Bites of Life (#2)

 Noble Pig Snow in McMinnville Oregon
What a week it has been. It all started with the snow (about 25-inches). We ended up being snowed in for a total of six days. I’ll admit I was going a little stir crazy in the end. But we had a really good time sledding and playing in all the powdery white stuff…until it turned into a hard ice pack. That’s when you just want it to go away. 

Noble Pig Wine Barrel in the Snow McMinnville Oregon
I will admit you end up eating a lot of comfort food during snow storms, it’s hard not to. I don’t know how you all get through it with snow on the ground all winter. I would have to build a gym in my house to work off all the extra calories.

Noble Pig Snow In Oregon
This is one of our sledding hills behind the house. It takes you down into the meadow and requires a good hike back up.

Noble Pig Snow Mcminnville Oregon February
We are surrounded by Douglass Fir, Oak and Elm trees. We were very lucky to not have any tree damage during this storm. Let’s hope that holds true for the rest of the winter. 

Noble Pig Fruit Bowl
While I have plenty of food in the house to feed us for what seems like a year, the fresh produce runs out right away when you can’t get to the market. After six days all that was left in my fruit and veggie tower was two tangerines, two oranges, a badly beat up onion, some garlic and a spaghetti squash. I’ve never seen it this empty.

Noble Pig McMinnville Basketball
Normal life returned and my boys were back to playing basketball…which they absolutely love. It’s fun to watch too.

Noble Pig Client Photo Shoot
In the spirit of keeping all things real on this blog, here is what my kitchen looked like after a client photo shoot this week. This truly is an interesting and challenging job. I wish it were as easy as snapping a picture and moving on but that’s not always the case.

Noble Pig Client Photo Shoot 2
This week I was dealing with low, winter light conditions, sun that kept moving in and out and creating glare, covering windows with sheets to keep light out while also letting some in. Several pictures can take a few hours to get when you have to adjust the camera settings to meet your lighting needs. In the end I got the amazing action shots I was hoping for.

Noble Pig Client Photo SHoot 3
The kitchen can also be hazardous during these shoots. The floor is covered in power cords while you are moving around adjusting and styling food. And yes, I am still in my pajamas at 2 PM. It’s one of the benefits and downsides of working at home.

Noble Pig Steve Amys Birthday at Bistro Maison
We ended the week on some sweet notes and finally celebrated our close friends, Amy & Steve’s birthdays. Is this not the cutest father and daughter picture? We took them to Bistro Maison, one of our favorite restaurants in town. We started the evening with white truffle fondue and several salads served family style. Dinner consisted of lots of fresh scallops, salmon and steak. And in true Bistro Maison style, a beautiful cake was made to mark the occasion along with birthday crowns for two. If you find yourself in town make sure to save a dinner or lunch time for the Bistro, you won’t regret it.

 Noble Pig Valentines Dinner at Eola Hills Winery
The week ended with a Valentine’s Day dinner in the barrel room of Eola Hills Winery. A huge buffet dinner with prime rib, a pasta bar, salads, dessert and all kinds of other fare were served. We had a great time with friends and closed the place down.

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That is all friends, until next time.

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  1. I didn’t realize the snow was crazy on the West Coast too! This winter has been nuts. I loved seeing the little snippets of what you’ve been up to =)

  2. Karen Terry 3

    I am really enjoying your “Bites of Life”. It has been about 3 years since we made it up to McMinnville from San Clemente, CA. We found a little restaurant we liked called Thistle. Is it still there and good?

    I have had fun making a few of your recipes and love the links on this post to others you have found as well done by different bloggers. I just saved 2 of those as well.

    Thank you for your hard work and willingness to share!

    • Cathy 4

      Nice. I used to live in San Clemente too. Hopefully you were able to stop in our tasting room while visiting here. And yes, Thistle is still here.

      • Karen Terry 5

        Thank you Cathy. When we are up again, we will be sure to stop in your tasting room. Again, love your writing and recipes.

  3. I love your set up in the kitchen! Oh and I’m right there with you on comfort food! We devour it during the snow days!

  4. Carole Penner 7

    Hi Cathy
    I lived in Oregon for 22 years and started following your blog a few years before I moved back east. Actually, I think I might have been one of your original subscribers. We are having so much snow here in the Hudson Valley, but I appreciate it after not experiencing much in the Portland area.
    I do have a question though; did you make your layered fruit holder? It’s really cool looking! Well , someday I will put my order in for some Noble Pig wine; I can’t find too many Oregon wines, and I do miss them. Stay warm!

  5. Wow, snowed in for 6 days! I’m guessing the novelty wore off pretty quick. At least you had an excuse to indulge in some comfort food. ;)


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