Stick
Inspired by Frightfully Fun Halloween Cooking

4 Ripe pears, stems removed
1 Tray of Vanilla Candiquik or 18 ounces almond bark or regular white chocolate*
Mini Chocolate Chips
Popsicle sticks

Wash and dry pears.

Remove stems from pears and insert popsicle sticks.

Prepare Candiquik according to package directions or melt almond bark or white chocolate accordingly.

Scoop Candiquik or other chocolate over the pear until completely covered.  Place on waxpaper to dry.  Decorate with mini chocolate chips for eyes.  Repeat with remaining pears.

Refrigerate until firm and ready to serve.

*Candiquik can be found at a super WalMart store in the baking aisle or ordered online.


I love Halloween figurines, especially wooden ones.  All of my figurines have been picked up at quaint little shops here and there.  Some in Mendocino where we vacation or in San Clemente where I used to live.  The pumpkin clown on the right is a Paul Gordon piece.  I love his work and purchase it whenever given the chance.  For a frame of reference, the largest piece in the middle is about 7 inches tall.

I love this pumpkin man.  It is also a Paul Gordon figurine.  For me it’s just so whimsical and different than most Halloween decor I’ve found.  This one is about 10 inches tall.

These are some of my wooden Halloween witches.  I think the pencil witch on the left was the first one I ever purchased.  I also love the two smaller ones holding their toads.  The largest witch is about twelve inches in height.

These little wooden pieces roll when pulled by their strings.  They are about three inches tall.  I have had them forever but can’t remember where I bought them.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing these as much as I enjoyed showing them to you!

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  1. Deeba 1

    Love your halloween figurines Cathy. have really enjoyed looking at the detailing on each one of them; what a great collection you have. And the little pear ghosts are too sweet for words! Adoreable & ever so creative!

  2. I’m really not a fan of Halloween stuff. Except costumes. Who doesn’t love to dress up? That pumpkin man riding the crow is too crazy, though, which means I absolutely *love* him!

  3. The pear treats look tasty. I have a lot of pears fresh from our orchard and now I will buy the necessary ingredients to make the treats. I too am not a fan of a lot of Halloween stuff, but very much like the pumpkin man on a crow!Hmmm, what exactly do I find so appealing about him ? Oh well,I am enjoying your pictures…inspires me to show my Christmas Christmas, that’s a holiday I really get into.

  4. HoneyB 4

    Grumpy would so love this as he is a pear and white chocolate fan!

    You were the inspiration for my new header! :)

  5. Laura 5

    I was going to humbly request that every now and then you do a recipe for those of us who are “challenged” in the kitchen.
    Pears and icing…right up my alley.
    You read my mind.
    Thank you.

  6. Leslie 6

    I have that Halloween cookbook as well! Cute cute stuff!

  7. Laura 7

    THose pear ghosties are adorable! And like so many others I really like the pumpki head guy on the crow thats just TOO cool!

  8. Becky 8

    Those ghosties look so simple to make and they are adorable. I’d almost hate to eat them.
    You weren’t kidding about loving Halloween! Me too!

  9. omg how adorable. You have the most amazing ideas! =D

  10. Marcy 10

    Not a big pear lover, but those sure are cute!

  11. Katie 11

    Those are so cute!! What does that candy stuff taste like?

  12. Too cute! I love all your Halloween decorations. Your house must be so much fun on Halloween!

  13. Leah Q 13

    Now somewhere I missed your post on Halloween being your fave holiday, and to boot, I haven’t any kids :-( – but with all that aside, I simply love these great looking parent-friendly boo desserts- how cute is that?!? – And I too think the pumpkin man on the crow is wild – love all the details…Your collection so far is amazing, I always look forward to seeing what comes next.

    I am in awe of you and your fun you share with your kids during this time of the year – I agree with the other kids, you ARE the best mom in the world! lo

  14. annbb 14

    Those “ghosts” are just adorable. And I love that pumpkin man riding the pumpkin.

  15. Steph 15

    Those ghosts are so cute! I love that they use pears and are still considered a treat!

