Bites of Life (#20)

 Noble Pig Winery Harvest 2014
Hey everyone, it's been awhile since I wrote one these "Bites of Life" posts. The last one was about eight weeks ago when I returned from our last summer vacation in Hawaii. It seems so long ago and so much has been happening since then.

This time of year definitely has me running in many directions. And most importantly, it's harvest season here in the Willamette Valley. Look at those Pinot Noir grapes, aren't they gorgeous? As we speak they have been inoculated with yeast and are in the beginning stages of turning into wine. 

Grapes Clone 667 Pinot Noir Noble Pig Vineyards
I never imagined how much satisfaction one could gain from the process of growing grapes and then making it into wine. I am grateful for the team I have this year to make it all happen. The 2014 vintage is going to be the best yet.

Harvest 2014 Noble Pig Sorting Line
Once the grapes enter the winery they are in constant motion. Here they move down the sorting line where leaves and other debris are removed before finding their home in a fermentor.

Harvest 2014

Harvest 2014 Noble Pig Grape Bucket
The clusters that didn't make the cut.

Grape Soup Fermentation Noble Pig Pinot Noir
Fermenting must, soon to be wine.

Wedding Bread Noble Pig
Now I'm going to back-track a bit. After vacation and before harvest, I have had all other kinds of other busy things going on.

The bread you see above (and there were many more loaves) was a labor of love and probably my favorite summer project. This bread was made for a special bride and groom for their rehearsal dinner.

It took me a week to make the dough and keep it punched down in the fridge. I spent two days baking it all off, serving about 100 people. The bread had its own buffet table! What could be better than that?

Overall it was a hit and I wish I had a loaf right now. Here's the recipe if you're interested.

Yellow Jacket Sting Noble Pig
After bread baking week and wedding celebrating, it was time to get down to business in the vineyard. Harvest was coming early this year and the vicious yellow jackets were out in the vineyard full force. 

I ventured out one evening to check on the grapes and accidentally stepped in a yellow jacket nest. Needless to say I was stung about 15 times on my hand, leg and arm. They stung right through my clothing and all at once. Needless to say it was beyond uncomfortable. 

My hand immediately started to swell. This picture was taken after a few hours after the incident and it continued to swell for a few more days. Not fun.

Noble Pig Vineyard
However, the stings did not stop me from putting on my hazmat suit and heading back out to the vineyard to hang yellow jacket traps. 

3 Lunch Box String Cheese Ideas Noble Pig and Sargento 7
Then it was time for the kids to start school. I have one in 9th grade and another in 7th this year. I've been getting creative with their lunches as you can see above. What have you been packing in your kid's lunch, I'd love to know?

Lake Tahoe Noble Pig
Lucky me headed to Lake Tahoe with a group of my blogging friends for a bit of a "blogger retreat". We had an amazing weekend...more on that later. We stayed in this gorgeous house right on the lake.

Bacon Avocado Cheeseburger 5
I also threw a little avocado party, one of my favorite foods of all times. 

Pikes Place Market IFBC Noble Pig
Late September I found myself in Seattle attending one of my favorite conferences, the International Food Blogger's Conference (IFBC). Such a great event every year.

GlassyBaby Noble Pig
 While in Seattle, I finally got to visit Glassybaby and pick up some of these hand-blown votive holders. If you are interested in a gift that is not only beautiful, but gives back to others, Glassybaby is for you. Check them out. 

Noble Pig Lost Kitten
When I came home from Seattle, a kitten had somehow landed on our front porch out here in the country. Since my son and I are both allergic, I spent a week trying to find her a new home. She was so, so cute.

I am happy to report she is now being absolutely spoiled by her new mama. They were the perfect match for each other.

This was one lucky kitty.

Harvest 2014 Noble Pig Vineyards Pinot Noir Estate Oregon Wine
Happy harvest friends. We still have another 3 tons of fruit coming in this week. Cheers!

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  1. I can’t look at a huge container of grapes without thinking of I Love Lucy! The show was before my time but still. Sounds like you’ve been really busy! I wish I tried you wine at BHF! Your vineyard pictures are always beautiful!

  2. Your poor hand!!! Ouch!
    i know y’all had such a wonderful time together in Tahoe, loved seeing the pics <3!
    Love seeing your bites of life! Have a delicious week, sweetie!

  3. Oh my gosh your hand!!!! Ouch. Thanks for the sweet link too, enjoy the soup! You deserve it after all that harvest work :)

  4. Maegan @thebakermama 4

    Love your Bites of Life posts, Cathy! The harvesting process is so fascinating to me! I wanna order some of your wine or is it all claimed already?! Seriously! Loving those lunch box ideas & so so sorry about your hand! Yikes! You amaze me! Thanks for linking to my fritters! You’re the sweetest! Wish we lived closer so we could eat 100 together! xoxo

  5. How did I miss the story about your hand? Oh my gosh you poor thing!
    I loved these behind the scenes pictures of life on your vineyard! I don’t know how you do it all, Cathy!


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