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Mini Cauliflower-Boursin Souffles

Mini Cauliflower-Boursin Souffles the perfect side dish with a meal or a salad from

The Best Dill Pickle Sandwich + Video

Hands down, The Best Dill Pickle Sandwich on this planet, from

Spicy Black Bean Burger with Grilled Veggies and Sriracha Mayo

The perfect burger for your healthy lifestyle from

Zucchini-Marinara Dogs

  Before you know your garden, as well as your …

Stuffed Avocado and Cheese French Toast

The perfect breakfast or brunch, Stuffed Avocado & Cheese French Toast from

Rosemary-Garlic (low-calorie) Dip

The perfect snack to keep your calories in check, Rosemary-Garlic Low-Calorie Dip from

4 Low-Calorie Breakfast Stir-Frys

A great healthy breakfast, very low-calorie and easy to make from

Sweet Potato and Apple Soup

A creamy soup using a unique apple variety, try SweeTango today from

Creamy Dill-White Bean Manicotti

A great vegetarian pasta dish that is full of staying power from

Smokey Sweet Potato Fry-Black Bean Tacos with Maple-Jalapeno Cream

A perfect vegetarian taco with loads of flavor, Smokey Sweet Potato Fry-Black Bean Tacos with Maple-Jalapeno Cream from

Cucumber, Tomato and Chickpea Salad

The perfect salad you can eat every day with only a few key ingredients from

Creamy Gnocchi with Walnuts and Fried Sage

The classic flavors of walnut and sage blended with gnoochi, it’s love in every bite from

Cheesy Four-Mushroom White Pizza

The perfect medley of mushrooms to enjoy with a white sauce from

Cheesy Taco-Ziti

A quick-easy dinner or appetizer that disappeared so fast, it’s almost as if I didn’t make it from

80 Easy Dinners You Can Make Tonight

Quick, easy and scrumptious dinners you can make tonight…80 recipes!

Pressure Cooker Beans

The easiest, quickest and flavor filled pressure cooked beans. Perfect for burritos or a side dish from

Buffalo Falafel Balls

The perfect Super Bowl treat, Buffalo Falafel Balls, perfect game day food from

Sinfully Decadent Spaghetti Squash Bake

Sinfully Decadent Spaghetti Squash Bake, the perfect side dish for the holiday ham from

Southwestern Black Bean, Quinoa and Mango Medley + VIDEO

A lovely dish as an entree or a side full over vitamins and minerals from

Rustic-Multigrain Stuffing with Nuts and Dried Fruit

A perfect stuffing (vegetarian too) to sit next to your beautiful Thanksgiving turkey from