  16. Those are so cute! I’ve never heard of Candiquick before–I must check that out!

    The pumpkin man ridng the crow is SO cool!!

  17. Marjie 17

    Your pear ghosts are great! And who doesn’t like semi-healthy treats: nowhere near as much guilt in letting the kids have fun!

  18. I know your collection must be huge if you are showing us more than one photo today…wink….Love the little ghosties too:D

  19. What a fun way of feeding fruit to the kids, Cathy!

  20. Teri 20

    Adorable Ghost Pears… Vintage decorations are my favorites! You’re house must just be completely amazing! You’re so fun! Your’s is the first thing I look at in the morning! Keep it COMIN’! I can’t wait till tomorrow!

  21. Love the ghosts. They look really EASY. Which we all know I like.

  22. Those are the cutest things ever! I love them, and would feel sad eating something so adorable!

  23. Those are adorable! I have never seen them before. And I still say your boys are so lucky to have you!

  24. Um…now I want you to post pictures of the kids after they’ve eaten the ghosts.


  25. ELRA 25

    When I saw the first photograph, I didn’t they were real edible treat. you are one talented mom.

  26. Deborah 26

    How fun are these!?! I’ve been wanting to make some Halloween treats, and these are too cute!

  27. Pam 27

    I know what I am bringing to our friends Halloween party! Great idea – thanks for the recipe. Loving your Halloween goodies.

  28. Shelly 28

    Those ghosts are too damn cute.

  29. Daziano 29

    Hi!!! I’m in love with your pear ghosts! You really love Halloween!!

    This weekend here in Canada it’s Thanksgiving, so nothing about Halloween yet…

  30. krysta 30

    dang woman, martha has nothing on you!

  31. sharon 31

    Can ghosts be adorable? I think yours are. I can just imagine if I were a kid, I’d lick off all the sweetie goodness and ditch the pear :) Now, I’d take a big bite out of those!

  32. ALF 32

    At first the pear ghosts were scary but as I scrolled down they became cuter.

  33. Liz C. 33

    I do love all your Halloweenie decorations. I miss the days when I used to make spooky treats for all the kids. Yours are absolutely adorable.

  34. Your house must be so much fun to grow up in! Those little ghosts are soo cute! They’re going on my office party list!

  35. Tanya 35

    Those are the cutest little ghosts ever! The neighborhood kids must love you at Halloween!

  36. The ghosts are adorable.

    But the decorations are the ultimate! Wow!

  37. melly~ 37

    ok, i thought it was a photo a day. i’m guessing you could post three or four every day and still not get through your halloween goodies. i’m -so- jealous!
    love all the Gordon pieces.

  38. Alisa 38

    What a great treat!

  39. I’ve spent the all day doing gosts sugar cookies! These are deninetly much healthier than my cookies and so cute! Gotta love a fat gost (that doesn’t make you fat)!

  40. You are such a Hallowe’en inspiration! You totally prompted my first Hallowe’en buy of the season, a ridiculously garish skeleton torso with a beating heart that lights up. I put it on the easy chair facing my front windows. I don’t want to imagine what the neighbors think of us…

  41. Helloooooooooo! I love these ghosts. They are so creative. Thanks for sharing such a clever idea and all the Halloween decorations. I am sharing them with my nieces too.

  42. dawn 42

    Ok those are cute. What a great idea. I am so impressed by how many Halloween figurines you have. Do you have enough figurines to last till Halloween photo day 31? Whoa!

  43. Paula 43

    These are the most clever Halloween treat I’ve seen! I really mean that! I’ve hosted a huge Halloween party for years, so I’m up to snuff on Halloween treats, and these are wickedly, “spook”tacularly, fantastic!

  44. Shirley 44

    Finally, maybe pears will get equal time with apples (candy and caramel) for fall/Halloween! Very neat idea.

    I love the whimsical Paul Gordon figurine. I make “stuffed” pumpkins for Halloween gifts … not to trick or treaters (they would not be so appreciative), but to friends. They are pumpkins made of cloth with a stem, two leaves, and jack-o-lantern face. No two are exactly alike. Each year it seems I have a new crew to give them to. I used to make them for all my son’s teachers. They were great classroom decorations and I love them in my house.

