BBQ Bacon-Onion-Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

BBQ Bacon Onion Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich
I am so excited about this breakfast sandwich. I have been making it over and over this summer as well as many other versions in anticipation for back-to-school this coming Tuesday morning. It's so easy to fall into the rut of cereal for breakfast but with this I will be sending kids off with an effortless warm meal on school mornings.

When I was in Austin at Blogher Food this past June, I met the Hamilton Beach team and they were making sandwiches with this really cool Breakfast Sandwich Maker. It's the cutest, little compact machine. 

You place half of an English Muffin, croissant or bagel on the bottom with your choice of ingredients on top of the bread, then pour an egg into the egg plate and top with the other half of your bread. You can be really creative in what you choose to make up your sandwich. Close the machine and in five minutes you have the perfect breakfast sandwich. My kids absolutely love the different sandwiches I have come up with and my husband says he wants one at his desk. Ha-ha. I guess he'll need a refrigerated drawer too.

I am so excited to be giving away one of these cute little machines so that you too can be making your family these awesome sandwiches. And while it's called a breakfast sandwich maker, I use it for lunch and dinner too. 

BBQ Bacon Onion Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker
The machine itself is really compact and would fit easily into a deep drawer or on a cabinet shelf.

BBQ Bacon Onion Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich pull out egg plate
When the sandwich is done cooking the egg plate you see above slides out and the sandwich comes together as one. 

It is really easy to clean with its nonstick surfaces. I know you will enjoy having one of these in your kitchen. 

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BBQ Bacon-Onion-Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

Recipe from: Created by Cathy Pollak for | Serves: one sandwich


  • 1 English Muffin, sliced in half
  • 2 Tablespoons barbecue sauce, divided
  • 2 Tablespoons finely shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1 slice cooked bacon* sliced in half
  • 1 frozen onion ring, (thawed about 5 minutes and flattened slightly)
  • 1 large egg


  • Preheat Breakfast Sandwich Maker until green ready light comes on. Lift cover, top ring and cooking plate.
  • Spread half of English muffin with 1 Tablespoon barbecue sauce and place it in bottom ring of the Breakfast Sandwich Maker. Top with cheese, sliced bacon and onion ring.
  • Lower cooking plate and top ring. Spray cooking plate with a small amount of cooking spray. Add egg to cooking plate. Pierce yolk with a fork. Top with remaining English muffin that has been spread with another tablespoon of barbecue sauce.
  • Close cover. Cook 5 minutes. Rotate cooking plate handle clockwise until it stops. Lift cover and rings and carefully remove sandwich with a plastic spatula.
  • *I keep pre-cooked bacon in my refrigerator at all times. Costco's Kirkland brand is one you can microwave easily and use quickly for this sandwich. Otherwise cook up a double batch of bacon on the weekend and refrigerate for using in sandwiches during the week.
BBQ Bacon Onion Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich ready in five minutes

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Disclosure: Hamilton Beach gave me a sandwich maker to use, try out and review, as well as one for this giveaway. I was not compensated in any other way. 

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179 Comments and 2 Replies

  1. oh yes! we love taylor ham, egg and cheese!

  2. sara 2

    I have never really thought to, but my family would love it!

  3. D SCHMIDT 3

    I do make breakfast sandwiches often for my children because they enjoy them

  4. I love breakfast sandwiches!

  5. Gary 5

    Retired now and we need a quick easy way to make breakfasts – this appliance sounds like the perfect solution!

  6. this is an interesting contraption. it would be a hit in my household.

  7. Heather 7

    I make breakfast sandwiches at the beginning of each month and freeze them and take out as needed.

  8. Linda Cushman 8

    Would love to win this. What a cool item to have

  9. Debra Guillen 9

    I have never made breakfast sandwiches but my kids love getting them at Burger King. I would love to try making my own with this appliance.

  10. mary sampson 10

    Yes I do make breakfast sandwiches..yummmeee would love to win the HB sandwish maker…….

  11. paul 11

    Would love to have this for the kids.

  12. Sandy w 12

    Looks like a great little sandwich making machine.

