Missouri Travel: My Trip to Black Gold Farms ~ Arbyrd, Missouri

 Black Gold Farm Tour 15
How many Q-tips does it take to clean your ears after spending the morning on a potato farm?

I wish I knew because after using eight swabs...I ran out. And my ears were still dirty. But maybe I should start from the beginning...

This blogging thing has afforded me some really unique opportunities and I have been able to experience some pretty cool things. Experiences are what life is all about and I am grateful for this job that continues to reward me with things I would not have encountered otherwise. It keeps me grinning from ear to ear.

Last June I won a trip to Black Gold Farms and they said, "Hey, we'd love to show you our potatoes and what we do on our farm". I couldn't get there fast enough. When a company is willing to spend their time educating folks about their products, something amazing is going to take place. And usually the greatest reward is meeting the faces behind the brand. In this case it was a multi-generational family and their dedicated employees.

Black Gold Farm Tour 10
The Halverson family welcomed us with open arms, big potato hearts and Northern accents. We felt completely at home in their open fields, cool warehouses even inside their giant potato harvest-tractors. We experienced what it takes to grow and harvest potatoes from the field to the factory. It was enlightening to see and learn firsthand where one of my favorite foods originates.

Black Gold Farm Tour 5
In usual form, when a bunch of food bloggers descend...anywhere...it ALWAYS begins (and ends) with food. No matter what. In our own defense, we were starving by the time we made our way across the country into Memphis, Tennessee. So naturally, we had to stop for some BBQ before heading to our first destination of the evening.

I sat across from my two lovely friends Sandy and Ali as we munched away on some tasty BBQ sandwiches from Tops BBQ. Let's just say there weren't many leftovers, if any.

Black Gold Farm 33
From our Tops BBQ lunch we scurried off to the hotel in Paragould, Arkansas, at least an hours drive from where we were in Memphis. We passed old cotton gins and peaceful countryside before arriving at our hotel.

After merely seconds in our rooms, we headed out to Don Jose's to grab a margarita. It was "hawt" in this part of the world and a cool drink was the perfect way to kick off our night. 

Black Gold Farm Tour 6
Now, did you really think the food would stop? I mean, this is how we roll on these trips. 

Black Gold Farms had an evening planned for us at the Paragould Country Club. We dined on entrees paired with their lovely potato side dishes. This is where we really got down to business learning about Black Gold's operation in Missouri and around the country.

We had a hardy dinner and enjoyed getting to know the Halverson family and how they have achieved success in their Midwest operation.

Exhausted from traveling we went to bed at a decent hour anticipating our big day on the potato farm seeing Black Gold in action. 

Black Gold Farm Tour 8
We were truly in small town America and it was REALLY hard to keep track of what state we were in at any given time. The borders of Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee seem to run together in this part of the country. 

It turns out Sheryl Crow is from one of the itty-bitty small towns we drove through. It was worth turning the car around and snapping a picture of their very large sign. (Thanks for doing that Glenn!) This is obviously this towns claim to fame.

Black Gold Farm Tour 26
We made it! Even though we were in Missouri, this is only one of Black Gold Farms locations, with twelve potato farms in eleven states. It was over 80 years ago, in North Dakota's Red River Valley, where the Halverson family began growing potatoes.

Generations have passed since the first 10-acre plot of Black Gold potatoes were planted. Now, it is up to John, Eric and Leah (4th-generation) to carry on the family legacy of potato farming in the Midwest and beyond. 

Black Gold Farm Tour 23
I was truly inspired by what I found at this family operation. I know how hard it is to make-a-go of a commercial operation such as this one. It is complete dedication and is never easy.

The Halverson's impressed me with their focus on sustainability and their effort to put forth the very best product into the marketplace. Their dedication to give back to the communities where they farm was also impressive.

Black Gold Farm Tour 29
Have you ever seen potatoes pulled right from the ground?

The potatoes grown there thrive in the loamy, well-drained soils I saw in Missouri. The loose soil makes it easy to pull the potatoes right out of the ground.

With each potato plant producing about 2-1/2 pounds of potatoes, the harvest of two plants fills your 5 pound bags.

Black Gold Farm Tour 12
Yes, it is completely wrong to stab potatoes with a pitchfork, but girls will be girls and it surely seemed like a great way to take a tater picture.

