Bites of Life (#21)

It's been a long time since I've written a Bites of Life post! I've missed doing them so time to get back into it and share the little things about life here in Oregon as well as all my current favorite things. Enjoy.

Noble Pig
The fall season has arrived in Oregon in a big way. The above photo is an early morning shot of my neighborhood, the low-lying fog creeping into our valley and settling in until the sun slowly burns it off. It has been so beautiful here! 

Last year we really didn't have a fall season. We went from summer weather to extreme rain and snow that lasted for eight months. Needless to say it was brutal. But this year is different. The sunshine and all the fall colors have been stunning. If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you know I have been pimping out the local scenery. My neighborhood has definitely been showing off. Since orange is my favorite color, you could assume fall is my favorite time of year.

Noble Pig
The foliage is so colorful and gorgeous, even when it's on the ground. However, it's so messy! Every day the lawn is covered with leaves and the the front porch and decks are loaded with debris. I have to admit I love raking leaves and I swear by this particular rake. It's my absolute favorite for getting all of it into one large pile, so we can jump in it of course.

Noble Pig
I wish it would look like this year round!

The colors scream Thanksgiving and pumpkin everything, and makes me want to eat copious amounts of this.

Noble Pig
I have been using these on my morning walks and love the little bit of extra exercise they provide. They are great to take on vacation too.

And since the weather has finally gotten very cold, I get to wear this every morning. It's as cozy as it looks.

Noble Pig
This guy belongs to the neighbors and chases me every morning. Any tips on keeping this super-determined rooster away?

Noble Pig
The colder weather always does a number on my hair. However, recently I started using this and this and it has been life changing. Or hair changing. No more dry strands. 

And if you have very fine hair like me and need volume, this and this together work like magic. Give it a try.

Noble Pig
Look at that sunshine! I'm going to miss it this winter. However, I'm looking forward to cozying up with these new fabulous blankets. They go perfectly with a fire, a glass of wine and an old movie. What do you think?

Benjamin Pollak
For those of you who have been around since the inception of this blog, nine plus years ago, you can see my oldest son has really grown up. It's hard to believe he's a senior this year, applying to colleges and ready to spread his wings. Next year at this time he will be living somewhere else and enjoying college. I'm so happy for him, but man it's tough to let them go. Here are some great tips about sending your kid off to college if you're going to be experiencing the same thing.

Benjamin Pollak
This is one of my favorite senior photo shots. Where did the time go?

Noble Pig
Because we live in the pacific northwest, we walk in the rain all winter. Needless to say this girl comes home pretty muddy. I'm thinking about getting this to help with the bathing. So much better than cold hose water.

I'm totally in love with this coat and can't decide if I want it in pink or black. Help me decide!

I just read this great article about dealing with grief. Share it with someone who might need a new perspective on how to help navigate through the pain of losing someone.

What's new this week? A delicious quick and easy dinner and a new video of a favorite breakfast. 

If you need a cute kid's dessert for Thanksgiving, this will be perfect.

Citrus season is here and you don't want to be without this. I couldn't live without it in my kitchen. 

Looking for a cocktail the man in your life will love? This is my husband's hand's down, favorite drink. Give it a whirl.

Who else was so sad the Dodger's lost the World Series? Ugh. I was convinced they were go to take it all. Congratulations Astro's fans.

This is my favorite fall season candle. The house smells amazing.

Do you have an instant pot? I am loving these recipes.

I am obsessed with giving this for a holiday family gift. They are so cute.

It's time to think about turkey and this is my favorite way to make it in the oven.

See more Bites of Life posts. 

Until next time....


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  1. First time here, love your blog. Looking forward to the next one.

  2. Stella 3

    I have been following you all the way. Good to hear a little more about your life. Happy Thanksgiving and Holidays.

  3. Debbie 5

    Cathy, so glad to see you back on the blog! I love your blog and recipes. The dill pickle dip. Yum. Saving a jar of pickle juice to make the dill pickle soup! The coat- get it in pink! It looks like the perfect blush color that would be universally flattering. It’s lovely. :)

  4. Marion 7

    Loved your glimpse of Fall….and stroll with your pup ! Having moved from Alaska, land of 4 seasons to Texas , land of hot hotter hottest…I miss the changing seasons! Just got an Instant Pot, so enjoying that adventure, too . Happy Fall, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holiday Season !


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