  13. Joan 13

    Looks good. I’m not sure I need one, but my grand kids certainly do!

  14. John 14

    The recipe with the machine sounds great.

  15. Carole Resnick 15

    I would START making breakfast sandwiches if I had this machine

  16. Kathy 16

    I love breakfast sandwiches but don’t make them now. This little machine looks like it would be easy enough that I would be able to make one on the way out the door.

  17. Michelle Carter 17

    Ohmigosh I NEED one of these! This would be perfect for my husband to put on while he’s getting ready and then grab it on the way out!! I make him egg sandwiches all the time, now he can make them himself :D

  18. meg 18

    too cute…I want one!

  19. Allison 19

    I don’t ever make breakfast sandwiches, but I sure would if I had that cute little machine!

  20. Trisha 20

    Yes – I love making breakfast sandwiches, easy portable meals. I use whole wheat English Muffins or whole wheat tortilla wraps.

  21. Deborah 21

    Yes,we love breakfast sandwiiches, especially canadian bacon, egg & cheese!

  22. Diane OConor 22

    Perfect solution when the boys come home to visit … how much fun would it be come up with a buffet of ingredients and have everyone make their own…

    How nice of you to give us a opportunity to win one of these sweet sandwich making machine.

  23. Starla 23

    Very cuteI Hope your boys have a great first day of school on Tuesday!

  24. Lorna 24

    I don’t make breakfast sandwiches because it would require too much clean up, but with one of these machines I would become a fan!

  25. Shannon C 25

    Not for breakfast! But I would for dinner!

  26. Tim Blassingame 26

    I love breakfast sandwiches and will try this recipe soon.

  27. Carla Pullum 27

    Yes Love them!

  28. barbara n 28

    My kids love breakfast sandwiches and I love to make them too! This sandwich maker looks like a lot of fun!

  29. We love breakfast sandwiches! This BBQ egg and cheese sounds perfect!

  30. Judy 30

    I never make breakfast sandwiches but this looks so easy, I just might start!

  31. Julia C 31

    We rarely make our own breakfast sandwiches but frequently purchase them! Would be great to make our own at home!

  32. Lysa Sims 32

    My daughter and I love spending time in the kitchen creating and cooking together, when my time permits. I am a flight attendant, I have to prepare some meals ahead of time. Breakfast is especially important for any child’s brain food. I love sending my children off to school with a good HOT breakfast! We would love a GREAT machine for our breakfast sandwiches!

  33. Susan Willard 35

    We love breakfast sandwiches, especially my granddaughters. This breakfast sandwich maker looks awesome. Thanks for the opportunity.

  34. Vickie White 36

    I love breakfast sandwiches. This gadget would create endless possibilities.

  35. Stephanie 37

    I make egg & cheese sandwiches for my husband all the time

  36. Mary 38

    Made egg in the hole this morning!

  37. KB 40

    This looks fantastic!

  38. Brandee 41

    This looks so fun! I’m thinking my 14yr old would like it too.

  39. Marilyn 42

    Wow!!! This would be great to have. would love it.

  40. Kerrie 43

    Breakfast sandwiches are the bomb!!!!!

  41. Kate 44

    We love breakfast sandwiches, my son is ridiculously picky and egg s are one of the few things he will eat in the morning. One of my favorites is from Foodie with Family. Egg bake that you make ahead and freeze. Reheat and eat when needed :)

  42. Marsha H. 46

    My daughter loves to make breakfast sandwiches before school.

  43. TaraLee 47

    I make breakfast sandwiches every Sunday, usually with my little microwave egg cooker. I would love this machine! My son would make sandwiches every day!

  44. Sue Ellison 48

    No, but I buy them all the time, it would be nice to have this so I can make them easily at home.

  45. Jessie C. 49

    We make breakfast sandwiches all the time, love them!

  46. Marybeth 50

    Usually, a fried egg & cheese sandwich…been a fave since I was young…

  47. Gail Johns 52

    I love breakfast sandwiches and your recipes sound delicious!

  48. Becky Sherwood 54

    I love your recipes and am a big fan of breakfast sandwiches. Who knew there was this magical machine? Thanks for sharing.