Black Gold Farm Tour 11
Here is the more "politically correct" shot of a pitchfork and potatoes. Which one do you like better?

The potato farm was in full swing-harvest mode when we arrived. Black Gold grows both red potatoes and white chipper potatoes as you see above. Black Gold's farms supply over 1/2 a billion pounds of potatoes annually....that's a lot of potato chips! However, that number makes sense as the potato is the second most consumed food here in the United States.

Black Gold Farm Tour 9
Chipper potatoes are subject to the "flick test". Easily removed skin is optimum for potatoes used in the making of potato chips. (Black Gold Farms is the leading supplier of chipper potatoes to Frito Lay.) By leaving the green vegetation above ground in the field, the potato skin does not develop a thick, harder-to-remove skin layer. This makes it much easier and less cumbersome to take off in the processing of potato chips.

Black Gold Farm Tour 13
Black Gold's farms are purposely located in proximity to their customers. This eliminates wasteful practices and gets the potatoes where they need to be with optimum freshness in mind. This also reduces their carbon footprint when it comes to transporting their goods to the marketplace.

Black Gold Farm Tour 14
I loved watching the potatoes harvested in the field.  I am guilty of going to the market and never really thinking about where the fresh produce in the bins come from. It's heart-warming to know families such as the Halverson's are growing the food we eat every day.

Black Gold Farm Tour 18
I did lay down in the dirt to take this glamour potato shot just for you all. You're welcome!

After we spent time in the white, chipper potato field, we headed over to the red potato harvest to see a completely different scene of how potatoes are grown.

Black Gold Farm Tour 16
This field is not desolate...it is full of red potatoes right under the dirt. Top-killing of the potato foliage prior to harvest induces maturity and accelerates skin set. Thicker skin affords the potato a longer shelf life as they are stored through the long winter months. 

Black Gold Farm Tour 17
This is where we were able to ride in the harvesting tractors...this is one giant, green machine.
Left to right, Meghan, me, Ali, Sommer (front), Angie (behind Sommer), Sandy, Heidi and Jose (our driver).

Black Gold Farm Tour 20
I believe this is where my dirty ears came from.

Black Gold Farm Tour 21
Can you believe we found a red "twins-tuber" shaped like a heart? Perfect for this potato-loving girl. Of course we had to stick a pitchfork through it, since we didn't have an arrow. We are worse than boys sometimes.

Black Gold Farm Tour 19
The earthy smell of fresh potatoes from the field made me want to teleport back to my kitchen and get cooking. A little butter, herbs and Parmesan would make this into a perfect little snack.

Black Gold Farm Tour 30
My view from inside the harvester posted on Instagram.

Black Gold Farm Tour 1
The field experience had us hungrier than we expected. We stopped in Holcomb, Missouri where we dined at Strawberry's BBQ

As you can imagine, this small town had not really seen the likes of a group like us. And what I mean by that is, a group of people who take a picture of every-single-thing they are eating. One of the waitresses in her slow drawl asked,

"Honey...did you just take a picture of that food?"

Well, yes I did.

"But whhhyyyyy?", she asked.

I loved it. But yes, everyone around the place was staring and wondering what the heck we were doing. We're used to it. Sort of. And the food was darn good.

Black Gold Farm Tour 7
After lunch we headed to the potato warehouse where they are brought in for sorting, a nice bath and packaging. Truck after truck full of potatoes arrive constantly during harvest season.

Black Gold Farm Tour 22
Potatoes passing swiftly under your feet can make you a little dizzy...I'm just sayin'.

Black Gold Farm Tour 2
Red potatoes and chipper potatoes in various stages of processing.

Chipper potatoes are sampled and tested for specific gravity before they make their way to the potato chip plant.

Black Gold Farm Tour 25
I'm pretty sure this is where the saying, "heavier than a sack of potatoes" came from. I believe, (but I could be wrong) this is 2000 lbs (a ton) of potatoes. Whoa.
Black Gold Farm Tour 24
More potato glamour shots of a wee-red-one.
Black Gold Farm Tour 4
After we were dirtier than one could ever imagine, we headed back to downtown Memphis for an evening of pure luxury. A shower never felt so good. This is where I discovered eight Q-Tips were not enough to clean the potato farm dirt that had taken residence in my ears.

