How to Grow Green Onions on Your Windowsill

Growing Green Onions on the Windowsill full growth
It’s always exciting to grow something yourself…especially when it’s inside your house and takes little to no effort. I laugh because even though I grow wine grapes for commercial use…nothing has excited me more than growing these green onions on my windowsill. It’s the little things.

I go through green onions like mad, I am always sprinkling them on something. And the ones you grow yourself have a much more pungent (in a good way) flavor than the green onions you buy at the store.

Here I only have four in a small drinking glass but you can fill it with as many as you want, they will all grow. And what’s more amazing is how quickly it happens. You will see growth in about 4-6 hours after placing the ends in water. 

The growth you see here is after six days.

Growing Green Onions on the Windowsill first days
Chop your green onions to where you see here, right where the whitish-green part begins.

Growing Green Onions on the Windowsill first day
Place them in a small glass or jar with about an inch of water and place in a windowsill.

Growing Green Onions on the Windowsill 2 days growth
On the windowsill and this is two days of growth.

Growing Green Onions on the Windowsill
The roots get very long at the bottom of the glass.

Growing Green Onions on the Windowsill roots
And here is what they look like after harvest. This is so easy a great way to keep fresh green onions around.  

Give it a try and let me know how it goes. Your kids will find it exciting too.

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22 Comments and 10 Replies

  1. So cool! I’m definitely into this!

  2. Shannon 2

    Awesome! Just put some on the windowsill!

  3. chris 3

    So, are u saying u can ‘reuse’ the same stalks and keep them growing? or is this a one time only growth for green onions?

  4. I’ve been doing this for a while now but I don’t use them so often, so I’ve got one that’s just about to flower!

  5. I tried this last month and was shocked to see it worked. My problem is I buy green onions but only use about half. One bunch lasted about 6 weeks growing it in the window.

  6. Susan 7

    I have been growing Rosemary like this, that great you can with green onions.

    • Katie 8

      How are you doing it with Rosemary??

      • Carolyn 9

        Please let us know how you grow rosemary like this!!!!! I plan to plan rosemary this spring but have a neighbor with a health bush.

  7. Genius! I have some green onions in my fridge now and am definitely doing this.

  8. Love this idea! Will definitely be trying this!

  9. Love the idea!
    So essentially do you buy 4 “starter” onions and grow and trim them over and over again?

    • Cathy 13

      You can put as many onions in a glass jar as you can fit, they will all grow. They do regrow after trimming.

    • Cathy 14

      I want to make clear that these green onions are just ones you buy at the grocery store in the produce department and not from a grow kit or onion set.

  10. lisa 15

    have to try these. right now I am trying to regrow lettuce and bok choy from their ends

  11. Megan's cookin. 16

    Love this idea and I’m going to give it a try! Thanks Cathy.

  12. Connie 17

    I’ve tried this and it has saved me from throwing a lot of green onions away! I buy a bunch and more often than not, I do not use it all. It also prolongs the life of the ones I haven’t used yet.

  13. I love this trick but I always forget about it! Thanks for the reminder, my friend :)

  14. Katie 19

    I love growing green onions like this! :) So simple yet so many people have no idea they can do this!

  15. Ashley 20

    I just bought some green onions for a recipe I’m making tomorrow. Guess I know what I’ll be doing with the cut off ends!

  16. Juanita 21

    Would you leave those long roots on to regrow or do you trim those down?

  17. Anne from Olympia 23

    Yesterday morning I put four green onion ends in a glass of water and today, 36 hours later I have them growing! This is so fun! They had already started growing yesterday when I got home from work!! It’s the little things. :)

  18. Margi in Ky 24

    I must be missing something or I am not fully recovered from the killer cold I have. Do the top parts re-grow or do you go on to plant these? Or is this just to save the bottom parts so hey don’t go to waste? What am I missing?

    • Cathy 25

      These are not planted in the ground, unless you wanted them to be. And yes the tops regrow.

  19. Jill 26

    If those thrill you, I’m about to rock your world! LOL You can do the same thing with a whole HEAD of romaine lettuce! Just cut the leaves off in one chop, and put the “nub” of the head in a shallow dish of water. In a day or two (or three) the leaves will start to regrow. It is SO much fun!!!!

  20. Rachel 28

    Ours have been in the water for 2 days and we definitely see growth, but my water is cloudy. Question, do you add or replace the water, or leave the same water in the jar/glass?

  21. Debbie Lind 30

    I am going to try this tonight .

  22. SallyT 31

    I just threw mine away.I guess I didn’t cut them down far enough.I do have a question though. .. What do you do with all of the roots?Do you use the whole onion…white part?
    Thanks for sharing.


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