Tantalizingly Tangy Chili-Cheese Dogs

Did you know July is National Hot Dog Month?

I guess it makes sense since this is the month when
Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest takes place.  I think this year, fifty-nine hot dogs were eaten in 10 minutes and then an overtime round was required because of a tie.  Ack!  Fifty-nine dogs plus the tie-breaker round...no thanks!

We don't have hot dogs around here very often, but when we do, we like them slathered with chili and cheese.  And not just any chili, it has to be sweet and super tangy.  I love chili with cumin and cayenne but not on a hot dog. I prefer something that really forces my taste buds to stand up and salute.  This is why I came up with Noble Pig's Tantalizingly Tangy Chili-Cheese Dogs.  Hold me.

These chili-dogs have an amazing burst of flavor like you have never tasted before.  The tang gives you this awesome puckering sensation in your mouth but in a very good way.  It's not overpowering, it's just right.

But before we get to making them, there has been a lot of information written about Hot Dog Etiquette.  Didn't think it existed did you?  I feel it's important we peruse over some hot dog dogma to see if we agree or disagree with what the so-called hot dog experts are saying is the proper way to enjoy a wiener.


Dress the dog, not the bun.  Put the dog into the bun, then add toppings.

I always add the dog, then condiments, then toppings...always.  Wow, so far I'm a hot dog eating robot.

Apply condiments in this order: wet (mustard and chili), chunky (relish and onions), cheese, then spices.

I guess I agree with this hierarchy, but spices?  What spices?

Choose sesame seed, poppy seed or plain-white buns over too-fancy sun-dried tomato or basil buns.

Yeah, basil buns? No, not for me....no.  This I agree with.

Use paper plates and paper napkins when serving hot dogs.

Unless I'm serving 100 people, we will be eating off of real dishes, thank you.

Never, never, never use a fork to eat a hot dog.  Never.

Ummm, these people have never had me serve them a chili-cheese dog.  It's un-pick-upable.  (I think I just made that word up.)

Eat dogs in five bites or fewer.  For foot-longs, it is acceptable to take seven bites.

Not to be the bearer of bad news but hot dogs are one of the foods people choke on the most!  It doesn't dissolve.  Once stuck it's stuck.  It's the one food I will not leave my kids alone to eat.  The whole time I yell remind them to take small bites.

Ketchup on hot dogs is for kids.

This person is a total whack-job.  Ketchup is my third love after mayonnaise and butter.

Never take wine to a wiener roast.

Ha! I think we know I completely disagree with this one!

So there you have it, agree or disagree with any of them?

Now let's get these dogs on the table, shall we?

Here is what you'll need:  Ground beef, hot dogs, buns, kidney beans, extra sharp cheddar cheese, Onion powder, chili sauce, yellow mustard, chili seasoning, fresh lemon juice, white onion, buffalo wing sauce, water and Worcestershire sauce.

In a skillet over medium heat, brown 1 pound of extra-lean ground beef.

Once the meat is browned add 1 bottle chili sauce, 8 ounces kidney beans, 1 packet chili seasoning, 1/2 cup water, 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce, 2 Tablespoons yellow mustard, 2 Tablespoons buffalo wing sauce, 1 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice and 1 teaspoon onion powder.

Incorporate all the ingredients into the meat and bring to a boil. Turn down the heat to low and simmer for 15 minutes.

Cook hot dogs according to package directions or throw on the grill.

Place cooked hot dogs in the buns and top with chili, onion and cheese.

Build them up really high and serve with a fork and knife.

Don't forget to serve them on real dishes.  Everyone will think you are so classy.

Honestly, I can't stop looking at these pictures. 

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Tantalizingly Tangy Chili-Cheese Dogs

Recipe from: Created by Cathy Pollak for NoblePig.com | Serves: 8


  • 1 lb ground beef, 85-90% lean
  • 1 bottle (12 oz) chili sauce
  • 1 can (8 oz) kidney beans
  • 1 packet (1.48 oz) chili seasoning
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 2 Tablespoons buffalo wing sauce
  • 2 Tablespoons yellow mustard
  • 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • 8 beef hot dogs
  • shredded, extra sharp cheddar cheese
  • finely chopped white onion


  • In a large skillet using medium heat, brown the ground beef. Add chili sauce, kidney beans, chili seasoning, water, buffalo wing sauce, yellow mustard, Worcestershire sauce, fresh lemon juice and onion powder. Bring to a boil. Simmer on low heat for 15 minutes.
  • Cook hot dogs according to their package directions.
  • Place each hot dog in its bun and smother with chili, onion and cheese.