Our first stop was for drinks at the historic Peabody Hotel. If you happen to go, indulge in the Cosmopolitan, probably the best I've ever had. Here we are gathered in front of the duck fountain with Glenn Renyolds, national director of sales for Black Gold Farms and a true Southern gentleman. His great-grandfather painted the intricate ceiling found in the lobby of this beautiful hotel. Make sure to look up next time you are there.

Black Gold Farm Tour 31
The Peabody is full of pomp and circumstance when it comes to their traditions, especially with their famous ducks. 

Black Gold Farm Tour 32
And the ducks reside on the roof of the hotel in this house. Yep, you really need to go there and see what this is all about.

Black Gold Farm Tour 3
From The Peabody we headed over to Flight and had a memorable dinner. All menu items...drinks, appetizers, entrees and desserts can be ordered in flights of three. We were able to enjoy so many different choices this way. 

Black Gold Farms 34
Not many pictures were taken on this particular evening as our phones were ceremoniously placed faced down in the middle of the table. While difficult for all of us, we enjoyed each other's company and had a great, great night.

Black Gold Farm Tour 27
I did manage to snap this one of Sandy enjoying one her flights. Such a unique and fun way to have dinner!!

Black Gold Farm Tour 28
As we walked back to our hotel through the thick, humid air, the moon over Memphis lit our path. A stellar evening with friends new and old was had by all.

Black Gold
Don't think for a second I left Memphis without getting my Elvis on. Banana Pancakes with Crunchy Peanut Butter Syrup & Grits from the Blue Plate Cafe. Yep...it hit the spot.

I want to thank John, Leah, Angie, Glenn and Melinda for the unreal trip I was afforded. Each one of you made the trip unique and interesting in your own special way. I will never look at a potato the same way again. Hope to see you all again soon.

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To learn more or join the conversation with Black Gold Farms or their Better With Reds campaign, follow them here:
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Disclosure: I won an all expense paid trip to Black Gold Farms. This account was about my experience and is not a sponsored post. However, please support this wonderful, family operation that puts real food on our tables and employs many people across our nation.

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  1. Sues 1

    This looks like such a fun trip! Beautiful potatoes! :) I love that that town is so proud of Sheryl Crow, they have a huge sign announcing it!

  2. amazing trip,those burgers with creamy potato mash look irresistible…makes us feel to have some now,so comforting :-)

  3. Aida 5

    What a cool trip! I would love to do something like that. And who doesn’t love red potatoes.

  4. Shar 7

    What a great experience. I am also fascinated with learning about where my food comes from. I love hearing about small family growers. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hawt time in the country! What a great experience, I’ve had the opportunity to be able to go on several tours of peach, tangerine, and grape growers in Cali -it’s a memorable experience that is memorable on so many levels. I’ll remember to bring plenty of Q-tips when I visit Idaho for a potato tour in October! And I’m stealing the pitchfork idea :) P.S. I grew up in NW Arkansas and cannot get enough Memphis BBQ!

  6. katie 10

    What a fun looking trip! I remember when you were on the trip and I was following along on Instagram!

  7. Sounds like you had a great time on your trip. Love those potatoes!

  8. Robin W. 12

    What a fantastic opportunity for you all!!! I really felt like I was along for the trip – your descriptions were fantastic!! It’s so easy to not think about where something started……I’m just as guilty!! Thanks for the nudge to remember and think!!

  9. I do indeed love that first photo! Love the post too. I sure did have a great time there and so glad that I got to meet you!

  10. Carol Ann Zimmerman 14

    Loved this post! Recently started following your blog….and I love all of the info and recipes you’ve put out there. I especially love the name ‘noble pig’. I am a true pig lover!

  11. What a great post. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

  12. That was such a fun time with you, Cathy! I hope we get another opportunity to travel together. The Halverson family was so impressive, the way they ran their operation. Great recap post!

  13. What a awesome trip, I love seeing the processes that happen at farms and all the hard work that goes into it. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I loved following along with all you girls – it was so fun to watch unfold the trip you won from my site’s giveaway!! The Halversons are a wonderful family with a great story and fresh farm potatoes. What an honor to know them and their business.

  15. It is good to see you carrying on the Potato ‘Ho Down tradition Cathy! ;)


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