Washington Travel: Visiting Pike Place Market

 IFBC 2014 2
Last September I took a little trip to Seattle to go to one of my favorite food blogging conferences. I look forward to attending IFBC (International Food Blogging Conference) every year. It has been fun watching this conference evolve and I have to say, this was the best one yet.

The conference organizers really hit it out of the park and I am so happy for them. They really "get" what we as food bloggers like to come away with at this type of event. And yes, I already have my ticket purchased for next year. If you are a food blogger....I hope you can make it too.

IFBC 2014 Pikes Place Market 11
Here is a sneak peak of one the conference rooms before a general session. We break out into smaller rooms too, for more intimate discussions on various worthwhile topics. But some of my favorite peeps are right here in this room.

IFBC 2014 Pikes Place Market 12
One of favorite sessions was this cooking demo with award-winning chef, The Chef In the Hat, Thierry Rautureau. He has this uncanny ability to take all the stuff in your fridge and make it into a gourmet meal. Loved watching him do it...LIVE.

IFBC 2014 5
One of the BEST parts of having IFBC in food-centric Seattle is its proximity to Pike Place Market. Have you been? Or is it still on your bucket list? All I can say is it's worth making the trek. It is more fabulous than you've heard and it's sensory overload between the sites and smells of all the wonderful food and items you can find there.

IFBC 2014 4
One of my favorite things to do is fill up my shopping bags full of bite-sized produce and take it back to my hotel room during the conference. This year I grabbed sweet-ripened tomatoes, huckleberries, raspberries and some of the best peaches I have ever tasted.

IFBC 2014 3
Scenes like this are every where and I haven't even made it inside yet. Aren't these beautiful?

IFBC 2014 Pikes Place Market 2
I could not pass up Caramel Apple-Apple Cider....it was as delicious as it sounds. There were many flavors available and you can taste them all before deciding.

IFBC 2014 7
Once inside, Pike Place is in motion...people every where but it's not overwhelming. The eye candy is as far as you can see.

IFBC 2014 6
I imagine everyone who gets married in Seattle to have these amazing flowers they picked up at the market. They are so beautiful and inexpensive. Most hotels in Seattle will provide a vase during your stay to keep a gorgeous bouquet in your room. Make sure to ask the front desk.

IFBC 2014 Pikes Place Market
The seafood at the market is out of control and most vendors will ship it anywhere. The shrimp are some of the biggest I've seen. It has always been my dream to rent a condo for a week close to the market just so I can cook things I find there every day.

IFBC 2014 Pikes Place Market 8
The endless array of seafood is mind boggling.

IFBC 2014 Pikes Place Market 1
Look at these mushrooms? I just don't have this stuff in my town.....

IFBC 2014 Pikes Place Market 3
And the market does not just have food, but also lots of craft vendors too. Something for everyone.

IFBC 2014 Pikes Place Market 9
An absolute must is a 1/2 dozen of these little doughnuts from a Daily Dozen Doughnut Company....they are amazing....warm and shaken in a paper bag with cinnamon-sugar....just unreal.

IFBC 2014 Pikes Place Market 4
Back outside at the market are a handful of very popular restaurants, a favorite is Piroshky Piroshky, where they spealize in  handmade Russian pastries. They are out of this world, which is why the line is very long...it moves fast though.

IFBC 2014 Pikes Place Market 5
I couldn't resist the Piroshky Piroshky Poppy Seed Rolls....swoon.

IFBC 2014 Pikes Place Market 7
Historic Pike Place is laden with pig art...pigs everywhere in fact. This guy was big enough to sit on if you are so inclined.

IFBC 2014 Pikes Place Market 6
Even the original and first ever Starbucks Coffee has a giant hog made out of coffee beans. Also the line to this Starbucks wraps around the corner. Every one wants to get in there.

IFBC 2014 Pikes Place Market 10
If you come to Seattle Pike Place is a must stop. You just can't miss this place, it's foodie heaven.

IFBC 2014 1
And if you are a food blogger, I hope to see you at IFBC next Fall, it's really a great weekend in the city.

If you've been to Pike Place Market or attended IFBC, please tell me what you love about them. It's always great to get another perspective.

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  1. sarah 1

    We are going to Seattle in two weeks for our anniversary. Its going to be so much fun!!!

  2. Cindee Jackson 2

    Hi there,

    It is always fun to see how others see your market. I live just south of Seattle, and have enjoyed the Market for years. I am delighted you had such a good time, again. Your photos are great. It will be different next time you come. They are in a huge remodel mode just now. That is good and bad. Love the tradition of it all. I am proud of the Market when it appears in movies and when the camera crews cover it during a Seahawk game. Probably the funniest remains when it shows up in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. Its location is all wrong!!
    Come again soon.

  3. Nice meeting you finally, Cathy! Great tip on asking the hotel for a vase. I always want to buy those flowers at Pike’s (and by always, I mean the two times I’ve been there) but never know what I’d do with them!

  4. Totally my favorite place EVER! Whenever I go to visit my parents in Seattle it is a must stop. If IFBC is there next year I am sooooo going!

  5. Wonderful post!!!! First this is one of my favorite places to visit. I learned of this conference a little to late to be able to pull off going! Next year!!! Your pictures make me feel as if I am there. I can smell the coffee that seems to permeate Seattle’s air!

  6. Donna 6

    Love, Love, Love Pikes Market, spent two days in Seattle in July, visited the market July 4th, awesome experince. Way to much to see and do in the short time we were there. Wishing every moment I could buy everything I saw, so many food choices we don’t have here in our small Louisiana town.Only thing that wasn’t going on the day we were there was the fish market, hope to be able to go again someday and spend more time. Thanks for the pics and info. Love your site

  7. Terry Covington 8

    One of the best things I’m taking away from this post is the lovely self-care ideas. It doesn’t cost a lot to be nice to yourself, and it seems especially important when you are away from familiar surroundings. I LOVED your ideas of buying small, bite-sized produce to eat in your hotel room, and especially the idea of asking the front desk for a vase for flowers! I would never have thought of that! I don’t travel often, but next time I do I will ask to see if a vase is available, and go buy myself some flowers for my room. It’s a small touch of luxury — and the farmer’s market flowers are so much less expensive than one would think. We bought a ton of them in our town last summer, for my dad’s memorial celebration, which was held outdoors. We put a beautiful bouquet of things like bachelor’s buttons, cosmos, and snapdragons on every table, and it hardly cost anything.

  8. Rose B 9

    I lived in Seattle for two years and would go to the market every Saturday for produce, fish and flowers. The best part is just walking around and people watching. There was a french pastry shop across the street and I would sit with a cappuccino and pastry and take in the energy.

  9. Sally Hughes 10

    Live 30 min. away. A MUST GO THERE for all visitor’s. Did anyone mention
    the flying fish”…?? An institution!


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