Okay, the gratuitous bitten hot dog shot.  Had to do it.  Sue me.


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  1. Alan 1

    I am making no personal comment here but looking at the recipes that come from this blog and many others, I am not surprised that USA has become the most obese nation on earth

  2. Lori 2

    Hey Cathy!
    Buffalo wing sauce? Genius. :)

  3. Nell 3

    Be still my heart!

  4. ntsc 4

    I think the rule author has a screw or two loose. I’ll admit I don’t put catsup on hot-dogs, or anything, but that is because I don’t like catsup. I did try a catsup at a resturant that they had made and it was good. So I’ll be making it again this fall.

    The recipes here and on similar blogs are not the reason for obesity. Contrary, the people who use these tend to avoid fast food. A hot dog may be fast food, but when you made it yourself, and I do, you know what is in it.

  5. I guess my Helen Mirren body will have to be put on hold yet another day…

  6. Max 6

    Made my mouth water at 6:30 this morning! You are so hill-arious! I think Alan should have some more wine and take a chill pill.

    Happy National Hot Dog month!

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with for National Pickle Week (I Love pickles!)…

  7. I know this is going to sound totally un-American…but I LOATH hot dogs. I can’t stand the smell, the taste, anything.

    I do however, LOVE chili and that recipe looks so good. I would totally eat that…you could have my hot dog. ;)

  8. My family is like yours, we don’t eat hot dogs very often, but when we do, we do it up. Those look amazing!

  9. Tipper 9

    Makes me want hotdogs for supper!

  10. WOW Cathy! You can make anything look good!

  11. I have yet to meet a ketchup I didn’t like! Or a hot dog! Put them together… harp music. I do like your chili recipe… and that was some great food porn!

  12. So, what wine would you recommend with these dogs?

    That chili topping does sound good. I bet the hot wing sauce really adds some kick. I think I’ll have to try it. Ooh, I wonder what a red, hot, and bleu dog would be like. Is that just wrong?

    As for the rules, I agreed with most of your comments about them. Ketchup (or catsup) is often overused, but it just belongs on a hot dog. I don’t put it on a chili dog, though.

    Are you picky about what kind of dogs you buy? Those look like pretty good quality. I don’t like the cheap-o squishy dogs. They cause an immediate gag reflex. I do like the Sam’s beef franks that come 80 to a box, and they are a good price. I also like some of the turkey dogs, Ball Park, and Hebrew National, but HN is a bit pricey for a dog.

  13. Trisha 13

    Okay – note to self – DON’T read Noble Pig’s blog when I am hungry!

    That hot dog looks fabulous! I like hot dogs once in a while almost burnt on the grill. There is something about that crispy skin they get that I really like. However, I might change my mind about that for your delectable looking dogs!

  14. I’m a huge fan of the chili-cheese dog (in moderation, of course!) and I will definitely try your recipe–it sounds amazing!!

    And, yeah, a lot of what theat “hot dog expert” said doesn’t work for me. Especially the large bite thing. Like you, I’m constanstly saying “take small bites! Chew it up!” if my kids are eating hot dogs!

  15. Kiki 15

    Lordy… too early for me to want a hot dog. But I do!

    Great as usual.

  16. Now that looks great but I want my hot dog grilled then placed on a bun with strawberry jam and sweet pickle relish added.And of course diet coke to drink. A perfect meal.

  17. giz 17

    Who knew hot dogs were such a complex culinary adventure.

  18. Helen 18

    I love the way you take hot dogs seriously in the US – it’s brilliant! Is this a chilli daaawg?! I can’t stop looking at your pictures either and I totally agree about the bun – it’s got to be a plain and simple one and soft at that. Yum!

  19. Harmony 19

    I love me a hot dog with chili on it…thanks for they tangy recipe!!

