Florida Travel: We Have Escaped….

We have escaped the Pacific Northwest for a little rest and relaxation in the Florida Keys.  Let's just say, the sites are beautiful, the seafood unreal and it's warm.  Do you know how long it has been since I've felt warm?
Too long.  Total bliss.

The palm trees just blow in the wind...it's so relaxing just to watch.

We have eaten everything....Conch Fritters with Key Lime Aioli, Hog Fish, Seafood Towers loaded with the biggest shrimp, oysters and Stone Crabs you have ever seen...seafood pastas, pina coladas, sushi and of course Key Lime Pie.

Here's what they are doing....they have the pool to themselves.

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Nanci 1

    Okay we live in Florida and are going to the Keys in 2 weeks for a week. Where is the hotel you are at it looks gorgeous!!
    Tell us the places you have eaten.
    Cafe Marquesa is wonderful.
    Louies Backyard fun
    Hogfish also

  2. Barbie with a T 2

    Such a beautiful paradise. Perfect place for you to get away and relax. I can see the boys are relaxing. HA

  3. gl 3


  4. Kate 4

    Way to go, Cathy. Fun!! And oh, so warm and beautiful.

  5. Jane George 5

    Don’t miss eating at Louie’s Front Porch in Key West.

  6. Sandy 6

    We are from pacific northwest too and are enjoying the sun and warmth in Hawaii right now, so know what you are talking about. It is heavenly!

  7. Jeff Marten 7

    If they’re anything like our boys on a palm-tree heavy vacation, they’ll pretty much only be dry when they’re sleeping.

  8. Hope you got out before the rain started! Been pouring for 3 days!

  9. Cassie 9

    What wonderful pictures! Enjoy your break :)

  10. Gorgeous photos. It’s currently cold and raining in New England. I want to be there right now :)

  11. Beautiful pictures! Glad you are enjoying yourself!


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