  49. Mary Perkins 55

    Sounds like something I need! Kids would love this breakfast sandwich to eat on the 30 mile drive to school!

  50. Nataly Carbonell 56

    Yes,I usually make biscuits or croissant sandwiches

  51. STELLA ANN 57

    Looks like fun and tasty too.

  52. LauriM 58

    I just made a breakfast sandwich for supper last night. Biscuit, egg, and sausage!

  53. I usually make them for dinner! (not big on eating breakfast in the morning). :-)

  54. Jeff 60

    I make a breakfast sandwich almost every morning, I use a little skillet and a toaster oven, this machine looks a lot easier and your recipie sounds delicious.

  55. Carolyn 61

    I make breakfast sandwiches on Saturdays!

  56. Ronna F 62

    What a neat little sandwich maker! I would love to own one!!!!

  57. Mary Casper 63

    not very much because it is just easier to go through the drive through and pick one up

  58. Karen C 64

    I love breakfast sandwiches, so tasty, fun and grandchildren love them.

  59. Donna S 65

    I make breakfast sandwiches all the time for my kids. I love to experiment with different ingredients.

  60. Cindy T 66

    Yes, love it with, toast, egg, and cheese. These look awesome!

  61. [email protected] 67

    Oh yes…like making them ahead & freezing but boy this would sure be easy!

  62. I’m excited about this giveaway. Love sandwiches of any kind, but especially love them with eggs, bacon, cheese etc.

  63. Diona 69

    We love breakfast sandwiches — especially with breakfast for dinner!

  64. Amanda 70

    I do make breakfast sandwiches :)

  65. Janice Cooper 71

    I love breakfast sandwiches but never make them

  66. Mike 72

    I am intrigued by this cooker. I will be looking for this one myself

  67. Ron Morrow 73

    Wow, I thought the sandwich was the giveaway prize at first and, oddly, I was ok with that. That thing looks delicious!

    I very rarely make breakfast sandwiches because they just take too much time and effort that early in the morning usually. I do like them though.

  68. Tee 74

    Two great things: breakfast and sandwiches. Marvelous.

  69. Blessie Nelson 75

    Oh yes! Every weekday!

  70. Hilary A 76

    Add one food cart to the mix and I have a new career in Glorious Portlandia!


  71. Karen W 77

    Would love to try this!

  72. Janae 78

    We love breakfast sandwiches around here, they are so portable for my busy kid! She can “grab and go”.

  73. Wild Orchid 79

    Yes! I love breakfast sandwiches! Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  74. Carolyn M 80

    yummy! Yes, I do!

  75. Tracey Alvernaz 81

    What a nifty gadget! Would love to make this sandwich in it!

  76. Laura C. 82

    I think my son would love this. He’s 14 and his appetite has increased since joining the football team.

  77. Kevin 83

    Looks like an awesome way to quickly make breakfast while doing other things in the morning..

  78. Nicole Vosburgh 84

    Yes, we make them all of the time!

  79. Tiff 85

    I love breakfast sandwiches. It is usually my request for Mother’s Day breakfast.

  80. Carrie H 86

    I make them all the time, this looks like something I could happily utilize!!

  81. I have made fried egg sandwiches, but never anything like this. YUM!

  82. Mary Beth Elderton 88

    I make them for special occasions, company,etc. With this cool machine, I’d make them on regular mornings!

  83. Katie Roch 89

    When I have the ingredients on hand I do make breakfast sandwiches. Usually I use a vegetarian sausage patty, egg whites, a whole wheat english muffin and a slice of tomato. It’s a great way to start the morning.

  84. Monica Young 90

    I don’t, but I do make plenty of eggs :)

  85. Zoe 91

    I do make them occasionally, but not since I started my new job. Too early in the morning to bother.

  86. Susan Broughton 92

    yes. I make a breakfast sandwich of sausage, egg and cheese every weekend almost.

  87. Noelle 93

    Thanks so much for showing us that nifty machine, I would love to win it, so that I can make my family those awesome sandwiches! thanks Noelle

  88. Terri 94

    I make breakfast sandwiches sometimes. I love them!