  20. Chili cheese dogs are one of my favorite foods! Yours look so fabulous, Cathy!

  21. We had A LOT of hot dogs growing up so now, I very rarely have them if I’m not in a baseball park. What is it about baseball hotdogs that makes them taste so much better than anywhere else? But I like my dogs absolutely plain – dog and bun and nothing else. Yes, I am the weirdo in my family:)

  22. Keep them comming Cathy! The veggans and the soy eaters and etc can read other blogs.

  23. Mike 23

    You have left out the most important part of this post, but I’ll just assume its true: surely you ate these in 5 bites or less? Otherwise the hot dog police must be notified post-haste! lol, these look great though–its been ages since I’ve had hot dogs, and covered in chili is the only way to do it

  24. Egghead 24

    Oh why do I look at your blog so early in the morning? Now I must go make a chili dog for breakfast. The farmer will know now that I a certifiable nuts. Never saw a chili dog I didn’t like but these look fantastic.

  25. Leah 25

    Hot Dogs Rule – You go hot dog girl! and right on with the ketchup….personally I am a burn that hot dog baby, love ’em a but burnt. Your recipe here for the hot dog chili sounds amazing….sssh don’t tell a soul, I have never had chili on my dogs, I will just have to try yours!

    And if anyone is curious, I have a fun way to serve up hot dogs for your kids when they are off to school in the fall – so they go to school with a warm lunch: link to dinner-and-jam.blogspot.com

  26. Lori 26

    oh, mama! holy schmoly, i’ve got to have some of that right now. that looks like a great hot dog chili recipe, i’m putting this in my bookmarks, alongside all your other recipes.

  27. Rayrena 27

    Holy shnikees! I think hot dogs for breakfast is a stellar idea! As far as the ‘rules’ are concerned, I think ketchup is okay of you’re having mustard or relish, although ketchup AND relish seems mighty sweet. I love ketchup and mustard though, they balance each other so well.

    With regards to the cheese being on top? Well, I’m a double cheeser. A little UNDER the chili so you get a melty cheesy layer then more on top, for an instant hit of cheese upon biting!

    I also have to argue with the wine aspect. A yummy fizzy lambrusco would be great with the chili dog. It gives the same palate cleansing effect of a soda. Just stay away from Riunite. Especially on ice…

  28. Bren 28

    i went to an atlanta braves game last night and my cousin’s girlfriend ordered a hot dog. can i tell you, for $7 that thing needed to have been made of some salmon lox and homemade ketchup and mustard, at least. it wasn’t even attractive.

    i think imma try urs!! Nice job! And I’m glad to be back. I’ve been out of visiting for about 2 weeks now with all that was going on. Thanks so much for th e support!

  29. laura 29

    well now i know exactly what to make for someone’s birthday dinner. thanks!

  30. I love hot dogs! But I never buy them for home – it’s one of those foods I’m embarrassed to admit I love! But if I’m at a BBQ and somebody else serves them – I’m there, baby!

  31. Mrs. L 31

    Sure beats the Costco hot dogs I had last week (thought those are pretty dang good for so cheap).

  32. Hot dog month? Hot Dog etiquette???

    Cathy, I’m not a big hot dog guy, but you now have me craving them in a BAD way…

  33. HoneyB 33

    Oh, I’m a droolin’! We love chili dogs! Your recipe for the chili on the dog sounds awesome and we will try it for SURE!

  34. jancd 34

    I guess he didn’t read the part about your family not eating hot dogs very often.

  35. pam 35

    I am wanting one (or two) of these so bad right now!

  36. Those looks so yummy!! We just had a debate on a Mommy board I’m on about chili with noodles vs. no noodles…I didn’t know people hadn’t heard of chili with noodles before.

  37. Jill 37

    You are an evil, evil woman. And to think I was planning on salad for dinner.

  38. I just adore a good hotdog – always have – and while your recipe looks incredible, I’ll probably never make it.

    The one and only chili-cheese dog I’ve ever eaten – and let me tell you I adored/loved/purred over every single bite – I ate when I was 7 1/2 months pregnant. Let’s just leave it that my suffering was immediate, immense and horrifying. Not the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

    Maybe someday I’ll get over the memory…(sigh).

