7 Dream Worthy Valentine’s Gifts I Would Love to Receive

Tiffany Atlas Collection Bracelet
Notice I said “dream-worthy”. Maybe the title should have been, “7 Dream Worthy Valentine’s Gifts I Would Love to Receive but Will Likely Never Get”. This is true mostly because my husband and I do not really exchange gifts. Not for birthdays, holidays or anything and I do prefer that. Is that disappointing to hear? Honestly having to find the perfect gift for each other would stress the heck out of both of us. This way we just enjoy the holiday without the pressure.

But, if the indulge me fairy were to show up tomorrow waving a wad of cash and FORCED me into choosing something out of pure want and selfishness, I guess there are a few things I just “might” pick out. 

The picture above is the Tiffany’s Atlas Collection Bracelet. The Atlas collection has some of my favorite, favorite Tiffany’s pieces. I will admit, I do have the matching ring and still adore it.  When we bought it the sales lady insisted I not wear it out of the store. She said my husband needed to “present” it to me at home or a restaurant or somewhere nice. She would be disappointed to know the parking garage was where the ceremonial handing over of the jewels occurred. Ha-ha…I couldn’t wait.

This bracelet is super fancy and beautiful and really no longer fits into my life of dirt, wine, jeans and country living. But it will always have a place in my jewelry box if it should happen to show up on my arm someday. However, I did find an Atlas pendant that could work into my life quite nicely. Like tomorrow. A girl can dream.

Nespresso Maestria
I reeeeaaallllly want this. The Nespresso Gran Maestria Espresso Machine. The coffee I have had from the Nespresso machines have been fantastic and from what I can see are easy to use. Nespresso is promising the ultimate experience in luxury and convenience with this and I am believing every word of it! I really, really do want this. I want it like yesterday. I want the barista experience at home. I make coffee every day in a French Press, it gets repetitive. Time for something new. Indulge me fairy…you’re late.

Ariat Womens Tombstone Boot Chocolate Chip Brown
Boots! I love boots, I wear them all winter long here in Oregon. I love these Ariat Tombstone Women’s Boots in Chocolate Chip Brown. And these are not expensive by boot standards whatsoever. Who knows, they might show up in my closet someday.

In all honesty, I really need a pair of black boots, but I can never find any I am totally in love with. All my boots are also square toe, the pointy toe style makes me feel weird when I look down. How about you, are you a square or a pointy boot wearer?


Disneyworld! Yes I want Disneyworld! No really, I want to take my boys to Disneyworld. Here’s the thing, the kids are getting older and they are on the cusp of just being big. I want to take them and enjoy it while they are still “somewhat” small. Here’s the problem, this trip has become so big and so blown out because if we’re going to go all the way to Florida, we need to go to every theme park, stay at the nicest hotels, eat at the best places because we will likely not do it again. Oh and we better take a Disney Cruise while we are there too. I have made this trip so expensive, no one could afford it. So here we sit.

Louis Vuitton Raspail GM
Okay, so I’m not a wine snob (even though I should be), or a jeans snob but I admit I am kind of a purse snob. I love having a good purse, it just makes every thing better. It’s almost like having your nails done. You can be a total wreck but if your nails are manicured, you feel awesome. I feel the same way about carrying a nice purse. 

This is the bag, Louis Vuitton Raspail GM, (or something similar) I have wanted forever. But ouch, it’s devastatingly-expensive. But since it’s my dream worthy list, this is what I would want. Simple, elegant and cool. Oh look, it matches my jeans and brown boots…snap.

Julie Morgenstern
Yes, I would love to have Julie Morgenstern step into my life and organize me! We’ve all seen her on Oprah going into people’s homes and making them perfect. I want that!! Is it real? I don’t care, I want it anyway.

Can you imagine what it would be like to have someone show up and organize your rooms, your garage, your life, your business? But I want HER because she’s the best. I wonder how many hundreds of thousands this would cost? I absolutely adore her tag line, “Taming the Chaos So You Can Make Your Unique Contributon”. That’s exactly what I need since my unique contribution is getting lost in all this miserable paperwork. 

Canon EOS 5D Mark lll
If my camera fell and broke into smithereens today, this is the camera I would buy. The Canon EOS 5d Mark lll. My cameras are some of my most prized possessions and are very well taken care of. Sadly, the price of this one does not include a macro lens (a must for food photography), which is just another $800-$1000 bucks. Sigh.

So, these are some of my indulgent wishes, please share with me some of yours. I would love to know what everyone else is dreaming about. 

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  1. Merna Schneider 1

    On a Disney cruise u stay on the boat and tour Disney World , sounds just like what u would enjoy. With that said after Disney Universal Theme Park nearby has Harry Potter

  2. chris 2

    The bracelet, boots and camera are a definite yes!.. Are u subtle in hinting? doesn’t hurt to leave photos of those great things on the fridge! lol

  3. Alexis Gentry 3

    I agree. A girl’s gotta dream! And I love my expensive purses; they last FOREVER. :)

  4. I love the Canon camera. This is worth the investment since I am fond of collecting remembrance in every special days we have together.

  5. Sara in NY 6

    You have very good taste..between your house and what you dream about, it’s all the best!

    If I could dream I would take a Mercedes SUV…I want one!!

  6. Joan 8

    If you have to choose, go for Disney … and maybe you could aim for Disney in California.
    We were hard put to take our kids and that was years and years and years ago, but we never regretted doing it. Our daughter took her son and our son is taking his 4 kids this summer.

    • Cathy 9

      We’ve been to Disney a jillion times in California, used to live right there. We had passes and went almost daily…but the kids don’t remember it. Looking for the Florida experience now!

  7. Shelle 10

    I love, love, love that you included the personal organizer in this list! That would be a dream of mine! I swear a opened the cabinet this morning to grab sugar and thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to have an organized pantry with everything in its place and a place for everything.” That would be the BEST Valentine’s gift. And, maybe, some chocolate….

  8. Renee 11

    Top of my list would be a barn for my horses (ours burned to the ground in October), especially with all the nasty weather lately.

    Second would be that Meyer Lemon Cake of yours. I’ve dreamt about it every day since I started my new diet. But one day….one day very soon! Is it OK to reward weight loss with a scrumptious cake??? Lol I’m not sure anyone will be able to stop me after I give myself permission!

  9. Renee 12

    Oh and I’m with you 100% on the square toe boots. Love my Nocona and Twisted X’s! ;)

  10. Beverly 13

    My husband and I don’t exchange gifts either — but mostly because anything I want (within reason) I buy for myself and there is nothing left over for him to buy. ;) I would love to update my DSLR – definite wish list item. I too am a purse snob….love me a Coach purse! I take really good care of mine, so they last forever and I can swap them out every couple of weeks and feel like I’m carrying a new one. I can’t stand to see women carrying around ratty old purses!

  11. I want everything on this list!

  12. ArmyMum 15

    Mine would be a Viking Stove (small one, nothing elaborate), a wall oven and my driveway paved….a trip to Italy or Tahiti would be nice too….

    We dont exchange gifts either…. and totally agree on the purse and manicure… somehow just makes me feel “put together” & confident like nothing else….

  13. daflowers 16

    Try FRYE boots!

    Awesomely comfortable and durable.


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