Bites of Life (#3)

 Noble Pig Oreo Cookies new flavors
This week! It was kind of one those bleh weeks, you know the ones where you are so busy, but nothing really amazing or exciting happened. I felt like I was doing paperwork every day, with a little bit of life sprinkled in.

I did finally get around to picking up a couple packages of the new Oreo flavors, Marshmallow Krispy and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. I mean we had to try them right? The verdict is, according to my kids, one loves the cookie dough and the other loves the marshmallow. And neither one likes the other flavor. So, I hope that is super helpful when it comes to choosing which one you are going to buy. I guess you need to get both and decide for yourself.

Has anyone else tried these yet? Which one is your favorite?

Noble Pig Nordic Ware Pound Cake Pan
I’m going to have a new pound cake recipe coming up and it was baked in this gorgeous new pan. It’s a one-piece deal so nothing leaks out the bottom. Get one today and be ready to bake along with me. My husband was super-excited I got yet another baking apparatus. Not. I really needed it though. Really.

Noble Pig Tower of Fruit
After all  the snow we had and being confined for six days, with limited fresh produce, my fruit tower is back in business. I am so into citrus right now and can’t seem to get enough. My tangerines and oranges over-floweth daily.

Noble Pig Crisper Drawer
Sorry about the glare in this picture…this is what my refrigerator crisper drawer looked like this week. Since I knew I was going to be very busy and on the go, I stocked up on lots of lots of pre-sliced veggies for my veggie stir-frys and many prepacked salads. These salads are 200-300 calories and are very filling, I love having them around.

Look for them in your market for a quick lunch on the go. They keep you from over-indulging in dressing, always a downfall for me.

Noble Pig Crossflow Filtration
One thing that has kept me on the go lately is winery work and prepping for bottling. It means lots of time standing around while wine runs through hoses and does its thing. Winemaking teaches you patience for sure.

Noble Pig Stitch Fix Clothing
My latest Stitch Fix box arrived. Have you heard of Stitch Fix? Basically it’s online fshion styling and a box arrives once a month with clothes picked out just for you based on your profile. I can’t tell you how nice it is to get a package with something personal just for me that has an element of surprise to it.

With nowhere really great to shop in my town and very limited time, this is something I really enjoy. I work hard, I deserve it. And I am so tired of my daily jeans, plain cotton shirts and workout clothes. The quality of items sent is really nice too with brands and things I could never get in my town.

You keep only what you love and there is a prepaid envelope to send it back. So easy, no strings attached. I wish they did shoes too, then I’d really be in trouble.

Noble Pig Barrel 47 Carlton Oregon
Are you heading out to see us at the tasting room in Carlton? Our friends have opened a new pub in our cute little wine town called Barrel 47. In fact, it opens today! I highly suggest stopping buy and having a bite to eat, the place is gorgeous and the food inspired. 

The first things on my list to try are The Big Salad, Bangers and Mash and the Black & Blue Burger. They are also serving our wine, so stop by for a glass, or four…or a bottle or six…you will just love the place. Follow Barrel 47 on Facebook for more updated information. 

Things I’ve Seen Around the Web This Week:

I need to try this banana bread recipe.
This dip, I want it.
Totally making this for dinner this week.
And this will be lunch.
My favorite leprechaun treat!
Another mac n’ cheese I know my kids (and yours) will love.
Looking for a great cupcake recipe?
Something to make with those Girl Scout cookies.
A story that will make you tear up.
Need, knead this bread.
Another dinner I have to make.
Love the idea of this pizza.
Cute pictures that will make you smile.
Perfect snack for the gaggle of teens in your house.
Breakfast granola I want to make.
Dessert in the slow cooker.
You can make this at home, it’s so easy.
Nachos worth breaking a diet for.

That is all friends, until next time.

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  1. I do not understand–does husband not benefit from said pound cake? Why is he complaining!? ;)

    Thanks for linking to me :)

  2. Fun post and I am very excited to see your pound cake!!

  3. haven’t run across the new oreos yet but i definitely plan to try them :)

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  5. Susan Bradley 5

    Where did you get your fruit “basket?” I love it and I love your blog! I’ve tried many of your recipes and have never had one that wasn’t a hit.

  6. Ha! I have way too many different baking pans/cake tins etc. I always get this quizzical look when I bring a new one home. I think he’s given up asking if I really needed it. ;)

    I’d completely forgotten about St. Patrick’s Day! Now I’m just looking forward to one of those shamrock shakes.

  7. Ashley 8

    Thanks for linking to my pita pockets Cathy!! I feel the same way – this week has been so busy that I feel like nothing exciting has happened. I need to change that … haha Too much work to do though!


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