Thirteen…I’m in Trouble

Bens 13th B day
Wow, it’s hard to believe today I am the mother of my first teenager. Happy Birthday Ben! My sweet little Ben is finally the big kid I never imagined he would be.

It’s very cliche to say I don’t know where the years have gone…but really I don’t. Heck, in my mind, I still feel like a teenager. 

At thirteen, my boy is obsessed with basketball and corvettes. He is excelling in school…I have never had to tell this kid to do his homework. He’s confident and funny with lots of friends. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Ben…I wish you the happiest birthday…may all your dreams come true. Please be easy on me through these teenage years…K?



Advice on how to navigate these “upcoming super-wonderful” years is welcome!!

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  1. Pam 1

    Judging from what a competent young man he is so far, seems like you are all doing a great job already. Thanks for doing such a great job with one of our possible future leaders.

    Happy birthday, Ben

  2. aw what a cutie! Happy Birthday to Ben!! (and I totally still feel like a teenager in my head too!)

  3. Nancy L 3

    What a heart breaker he’s going to be!! Just enjoy these years. Like you said, they go by so quickly! Do as much as you can with them now – before they have “better things to do” besides hang out with Mom & Dad! ;-) Happy 13 Ben!!

  4. chris 4

    13 is just a number… wait till he’s an adult- their fears and issues are at a whole different level.. Enjoy the teen years, you as well as the rest of the family will learn so much from each other.. Also, a great post and smile!. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND 100 MORE!.

  5. Joan 5

    Happy Birthday to Ben. Welcome to the teen years. My grandson beat you there by a mere 10 days. From what I know of you, you will both do teen age with ease.

  6. Lisa Sims 6

    We have one more year till we reach that milestone in our home. What a lovely tribute to a nice young man! Happy Birthday to Ben and his Mom!

  7. He sounds like a great kid. My son is turning 12 this year so I’m not too far behind … and worried.

  8. Susan 8

    Any kid that will let you post their picture on your ‘Mom blog’ is all right.

    Happy Birthday, kiddo! Keep your head on straight during the next ten years and you’ll be juuuusssstttt fiiiinnne!

  9. I have one that is 14 1/2 and one that is 11 1/2 (and 9 and 6)–all boys. Ready or not!
    Besides being a little “mouthy” sometimes, our 14 year old is a great kid. And I’ll bet yours will be a great teenager, too!
    Happy Birthday, Ben.

  10. Terry Covington 10

    I have 3 girls in their mid 20s now, all doing well, for which I am very thankful. My only advice is to keep talking, no matter what. Well, especially keep listening. If you and your husband create a safe place for your kids to come when they want to talk, no matter what the subject is — and I have a feeling you already do this — then you have it made. Those habits carry on into adulthood and you will always have a good relationship which will weather any ups and downs.

  11. Julie Stolzman 11

    As the mother of two accomplished children, one a 20 yr old college student, the other an 18 yr old senior, I can unequivocally state that family dinners are the most important aspect of raising children. This is especially true when they are teenagers, and ironically enough, time is at its most limited. Mine were involved in EVERY activity, but we never compromised. Some nights it was a (gourmet) grilled cheese or quesadilla at a weird time, but we were at the table eating together. My goal was to raise kiddos to be productive citizens, who would care about their communities, be stewards of the Earth, and know how to have fun, all at the same time. I can honestly say I have accomplished that goal.

  12. val 12

    Happy Birthday Ben! Being a mom to teenagers is amazing!

  13. Maria in Oregon 13

    Yes, 13 is just a number. He sounds like a great kid, so you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. And yes – Spend time with them while they still want to hang out with you! I seem to remember the last classical concert I took my son to was when he was about 14. After that it was all about his part-time job, learning to drive, buying his first car, etc. Hanging out with mom was no longer cool. He had more “important” things to do. However, at age 25, he went to a Muse concert with me. I guess Muse is cooler than Beethoven. Or he had nothing better to do that weekend!


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