Bites of Life (#1)

 Noble Pig McMinnvilles Mayor Ball
Welcome to my first of edition of “Bites of Life”. There is so much more to my days and weeks than what I cook, so you will be seeing more of these slices of life posts. Enjoy them or try not to be too bored.

This past week started with a black tie event, I know, we’re so fancy (not really). We attended McMinnville’s Mayor’s Charity Ball. I was amazed how the community center was transformed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the event. The food was done by my favorite local caterer and we danced for hours to a really awesome band. All proceeds of this event go to Kid’s on the Block. If you are local, think about attending next year, it was a super fun evening.

Noble Pig Super Bowl
After a night of eating and dancing at the Mayor’s Ball, we spent the next day pigging out at the neighbors. Super Bowl Buffalo Chicken Dip, guacamole and chips, homemade artisan bread, red pepper jelly spread, taco soup, snickerdoodles and chocolate chip cookies were just a few of the things we couldn’t stop stuffing our faces with. Sigh, it’s always the eating Olympics over here. It was the Super Bowl….but still.

And that game….yes, it was a slaughter but I was happy to see the Pacific Northwest bring home the trophy. Go Hawks!

Noble Pig Winery Work
I have been extremely busy in the winery this past week. There is always so much to do, but this past week has included lots of barrel topping, tank transferring and decisions to be made. But the wine is tasting amazing so that’s all I can ask for. If you haven’t been out to the tasting room in Carlton, come see us soon. You’ll have a good time.

Noble Pig Sadie
We are having a modesty problem at home, but this is Sadie’s favorite sleeping position. Go figure.

Noble Pig Snow February 2014
As I type this, the snow is still falling. We measured about 20 inches yesterday. Since this part of Oregon is not really equipped to handle so much of the white stuff, everything kind of shuts down when a storm like this hits. This is the view out my back door and into our meadow.

Noble Pig More Snow
This view is out the front door. It’s pretty much a winter wonderland. Lots of sledding is happening.

Noble Pig Sadie Snow
Sadie has been having a ball. She adores the snow and wants to go out every five minutes to play or just check to make sure it’s still there. Do you follow on Instagram? I posted a video here and here of Sadie’s snow adventures.

Noble Pig Snows
We’ll see how much more snow we get today!

Noble Pig Steve Bernards
Last night we celebrated our Favorite and Most Awesome neighbor’s birthday (Steve-O)! We had an amazing dinner out planned, but it was cancelled due to weather conditions. We are rescheduling that! Instead the birthday boy himself made some amazing pot roast and I turned this recipe into a crack dip we couldn’t stop shoveling into our mouths. I also made this indulgent dessert…all was perfect for a snowy evening.

Things I’ve seen around the web this week…

This dinner. I am making it.
This appetizer. Love, love, love.
This bread…swoon.
If only I had the talent to make these. Wow.
These sweet-teeny cookies
I never considered making these from scratch.
A casserole I am going to make this week.
Stop buying this, make it yourself.
Finding happiness in these things.
My favorite flavored pizza with a beer crust? Heck yah!
Macaroni my kiddos are going to love.
This spicy soup is going to happen this weekend. For sure.
A reason to exercise.
My favorite museum acquires a new collection. Wish I could get there to see it.

That is all friends….until next time.

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  1. hope you all are staying warm and having fun in the snow! crazy, huh? the snow in our yard is higher than the dachshunds! :)

  2. I think 20 inches of snow is probably a lot no matter where you live! We have had a very snowy winter here too – gives you lots of time to do some awesome cooking! And your Sadie looks a lot like Riley! Happy Days Cathy!

  3. Billie 4

    Love seeing the snow in your pictures but thank the lord that it does not come to south Fla!! Stay warm!

  4. Wow, look at that snow! The view of your front yard is just beautiful. Perfect weather for staying inside and cooking up a storm. Enjoy!

  5. Sheila 7

    I love your bites of life post ;) Happy week to you!

  6. Michelle Carter 9

    I love this post! I missed the posts that you used to do like this, especially when the vineyard was just starting and you were showing us around. I am excited to try out those potato coins though :)

  7. How fun! I’m going to love these posts!

  8. Fresh snow is so beautiful, and I love your pup pics! Thanks so much for the link-love to my cookies! :)

  9. I’m happy to see you start “Bites of Life!” Thanks for the mention! And, I pinned pretty much everything on your list. :) Great picks! xoxo


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