Oregon Travel: My Visit to Bob’s Red Mill

When my kids saw these photos, their first question was, "Bob is real?". Why, yes he is and I was lucky enough to go on a pre-International Food Blogger Conference tour with him. Bob does not normally give tours at his awesome Red Mill, but for myself and a gaggle of other food bloggers, Bob pulled out the red carpet. What an incredible morning we had. And yes, he played piano for us. He is quite musically inclined.

IMG 20120824 115421x
I was quite amazed to find out Bob was 83 years old. He surely doesn't look or act it. He works full time, adores his company, his job and his employees. The passion for what he does oozes out of him and it is truly inspiring to listen to him speak.

IMG 20120824 105737x
Bob loved showing and telling us about every aspect of grain processing. Those look like flaxseeds to me.

Bob's Red Mill is lucky enough to have a very large warehouse where they can process, store and package all of their products in one location. The place is massive, seven acres if I recall correctly.

IFBC 2012 005x
We found ourselves in Bob's office for awhile.

IFBC 2012 004x
In the holding area...look at all those bags!! You have no idea how many there were.

I have always been impressed by the Bob's Red Mill line of products, but now I know why my suspicions were correct. Only the highest quality grains go into these packages and a lot of love!

It was a great way to kick off the conference. Thanks to my friend Michelle from Je Mange la Ville for inviting me to this awesome tour, she gets to work at this fabulous place everyday. And it was nice to finally meet Cassidy, Bob's Red Mill's social media manager, she is a great supporter of bloggers! Thanks ladies!!

Bob's Red Mill also sent us home with an amazing swag bag of products, a generous gift card and an apron. Who am I to be so lucky?

To keep in touch with Bob's Red Mill, follow them on Twitter, @BobsRedMill, they would love to hear from you! Or visit when you are in Oregon.

Disclosure: Bob's Red Mill took us on this wonderful tour but did not ask us to write about them or their products in any way. All opinions are my own.
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  1. leslie 1

    Wellll, how cute is Bob!!!??!!
    What a fun little trip!
    Love Bobs Red Mill!

  2. j3nn 3

    What an incredible opportunity! You lucky duck. :) I LOVE Bob’s Red Mill products! I buy them by the caseload on Amazon, lol! They have so many fantastic things and I’m never disappointed by them.

    I remember reading a few years back about Bob giving his employees the company. It was a great story. And he looks amazing for 83. We should all be so happy and satisfied by that age!

  3. What a fun trip!

  4. What a great tour. Would have loved to have been there. Especially to meet Bob. :)

  5. Barbie with a T 9

    Bob has quite a business venture going there, big time. I love doing business with people who take pride in their products. I know his personal touch means a lot. I know it must have been fun meeting him and touring the plant. Perfect picture of you and Bob.

    • Cathy 10

      Thanks Barbie, he does have an amazing business. The pride of everyone who works there shines through.

  6. I love that he’s still there at 83! I would be so excited to meet him and tour the factory.

  7. I have a good friend who has breakfast at Bob’s Red Mill every Wednesday. I know she’d like to read this, but I don’t know how to send it to her. How do I send her your link? (We met briefly at the Saucy Mama party last week at Chris & Irene Barhyte’s home. I was cooking.

    • Cathy 13

      Hi MaryAlice- so great to hear from you. Here is the link you can copy and paste into an email for your friend. She can paste that link into her browser and then find the story. Does that make sense? Link: link to noblepig.com

  8. Kerri 14

    Bob is awesome!!! When my son was 3, he was absolutely star-struck by Bob, and always wanted to go up and talk to him, and he even once got away from me and ran up to Bob and gave him a big surprise hug, and Bob was great about it. Whenever Charlie saw my son, she always made sure that Bob came over and told him hi (at the very minimum). My husband works very close to BRM store, and I’m so lucky that he does all my shopping there for me on days he goes to work early to stop and eat breakfast there.

  9. Susan 15

    As a frequent GF baker, I adore Bob’s products. As my husband and I have increased our use of beans, legumes, and different grains, Bob’s Red Mill bags are more and more frequently on our grocery list! Lucky you to have been to the mill to meet Bob and his crew!

  10. NancyC 16

    Thanks for sharing about your tour–sounds like it was great! Bob’s Red Mill products really are wonderful!


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