    It really does look delicious. And anything in moderation (well, maybe not crack-cocain) is perfectly ok!

  39. They look great…..minus the onions.
    Had a few hotdogs with onions years ago when preggo…got sick….havent ate onions on them since. I know…issues.


  40. Ruthanne (in Seattle) 40

    yumm Cathy! I love Hebrew Nationals and willingly pay the price at Trader Joe’s. I have made your red potatoes (sliced on the wooden spoon) twice now and finished them on the grill instead of in the oven. They are terrific and quite popular with my teenage girls and their friends! Thanks for a great recipe! Can’t wait to try the chili recipe.

  41. salivating. You don’t have to tell me to celebrate Hot Dog month! My kids, their mother is nuts and she cuts the dog down the middle so it won’t get stuck. Hubby refuses to do it.
    Oh, and which wine goes with hot dogs, anyway?

  42. dawn 42

    Thank goodness you used Hebrew National Hot Dogs.
    I don’t like chili on my dogs (please still love me?), but I do love anything else on them (not ketchup though). And some extra cheese please? Thank you.
    I will have a very cold beer with mine and a wedge of lime in there. I should be all set then, no, wait, I will take some cheddar fries as well. You with me? Still there?

  43. LextheMom 43

    Even if I only adopt your recipe for the chili – man-o-man! Delectable! My kids are hotdog lovers & I am a split down the middle mom, too. I use kosher dogs, too, they taste really good. I can’t eat the others – ew!

  44. Marcy 44

    Oh Yea! I LOVE Chili cheese dogs! Has to have cheese. tons of cheese. No onions though tyvm.
    those look really good! Thanks for the recipe!

  45. Indigo 45

    Oh god. I want this too much. Too much to be allowed.

    I fear I must leave your blog now before I embarrass myself.

  46. Julie 46

    Those look seriously delicious! I will have to make them before summer is over! Thanks for sharing all of your delicious recipes. I am making your potatoes for my guy’s birthday.

  47. Gosh, your chili is ‘way different than what we use in West Virginia. No beans in ours!

    The mountain hotdog isn’t complete without slaw–that’s right, cole slaw.

    I remember my first mountain hot dog. I was at a farm auction and ordered a hot dog from the local church group that was handling refreshments. I was astounded to be handed a bun with a hot dog covered in chili and slaw. When I tasted it, I fell in love. I can’t imagine eating them any other way now.

  48. blair 48

    My notes on your post!

    I alternate between dressing the dog or the bun, really does this matter?

    Spices? I use celery salt, is that a spice?

    glad to know you make up words too!

    I think many hot dogs go really well with Pinot Noir… and everything goes well with Rioja (But that is my book).

    Your recipe looks yumm-o-licious!

  49. Karly 49

    Oh, dude. What are you trying to do to me? I am soooo picky about my hot dogs…they have to be Oscar Meyer regular old fashioned hot dogs. They stopped making them. And now I am hot dog-less. And then you post THIS. Thanks a lot.

  50. Thanks for the info about July! We’ve been eating hot dogs all month, yeah!
    Your first pictures just made me gasp…it’s so good!

  51. mindy 51

    Yowza! That’s one great-looking hotdog. How convenient that I’m leaving. right. now. for. the. market!!

  52. krysta 52

    no ketchup! it’s a culinary sin… other than that… perfect.

  53. Shirley 53

    Always slice my dogs partially lengthwise and partially slice into about every inch crosswise, which allows for better grilling (a.k.a. burning LOL) IMHO and also allows the toppings to get right into the center of the dog. No beans in my chili for dogs (otherwise, yes). I put enough onions in the chili so I don’t additional raw ones, but I do love the cheese on top. (DH can’t even eat a non-chili dog without cheese.) This is camping season for us so we grill dogs usually on Sunday afternoon before we head home. Today I just wasn’t in the moood for a dog, but perhaps if I’d read your post beforehand I would have been in the mood for some chili dogs! Maybe next Sunday while camping … Thanks, Cathy!

  54. Laura 54

    I believe in grilling hot dogs in the summer or eating them at sporting events. I do not believe in keeping them around and boiling or microwaving them–yech. I only put ketchup on mine–so sue me, I found perfection and never messed with it. :) I eat them in as small of bites as possible to keep myself from eating a second–and yeah the person who wrote the rules did not have small kids.

