12 Year Old Boy Room Decor

 Noble Pig Jons room 11
A couple of months ago we finally had my youngest son's room decorated to his liking. It has sat plain, empty and lackluster for the past couple of years. But honestly, even he wasn't sure what he wanted. 

He teeters on the edge of still being young tween, but ready to burst into manhood at any moment. It took a while for him to decide what colors, what style and what theme he wanted. Thank goodness our interior designer was able to take his random requests and put them together into a room he loves.

Noble Pig Jons room 7
When we asked Jon what he visioned for his room his response was, "I like orange, my dog, I love Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, The Oregon State Beavers basketball team (more orange) and the Trailblazers (more basketball) and Kevin Durant from the Oklahoma City Thunders". What? Seriously it sounded like a room full of team pennants and weird colors. This was probably not going to happen. 

However, Kari was able to take all of those scattered thoughts and tastefully add them into a room he can grow with (and I can live with). It's full of orange, basketball and subtle hints to his fave players and teams.

Noble Pig Jons room 14
Here is a before shot (sort of). The room was a gawd-awful peach color before we had it painted a light blue on top and brown on the bottom. Crown molding and a chair rail was added. A low-profile white ceiling fan was also added since (there are no pictures). 

We already had the beds and the dresser. The white nightstand, desk and orange lamp were purchased new.

Noble Pig Jons room 5
How cute is this? My son loves the light up "J" above his bed. I find him reading in here at night with only the "J" for light. It gives a nice glow and is great for sleepy time.

Noble Pig Jons room 17
The pillow sham of the Labrador is a nod to Sadie, our chocolate lab. Kari found this pillow, but it was sold out! However, Serena and Lily tracked down the last one from their store in The Hampton's after hearing how much we wanted it. Is that awesome or what? It's the perfect touch. Kudos to them for their amazing customer service.

Noble Pig Jons room 3

Noble Pig Jons room 6
Even though his room is a good size, with two beds and a dresser, Kari had to get creative on where to place the desk. The foot of the bed turned out to be the perfect spot and it gets great light from the window.

Noble Pig 12 Year old boys room
Love is in the details and these Andy Warhol pencils were a perfect addition.

Noble Pig Jons room 8
The perfect desk accessory. 

Noble Pig Jons room 9

Noble Pig Jons room 13

Noble Pig Jons room 1
The bull on the wall represents one of his favorite teams, The Chicago Bulls.

Noble Pig Jons room 16
Baby Sock Monkey....just because and sports books for reading.

Noble Pig Jons room 12
The basketball hoop on the door was a must. The hallway right outside his room with wooden floors is now a makeshift basketball court. Each of my sons now have this hoop on the back of their door and let's just say there are a lot of games played in that hallway.

Noble Pig Jons room 4

Jons Room Kevin Durant Shorts
And Jon's favorite Kevin Durant basketball shorts....they match the room.

Noble Pig Jons room 10
And his Michael Jordan high tops....

Noble Pig Jons room 15
The second bed was made into more of a daybed-relaxing area, with lots of pillows. It's great for reading, playing guitar or just hanging out.

Noble Pig Jons room 2
I hope you enjoyed his room tour.

If you are interested in where any of these items were purchased, Kari has a list of them on her page

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  1. chris 1

    The orange definitely is a hit!. Love the initial as well as the map of the u.s… your boy definitely has an eye for color!.

  2. Jane 2

    Wow, what a nice design. We are in the process of redecorating my daughters rooms. Her theme is flowers.

  3. Camellia 3

    My son is returning home from Japan and I needed some inspiration this room definitely inspired my design.


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