    I’ve also made outdoor pumpkins out of metallic dryer vent hose. Very cute. Just form into a pumpkin shape, staple together, spray paint orange, and stick real leaves or fake “pumpkiny” leaves in the stem area.

  45. oooooppppps! I commented on the wrong post. and It might have really come out all wrong. I love the pig I do. Crap.

  46. i love the pear things. they look so cute!

  47. I think we will make some of those for Halloween. Where do you store all this stuff for the rest of the year?

  48. Tammy 48

    I love your decorations….I just haven’t had the energy to dig mine out, dust them off and put them out. I think I will hand them over to my adult daughter for her to display and the grandkids to enjoy.
    And great recipe for the ghosts..they are adorable!! Thanks for sharing ~~

  49. pam 49

    Those ghosts are great, they look like something even I could manage. I love the pumpkin guy on the raven!

  50. I want to live at your house during halloween (with a comment like that, aren’t you glad we have a pond between us?)
    My guys and I are going to make these little Ghosts on a stick– that has got to be the cutest Halloween treat ever!!! Sending the shopping list with the hubby in the morning.

    Thank you.

  51. Maureen 51

    Wowza- those are great! I’m totally making them for our grown up Halloween party.

    Another cute little fun and easy Halloween treat is to take Nutter Butter cookies and dip them into white candy coating, then add the little mini chips for eyes.

  52. Kate 52

    Love that second one!!

    You are so cool with all your Halloween treaties!

  53. Lo! 53

    You are killing me with these kick-butt Halloween dishes!!

    What a great way to disguise a perfectly healthful pear :)

  54. You have fabulous Halloween decorations. How clever with the pears-all Halloween treats don’t have to be completely unhealthy, right?

  55. What a fun collection!

  56. shonda 56

    You are freakin’ awesome!

  57. Amber 57

    I think my favorite line is “So let’s make them up together, shall we…”. It feels like Mr. Rogers or or arobeics class. The ghosts are too cute. The look like storm troopers from Star Wars. Also, have you been to ‘Halloween and Vine’? I think it is in Petaluma.

  58. grace 58

    finally, a good use for pears. i don’t care for them plain, but drenched in white chocolate? sign me up!
    i’m loving the pumpkin man. i wish i had a bird to ride. :)

  59. Lore 59

    Using pear to make ghosts? I’m loving it!

  60. I LOVE THESE. I’m doing this one, I swear.

  61. Laura 61

    The pears are adorable! What a great idea!

  62. tipper 62

    Love the decorations-and the pears look yummy!

  63. Sandie 63

    These may be the easiest *ghosts* ever! And I love the Halloween figures in this post…cute, cute, cute!

  64. I bet your kids love it when you make those ghosts! SO cute!

  65. Melissa 65

    I have never met an adult so into Halloween. You’re awesome and your posts makes me giggle every day. Your kids are really lucky for it!

  66. Rita 66

    Cathy! Your lil’ ghosts are so adorable! and girl, you really areeee addicted to halloween decors! (i know you knew it) hehe

  67. Mikky 67

    looks like it’s gonna be a very fun halloween celebration up there… great post… :)

  68. Kevin 68

    Those pear ghosts on a stick look great! This is the first that I have heard of Candiquik candy coating. It sounds really interesting. I will have to look for it.

  69. Egghead 69

    Those are so cute and super easy to make. My grandkids will love these.

    I love Paul Gordon as well. Very cute collection.

  70. Janet 70

    I like the pear ghosts. I have pears, but they are the firm crisp kind. I don’t think I could use them for this recipe,they are too hard to bite into. Shucks.

  71. how cute! what a great alternative to caramel apples!

  72. Biz 72

    That is so funny, I am entering a contest where pears is the ingredient you have to use.

    I saw taffy apples in my office, and then I thought I could make ghosts our of pears!

    Imagine my surprise when I saw them here! Oh well, I thought I was original!

    Thanks for the recipe though!

  73. I’m in love with these! So adorable and so easy to make!


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