  89. Ronda 95

    This is a really cool machine I would love to have one

  90. Robin C. 96

    I do make breakfast sandwiches but this Hamilton-Beach Sandwich Maker would make it so much simpler for me!

  91. Cindi 98

    This looks like a great thing to have in the kitchen!

  92. Lizzy 99

    I enjoy breakfast sandwiches but don’t make them as often as I should. What a fun little sandwich maker!

  93. Brenda Winkenwerder 100

    Yes we make a bagel breakfast sandwich with egg, bacon, swiss and american cheese. Delish!

  94. Kassie 101

    I use to make breakfast sandwiches all the time, but since going gluten free I kinda gave up on them.

  95. Chad 102

    My teens would have a blast with this, get them off the toaster pastries for sure!

  96. Elle 103

    I love this idea! My kids love breakfast sandwiches like this and would love for me to make them every day. And also, thank you for not saying “Sammich.” ;)

  97. Shauna coble 104

    Yes and I would love to try this little gadget. Anything to make life a bit easier in the mornings!!

  98. Alicia D 106

    We are huge breakfast sandwich people. The hubs insists on a hot breakfast in the am so it’s something that we make often.

  99. Rebecca Graham 107

    I sometimes make a ham and egg sandwich for breakfast.

  100. April Brenay 108

    yes all the time! my husband makes them for his lunch :) he loves them!

  101. Alison Benoit 109

    Never made a breakfast sandwich before. With this handy machine it would be quick and easy. Would sure like to try it.

  102. Trudy Medrano 110

    What a neat little gadget for making delicious breakfast sandwiches!

  103. james himanga 111

    Wonderful machine

  104. I have made breakfast sandwiches before, but it’s been a long time!

  105. Diane in Cincinnati 113

    My teenagers would LOVE this!

  106. Kari S. 115

    That machine would be amazing to own!

  107. Waynette Newlin 116

    Breakfast sandwiches are the go-to choice for us especially with our farm fresh eggs!

  108. jane n 117

    I love making breakfast sandwiches…however, when we take road trips I love McDonald’s Egg McMuffin

  109. Angel 118

    Yes, but this machine would make them so much better!

  110. Bonnie 120

    What a fun little machine!!! I’d love to win it – bring it to work, bring it home for the weekends…

  111. Natasha 121

    I make breakfast sandwiches every now and then but mine never look this good lol!

  112. carrian 122

    We love breakfast sandwiches!

  113. Jill Hartley 123

    I love to make breakfast sandwiches and hope to make more once the baby arrives!

  114. debbie 124

    Yes, we do. I have even started using crumpets instead of English muffins.

  115. Robin W. 126

    What a fun little machine!! I think my hubby would enjoy this – and I’m sure my son will when he gets home!! Thanks for the sweet give-away!!

  116. jill 127

    I saw this machine the other day at Bed Bath & Beyond and thought would be fun to have one!

  117. Paula Michele Hafner 128

    We make them sometimes on the weekend.

  118. Diane Deering 129

    My daughter has a gluten allergy so we stopped doing breakfast bagels and sandwiches. Recently found Gluten free English muffins at Trader Joe’s. You have inspired me to revisit breakfast sandwiches. Thank you.

  119. Sharon O. 130

    I haven’t made a breakfast sandwich for years, but I love them and would love to win this great sandwich maker. Thanks for the chance!

  120. Laura M 131

    I make breakfast sandwiches all the time! This would make life a breeze!

  121. orien major 132

    I rarely make breakfast sandwiches but I have a friend who makes them every day. It would make a great gift for him

  122. Valerie Husom 133

    I’ve made breakfast sandwiches for years, and continue to look for new and different ideas. Our favorite lately is, Canadian bacon, egg, and pepper jack cheese.

  123. Beth 134

    I love breakfast sandwiches!! Wish I had more time in the mornings to make them..

  124. Karen Ashford 135

    Yes. Great for breakfast or lunch on the go.

  125. I have, but this seems like a way easier way to do it.

  126. Ruby Daniels 137

    yes, we do on the weekends, this would be perfect for everyday of the week. My son would love it.

  127. harolde 138

    If I have time I do.

