Bites of Life (#15)

Noble Pig Patio Furniture
Hello friends. How was your week? Hopefully it was blissful and you are now enjoying another weekend with your family and friends. 

We had beautiful weather on Memorial Day, a rarity for Oregon. It wasn't hot, but it was sunny with a nice breeze. This meant we got to use my new upper deck furniture! 

I had a little dinner party with friends and served this, this and these, along with lettuce wraps, a big berry fruit salad, green beans and bacon, mashed potatoes and wine (lots of wine), beer, whiskey and coffee with Bailey's Bourbon Cream...yum!

Noble Pig table
Anyway, back to the deck furniture. Outdoor furniture in the Pacific Northwest does not last forever and forever. I give it a good five years, if you take care of it. I got this set at Costco, only $900 for the table and chairs. There is no point spending more for something that will not be around a long, long time. 

The table is heavy duty, as in you can barely lift it and love that the chairs are not overly heavy and pull out easily when you want to sit down. Overall it was a good match for us. I think you can get this set online at Costco too, however you will have to pay for delivery.

Noble Pig Red Chairs
I was in my insurance company's office this past week. And I decided I love the color red and gray together. It's so striking. I don't necessarily want it in my house, but maybe gray shorts and red tops...I need to get these colors together...on me...soon.

Noble Pig Airplane
We have a small airport in town. Look at what I spotted in one of the hangars. Is this not the cutest little plane? I mean you would never get me up in the sky in it, but I love its patriotic paint job.

Noble Pig Direct TV
AND....the Direct TV guy was at our house this week...because my husband had Direct TV installed on my treadmill! Do you know how cool this is? This means I can watch all my trash TV shows while I run, without interruption and complaints from the rest of the family. Now I never want to get off the thing and find myself on it more and more. 

However, I'm going to run out of recorded shows if I don't start recording more things. Any suggestions?

Noble Pig Flag
Have a great week everyone!

I'm giving away a $100 VISA card. Have you entered?

Things I've seen around the web this week:

These lovely doughnuts.
But OMG, these Donuts too.
I want to stuff these in my face.
Burger envy.
This has to be my breakfast this week.
Oh wow, this.
I want this in my coffee.
Perfect appetizer
It's time for ice cream.
Avocado love.
A sweet, little dessert.
Who knew these two flavors were the perfect marriage.
My friends make awesome stuff.
For our next movie night.
Perfect sandwich for me.
A million times yes.
Hello summer pie.
This salad screams summer too.
How pretty are these?
What a delicious dinner.
A must-try summery dessert.
A perfect end to an evening.
Hello, healthy breakfast. I want.
I just need this in my life.
Berry love.

That is all friends, until next time. See other editions of Bites of Life.

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  1. I wish we had deck furniture. We have a lovely deck, but since we are just renting and only up here temporarily we aren’t going to invest in deck furniture. So for now, I sit out and enjoy the sun in my camping chair. Classy. :) And I could totally see you in grey and red! Cute!

  2. Shirley 3

    I just love your home inside and out. Hope your husband is recovering quickly. I love your website and the bites of life.

  3. I was to come hang out in your back yard (and you’re vineyard) and then use your treadmill with direct TV. <3

  4. Thanks for the link :) Glad you liked ’em :) :)

  5. Liz 8

    I’m running out of shows to run to, too…all the season finales have come and gone. I’m very envious of your Direct TV on the treadmill…what a nice hubby! Thanks for the mention, and have a terrific week :)

  6. I hear ya on the outdoor furniture; we just bought a set when we moved to the new house – the old one had seen many pool parties.

    I have a cable hookup for my treadmill too, but I just have a cable box and television up there in my treadmill room ;) I *should* just move the dvr up there, ha!

  7. That plane is too cute! Oh and YAY for TV for your treadmill, that would totally help motivate me!

  8. Ps. Thanks for linking my mini pies!!


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