Double Ranch Chicken and Green Bean Bites

Double Ranch Chicken and Green Bean Bites 7

Family game nights are a big thing at my house. The four of us can be pretty competitive, which became more than obvious years ago when I did not let my then, three-year old son, win at the game of Sorry. Uh...let's just say he was NOT having it. That was also the moment I realized the competitive nature in our household had been passed through DNA and into my kids. I was okay with it because it meant we were going to have some good games over the years. I was right.

Now, many, many moons later, my boys have outgrown most of the game boards and for the life of me I can't seem to beat anyone at Monopoly anyway. There is something about that game that has me in jail almost the whole time. I also never catch a break when it comes to buying the good properties.

However, everyone loves family poker night. It turns out I have also passed on the art of giving a good "poker face". We usually play for candy or pennies and nickels, but most importantly we are in it for bragging rights. That's what everyone wants the most.

Double Ranch Chicken and Green Bean Bites 1
And here's the thing, I am not really the person to just open a bag of chips for game night. My family wants something substantial, something yummy and familiar that does not require a fork and knife. Have you ever tried to keep your cards hidden while cutting up a piece of food? I think not.

Double Ranch Chicken and Green Bean Bites 2
Instead, I try to make something quick and easy that can be picked up without getting your hands (and therefore cards and poker chips) dirty.

Double Ranch Chicken and Green Bean Bites 4
I'll tell you another one of my lazy secrets...I absolutely dislike dipping my chicken in the dipping trifecta of flour, egg, breadcrumbs. It's time consuming, wasteful and messy. That's when I began using Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® Salad Dressing & Seasoning Mix and Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® Dressing to coat my chicken. It's so much easier and tastes better too.

Double Ranch Chicken and Green Bean Bites 6
With this particular dish I serve the bites with extra Ranch dressing for dipping. The recipe also calls for 2 pounds of green beans, which will be more than you need for the chicken. However, these extra beans become the perfect side dish served upright in a glass jar and dipped into the extra Ranch dressing you have on the table. No one will even notice the beans are not covered in butter as you might usually serve them. The beans also taste great at room temperature so there is no worry in keeping them warm...perfect for a game table.

Double Ranch Chicken and Green Bean Bites 8
And let's not forget how kids are always willing to eat their vegetables when Ranch dressing is available for dipping. I have to admit, it does make most things taste better.

Double Ranch Chicken and Green Bean Bites 5
These will also be on my New Year's Eve menu because they are perfect for all ages. And if you have a little one, they are a great help at putting the chicken and beans together on the toothpick.

Double Ranch Chicken and Green Bean Bites 10

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Dounble Ranch Chicken and Green Bean Bites

Recipe from: Created by Cathy Pollak for | Serves: 4-6


  • 2 lbs fresh chicken tenderloins, cut into 2-3" pieces
  • 1/4 cup Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® Salad Dressing & Seasoning Mix
  • 3/4 cup Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® Dressing
  • 1-1/2 cups panko breadcrumbs
  • vegetable oil
  • 2 lbs fresh green beans
  • toothpicks
  • juice of one lemon
  • extra Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® Dressing for dipping


  • Sprinkle chicken with Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® Salad Dressing & Seasoning Mix, making sure all sides are coated (if it needs a little more, that's okay too). Place seasoned chicken in a bowl and mix together with Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® Dressing, coating all sides. In a separate bowl, add panko and coat each piece of chicken with breadcrumbs and place on a baking sheet until all chicken is coated.
  • Meanwhile, in a large pot of boiling water, blanche the beans in batches, about 5 minutes for each batch. Immediately plunge each batch of beans into ice water to stop the cooking process and keep the beautiful green color. Let sit in the ice water for 1-2 minutes and remove to a paper-towel lined tray. With 2 lbs of beans you will have 4-5 batches to cook.
  • While the beans are cooking, heat a nonstick skillet with oil over low heat. Cook chicken until cooked through and golden brown on each side. You will also have to cook the chicken in batches so that you do not overcrowd the pan. Remove each batch to a paper-towel lined tray as it finishes cooking.
  • When the chicken and beans are done cooking, slice each bean to an appropriate size to fit each chicken bite. Use a toothpick to put them together. Squeeze lemon juice over the tray of chicken and green bites and serve with extra Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® Dressing for dipping.
  • You will have extra beans which you can serve in a jar (as seen in the picture) and dip them in the extra Ranch Dressing already on the table.

