Easy DIY Flower Pot Centerpieces

 Easy DIY Flower Pot Centerpieces
We are having gorgeous weather at the moment, I’m sure it won’t last but that sunshine…wow! It feels amazing. And it’s time to get the garden and the outdoors ready for Spring and Summer, there’s so much to do.

Preparing the outside for a party can be daunting and making it look cute can be costly. These flower pots are a great option if you have lots of tables to decorate or even just a few. If you’re like me you probably have lots of half empty cans of different colored spray paint in the garage. This is a great way to finally use it all up.

This does take some planning. You’ll have to save up your empty soup, tomato and bean cans, which doesn’t take long around here. It’s worth it because these look so cute all grouped together. They are especially fabulous in a row down the center of a picnic table. 
Easy DIY Flower Pot Centerpieces youll need these tools
In order to keep the plants alive they’ll need to be watered. Drainage holes need to be punched into the bottom of the cans. You could use a drill but a hammer and a scratch awl is ten times easier and faster.

Easy DIY Flower Pot Centerpieces making holes with scratch awl
A slight pounding with a hammer puts holes right into the can when using the scratch awl.

Easy DIY Flower Pot Centerpieces making holes with can opener
Some cans do have a lip on the bottom. You can use your regular can opener on these to punch four holes in the bottom. So easy.

Easy DIY Flower Pot Centerpieces Princess Abby
It was my plan to paint the cans on the giant piece of cardboard you see here (under the dog). I placed the cardboard in the driveway. When I returned with the cans, Princess Abby from down the road decided the cardboard was her new bed.

She’s big. She’s fourteen. You can’t move her. And I love her. Sweet dreams girl.

Easy DIY Flower Pot Centerpieces empty cans
When it comes to DIY projects, flexibility is always a plus! I decided to paint on newspaper instead. 

Easy DIY Flower Pot Centerpieces sprayed with primer
I sprayed a coat of primer on the cans first, using whatever color I had in the garage. I think it was ugly green.

Easy DIY Flower Pot Centerpieces spray paint
Here are the paint colors I chose out of my stash of spray paint. I felt they went together well, but use whatever colors you have or what fits your theme.

Easy DIY Flower Pot Centerpieces painted cans
It kind of looks like a crayola box.

Easy DIY Flower Pot Centerpieces rocks for drainage
I put a few rocks in the bottom of each can for drainage purposes.

Easy DIY Flower Pot Centerpieces perfect for outdoor entertaining
Depending on the size of the flowers you buy, you might have to shave some of the dirt off around the sides so the flowers will fit into the cans. 

Easy DIY Flower Pot Centerpieces perfect for Spring
These would be adorable with ribbons or raffia tied around the middle. Let your imagination run wild!

If you do make some, please post a picture on my Facebook page, I’d love to see them.

Happy Spring!

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  1. NancyC 1

    Those pots are so pretty! Love the colors!

  2. katie 2

    Super cute (inexpensive) centerpieces!!! Love to see your crafty side!

  3. Connor Harley 3

    This idea is not just easy but very cost-effective as well. I will surely try make this and you will surely love it as well.

  4. Patty 4

    We’re having beautiful warm weather too! I love this idea for a backyard BBQ party;-)

  5. so perfect for a wedding or baby shower!

  6. Meg 6

    Love these…and what a fun little gift to give.

  7. Pat 7

    I made these with the neon Rustoleum spray paint. They turned out awesome!

  8. Rosanne 8

    Very cute but wouldn’t it be better to recycle the coffee cans instead of buying spray paint cans when you can buy clay pots?

    • Belinda Eastmond 9

      Rosanne, note that she suggested this as a way to use up half-empty spray cans of paint. If you don’t have any, maybe you could cover them with used gift wrap, or wind yarn around them, or whatever you have on hand to pretty them up. If you don’t have ANY types of leftovers to use up, then perhaps you would be better off buying clay pots.

  9. Glenda 10

    Cans also make great holders for forks, knives, spoons, napkins and such outdoor or indoor! If you fill them with water, put in the freezer after they are frozen solid you can use a hammer and small nail to make designs with out bending them. I made stars, painted them red, white and blue for a 4th of July cook out. Smaller cans I used for tea lights! Such fun to use things that would other wise go to the landfill!


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