9 Extremely Weird Cookbooks You Probably Don’t Have

9 Extremely Weird Cookbooks you probably dont have
There truly are some strange cookbooks out there. It makes me wonder just who is cooking from them. I have to admit some have me laughing hysterically and others have me shaking my head in that "what were they thinking" type of nod. Say hi to Jeff Marten as he unveils his own family's collection of cookbooks of the weird. ~ Cathy

My wife has long been a collector of recipes, and she has a soft spot for thrift stores and garage sales. The combination has led to an ever expanding library of cookbooks, but not just any sort of cookbooks. Weird cookbooks. Oh, they’re out there. Celebrity cookbooks are just one subgenre, there’s a cookbook to accompany just about anything you might be a fan of, from Mary Ann’s Gilligan’s Island Cookbook to The World Wrestling Federation Superstars Cookbook. Then there are the really strange ones…

Ted and Shemane Nugent Kill It Grill It
Ted & Shemane Nugent’s Kill It & Grill It
A Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish

Rock star, bow hunter, loudmouth and protein enthusiast Ted Nugent teams up with his wife Shemane to offer tips and recipes for preparing, well…meat. Lots and lots of meat. From big game to little bunnies. Cute little bunnies. Recipes include: Wild Boar Chops, Squirrel Casserole

White Trash Cooking CookbookWhite Trash Cooking

Cornmeal and molasses are key ingredients in this collection of recipes from the rural American South. Curbing carbs is not part of the program. The color photographs of homes, porches, meals, and just plain folk are hauntingly beautiful. Recipes include: Aunt Donnah’s Roast Possum, Fresh-Fried Corn Pone

The Twinkies Cookbook
The Twinkies Cookbook – An Inventive and Unexpected Recipe Collection

“Dad…I just ate three Twinkies and my left arm is going numb.” Actual quote. But he fully recovered and is now a rock climbing instructor and besides, Twinkies are yummy. In moderation. With Hostess’ full blessings, this book offers a bunch of ways to take Twinkies to the next level. Recipes include: Twinkies Wedding Cake, Twinkies Lasagna.

Vancouver Aquarium Seafood RecipesVancouver Aquarium Seafood Recipes
Tasty delights from the waters of British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Northern California and Alaska

The tanks seem a little underpopulated, but the fish and chips are delightful! Just kidding. Without a hint of irony, this 1977 collection from the Vancouver Aquarium in British Columbia offers everything from Seattle Baked Halibut to Shrimp Nob Hill. The book is long out of print, but you can find used copies. The Vancouver Aquarium itself is still going strong. Bring your appetite.

Manifold Destiny CookbookManifold Destiny
Guide to Cooking on Your Car Engine

Oh yeah, it’s a real thing. The original edition of this book became a cult classic twenty years ago – this updated edition has new recipes and tips. Cook a ham steak in less than fifty miles! ProTip: older cars, with big old engines, work better. But it can be done, if you’re up for it. Be the envy of the Rest Stop! Recipes include: Cruise Control Pork Tenderloin, V8 Venison Cutlets.

No Man Knows My Pastries Cookbook
No Man Knows My Pastries
The Secret (Not Sacred) Recipes of Sister Enid Christensen

Towering Sister Enid and her mousy husband Brother LaMar are the alter-egos of writers and recipe collectors Roger Salazar and Michael Wightman. This faux-Mormon collection of recipes from America’s “Jell-O Belt” includes Mock Pecan Pie (oatmeal is involved), Sin-O-Men Rolls, and Uncle Bruce’s Fruit Dressing.

Reasons Mommy Drinks CookbookReasons Mommy Drinks

From two beloved Mommy Bloggers comes this compendium of shaken or stirred answers to the question “What the hell have I done?” Hey, they’re so cute at this age. Includes a “Pacifier Rating System” of How Badly You Need This Drink with every recipe. Trust the Binkys. Non-alcoholic drink recipes include: “Wish You Were a Virgin Mary” and “The Self Restraint.” Chapters include: “She Couldn’t Drink for Nine Months” and “The Playdate.”

Death Warmed Over CookbookDeath Warmed Over
Funeral Food, Rituals, and Customs from Around the World

One tradition that seems to cross all cultures: eating, a lot, after a funeral – “poking a thumb in the eye of death,” as this book says. The British call it being “Buried with Ham,” which is the name of one of the recipes, actually. Other recipes include: Protestant Funeral Sandwiches, Irish Wake Cake.

By Hook or By Cook Cookbook
By Hook or By Cook – The Official Nevada Brothel Cookbook
Cat House Cuisine Concocted by Nevada’s Finest Working Ladies

Fact: Prostitution has been legal in Nevada (in communities of less than 200,000 people) since 1967. Another Fact: Everybody has to eat. Recipes include: Lorena Bobbit’s Beany Weenies, Creamed Banana Wafers.

9 Extremely Weird Cookbooks you probably dont have but maybe you want them

Please share with us any weird cookbooks you might have collecting dust on your shelves. We'd love to know what we're missing.

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  1. eva 1

    Seriously what was that aquarium thinking? LOL!

  2. DeSert in Texas 2

    Ted Nugent’s book is kind of famous here. Go figure.

  3. Rita T 3

    What the heck is the that No Man Knows My Pastries thing…OMG it’s down right cray-cray. Who gets the funding to publish these things! Gah?! Thanks for the laughs.

  4. Selma Ray 4

    Oh my gosh that aquarium book…yeah…what?

  5. Heather Lee 5

    I gave my brother in law White Trash Cooking as a wedding present. It had my tater tot casserole recipe in it. Plus, he moved to North Carolina, I figured it was legal to kill and eat a squirrel there (unlike CA) and he would need to know what to do with it.

    I’m off to find “Death Warmed Over” I love funeral casseroles.

  6. Sherry 6

    I have the White Trash Cook Book. I’ve had it for years. Lol

  7. Jenna 7

    Ha! Love this collection!

  8. Kathleen 8

    I have White Trash Cooking, but the others sound like a hoot. This could start a whole new area of cookbooks in my collection!

  9. Omg haha that White Trash Cooking……………….and that car engine cookbook.. what in the world hahaha

  10. Colleen Craig 10

    I live in Canada and I have to say I have never seen any of these cookbooks in the years of my collecting. I would love to get my hands on them…LOL Starting with the Funeral one…hilarious!

  11. Anne from Olympia 11

    Whoa. Quite unusual. THEN I clicked on the three links at the end. Oh!! My! Heavens… ! Holy Cow! ;) I need to take a walk now to reset my mind so I can make dinner.

  12. James 13

    I have White Trash Cooking. Was in my grandmother’s home for decades.

  13. Jeff Justice 14

    Try Gone With The Grits. 135 recipes with grits. My favorite is the Gooey Butter Grits Cake. Awesome!

  14. Pretty sure my neighbors cook from the white trash cookbook

  15. Tricia 16

    Loved this post. Those are some out there cookbooks!

  16. Stefanie ducharme 17

    I have in my cooking library: Cook like a Peasant, eat like a King….


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