Bites of Life (#12)

View of Meadow Noble Pig
This is my current view out of the kitchen. There is nothing like springtime in Oregon. The colors are intoxicating and the rainbows a dime a dozen. 

However, saying the weather here is surprising would be quite an understatement. Mother nature can catch you off guard with bursts of stormy squalls that lead into blistering sunshine only minutes later. The clouds sweep through our meadow, dropping their angry rain showers, fog, wind and sunshine all in the matter of an hour. It's completely crazy and amazing to watch the constant indecision in our skies. I never really know what to wear, only that it's imperative to plan for every type of weather.

Noble Pig Oak trees leafing
The oak trees next to my home have finally leafed out, offering a beautiful canopy of shade for the summer months.

Noble Pig Mulch
The yard is ready to be mulched for the warm summer months and I am going to be quite sore after getting all of this spread around.

Noble Pig Forest
A peek from the forest into the front yard.

Noble Pig Garden
The warm weather at the beginning of the week prompted me to begin planting my flowering containers on the deck. It's so nice to finally have a burst of color outside. However, we've had such huge downpours of rain, I'm hoping all my flowers aren't smashed to heck.

Noble Pig leaves
The road leading to the house, which is completely shaded by all the trees.

Noble Pig Basil
Something is already eating my basil. I'm hoping it's just slugs and finally put out some bait. However, many of the holes are right in the middle of the plant. I'm wondering if it's grasshoppers. Anyone?

Noble Pig Herbs
The rest of my herbs have already been planted and are doing well.

Noble Pig Back green
The grass in the meadow is also REALLY growing. Soon it will be time to cut and make into hay bales for our neighbor's livestock.

Noble Pig Crown Molding
This week the crown molding installation for the whole downstairs was completed. Now it's time to paint!

Yard Noble Pig
What are you planting in your garden this year?

Noble Pig Mothers Day
And if you're a Mom, head out to our tasting room on Mother's Day and receive a complimentary flight of wine. You deserve it!

Things I’ve seen around the web this week:

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That is all friends, until next time. See other editions of Bites of Life.

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  1. chris 1

    As far as your basil- looks like grasshoppers… I’ve got the same issue..Maybe u can repot them and keep them on your deck?

  2. Joan in VA 3

    Thanks again for this Bites. I really enjoy looking these little slices of things you enjoy. I don’t always agree that they are wonderful, but they are always fun to look at.


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