    Your hot dog is gorgeous and might lure me away from my ketchup only stance. :)

  55. I do everything wrong. I like to put my cheese on the chili first so it melts and I have been known to squeeze mustard on the bun as opposed to the dog itself as not to have a huge bite of mustard.

  56. Hot dogs are my biggest guilty pleasure! I adore them (they don’t always adore me)! The only thing better than a big, juicy hot dog is a big, juicy hot dog smothered in homemade chili, cheese and onions! A masterpiece!

  57. ELRA 57

    I love your site and love this post on hot dog. I am not a hotdog person, not because I dislike it, it just I don’t really see it often. In my life I’ve only eaten hotdog twice (that ashamed!), one was in NYC and the last one was this year, on the 4th of July. Plus we don’t have a hotdog stand in our neighborhood. And, when I saw your hotdog, I promise myself that I will make this tomorrow.

  58. These look yummy! Thanks for letting us know the rules – I always worried I was breaking some but wasn’t sure which . . .

  59. Rita 59

    oh mama! i gotta get me some of that! in australia, they add mashed potatoes and mashed peas on top…yummmmmmmmmmm

  60. ooh looks good I am glad i know the etiquette now although its pretty intuitive except spices.
    Those buns look very gourmet. I live in an in no way gourmet town so its hard to get those without maybe spending at tank of gas looking for something mildly resembling them. My husband has a bakery and he has some hot dog bun pans but he is too busy baking thousands and thousands of loaves per day to worry about making me some stupid gourmet hotdog buns…maybe for my anniversary just kidding

  61. grace 61

    this is food porn to the extreme. i usually just eat my weiners with lots of ketchup (i complete disagree with that “rule” of etiquette. ridiculous.) and mustard, but goodness gracious. i’ve never craved a chili dog so much in my entire life!

  62. Jeff 62

    I pretty much disagree with everything the buns yeah a good old fashion bun beats a basil hot dog bun (seriously has anyone actually ever seen a basil hot dog bun?).

    Those are some dang good looking chili dogs. I am drooling over here.

  63. Lo 63

    OK, now.
    Did you have to post those fantastic chili dawg photos? Now I’m drooling and yearning for one… at 8:30am. It’s not fair.

  64. Unbelievable. I’ve been trying to avoid hot dog eating for a few years now. I feel like all that hard work has just been undone. These photos are killing me. I made a similar meat topping last night, and have it left over! It would be perfect on a hot dog.

  65. AH! I am suddenly craving hot dogs. I am not just craving them. I HAVE TO HAVE ONE!!!!!!!!

  66. Hey … is that trick photography? Those dogs actually look GOOD (and I ummmmm … be polite … “dislike” hot dogs so intensely). Miss NP, you are a magician, it seems, as well as a clever writer and cook extraordinaire. : )

    What’s with the grumpy berry above who comes to a blog laden with good food and fine wine laced with abundant wit, and starts griping about obesity? He’s no fun! ; )

  67. Ok, tomorrow I’m coming over for lunch! They look so tasty!!!!!!

  68. Oh my, did she forget to include the disclaimer about having self-control at the table and then pushing away in order to go participate in an active life? Food doesn’t cause obesity … gluttony does. (Add a tv remote and a “diet” soda and you’re had!) Lighten up and enjoy the pics if for no other reason than they bring this “ick” food (in my book) to the level of art in these pics. (Hey, from ick to pic — are you smiling yet? No, then I better go spend my time on something productive … like vacuuming.)

    ~~Life’s too short to waste with a frown (plus, it gives you wrinkles)~~ : )

  69. sharon 69

    Hot dogs are one of those things that I’m a tad bit embarrassed to admit that I LOVE. Chili dogs remind me of tailgating in college. I wonder if we ever adhered to ANY type of etiquette back in those days?! :)

  70. Liz C. 70

    I make them the same way you do. Also, every time I make homemade chili, I put the leftover chili in a freezer container and leave in freezer until we have chili dogs. It’s so easy to just zap it in the microwave.

    Your pictures are always amazingly good & clear.

