Bites of Life (#16)

Noble Pig Vineyard June 2014 Oregon
Hello friends! It sure feels like summer in Oregon. We have had such beautiful weather, which means my vineyard is growing like crazy. Amazing what a little bit of sunshine does for plants.

My whole week has been consumed with vineyard tasks, very typical for this time of year. We have been suckering, shoot positioning and even dropping some of the grapes from these vines. We strive for quality, not quantity of fruit for our wines. You cannot make good wine from lackluster grapes....winemaking always starts in the vineyard.

Noble Pig Vineyard June 2014 rows
As the viticulturalist for our vineyard I am responsible for everything that goes on here. Even though it can be stressful (farming always is), I love being a grower. I absolutely love working in the vineyard, even more so than the winery.

Noble Pig Vineyard Grape Clusters
The Pinot Noir developing inflorescences are small right now (as you can see). This stage of fruit set, when the fertilized flowers develop a seed and grape berry to protect the seed, is critical for wine production. It determines our potential crop yield. 

However, in Oregon we drop a lot of fruit in order to ripen what we have. We are not always blessed with gorgeous summer temperatures. Also, my vineyard is young and I do not want to overwork my vines at this point.

Pinot Noir is one the toughest grape to grow, but it is well worth the investment and dedication to do it right. This grape produces a dry, delicate, pinkish red lighter-bodied wine. Its flavors are sweet red berries, plums, cherries and raspberries...and at times an earthy or woody flavor. And it's my job to make sure those flavors come through in the finished wine. I love my job.

Noble Pig Fathers Day Graphic
Local friends or anyone who will be in the area, we have several events coming up!

Father's Day at the tasting room means all Dads taste for free! We hope you stop by for a flight and then scurry off to lunch in one of the new restaurants in town. It's a perfect way to celebrate the important men in your life!

Noble Pig Porklandia 2

Noble Pig Porklandia

This is a really fun event coming up next Saturday! The whole town of Carlton is Going Full Pig. At the Noble Pig tasting room come enjoy a Porky Sausage Bar and Mustard Tasting with every wine flight. Then hop around and see what other porky surprises await. We are even staying open late (8 PM) so come and see us!!

Noble Pig Pinot Gris Release
And wine club shipments for our out of the area members have been leaving the building in record numbers this week! We can ship to all but four states now (Arkansas, Alabama, Massachusetts & Mississippi), which has really opened up our wine club to a lot more people across the United States.

For our local club members we are having a pick-up party on June 21st where we will taste through several vintages of our Pinot Gris....see the difference of a vintage year in every glass. We will eat too.

If you are not a member yet, make sure to come in and join that day and be part of this lovely tasting.

Noble Pig Vineyard June 2014 property to the West
Here is another shot of our vineyard property looking to the west. We are surrounded by beauty.

Noble Pig Vineyard June 2014 Oregon McMinnville
Grow vines grow!

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Things I've seen around the web this week::

What? I must have this!
This is going to go on the grill.
A donut inspired by summer.
My kids are going to love this.
I am making this with all my strawberries.
Summery cheesecake love.
How dang cute is this for the 4th?
Bites of heaven.
Wow, wow this cake.
Refreshingly lovely.
Cute little dessert.
I'm thirsty.
Pure comfort food.
Perfect for the 4th.
Hello summer bean recipe.
94 Red, White & Blue treats.
It's summer, time for this.
Breakfast love.
Slide into this.
Pie love.
A crafty 4th of July.
OMG this dip.
Cutest popsicles ever!
I want to slurp this.
Perfect little appetizer bites.
Just cute.

That is all friends, until next time. See other editions of Bites of Life.

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  1. Debbie 1

    Your vineyard looks lovely!! So sad that you still cannot ship to Massachusetts :(

  2. nancy geragi 2

    thanks so much for sharing the ‘process’ of growing wines…while for medical reasons (cancer) i can no longer enjoy having a glass i do still love it, it’s process and it’s history. i look forward to your post. thanks again

  3. Thanks Cathy for including the Blueberry Lemonade Cocktail on your Bites of Life!! Hope to see you again real soon! :)

  4. Liz 4

    Beautiful…just BEAUTIFUL!

  5. I just love your vineyards! So pretty! ooh and how I wish I was there for that Pinot Gris!


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