  128. mrsshukra 139

    Never tried making a breakfast sandwich!

  129. Kim in MD 140

    I make breakfast sandwiches by toasting the bread in the toaster, cooking the eggs in a pan and for this sandwich I would have to bake the onion rings. This sandwich maker really makes the process so much easier, not to mention faster!

  130. rose 141

    We love breakfast sandwiches on mini cinnamon raisin bagels! A fried egg, a slice of warmed canadian bacon, half a slice of american cheese, and some strawberry jelly make it perfect.

  131. Shawn 142

    Love breakfast sandwiches.

  132. Jill Myrick 143

    Yes, my family loves english muffin and bagel breakfast sandwiches.


  133. Paula Tavernie 144

    Yes I always make breakfast sandwiches for the kids and hubby so easy to finish on the way to work or school!

  134. candy kratzer 145

    I love making cholesterol bomber sandwiches!

  135. Robin 146

    I love making breakfast sandwiches with egg, cheese and sausage.

  136. Ann Bimberg 147

    Love these, and waaaaay healthier than McDonald’s!! Would love to win one.

  137. Jennifer Reed 148

    I do make breakfast sandwiches occasionally but these pictured above look so much better.

  138. Mihaela D. 149

    I love breakfast sandwiches and I make them often :)

  139. joseph gersch 150

    i make egg and sausage

  140. Occasionally but they are such a pain – now this might change that – my kids would be in heaven – LOL

  141. Tara 152

    Yes! I love breakfast sandwiches. I live in NJ- home of taylor ham, egg, and cheese. I also love them with Canadian bacon when I feel like being a little healthier!

  142. Deb S 153

    I do occasionally but with this I could make them a lot more often.

  143. Patricia Wagner 155

    I do sometimes

  144. Nicole C. 156

    Yes, we make ham, egg, and cheese sandwiches.

  145. Lori Walker 157

    I do… but apparently the old-fashioned way!

  146. Kelly H. 158

    I do sometimes but this would sure make it easier.

  147. Margot C 159

    I haven’t; I think I should start immediately

  148. Karen Matlock 160

    Yes! Breakfast is my favorite meal!

  149. shawna 161

    Sometimes, but this gadget would make it alot easier.

  150. Brittney House 162

    No, I usually buy them, but I would love to.

  151. steph g 163

    Yes and this would be so handy while making them.

  152. Christine 164

    I have never made breakfast sandwiches

  153. Nicole Millheim 165

    yes..I love them. I even make them for dinner. I really want to get one of these to try it out.

  154. susan 167

    I would love to make these. thanks

  155. Rachel Ellis 168

    Yes! My fiance’ is obsessed with breakfast sandwiches because he can take them with him on the way to work.

  156. Michelle C 169

    Yes I do. A bacon,fried egg and chesse sandwich.

  157. susan smoaks 170

    yes i make them all the time, they are the best. breakfast is the best meal of the day.

  158. Joy Q 171

    No I have never made a breakfast breakfast sandwich

  159. Eileen Burke 172

    I make bfast sandwiches all the time, so delicious!

  160. jules m. 173

    yes i have whenever i make biscuits at breakfast i put egg, bacon, cheese in one :)

  161. Erica Best 174

    yes but they take so much time

  162. Sheree 175

    I never have made breakfast sandwiches, but I would love to try it with this machine, it makes it look so easy!

  163. Robin C. 176

    Wow thank you for having the Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker giveaway, can’t wait to start using it!

  164. Judi Hendry 179

    Now you can buy a double sandwich maker. We have both because we love this machine. Bought them for Christmas gifts and everyone loved them! They really work and take 5 minutes!

  165. Kristen Soprito 180

    We travel so much for volleyball! This would make it so much easier to get my 15 year old daughter up and out the door in the wee hours of the morning. And we could bring it in the hotels too!!

  166. Tommy 181

    Mmmm mmm! Wow this recipe looks YUMMY! :) I linked to it from my blog.

    Do you still use this breakfast sandwich maker for other recipes? I just got one not that long ago and I’m looking to find other great recipes to try out with it :) please let me know!!

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