Double Ranch Chicken and Green Bean Bites
I hope you will enjoy this fun and easy recipe. It will enable you to enjoy more time with the family and give them a healthier choice during your own game night festivities.

Bonus tip....when I do pull out the bag of chips for game night snacking, tortilla chips are usually our first choice. Obviously tortilla chips and salsa are the perfect match, however if you are looking to elevate your dipping, mix your salsa together with Ranch dressing (1 cup salsa & 1/3 cup Ranch). Oh my gosh, you'll never go back to eating plain salsa again.

Be sure to visit Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® brand page on where you can read other bloggers’ posts!

Disclosure: I have been compensated for my time in creating this recipe. As always, opinions in this post are 100% my own.

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  1. These are obviously adorable. Throw some red on that platter and they’ll make a great holiday appetizer too!

    • Cathy 2

      I agree! Best part is the little ones tend to love these so they are at least getting some protein during the holiday madness! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. What a simple way to season the chicken! Everything tastes better with a little ranch dressing and I know my family would love these little bites. They would also make a great appetizer to bring to a party.

  3. How perfect are these little gems?! My little guys would love them! And I’m pretty confident that I would too :)

  4. you are so right about kids loving ranch dressing, one of my sons would put it on everything if I let him! These look like a great idea for a party, yum!

  5. I want these bites right now! I love anything ranch…yum!

  6. What a fantastic ideas! I need to make it for our next party. Ranch chicken is always a hit here!

  7. What a great holiday appetizer option!

  8. Julie Wood 12

    I am going to have to make your Double Ranch Chicken and Green Bean Bites for the kids. They would love it, and we love Hidden Valley Ranch dressing in so many recipes. Thanks for sharing!

  9. D Schmidt 13

    These are such a great idea!

  10. Lisa Brown 14

    Those look fresh and tasty…nice recipe.

  11. Erika 15

    Your salsa tip sounds really good! I will have to try that.


  12. tara pittman 16

    A pizza sounds yummy.

  13. Kenneth @ Best Food Processor Guide 17

    Thanks Cathy for such an awesome recipe. I have tried your “Quick Skillet Kielbasa Meal” recipe, and it was delicious. My 4-year old Emma loved it very much. Hopefully I will try this Chicken recipe on next party!

  14. What a great idea! Perfect little appetizers…I would eat all of them.

  15. Looks like fresh and tasty..Its too perfect.

  16. maria cantu 20

    These look good.

  17. Kerry 21

    Those look like a great recipe!




    Looking forward to trying this one out! Best recipe review on Blogher yet! YUUUUUMMMMM

  20. Tamara 24

    Love your unique chicken and green bean bites!

  21. ELIZABETH P 26

    I want to try this recipe it looks delicious! I usually add it to a pasta salad.

  22. Elle 27

    I love the combination of chicken with the flavor of ranch.

  23. LaTanya 28

    These are perfect for parties and get togethers

  24. Rebecca Graham 29

    What a great idea to do with chicken and green beans.

  25. Angel Jacklyn 31

    Can’t wait to try this!

  26. Debbie B 32

    they look very delicious! i would love to try them

  27. Thomas Murphy 33

    This looks so good! Thanks for the recipe.

  28. Emily N. 34

    I love this recipe idea!

  29. Margaret Smith 35

    What a great recipe idea. I love the green beans on top. It adds color and I love my kids eating veggies whenever possible.


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