  71. Misty 71

    YUMMMMMMMMMY, you can make anything look good & fun to cook!

  72. Jeanine 72

    Your chili dogs look great! Love the hot dog etiquette. That is hilarious! Ketchup MUST be on a hot dog! :P

  73. marye 73

    I love chili dogs…except I prefer homemade buns…and I have been known to add a little chipotle to the dough when making them, hedonist that I am…
    other than that? Perfect.
    So, which rose goes with?

  74. Alisa 74

    There is nothing wrong with chili dogs. Nothing at all. The Boy’s baseball concession stand has the best dogs in the world. Mmmm…one reason to miss baseball.

  75. Flea 75

    Beans in hot dog chili? My kids would revolt. But it looks yummy! Outside of that, I’m with ya on all of it.

  76. Jody 76

    Oh…these look wonderful…maybe spices referring to Celery Salt/Seeds as in Chicago Dog?

    Thank you so much for the chili recipe -in my white trash upbringing we always ate the Wolf’s unless of course, my mom had leftover homemade chili to put on the dawg…Mmmm.yummy.

  77. leslie 77

    I smell HEARTBURN!

  78. Kevin 78

    Now that is what I call a hot dog!

  79. Cathy C 79

    I am a hoffy beef hot dog girl and I could easily marry them with your chili it really does look amazing.

    I personally cannot watch the Nathans contest as it really is nasty and I do not want to change my opinion of one of my favorite American past-times!!


  80. My husband would kill over these, Cathy. I mean it. :)

  81. rachel 81

    Oh mah holy hell woman. Yum. I am a firm believer in Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. If my house is still standing after this Dolly bitch gets through, I am soooo making these when I go home.

  82. Hey, you made me smile! When you laugh the world laughs with you and when you cry you cry alone.
    I don’t know if vacuuming could be considered productive on a beautiful day when you could be out and about!

  83. Maybe every now and then you can have these to celebrate with!

  84. Erika 84

    The hot dog looks great and I love all your pictures! I would drop my camera in the pan!

  85. Deborah 85

    I’m a hot dog/chili dog lover and this has my mouth watering! And I had no idea there was hot dog etiquette – of all things!

  86. Mmmm…I love hotdogs. When I was little, I put both ketchup and mustard on the, but now, I’m a just-mustard fan. I also love sauerkraut on there with the mustard. (unless there’s chili involved…then none of those…)

    Also, I actually prefer to dress the bun and then put the dog on…it keeps me from spilling everything all over. But, that’s just me. ;)

    I never cut up my own hotdog, but I always cut up Claire’s…and probably will until she’s about 16. :)

  87. Jenny 87

    Oh mercy, those look delicious!! I might even make ’em tonight!

  88. peabody 88

    I will not show this too my husband…he would have me making them tomorrow!

  89. Lore 89

    “Eat dogs in five bites or fewer. For foot-longs, it is acceptable to take seven bites.” – That’s hilarious :))…I should stop laughing or I’ll choke ;)
    The photos are killing me!

  90. Meg 90

    Oh my gosh…
    This makes me want a chili dog now and I mean NOW!

  91. Elle 91

    Oh my gosh. I need these now! For dinner!

  92. Those really are gorgeous photos! The dogs look great – a perfect summer dish.

  93. Anya 93

    Would you believe I’ve never had a chili dog? Yep. But in a few moments, all that will change! My chili is on simmer as we speak!! Thanks for posting the recipe!!

  94. those hot dogs look DELISH! i think i’m going to go back to eating meat right now. yum! found your blog through ‘stumble upon’ and will be back. :)

  95. that is a serious food porn shot of a well bitten chili dog….

    instant pavlov reaction no doubt

  96. Carlos 96

    Fantastic blog. Your recipes (and photography) are amazing!

  97. Robin404 97

    Thank you for this recipe, it was Amazing. I made them march 21 2009 for my roommates they were ecstatic. =)

  98. Tia 98

    OMG. I’ve been craving a good, messy chili cheese hot dog, and this chili recipe was perfection. Admittedly I omitted the buffalo wing sauce, but it was still delicious and exactly what I was hoping it would be. :-D

  99. I am buying a ticket to Oregon. Right now.


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